Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For Hypocrisy, Push Juan

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While Hope n' Change didn't really want to revisit the sequester debate again today, we couldn't let Janet Napolitano's shameless fear mongering slip by without comment because our freaking heads would explode.

Specifically, Janet is trying to help Obama create a sense of impending panic about the eensy-weensy sequester cuts scheduled to begin at week's end. To do so, she has announced that the Department of Homeland Security will be unable to do its job of securing our borders and providing shuttle bus service for illegal aliens who don't want to walk all the way to unemployment offices for their checks.

Just kidding! Although Barack Obama has previously argued that we should leave our borders wide open so that we don't "keep out the next Einstein," Janet Napolitano suddenly feels that allowing illegal immigrants into our country will compromise national security.

It sort of seems like if Janet finally wants to close the borders and enforce immigration law on a budget, maybe she could do something creative like - oh - letting Arizona help enforce the law. But unfortunately, when Arizona tried to do that Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder wanted to have the entire state arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

Still, Janet is certainly correct that miniscule budget cutbacks at DHS could result in a fresh flood of illegal immigrants on our streets. Not that she's psychic - rather, it's because she's already giving scores of illegal aliens "get out of jail free" cards and letting them out of prison to save money.

A cynic might almost think that Napolitano is releasing criminals in hopes of seeing acts of violence happen to the American public which this administration can blame on the sequester cuts. And come to think of it, Hope n' Change is exactly cynical enough to make that very accusation.

There is nothing in the upcoming sequester which should raise fears of doom in the American public. Rather, our fears should be directed at the willingness of our elected officials to deliberately inflict hardship and misery on us in order to protect their addiction to insane spending.

DHS, Napolitano, Immigration, Border, Sequester, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, obama, obama jokes, alamo


TC said...

Was she wearing flip flops when she made that announcement? Sheesh!

Chuck said...

Glad to see today’s post … I was getting worried, especially compounded by the spammers on Johnny!

This whole this is gawd-awful. Hagle approved, Ă˜bama pushing his fear and envy in his continuing campaign to campaign (it’s the only thing he knows how to be: rabble-rouser.)

Leaving borders open or we might keep out the next Einstein, but abort future taxpayers (who may find the cure for liberalism). Of course.

And you’ve hit the nail on the head: they have to manufacture catastrophic events to blame on the stupid sequester because on its own, without all the hype, it wouldn’t even be noticed (now or in the future).

Irene Peduto said...

The WH introduced the Sequester in order to ram more "revenue" down our throats - 8/11.
I don't know what happened to America but it is quickly becoming Amerika & none of our reps stand tall.
Thanks, Stilton, for keeping the record straight.
btw - I love all of the posts - I learn soooo much! Thanks to the rest of you....

Irene Peduto said...

I mis-spoke - some of our reps do speak aloud of this travesty - but either they are silenced by the MSM or they don't have a large enough audience to hear them. Thank God for the Internet.

Jim Hlavac said...

I think the DHS is worried about the sequester because it may cut down on their ammunition, weapons and target purchases. As for cynicism -- it is fast becoming the national credo -- the people are cynics, and the elites believe their own mush -- and voting is down to sycophants -- with the majority now "apathetic."
And that could very well be because despite a lot of rhetorical differences in the two parties, the practical reality is that they are twins.

TrickyRicky said...

I believe it all. So much so that I have scheduled an out-patient surgery for today, because tomorrow the streets will be empty save for the blowing tumbleweeds, all stores and doctor's offices will be closed and it will be like living in the twilight zone. Stilt, thanks for the blog, and good luck on the other side.

Dobro Player said...

Barry wants to keep the borders open to illegal immigrants because he is worried about keeping out the next Einstein, but I've got a better idea. How about closing the borders to keep out the murderous organized criminals (like Barry), and let the next Einstein come to America legally? (Yes, I know, one of those old, outdated concepts like the right to bear arms.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TC- I'm glad you said "flip flops" instead of "thongs," as I don't want to even imagine the latter image.

@Chuck- Sorry about the delayed posting; it was just a snafu on my part. I think.

Make no mistake, all of the doom and gloom talk coming out about the sequester is fiction and BS. The government will spend more money this year than they did last year. But Obama and company will try to punish the GOP by hurting average Americans. The rat bastards.

@Irene Peduto- The proposal for the sequester came straight out of the Whitehouse, and Obama said that he would veto any attempt to head off the sequester. But that was then, and this is now - and although many on the Right are speaking up, there are precious few places where they can be heard.

@Jim Hlavac- The parties are basically twins. And all of the incremental squabbling is pointless and only for show. The only thing that can save our country is a huge transformational shift instead of nibbling at the edges of the ever-growing pie. Neither party shows a willingness to even suggest such a thing, let alone make it happen. And so, as you point out, Americans increasingly turn to cynicism or apathy. And frankly, I envy those who are apathetic - at least they're not in pain like the rest of us are.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- Good luck with your surgery. Following the sequester, there will be no money available for stitches, and surgery patients will have to carry their own innards around in plastic buckets.

@Dobro Player- As Chuck said (above) there is no discernible trace of morality from a president who believes that every aborted child is a "punishment" averted, but every illegal alien might be the next Einstein. The logic is simple: he wants demographic changes which will help assure our nation's destruction and permanent control by the Left. But then, I'm being redundant.

gwhdad/texas said...

I REALLY must get my eyes checked! I read all the comments (down to Stilt @9:07AM)& I kept seeing ref to "the next Epstein" coming across the border. I finally saw that everyone was talking about Einstein.

CenTexTim said...

This whole sham reminds me of the line from Macbeth:

" is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@gwhdad/texas- Well, I suppose we might miss out on the next Jose Epstein, which would certainly be a loss to the world of Jewish landscapers.

@CenTexTim- I don't know much Shakespeare, but have to admit that when he gets something right, he really gets it right.

Colby said...

C'mon, Janet! All ya gotta do is stand at the border with Lurch Kerry, and they'll all turn tail and run back into Mexico.

I still can't believe this POS used to be Governor of AZ.

And HRH Barry left out something. Yes, an illegal may be the next Einstein... they could also be the next Jim Jones, Hitler, or KSM. Or worse, the next obama!

CenTexTim said...

Update: obama throws big sis under the bus.

"Neither the White House nor the Homeland Security Department headquarters were made aware of the Immigration Customs and Enforcement decision to release detainees ahead of the pending forced spending cuts, an administration official said Wednesday.

Whatever happened to "The buck stops here?"

John the Econ said...

It's nice to see this administration worried about border security for a change. Alas, we all know that such concern will be short-lived.

Sorry I can't get more excited. My head is still imploded from the last two days of Bernake statements. Basically, "Our free money agenda hasn't really worked yet, so we'll keep doing it until it finally does. So the stock market goes up, not because the economy is something to shout about, but because our dollars are worth less every day and people are looking to put it anywhere other than in 0.001% savings accounts.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- Kerry and Napolitano would like to stand guard at the border, but with so many of Eric Holder's guns in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, it just wouldn't be safe for them.

And like you, I find it a little hard to believe that the next big genius is going to sneak over the border illegally - while it's pretty easy to picture criminals doing exactly that.

@CenTexTim- The buck doesn't stop anywhere anymore because it's only been borrowed from China. I don't think the prisoner release was done without anyone's knowledge - I just think the timing was slightly off.

@John the Econ- I, too, despair about the nitwits pointing at the stock market as evidence that the economy is roaring rather than proof that people with dollars are running for the lifeboats.

Queso Grande said...

To me, one of the most distressing aspects of "PC" is the demand that we the People deny the reality right before pour noses.

There was a time when you could look at a Napolitano or a Sebelius and state unequivocally..."Damn, that one looks like a freaking Nazi prison guard and the other is just plain scary lookin', I don't trust a word outa either of their mouths...." and they'd be relegated to obscurity where they belong. Or a Lochner; tell me that guy didn't look bat-guano crazy. Used to be, the local cop would take note of that guy, follow him and get him off the street and into a nut house. Now, no more nut houses.

The World has gone mad I tell you. Mad.
(Insert maniacal laughter here)

And after the BS I've had to put up with this week, it's tough again to keep slugging away.

Thank God for Da' Cheese-man here.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Queso Grande- I think we clearly have a crying need for nut houses these days; the problem is who gets to make the determination about who's crazy? According to Obamacare's IPAB board, I'm pretty sure all of us on this blog would be assigned to rubber rooms and lobotomies.

And sorry that you're having so much BS at work (and this just hump day). Glad that there's at least a little relief for you to be found here. Trust me, without all of YOU, I'd be lost.

graylady said...

This sequester business is happening because Obama has failed in his most important domestic duty:
He has failed to be a facilitator and a conduit for negotiation and compromise between the differing American groups, whether North/South, Coasties/Mid-country, Liberal/Conservative, Repub/Dems. He and his administration went into the White House with a "my way or the highway" attitude and that was the beginning of his failure as President. It has nothing to do with his race or political party and everything to do with his attitude. Remember that snotty little remark about people who grab their guns and Bibles? We should have realized at that moment that he lacked the conciliartory attitude necessary for a successful President and a successful Presidency.
Bill Clinton was a successful President. Yes, he was a moral cesspool and had the ethics of pond scum, but he knew his duty was to make compromise possible and so he is considered a "good" President. Obama has never realized this or does not care or simply spells President d.i.c.t.a.t.o.r.

Sparky Hudson said...

Everytime I watch the news now, it's something new with these people. If it's obsurd and nonsensical mumbo jumbo, they'll say it hoping that no one will notice that they're contradicting themselves. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or run for the hills.

Kinda sorta off subject (but not really) I guess all have heard Bob Woodward's remarks on Fox News today? He as much as said that Obama was insane. He also said that the White House threatened him for saying that Obama is insane. Hmmm ... he may be the next one to turn up missing or heavily audited.

graylady said...

Drones are proably circling Bob Woodward's house as we speak.

Ciccio said...

Everybody write to your congressman and insist the sequester start in the white house, senate and congress.
Melanie Phillips comments on the new secs. of defense and state:
The Mutt and Jeff of the Obama administration.

Gang of One said...

Not altogether unrelated, but the schadenfreude in this is delicious. However, the denial of reality is now at a level that is beyond laughable; it has become frightening.

Anonymous said...

@Sparky and graylady -- Woodward will probably have an Epiphany®, retract and apologize for his 'misinterpretation' of Obama's strategy and tactics, like when Pauly Walnuts knocks on your door at 4:00 AM offering to help you find your checkbook.

Gang of One said...

Anonymous = Gang of One. Hate when that happens ...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@graylady- Daniel Henninger wrote a great piece in the Wall Street Journal today which echoes what you're saying. Barry doesn't really "work" with anyone - he simply weaves his own universe and tries to destroy anyone who opposes him. He originally ran with the promise that he would be "post-partisan." Little did we know that it's because he wanted to eliminate the party system entirely.

@Sparky Hudson- It's fun watching Woodward speak up. More on this topic tomorrow!

@Ciccio- I'd love to see the first spending cuts directed at the political class. Maybe Michelle can wear fewer $9000 dresses to the Oscars.

@Gang of One- The disconnect from reality is frightening. The rules of cause and effect and basic logic have all been thrown out. Anything could happen at any time for any reason, and that's scary.

As for Woodward, I think he'll stick to his guns...and try to avoid walking by himself along any routes Andrew Breitbart used to take.

Queso Grande said...

Apropos of Woodward-now He, Fournier and OMG LANNY DAVIS are singing the same song vis-a-vis WH about world turned upside down, WE are lauding these 3!!

@Stilton Jarlsberg, I guess I long for the return of common sense. A Jared Lochner, a Adam Lanza.....Lanza had exhibited signs, and from my reading, his mother had an enormous task ahead of her getting him committed. Ol' Deputy Dawg should have been able to; after Mom called, get a 72 hour invol and that-with that application of common sense- would hae resulted in long term 'care'. Irony of ironies, a facility that would have held over 400 'involuntary' mental patients-before it was closed by compassionate Democrats because the mentally ill have rights too ya' know- was in.......Newtown Ct.

Hat wearing man would NOT have put up with such blathering, he'da slapped the crap outa that long haired hippy and made him mop the floors to get a better understanding of what he wants released into Society.

Instead, we get the Presnewdebt releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants to terrorize the population.

As for work, I am an outspoken Conservative Public Employee in Chris "the Bloviator" Christie. Surrounded by entitled marxist unionista's (and Eagles fans) and the GOP's latest RINO.
Rock, meet hard place.
Eh, I'll ber OK. Daughter actually made it down the hill on skis by herself, Daddy is so proud.
And when it gets too bad for H & C to fix, I just head over to Johnny Optimism and get it all put back in perspective.
While LMAO, and thinking I am a sick bastid for doing so!!!!!!!

I'll sign off with a nod to our new Sec'y of State and say

Bonjoor, Monsewers and Madamoysels.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Queso, mon ami! Easy on the "coffee"!


Situation with Woodward et al is the nature of such predators. Like sharks, another very primitive, mindless species similar to liberals, but simply having more teeth and more honestly represented goals, they'll happily feed on their own when there's blood in the water...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Queso Grande- a "return to common sense" sounds so attainable, and yet seems so unreachable. Although we can dream.

@Emmentaler- Woodward does like to stir up mischief, though in this case I honestly wonder if he thought his piece was going to be less controversial than it turned out to be. After all, what he was "revealing" was public knowledge when it happened - but was quickly erased in the public mind.