Monday, April 29, 2013

Stand-Up Calamity

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Saturday night marked the annual comedy fest known as the White House Correspondents Dinner, at which politicians, alleged journalists, and the Hollywood elite gather to make jokes about how desperately effed up our country is.

Sadly, the evening's emcee, Conan O'Brien, did not mention Benghazi while dishing out roast-style jokes (nor did anyone else). If Hope n' Change had a turn at the podium, we'd have said something like: "A lot of people were bugged that Obama sent out a self-serving publicity photo of his big Moment of Silence for the victims in Boston, but it's really not that big a deal. After all, he's been silent on the victims in Benghazi for seven months!" 

 (Crowd boos, Secret Service rushes the stage, Guantanamo Bay prisoners soon greet a new guy wearing a sticker that says "Hi! My Name Is Stilton!")

Obama himself told plenty of jokes because, after all, he can't stay sad about a little thing like a successful terrorist attack on American soil forever (especially after being feted by the feticidal folks at Planned Parenthood)

He even joked about being Muslim, which is especially funny since his Administration (via Eric Holder) sent a Federal judge to stop the FBI questioning of the surviving Boston bomber, read him his Miranda rights, and assign him a legal defense team - thereby assuring that if there is a larger radical Islamic terror connection, the American people will never hear about it. Yeah, B. Hussein - this is a hilarious time to make Muslim jokes.

Hope n' Change certainly understands the importance of humor in tough times, but the people who have created the problems, or are charged with solving them, shouldn't be doing the laughing because it's at our expense. Literally and figuratively. It shows that they don't take the problems seriously... and that, in itself, is a serious problem.

As for the "journalists" who claim to represent the American people in finding and reporting the truth, they need to spend less time drinking champagne with politicians and celebrities, and more time learning how to get their hands dirty with something other than circle jerks.

obama, obama jokes, white house correspondents, dinner, jokes, conan, benghazi, boston, terror, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, margaret thatcher
Before anyone complains about this cartoon, remember that it's not as bad 
as the REAL dump Barry took on the late Lady Thatcher by snubbing her funeral.


Grafton Cheddar said...

The correspondents dinner should have been a Muzz wet dream of a target - at what other time could they find all that wrong with America clusterf*cked together in one room? Administrative, legislative, "journalists" and Hollywood celebs in close quarters? And for us it could have meant a new beginning - a slate wiped clean. [sigh!]

Colby said...

So... how much did THIS friggin' party cost us? Two words... TONE DEAF!!!

It is still my dream that one day in the not too distant future, the Chief Clusterf**ker will find himself penniless and living in a damn cardboad box next door to his brother's luxurious hut. I so badly want this mouth breather to feel the pain and frustration of us peons that continually pay the bill for his folly. And it isn't just a money issue. He makes us look like weak fools to the rest of the world. His policy is "Speak softly and carry a big schtick."

FlyBoy said...

The "Outrage of the week" (at least for me) was when, at the end of Barry's speech to the abortionists at Planned Parenthood, says "God bless you and Planned Parenthood". REALLY?!?!?!?!?!? God is supposed to bless them for what??? Sucking millions of babies into a sink???

Unknown said...

This whole administration is one, big, fat joke. I mean look at this. You got a "Young, Radical Muslim Socialist" who smoked pot from his days at Columbia/Harvard. You got a VP who understands how to fire a shotgun from one's open window in a residental area. You got a woman who runs the DHS like her own fiefdom. (My God, everytime I see her, keep hearing the phase "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!") And, so forth. I mean, seriously, this is prime material for any up and coming comedian who is looking their big break.

Jim Hlavac said...

These being like medieval times, though the king without ermine, so the jesters and courtiers gather together from time to time to tell the king he's wonderful, and he agrees. Meanwhile, back on the feudal ranch ....

It's No Gouda said...

Grafton: Why would the muzzies want to blow up a confab of all their best supporters?

CenTexTim said...

obama made the mandatory faux-compassionate appearances at various memorials for victims of the Boston bombings and the West, TX explosion.He even had a private moment of silence for them, shared only by his official White House photographer. He also put in an appearance at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, where he managed to slip a crass political plug for immigration reform into his speech.

I thought the photo and the immigration plug were about as classless as he could get, but then he went into his stand-up routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I'm sure the people whose limbs were blown off, the people who lost their homes, and those burying their loved ones were amused.

As for Eric Holder, his biggest accomplishment to date is to make Janet Reno look good. And that takes some doing.

Bah! I'm off to refill my 'coffee'...

Grafton Cheddar said...

It's No Gouda: "Grafton: Why would the muzzies want to blow up a confab of all their best supporters?"

I was projecting, wink wink, nudge, nudge. The drones, boss, the drones!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grafton Cheddar- I think the comment from It's No Gouda (below) says it all: why would the bad guys want to blow up their best friends and enablers?

@Colby- There was almost certainly no one in attendance who wasn't a member of the evil 1%. Or at least living like it on our money.

Regarding the image Barry is presenting to the world, the WSJ had a good editorial today from John Bolton about the damage Obama is doing with his empty threats - which enables and encourages anti-American activity.

@FlyBoy- That whole event was an obscenity. And isn't it about time that truth in labeling demands that the group changes their name to "Planned Unparenthood?"

@John Greco- Sadly, any up and coming comedian would get blank stares basing his/her comedy on these jokers, because most of the audience wouldn't even know the news stories being referred to. Benghazi? Gosnell? Pigford? Fast and Furious? These are all mysteries to the willingly ignorant masses.

@Jim Hlavac- I'd like to give this King an obscene jester.

@It's No Gouda- Excellent point.

@CenTexTim- Very well put, which is a good thing because I don't have much to add. I'm just sputtering in my anger and distaste.

As for Eric Holder, he reminds me of the weasels Hitler surrounded himself with to enact policy. Everything that comes out of Holder's mouth is a legal nightmare. Case in point: his recent announcement that illegal immigrants have a "civil right" to American citizenship. It's like equating hijackers with Rosa Parks.

Colby said...

That one got my dander up too. Then I realized that, when BO refers to "god," he referring to the diety that HE worships when he is alone and nobody can see. That particular diety has blessed the Planned Parenthood death camps abundantly.

@John Greco,
Funny you called it a feifdom. I heard on Rush Radio that the DHS is buying bagpipes. I feel safer, don't you? Granted, bagpipes have been rumored to bring dead people back to life, and to scare the living to death. But damn, what are they going to do with them, scare people back across the border? Maybe they're gonna hide the billions of rounds of ammo in bagpipes? Maybe it's because Napolitano BLOWS so badly? Wait! I just figured it out. Bagpipes have three "drones" on them. Maybe Janet told her minions to go buy some drones.

Obscene jester? Boooo hisss. I'm with ya, though. And I'll add, BO is the worst threat to our freedom and liberty, but Holder and that douchebag Reid are a close second and third.

Sparky said...

@Grafton Chedder ~ I agree! Where's some napalm when you need it ... ??!!

I can tell we live in the Age of Grace 'cause none of these jokers have been struck by lightning yet.

@Stilton ~ You are right on the mark again! I feel so angry that these scum bags are sitting around on our dollar and poking fun at us. (You know they are.) Well, I guess I'll be at Guantanamo too now with a Sparky tag since they'll be able to find me with my Gadsden flag out front. All I can say is "Come And Get It". [wink]

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Colby: To summarize your closing comment, I'd put forth that Washington DC is the greatest threat to our freedom. Even those you think are on your side aren't. Rubio, selling wholesale immigration reform. Many "tea party conservatives" jumping on board for the not-new-but-not-old-either internet tax because - get this! - their constituents are clamoring for it as if the only constituents they have are local stores and shop owners. They bemoan those ignoring their home constituency and following the likes of The Heritage Foundation and Americans For Tax Reform when, effectively, they only thing they're doing different is siding with a lobby that want to do financial harm to the majority of their constituency.

It's infuriating!

Politics is disgusting and politicians are whip-saw weasels. Dumpster-diving is a clean and noble profession by comparison...