Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Broke

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Despite the severe budget sequester which is, according to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, forcing young Washington staffers to starve because they can't afford meals on their pitiful $60,000-$160,000 salaries, Barack Obama has still managed to cobble together the money to send his family on yet another luxurious, first-class five-star vacation to help take their minds off of the fact that they haven't visited Hawaii for weeks now.

The First Daughters are said to be vacationing in the luxury "Atlantis" resort in the Bahamas, which seems appropriate since their dad has had our finances underwater so long.

And while there's nothing wrong with the girls having a little fun, it does seem pretty tacky to rub Americans' noses in the Obamas' conspicuous wealth (and willingness to also use taxpayer money) while the Whitehouse itself is closed to the young paupers and working-class riff-raff who had hoped to visit during their own spring breaks.

Now, sadly, all those kids can do is visit the Supreme Court and listen to people protesting about Gay marriage while wondering why all the Supremes, male and female, are wearing dresses.

Frankly, Hope n' Change would like to see those kids get a clearer look at how our government really works. With the first family not around to require expensive Secret Service protection, why not let kids actually tour the Whitehouse and ask why, during times of extreme crisis, there's nobody on the job?!


What could be more fun than letting kids hear real echos in the empty Oval Office?!


Grafton Cheddar said...

Stilton, glad to hear things are a little better!

Inquiring minds want to know: There's a vacay afoot; where's Mooche?

Earl Allison said...

And, as no surprise to anyone, the official reply from the "Media" is that pointing this out is racism, and using the girls is out of bounds.

Funny how that wasn't the case with GW Bush's daughters. And remember all the expensive vacations he and Laura took, with separate planes, to pump up those expense dollars?

What's that, you say? You don't recall such lavishness and carefree spending by the Bushes for their private enjoyment?

That's because they were decent people, not like President Closet Shelf, or his wife, the one with the $300k patronage hospital job that was SO important that ... it wasn't filled when she left.

Remember how President Closet Shelf talked about how, in bad times such as these, you maybe don't take that trip to Vegas, you don't spend that extra money, or most laughably, that you need to be sure your tires are properly inflated? All to save money?

Funny how that doesn't apply to the Obamas, isn't it?

Oh, actually, it's not funny at all. These people are the living personification of "do as I say, not as I do," or "some animals are more equal than others."

Disgusting. Imagine how quickly this would change if a Republican did this?

Gang of One said...

Well, it appears some people are not going to let this vacay travesty slide, and I certainly hope the race-baiters get their come-uppance, for a change. And while that's happening, we should also be told why [amongst other grievous wastes] the Fed is flushing tax dollars down the loo with this. Obama and his people are bad enough, I hold the lick-spittle MSM media to blame for giving this a pass.

Colby said...

C'mon now! Everybody deserves a little break now and then. After all, feeding people guano while making them believe it's lobster can wear a guy out. And golfing with Tiger Woods? Talk about pressure!

Yes, it is indeed infuriating that this hunk of condensed owl s**t escapes even the slightest scrutiny from the media. They would have crucified W had he taken luxury vacations every damn month.

Still... if only the crap weasel would go on permanant vacation, this country would be 1,000% better off. Well worth the million bucks a day or more!

I think I speak for the HnC gang when I say we are very relieved to see this post today. Keep 'em coming, but we sure understand the times when posting is not prudent. I pray and hope things have settled down and will remain so long term.

Chris said...

How appropriate:

White House Echo Chamber

Earl Allison said...


I am so sorry, in my zeal to attack the President, I forgot my manners.

Thank God that things are well enough that you could make this post. Again, I am sorry for being a zealot first :) And a decent human being second :(

SeaDog52 said...

When this was brought up on Fox last night, one of the commentators said "Well, Bush took vacations". For the life of me I can not remember Bush going on 'vacation' anywhere but his ranch in Crawford, which was not rented at tax payer expense, and the Secret Service accommodations only had to be built once. Furthermore, most of the 'vacations' were working vacations, or hosting heads of state that wanted to see a real Texas ranch. Oh! I forgot, It's Bush's Fault.

Jim Hlavac said...

They're robes, not dresses. They're inquisitors, not drag queens. Geez, Stilt, you are heterosexual. :)

But, Oh, do I find it hilarious that we gay folks are being discussed like a sack of potatoes -- and a threat to everything -- while the rest of you folks are having a fine old time wrecking the place. My my. Whatever will be done with us for asking for a shred of decency and the right to smooch with a piece of paper in our hands, to make it legally easier to exist, as we do, alas.

Meanwhile, when the economy really goes kaflooey for you folks, we'll be going kaboom. It's more colorful.

Now, on to important matters -- I hear there's no budget, a whopper of a deficit, and a civilization over there that is out to kill us ...

And oh yes -- all the Supreme Court briefs forgot to mention that you fine heterosexuals made us one way or the other -- but they all seem to blame us for the deed.

Dick said...

Good one Stilton. Glad to see you back and in very fine form. Thanks.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grafton Cheddar- Last time I checked, it was unclear whether or not Michelle was also at the Atlantis Resort. For security reasons, the Whitehouse doesn't like to confirm this sort of thing. Job security, that is.

@Earl Allison- Yes, it WAS Barry who said that we all need to cut back, stop taking vacations, turn down the thermostat, eat more gruel, and all the rest. Meanwhile, the SOB lives like a king.

I'm just amazed at the arrogance of not even pretending to economize while our nation suffers.

@Gang of One- At this point, you don't need to be a racist to criticize Barry, but you sure as hell have to be a racist to defend him. I'm sorry, but no caucasian could be this much of a fustercluck and get away with it.

@Colby- I may be here some days, and not here other days. Truth be told, after a singularly tiring day yesterday I put the cartoon together pretty late at night - not thinking it was anything that great, but because I could use the camaraderie. I appreciate everyone's support and patience.

@Chris- It is appropriate now that you mention it.

@Earl Allison- I appreciate the thought, but you certainly committed no sin by showing a bit of good, healthy zealotry! If I feel up to making a post, you can assume that I'm feeling more like laughter and conversation than hand-patting.

@SeaDog52- I don't mind the first family taking vacations. But I do mind the number, frequency, and wild extravagances of those vacations.

@Jim Hlavac- I think the difference between robes and dresses comes down to accessorizing. If the Justices are wearing darling shoes to match, they're dresses (grin).

I've got to admit that in my current, somewhat distracted state, the debate over Gay marriage seems like the very height of dumbassery (no pun intended). When the government argues that the real threat presented by Gay marriage is that it lessens the State's right to regulate procreation, I want to scream from the rooftops. They're sure as blazes not doing a great job of regulating procreation NOW, unless you count raising inner city kids like herds of veal that can vote.

And yes, when America crashes, we all crash with it- Gay, Straight, Bi, Transgender, and whatever the hell Obama is. That's why I hate seeing the Left (and the Right) use this issue to divide us.

@Dick- Thank you, sir. Candor compels me to say that I felt today's entry was only so-so...but then, I've got very forgiving friends!

John the Econ said...

Those poor, poor congressional staffers, having to pay market rates for their lunches on 3 to 5-times the annual American income. The horror.

Mrs. Econ and I attended a "town hall" the other day, where one of the topics was our failing, near-bankrupt and absurdly top-heavy school district. After being told that he simply can't go and fire the bloated administration, (because many of them are nice people) he then proceeded to school us as to the need to raise salaries since they hadn't been raised in 4 or 5 years. A near unanimous chorus in the room instantly replied "Almost nobody in this room has had a raise in over 5 years!"

They really don't get it.

I am now listening to Fed officials who feel that they too have to address "economic inequality". Seems they're starting to figure out that their insane cheap dollar policy which hasn't created a single job is screwing poor and ordinary Americans while it's making bankers and the rich more so! So great! They're gonna fix that just as they fixed the lack of jobs since they're so freakin competent!

Have you been following Cyprus? Gonna be interesting when their banks open tomorrow morning. Of course, everyone freaked when it was announced last week that the government was going to simple seize as much as 10% of everyone's balance as part of a national bailout.

Some pundits have asked if that could happen here. My answer? IT ALREADY HAS!!!

Look at it this way: Near-zero interest rates on savings for the last 5 years means that savers, especially the elderly have made next-to-nothing when they should have been making at least 3 to 4 percent. Compound 3 or 4 percent for 5 years, and you get far more than 10% of your savings that never happened so that we could "stimulate" bankers and the stock market. This doesn't even consider inflation, which is happening no matter what the Fed says.

That is why savers here don't have to worry about having their savings raided. It's already happened!!!

If people honestly understood the theft taking place here, there'd be a revolution tomorrow.

Queso Grande said...

@SJ, it's nice indeed you gave us this tidbit to tide us over........we are all rooting for you and yours......

Apropos of the incessant vacationing, 'par-taying', wagyu-ing ad naseum, I tink it is simply the Wan's, and the Lesft way of shoving our faces in "it". Two images/concepts have been in my mind lately.....Obama and his ilk have turned the U. S. into Tina Turner to his/their Ike.
Ike beats us, lies to us, cheats on us and then tells us ...."Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?"

And, that 100 years of Progressive policies( I put the decline all the way back to Woodrow Wilson's policies) the USA has been turned; intentionally, from the Shining CIty on the Hill to the World's Rest Stop.
Drop in, leave a dump, take what you want/need, leave the garbage behind and leave.

So, there you are. Tina Turner or a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike.

And not for nothing, but wasn't the orignal name of the island on which Atlantis sits Hogg Island?

Keep the faith, fight the good fight and stay healthy to all, and especially our most gracious host.

Sparky said...

I'm so thankful you're back! :)

Now about Turd Boy: I think the real echo's are between his enormous ears. #ObamaFAIL

Velcro said...

Sushi and malaria! Ha! Good stuff doc. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

Coon Tasty said...

@SJ - "Yes, it WAS Barry who said that we all need to cut back, stop taking vacations, turn down the thermostat, eat more gruel, and all the rest. Meanwhile, the SOB lives like a king"

I must correct you, sir: no mere King has ever lived so opulently as does Obama. What you are seeing are the actions of Divine Emperor Barack I and His Imperial Fambly.

amr said...

I assume the girls spring break was paid for by the President, but we pay for the support and protection staff. Actually I am not so concerned about the girls vacation. What angers me is the two airplanes to go to the same place within hours of one another and the resulting traffic jam for ground transport 4 times instead of 2. The two Bush Presidents went to Camp David for Christmas so staff and security could be close to family; not an attitude we see with the President and his wife. Bush tried different ways to do his daily runs and finally gave up traveling or running in public areas since regardless of his wishes, large swaths of DC were shutdown to support his movements.
The lack of the Obamas' respect for citizens and the President's constant campaigning for different pet projects is beyond a level even my cynical attitude would consider possible; no amount of criticism seems to impress them. Bush stopped golfing after being criticized for playing while troops die in war. Where is the MSM's criticism of Obama. Obama seems to be in office for the perks; he certainly doesn't like to lead and make decisions that would cause him to take responsibility for policy.

John the Econ said...


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- All good comments above; I'm enjoying them, I just can't really expand on them.

I'll give you a spoiler alert that tomorrow's "non-cartoon" will again just be saying that I'm taking some time off and won't be posting predictably. Although that being said, it will be hard to let April Fool's Day go by without saying something.

Gang of One said...

@amr -- The sins of omission by the lame-stream media: they have drank fully and repeatedly from their own cup, the one filled with the charge of "Racist!" when questioning or criticizing this POTUS.