Friday, March 15, 2013

Misleading from Behind

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Last January, House Speaker John Boehner tried to have a serious talk with Barack Obama about our nation's spending problem - and was surprised when Barry declared that "we don't have a spending problem."

But not willing to rest on his laurels, the World's Greatest Liar topped himself yet again in a recent interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, declaring that there is no debt crisis which needs to be addressed.

And as long as he was on a roll, the president also claimed that the decision to lock school children out of Whitehouse tours was entirely the idea of the meanies in the Secret Service, which even spokesweasel Jay Carney had to concede was untrue.

All of which begs the increasingly important question of whether Barack Hussein Obama is simply a pathological liar or if he's certifiably insane - unable to tell the difference between the real world of facts, math, and logic and his imaginary world of solar-powered rainbows and cotton candy clouds, where he rides bareback atop a powerful, sweating unicorn named "Reggie" while gripping the mighty beast's horn. Mostly.

Hope n' Change thinks that, sequester cuts notwithstanding, the American people should come up with enough money to have the president's mental state assessed, so we can determine whether he belongs in a cell...or a padded cell.

Which, now that we think of it, is the same set of choices we should be considering for the voters who put this damaged man in office...and the mainstream media sychophants who keep him there.

obama, obama jokes, coffee couple, debt crisis, liar, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, conservative, insane


Velcro said...

How many ways has this bonehead systematically attacked our country, and when is someone going to get the cojones to impeach the imposter?

Heisenbug said...

He doesn't belong in a cell of any description. He should be dangling from a lamp post just like his good friend Mussolini.

Captcha is "Assuman 701" - is that Reggie Love's codename?

Dobro Player said...

I think he is both a pathological liar and certifiably insane.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Stilton: You do bring up a valid point, I showed this 2010 article from the American Thinker, Obama's Malignant Narcissism, to my wife, who is a psych nurse, for her comment. She seemed to think the ‘assessment’ was correctly done and qualified. She did the same disclaimer as James Lewis, but then she agreed that this was pretty spot on. Then there is this from the too good to be made up department, King Obama Unable To Eat Lunch With GOP Senators Due To Lack Of Food Tasters. Getting a little paranoid there Barry? You know that is one of the signs that the professionals look for to qualify you for the zoot suit?

I keep hoping the the Republican Party will get their act together in time for the 2014 elections, but I am seriously beginning to doubt if the ‘GOP’ has any relevance any more. More and more I find myself agreeing with Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz, thank God we Texans had the heart and strength to put that man in Kbailey’s seat. Herman Cain said that it was time in America for a viable third party to take root, though he acknowledged the logistical problems that would entail. I disagree for two simple facts: 1) A third party would split the Not Democrat vote - even assuming one would bleed off some of the moderate Democratic base, and 2) I don’t believe that there is an Article, Amendment or clause in the Constitution to handle a run-off election process. Like a national referendum, the founders did not envision the need. I believe that we do need to either clean up the Electoral College System with proportional assignment of votes or discard it all together. We also need to address the ‘lame duck’ period. I don’t have my copy of the Constitution handy, but I believe that any change in the Inauguration Date would require a Constitutional Amendment, however, we could pass legislation banning all legislation, except for ‘emergency’ matters from being enacted during the ‘lame duck session’.

Finally for more humor, there is this bit snuck into the news dump, Surprise Medicare Cuts. Guess Barry and his fellow travelers needed some more $’s for Obamacare, since it is proving to be a horrendous costly program (Gee - Ya Think?).

Unknown said...

@Velcro: Unfortunately, the House issues the Articles of Impeachment, the Senate tries. Until we take back the Senate, and with a 66% majority, that unless King Barry does something really, really stupid, it's not gonna happen - 2014 is VERY important.

@Heisenburg: At least Mussolini got the trains to run on time.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Watching the exchange between Senators Cruz and Feinstein, when she said "I've been on this Committee for 20 years", I thought , yeah, that's the problem.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- the number of ways is countless, but sadly the chance of impeachment is hopeless.

@Heisenbug- I think you forgot to add "metaphorical" as a modifier for both dangling and lamp post. As a point of policy this blog does not wish ill to the president. Of course, we don't wish him much damn good, either.

@Dobro Player- So do I. I think "evil" and "asshole" are also cards in his mental deck.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Putting the usual snark aside for a moment, I genuinely believe that Barry has a host of interesting, severe, and potentially dangerous mental aberrations. At trial, an "insanity defense" is raised when a person can't tell the difference between doing right and wrong; when a president believes that everything he does is right because he does it (including letting an Ambassador die, or gifting guns to drug cartels) then he's gone over the brink.

Regarding the cuts to Medicare Advantage, they've been on the books for awhile - but were artificially given a 6 month extension so that the impact wouldn't be felt by seniors until after the election. It's another transparent effort to make healthcare unaffordable in the private market to force everyone onto government plans.

@Bob Moran- Impeachment just isn't going to happen. Barry wouldn't just have to do something really, really stupid - it would also have to be unpopular. And I'm afraid there are just too many Americans who would support him if he started shooting business owners from a helicopter just for the sport of it.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Amen to that, brother!

Jim Hlavac said...

Not only is the president bonkers, but nearly the entirety of elite in DC is bonkers. They are all caught in lies and flimflam -- we don't call them RINOs for nothing, and well, the Dems, and the press and lobbyists are part of it. It's a seething menagerie of liars and dreamers -- Obama is merely the biggest fish in this pond. Anyone in line for the presidency seems to be of similar ilk. If you want to read some of Boehner's best doozies read his BLAG's brief in the two gay cases -- pure utter lies & flimflam. They're all guilty.

Meanwhile, the Dems have been taken over by diehard socialists, the Repubs by diehard fundamentalists -- they argue over the spoils of control, and not much else, "bipartisanship" they call it, a "deal." And the power grows. This is also why the numbers of non-voters and 'independents' is climbing while membership in the two parties is falling. This is why the media is watched by barely 20% of the people. It is this vast unheard middle ground, this nearly 75% of the nation that is missing from this discussion.

These people, you & me, and maybe Rand, too, are "libertarians." And that's the third party vehicle -- the Libertarian party is the only party besides DnR (Do Not Resuscitate) with ballot access in all 50 states. The election laws preclude a third party in many ways, but, the Libs are there already. I have suggested for decades that right minded people go libertarian -- and avoid the DnR totally.

And, instead of worrying about the "base" -- go for the gusto, and get the 75% in the middle, and leave the fringes writhing in their corners.

John the Econ said...

@Jim Hlavac, Amen.

But how bad will the situation in America have to get before the libertarians become truly viable? For generations now, the Democrats have successfully bred the desire for freedom and the notion of personal responsibility out of the majority.

But I agree that we need to "go for the gusto". The alternative is to simply sink and disappear into the mire.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Jim Hlavac: I agree that the state ballot access is very important. Herman Cain said that was the biggest obstacle to forming a 'third' party in a short time span. See my added comments to John below...

@John The Econ: The problem I (and others) have had with the Libertarian Party is that they always seem to field an extremist - Ron Paul was good until you got to his foreign policy that was just too far out - unfortunately, according to some media reports (not that I fully trust them) indicate that Rand's thoughts are the same, just better presented by a not angry old man. However, that said, I think many would flock to the Libertarian Party if it moderated some of it's extreme beliefs and became what the GOP has lost - Constitutional Federalist governing, an emphasis on free market exceptionalism, and a fair simple personal and corporate tax structure. I can hope

txGreg said...

I have voted for the Libertarian candidates in several elections whenever I can find a reason to do so.

However, I also find no shame in voting for a Republican who I actually like - such as Ted Cruz - either. I have yet to be disappointed in him thusfar, and moments like this may continue to keep me comfortable with that choice for a while yet.

Jim Hlavac said...

@John the Econ --

I give it one or two more presidential terms. sigh.

@grumpy ... yep, the more rational who join the "liberty" party, (a subtle name change never hurt anyone,) the more the more theoretical (aka, "extremists") will move to the think tanks.

I'm optimistic, even if it will be a bumpy ride.

KyudoNV said...

I wonder if Obama wears a gray bracelet of guilt to reflect upon his half white privilege.

CenTexTim said...

Oh my, where to begin?

Stilton, you are being racist when you suggest that Michelle's butt is too big. The African-American cultural preference is for lots of junk in the trunk.

As for the so-called spending problem and debt crisis, many economists, including the estimable Paul Krugman, share barry's view.

"But aren’t we facing a fiscal crisis? No, not at all. The federal government can borrow more cheaply than at almost any point in history..."

As long as we can borrow cheaply -- or just print our own -- we can spend as much as we want without repercussions. At least that's what obama and his minions believe.


But the real point of today's post is the mental state of our Dear Leader:

"All of which begs the increasingly important question of whether Barack Hussein Obama is simply a pathological liar or if he's certifiably insane..."

From a pragmatic perspective, it doesn't matter. Either way, he's dragging us down the road to ruin.

As for the Libertarian Party, their 2012 presidential nominee (Gary Johnson - how many of you knew his name?) was an articulate non-extreme polished candidate with an excellent record as governor of New Mexico. He finished a distant third. Did he siphon off enough votes to prevent a Romney victory? I don't know. Maybe he did, maybe not. But IMO more of the blame for obama's re-election falls on the not-democrat voters who stayed home on Election Day.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Stilton: I was aware of the 'existing' MedAdvantage cuts, these are on top of those, and beyond what was originally published - no surprise there!

@CenTex Tim: I never really 'got' Gary Johnson in his short term in the limelight, couldn't really discern what he was for, against, and his policies, other than legalize marijuana, however, that being said, I'm tired of voting for the candidate I dislike the least. My wife was tired of me asking "Whit all the people in the United States, these are the best 10-12 they could come up with?

Unknown said...

And gee,, just when we thought the Keystone Pipeline might finally get approved, Obama Bypasses Congress On Climate Change

CenTexTim said...

@Grumpy C. - that's one of the problems the Libertarians (or any other third party) face - getting their message out. They have limited funds and practically no mainstream media coverage. What the media does pick up on are they more extreme, or at least controversial, positions, such as drug legalization, same sex marriage, etc.

I think your wife's comment points to a bigger problem. Lots of decent, well-qualified people are reluctant to run for public office because of the intense scrutiny, fund-raising demands, and general all-round sleaziness of the political process. I tell my wife that I'd make a great emperor but a lousy president, because I have a low tolerance for BS and D.C. is full to overflowing with the stuff.

CenTexTim said...

Oops - last comment should read "What the media does pick up on are THE more extreme..."

Ogrrre said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon: I wish Cruz had replied when Feinstein said that her gun ban would not be an infringement of the second amendment because there were x number of guns exempt from the ban, with, "Oh, well! In that case, let's ban senators from California. It would not be unconstitutional because there would be 98 senators who would not be banned."

Anonymous said...

"Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception and sanity. Instances may range simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- I don't hold much in the way of hopes for a third party, but I certainly can't argue against the virtue of the idea, as the other two parties are useless.

@John the Econ- We're on the same page here; the libertarian approach is good, but it's unlikely to be embraced by those with an entitlement mentality.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I liked so much of what Ron Paul said, and then every now and then he'd make a pronouncement from Mars. If we could scale that back a bit, we just might have something practicable.

@txGreg- Good point. I have no love for the Republican party, but can be quite happy with Conservative candidates who happen to wear the GOP label. They deserve all the support we can give them.

@Jim Hlavac- There you go with that "optimism" thing again. (And thank you.)

@KyudoNV- I read about this; caucasian volunteers to VISTA wearing white wristbands to constantly remind themselves of the unfair advantages they've had over brown folks. You'd think all of the Federal lawsuits and racial sensitivity classes would be enough to remind them...

@CenTexTim- Hey, I never said Michelle's proud African-American keester is too big, which would be wrong and culturally biased. I'm just saying that it's ample.

And speaking of huge asses - Paul Krugman. The man literally can't understand the difference between wealth and borrowing. He is a dribbling socialist idiot.

Finally, I absolutely agree with your final point: Obama was reelected by the people who didn't bother to get off their asses and vote for Romney. To me, they're traitors - and I don't mean metaphorically.

@Bob Horan- I'll admit I'm having sort of a tough day (for personal reasons), and my emotional resolve is somewhat limited. So when I read about King Nuckingfutz attacking our energy policies while ignoring the fact that GLOBAL WARMING COMES FROM THE MOTHERFREAKING SUN, it makes me a little crazy.

@CenTexTim- You make a sad but true point: who the hell wants to undertake a crap job like running for president of the United States knowing that a billion dollars or more will be spent to destroy you, your name, and your family?

@Ogrrre- Nice! I can think of a few senators who richly deserve banning.

@Anonymous- In many ways, this is an anti-gaslighting forum. We all meet here to compare notes and make sure that it isn't us who is going nuts.

Dick said...

The unicorn called "Reggie" paragraph made me wet myself. Very funny.

PRY said...

NICKINGFUTZ!!! Love it! He certainly is that!

@Grumpy Cormudgeon..."I keep hoping the the Republican Party will get their act together in time for the 2014 elections"

...even if they do come up with the perfect candidate, Romney's famous 47% who depend on govt still won't vote for him! They will still want a radical such as Obama! But, you're right...politicos such as Feinstein DEFINITELY are a big part of the problem!

I feel we as a nation are finally maybe crossing the point of no return or getting close to it. Not to give up hope for some sanity, but am sure there will be NONE with the present regime, and getting in a different one is going to be next to impossible at this point! I agree with all you fine folks, our country is sadly doomed or at least badly crippled for the rest of my days, and I am just in my early 60s.

Would like to think that many people will wake up and be appalled, but when such a large number of people take "The Daily Show" as a legitimate news program, well, there's one view of what is wrong in this nation! I still say this guy's popularity will end when we have riots in the streets because the monthly checks stopped coming, because by then, we will be bankrupt.

PRY said...

Sorry I mispelled 'NUCKINGFUTZ', because that is such an apt description of this Chicago thug! Consider all the other people in the world to whom this name would apply! He fits right in!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dick- It takes a real man to admit that he's wet himself. Thank you for your courage.

@PRY- Currently, I don't see either our system of elections or our underinformed, unmotivated voters being up to the job of saving our country. Something else needs to happen, but I don't know what - and all of the options I can imagine are themselves disquieting.

REM1875 said...

We were big fans of Dr Paul till he became the libertarian presidential candidate. His transformation from conservative to libertarian was not pleasant, but it was a complete change. (not counting the issues both agree upon.) He was the Ted Cruz of his day till the libertarian thing. How I wish we could show y'all what the old Dr Paul was like.

REM1875 said...

The anti gaslight form- Thank heavens for places like this and the new media. Was a pleasant shock to find out some of what the media called fringe lunatics often included up to 70% of the adult population. I always suspected we were not alone.