Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scaring People To Debt

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Forgetting his promise to use "words that heal rather than words that wound," Barack Obama held a news conference Monday to call Republicans "baby-raping terrorists" and "syphillitic whores gulping the pus of the evil rich."

Okay, those weren't his exact words - but his meaning was clear enough. The president declared that he wouldn't even consider spending cuts in debt ceiling negotiations with the vile Republicans who are "holding a gun at the head of Americans" and "demanding ransom."

He then went on to say that the only reason that the GOP is seeking deficit reduction is that they're ideologically opposed to "senior citizens (having) decent health care," "kids in poverty (getting) enough to eat," and "medical research." The bastards probably make smoothies out of kittens, too.

But when it comes to hostage-taking (and possible executions), B. Hussein doesn't take a back seat to anyone. If his debt ceiling demands aren't met, he threatens to start racking up a big body count by stopping funding for our troops, our food inspectors, our air traffic controllers, and "the specialists who track down loose nuclear materials."

That's right, the president of the United States is threatening us with nuclear holocaust if he's not given an annual, multi-trillion dollar ransom.

Frankly, Hope n' Change thinks it's time to serve this angry anti-American with impeachment papers. But when and where?

We'd like to suggest this coming Monday. On the inauguration stand.

BONUS CARTOON! Because Barry announced today's "Kids n' Guns" speech after the above cartoon and commentary were already finished...

obama, obama jokes, gun control, bullets, sandra fluke, birth control, second amendment, children, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, tea party


SusieBee said...

The media has been bragging about the bold "new" Barry, but I think were just starting to see his true colors. Oops, was that racist?

He has only just begun to let his despotic freak flag fly.

BTW - I can't imagine that a man who has actually eaten dog would have any objections to a kitten smoothie... he probably would enjoy one after a long day on the golf course!

TrickyRicky said...

Wow, impeachment papers served at the coronation....what a sweet, sweet dream. One can still dream right? That's not illegal yet is it?

Bob Horan said...

Kitten Smoothie???? There went the morning coffee.

Unfortunately we haven't begun to see the full extent of his true colors yet (remember - he's "more flexible" after his election), he's just warming up. He could care less about the country he wants to bring to it's knees as long as he can destroy his opponents - remember, it's the Chicago Way to not beat but destroy your opponents.

They are now (just now?) talking about the lack of women in his political organization - one has to remember that Obama has to have dominating women to fill his psychological need, and Jarrett and Mooch don't want no harpie movin' in on their main squeeze.

Bob Horan said...

Why is it that when confronted with budget restrictions of any kind, the first words out of the Democrats mouth is cuts to the firefighters, police, teachers, seniors, chillen's, etc., it's never cuts to the storm water protection inspectors, assistant light bulb changers, and the other air thieves that comprise 80% of the over paid federal payroll - just bringing the federal employee pay scale in line with the private sector pay would shear billions off the budget (but alas, po'ing the SEIU).

Grafton Cheddar said...

The optic of Chicago Jesus suffering the little children... Ugh! I plan to watch while consuming my lunch - hope I can hold it down.

Susie, was the freak flag comment a shout out to Hendrix? And Tricky, need I remind you of the Dream Police? It's coming...

Colby said...

I am once again shocked! I was really expecing him to surround himself with kid sized coffins for today's proclamation to the ignorant masses.

If the republicans in Congress would just grow a set of nuts, they could yank the rug out from under this ass-wipe, but... well you all know what comes after the "but." Too many of them are afraid to take a stand to save the country; they are more worried about their chances of re-election. If these morons keep it up, there will be no more re-elections.

Chuck said...

And if you watch closely, you will notice that absolutely nothing will happen. The Republicans will fold (again); Ă˜bama will get his way (again); conservatives will be demonized (still); God will be rejected (as always) while the church capitulates to the political powers of the day rather than fight the good fight; and the media will continue to push their leftist agenda. Just read the writing on the wall … it is there for all to see.

Constitution? He don’t need no stinking Constitution.

SusieBee said...

@Grafton Cheddar - my freak flag comment was a shout out to Hendrix, but I hate to mention him and Barry in the same sentence! Jimi was a better man than Barry will ever be.

Irene Peduto said...

SJ - your "take" on Obama's latest insult to one-half of the country is spot-on! Loved the commentary as well as the cartoons - the one with O surrounding himself with children is so staged it really is hard for anyone to believe!
@ Chuck - Ditto!
@SusieBee & Bob Horan - you are so right about this second term - he did say, we all heard it, he would have more flexibility this time - and boy is it ever showing itself! Cutting the military, teachers, etc. is more scare tactics designed to inflame the low-info voter and rile up his base - we could all predict his playbook by now!

Irene Peduto said...

@QuesoGrande - Belmar is awesome. Hope your sister-in-law's home wasn't damaged by Sandy. Now we just need to select a date & time. The earlier in the day the better for me. I'm still an early riser and tend to fade as the day goes on. Maybe a mid-day meet? I look forward to the day when ALL of us get together - probably in TX - what a great state that is. It's created many of the smart folk right here on H&C!

Mike Porter said...

Stilton/TrickyRicky: Speaking of dreams, my mother spoke of a dream she had several years ago in which Colon Powel showed up in the oval office in full dress uniform to inform this president that he was under arrest. I hope to God that she's a prophet.

Grafton Cheddar: Sounds like an iron man competition - I could watch with an empty stomach and still vomit up something.

SusieBee: That's because Jimi was a man, which barry can never be.

Anonymous said...

You've out done yourself this time.
- BarbaCat

Stan da Man said...

As poor a President as I think Bohner would make, that's an ascension I could watch, easily...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SusieBee- It's not racist to notice Barry's "true colors" because they have nothing to do with race; he's cowardly yellow and communist red.

@TrickyRicky- It's not illegal to dream, but they're working on taxing it.

@Bob Horan- There was nothing about Barry's "more flexibility" promise which suggested our lives would get better in his second term.

And you're completely right that Barry always talks about cuts to our most essential services - and not cuts somewhat less essential, like half-billion dollar gifts to Solyndra.

@Grafton Cheddar- For Obama to surround himself with children for this announcement sickens and enrages me. Meanwhile, the TSA still continues to fondle children's genitalia to make sure they aren't packing weapons - and I'm sure the kids surrounding Barry today will first be touched in new and surprising places.

@Colby- Barry wanted to use little coffins, but government paperwork made it impossible to exhume Sandy Hook's youngest victims by showtime.

@Chuck- Do you have any stock market tips? Because your ability to predict the future sounds 100% right to me.

@SusieBee- Barry has been known to play his Jimi Hendrix CD and sing along with "'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy."

@Irene Peduto- The photo of Barry with the kids is from previous fake event. I'm sure he'll get more of a rainbow of young faces for today's combination speech & school play.

And I hope we can all get together in Texas sometime. Even if, by then, non-Texans will need a US passport to visit the Lone Star Country.

@Mike Porter- I can't quite picture General Powell carrying that news. Perhaps your mother's dream was actually about Reggie Love in the oval office, telling the president that his colon needs a rest?

@Barbacat- Thank you. I do some of my best work when I'm mad enough to piss blood.

@Stan da Man- I would do cartwheels for a President Boehner. But then, at this point I'd do a jaunty hop, skip, and jump to get back Bill Clinton.

Velcro said...

This guy has the audacity to talk about GOP holding guns to Americans' heads... as if we're not Americans, and as if we were acting like wild-eyed Islamic rage boys. And he talks about America needing to pay its bills when he's the one running up the charges!

I agree, let's serve his impeachment papers at the inauguration!

Earl Allison said...

The Repubs need to be in the public eye, every day. Like the Roman Senator who allegedly ended every speech with "Carthage must be destroyed," someone needs to be reminding the people that;

1. When he was a Senator, Barack Obama was AGAINST raising the debt ceiling. Hammer him over and over with it, make him own those words!

2. When the boy-king threatens that Social Security checks, Military pay, etc, will be stopped if the government shuts down, point out that the Treasury still takes in about 200 Billion a month, and THEY decide who gets paid. So the buck for that stops not with the Repubs, but "When My Mouth Is Moving I am Lying" Obama.

3. Remind the public that there has been no Budget passed by the Senate in over three years and that this is in violation of law. Explain that this is why deficits are so high, because the 800-billion stimulus spending is baked into every Continuing Resolution the Dems have passed. THAT is a big part of why the Debt and deficit have soared.

4. Ask why Dems were so against the Patriot Act, Gitmo, and foreign wars when Obama has done nothing but take those things and EXPAND on them (Drones, indefinite incarcertation).

These need to be front and center, every day, not just at election time. Hit them like a hammer and tongs and make them as reviled as they should be!

Thanks for posting!

Earl Allison said...

Oh, and keep asking about Benghazi. It's been four months, and we still have no real answers. We should have at least one of two heads on a (figurative) pike; Hillary Clinton's, or Barack Obama's.

The new rumblings about it having been a botched kidnap attempt, if true, mean Obama should be impeached, and quite possibly jailed.

Colby said...

@Mike Porter,
Great dream your Mom had, but Colon Bowel has gone over to the Dark Side. He is now Darth Colon Bowel.

BTW - did anyone hear Rand Paul talking about "King" Obama? I thought he really hit the nail on the head!

Also, Mrs. Colby just emailed me and said BO's big list of anti gun crap was mostly toro caca. Amongst other meaningless things, he wants doctors to ask their patients if they own guns. HARF!!! What doctors? The ones that are opening hot dog stands and becoming street sweepers so they don't have to deal with obamacare? ... and of course, NOBODY would dare LIE to their doctor, would they? You know, I ALWAYS tell my doctor the truth when she asks me if I'm eating right and avoiding alcohol.

PRY said...

Great stuff today, everyone! Glad we're all in it together! Stilt visited my page the other day, and I am inviting anyone who cares to, to drop in; it's an original cartoon by yours truly, and I consider it just an extension of this great website! Just follow the link on my name. Thanks.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Actually wasted some of my life this afternoon listening to Lord Crap Weasel's sniveling drivel - NOW I want a 100 rd drum mag for my .30 - 06 deer rifle! Mutha Fuggahs! Show 'em what 'high capacity / high power' REALLY is! What a buncha turd burglin' knee biting salad chompers they are! GRRRR!!!!

Queso Grande, The Christie Critic said...

@Earl Alislon,
I cannot figure out, short of buying a Network we will EVER retake the culture/airwaves/narrative back.
Without sounding like I am blowing smoke up our Host
's behind, compare what SJ does to that lefty whacko Trudeau does. THERE IS NO COMPARISON, yet SJ has to work to eat, and Trudeau is the toast of the town, with a syndication deal anyone would love. Whadda we do? I am doing guerilla conservatism-I thank every 20something for paying for my SS etc.. and try to use as much humor as I am capable of nowadays to get them to see the light etc......but we need to reach millions daily, constantly.
I am at a loss as to what will save our Country.

@Irene Peduto,
Nope, SIL is fine. She is in Belmar by dint of zip code, not proximity to the beach. It is indeed nice, but I grew up going to LBI, and it is stil kinda weird for me....Whassa boardwalk for? ;)
Sure, a lunch is better for me as well. Are Sunday's OK? I am by no means a 'sporto', but I do loves me my foo'ball and would like it if we could try for the off weekend before the Superbowl?

@SJ, this trifecta is another HR. That first panel series? Scary.....because it is true.

Off to aggravate the locals, a good night to all!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- What the hell kind of "terrorists" demand a balanced budget? Obama's use of the rhetoric of hate and division continues to disgust me.

@Earl Allison- I hugely agree! All of these things need to be hammered home again and again - the question is how when the media is so far up Barry's ass.

I'd also like Joe Wilson's cry of "You LIE!" shouted at Obama in every gathering and every speech for the rest of his wretched presidency.

Frankly, the GOP should be rehearsing a flash-mob style operatic version of "You Lie!" (something like Bohemian Rhapsody) for the next State of the Union speech.

@Colby- Seriously, if doctors are explicity told to report patients who are having mental duress, how many of those patients are going to feel safe about confiding such duress and seeking treatment? I see all of this going a bad direction.

@PRY- I hope people DO check out your cartoon and you keep doing more of them. Man, if I could draw like that, think of the money I'd save on clipart!

@Pete(Detroit)- I only listened to a little of the Bamster's speech. He genuinely makes me sick to my stomach, and his lies (phrased oh so sweetly) make me insanely angry. Not, of course, that I can tell my doctor that since he'd be required to inform the Anger Intervention Czar.

@Queso Grande- It's not so much a question of getting a network (or other means of getting the message out), the problem is getting the vast doltitudes to listen and believe in the face of so much liberal propaganda.

I've got no special insights on this, but think about it a lot. I've long since given up on the idea that I'm going to change any minds with Hope n' Change, so mostly do it to A)vent, B) keep up the moral of like-minded folks, and C) create an historical record that will show those in the distant future that we weren't all fooled or passive during the reign of King Obama.

And, if I may be entirely candid, Garry Trudeau sucks donkey nozzles.

Sparky said...

I also say IMPEACH!! I am so tired of the illegal Mohammad The Goat Bugger. He claims to be for children? Yeah right! When he quits advocating the wholesale MURDER of the unborn paid for by our tax dollars, then I'll believe him.

Your the best Stilton. Keep up the good fight for what's right. We all sure appreciate you.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sparky- I would be an eager and enthusiastic supporter of impeachment for this president. And I think he's given us more than enough cause.

American Cowboy said...

I also would fully endorse the following:

All true American, conservative Representatives and Senators attending the SOTU address remain standing after the POSOTUS enters, and then as one body turn to the rear of the senate chambers, and with one voice begin chanting "YOU LIE!" And then walk out!

Yeah, I know THAT will never happen, but one can dream...yet.

SeaDog52 said...

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Imperial Japanese Navy.

The comment by the architect of Pearl Harbor should give pause to those who question the validity of the 2nd Amendment as it points out one of the purposes the founding fathers had. The libs always want to throw up the saw that 'times have changed, it doesn't apply anymore'. The horrible fact is that the founding fathers saw that at some point in the future, the populace may be driven by government usurpation of rights and powers, that the only means of recourse was a well armed citizen militia. Need we also be reminded that Congressional Service was intended to be a part time endeavor, allowing those 'citizen/farmers' to return to their fields.

I foresee the next thing they will try and go for is to restrict the types of ammo - there must be some rationale that since last summer, HS letting contracts and stockpiling billions of rounds of .45/9mm/.223-5.56mm hollow point ammunition in 1000 round hermetically sealed containers besides the 'stated purpose' of target shooting by NOAA and the like.

Alas, I have been silenced by an unintended glitch while moving computer platforms. Caused my passwords to become unretrievable, so the Grumpy blog has moved and can be linked through my user id - hopefully will be ranting there again soon.

The unfortunate truth about the impeachment process is that the House votes the Articles of Impeachment, and the Senate holds the trial - fat chance of that happening as with our 'Father Of The Year' Billy-Boy. Obama will continue on his course to destroy the Republican Party and any other opponents to his will. It's the Chicago way, and we, as citizens, have been neutered by a fawning MSM. In the past one could voice complaint to the FCC about the abuses we see on MS-LSD, CNN-US, and others, but since all the FCC appointees are Obama clones, those complaints will be found to be 'baseless'. The only recourse we have left is to complain to their advertisers.

It's No Gouda said...

I notice ol' Barry went for a "twofer" re guns. First he comes with the 99% ineffective drivel about gun control and then uses the analogy of the Republicans "holding a gun to our heads". Damn fine segue that couldn't have been accidental.

Irene Peduto said...

@PRY - can't get to your blog - HELP!

It's No Gouda said...

Before discovering Dr. J my favorite place for liberal skewering humor was here:

Colby said...

C'mon now... BO does love children. They are a lot less tough than dog or snake.

Impeachment? As much as I relish the idea, I think it's a bad one. There is zero chance of success and the MSM would have a Republican bashing field day based solely on racism. That being said, I do hope and pray the Republicans hold firm to the purse strings and deny giving the Demo-crapweasel party any money beyond what they already take in. No more endless debt ceiling raises... period. There is pleanty of money to fund necessary programs like SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the armed forces. Yes, the Republicans would suffer some vicious media attacks, but I really believe when people see that the world didn't end, some might just wake up.

Stilton's right! Great artwork and great toons.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- It's a good dream.

@SeaDog52- Yeah, I know that the reality of impeachment (or more specifically conviction) is impossible. So I'm not hoping for it - just saying that in some better universe, I'd enjoy it.

@It's No Gouda- I'm sure it was intentional. Barry wants to paint Republicans as gun-wielding maniacs, and the MSM is eager to help him advance that lie.

@It's No Gouda- Mallard Fillmore is about the only conservative comic I'm aware of that appears in actual newspaper comic pages. Most of which probably only run it to use as a defense when readers complain about Doonesbury.

@Colby- Considering the GOP is going to be attacked viciously from all sides anyway, I'd like to see them spank Barry like the naughty child he is. Yes, it's time for them to cut off the freaking money and I hope they do.

PRY said...

It worked for me when I clicked on my name...hmmmmm...thanks for trying tho...dont't give up, I won't be posting regularly, so drop by now and then. thanks

Irene Peduto said...

SJ. Do you have a link for Pry?

Anonymous said...

If the debt ceiling prevents him from borrowing money, there are certain classes of taxes that he cannot legally collect without spending them. These include any designated to go to a trust fund such as gas and FICA. Trust funds are debt not assets and the allocating of unspent FICA taxes to these funds would illegally increase the debt. Spending these special taxes for their designed purpose would leave the amount of debt unchanged.

Ironic, isn't it.

Freddie Sykes

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- Just click on Pry's name in the comment right above yours.

@Freddie Sykes- It's my (somewhat hazy) understanding that by law, we can't default on our debt payments, and if unable to borrow money would instead have to delay/withhold payments on more discretionary things like entitlements. Which won't be popular, but would theoretically keep our credit rating intact.

Pete(Detroit) said...

By the way, anyone else hear him say "900 people dead at the wrong end of a firearm in the past month"????
And he was talking HERE, not POCK-eee-sthun?

Had to LOL when he started in on 'prosecuting people who buy guns, then sell them to others who they know are not eligible / can't pass background checks'... You mean, maybe, like Mexican Drug Lords, you whirling dervish of a pathologically lying Crap Weasel?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- In the future, killers will need to show ID proving they're with the Mexican drug cartel before being allowed to purchase weapons from Eric Holder.