Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Call to Distraction

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In the Obama administration, the best defense is multiple offenses - simply because our short-attention span nation can no longer grasp the intricacies of a single scandal, let alone a handful of them.

Still, it seems like (for a refreshing change), something a lot stronger than Shinola is sticking to the president as details of his current scandals emerge. Those stories are developing so quickly that we won't even attempt to recap them here (get thee to Drudgereport!) other than to say that they all involve flagrant abuse of power, outrageous lies to the American people, desperate attempts to place the blame on others, and a belief by this president and his people that nothing is more important than maintaining his political power - no matter who or how many die, no matter what laws are broken, and no matter what damage is done to our Constitution and credibility as a nation.

None of this, of course, comes as even a teensy-weensy surprise to those of us who've been sounding alarms for years now. Barack Hussein Obama is no worse than he's ever's just that his facade seems to finally be cracking, revealing glimpses of the vehemently anti-American radical beneath to a mainstream media which has had more in common with Helen Keller than Edward R. Murrow.

Hope n' Change would be disingenuous if we expressed confidence that any of these (or other) scandals will actually topple this nightmarish administration. But just for a little while, we will allow ourselves something we haven't had since last November.

An actual scintilla of Hope for Change.

obama, obama jokes, scandal, irs, benghazi, ap, stilton jarlsberg, fast, furious, hope n' change, hope and change, trayvon martin


TrickyRicky said...

"Barack Hussein Obama is no worse than he's ever been..." Couldn't have said it better. This is exactly who he is and what he stands for. These multiple scandals are simply the tip of the iceberg. He truly is looking to "fundamentally change" this country. Translated: destroy it.

Colby said...

I feel like the poor kid on Christmas. There's a present under the tree that is about the same size as the expensive thing I asked for, but when I open it, there may be a pair of pre-worn shoes in there.

BO is acting like he's all incensed about the IRS thing, but doth he protesteth too much? Sorry, dumbass... you may not have Harry Truman's little sign on your pristene desk, but like it or not, the buck DOES stop there. Now all we need if for the MSM to realize that fact, and maybe, just maybe the AP will be the first of many. CYA is the game, so let the games begin!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- Exactly. Barry is who he has always been: an anti-American radical obsessed with himself and power.

@Colby- I genuinely don't like having so many scandals on the table at once because mainstream people will feel overwhelmed and ignore all of them. Especially since the IRS scandal appears to many to "just be about politics" - a flawed notion which they then use to excuse everything else on the table.

Chuck said...

The AP has no interest in exposing the corruption on the left, because that could lead to conservative victories in coming elections. Not to mention that revelations of their own complicity in aiding and abetting the criminal left could well come to light.

But, not to worry: Low Information Voters (LIV) to the rescue. Come election time, all this will be water under the bridge, and as you saw yesterday in the commenter "TB", the true leftists mind is made up and will not be swayed by fact. And the LIV will vote for whoever they are told will keep the goodies coming.

No, I fear that this is all just theater and nothing at all will come of any of it, but I'm willing to enjoy the show while it lasts.

CenTexTim said...

For those of us who have been "sounding alarms for years," watching these multiple scandals unfold is like wetting your pants while wearing a dark suit.

You get a warm feeling, but no one else notices.

John the Econ said...

Right on @TrickyRicky & @Stilton; the only thing that has changed is that the AP and others in the media are seriously pissed off, and they are letting the President know it. They've partially retracted the protective bubble that they've been shielding him behind for the last 7 years.

Obama is the ultimate beneficiary, victim and example of "The Taranto Principle" (; A theory where the liberal media so protects and coddles liberal politicians and activists that they wholeheartedly believe their own superiority and invincibility. When the day comes where they inadvertently poke their heads outside the protective bubble, or in this case when the protective bubble is retracted, the liberal is naked and exposed to reality, and is ill prepared for and doesn't know how to deal with it.

Like I said the other day, I simply cannot remember as much bad press on this President being disseminated at one time.

So my questions are:

A) Has the Obama Administration gotten the message?

B) What kind of mea culpa can Obama possibly offer the liberal media to get them to change back to the former narrative, where these kind of issues aren't as important as Angelina Jolie's boobs?

C) Will the media accept anything Obama offers, or have they had it with him?

D) Will the Obama administration seek the counsel of Bill Clinton, who purposely deployed multiple scandals to induce "scandal fatigue" amongst the press and the public? After awhile, nobody cared anymore.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- I fear that you're right; Obama's support has always been faith-based rather than fact-based, and nothing revealed in these scandals will alter the worldview of his true believers. Moreover, the press may hold his feet to the fire briefly out of annoyance with the AP stunt, but ideologically they will rise to his defense again shortly.

@CenTexTim- Beautifully expressed!

@John the Econ- Obama really is a "bubble boy" who couldn't survive in an unprotected political atmosphere. But I don't think the MSM will leave him out in the cold long.

Per your series of questions...

A) No they haven't.
B) Obama will never put the "mea" in "culpa," and is already joining with Holder in trying to throw some assistant AG to the wolves.
C) They'll chew at his perfectly-creased pantlegs for a week or so, but then go back to accepting Barry's press releases.
D) I think Barry already IS trying to induce scandal fatigue. It now seems that the "question out of the blue" which revealed the IRS malfeasance was actually planted by the IRS itself, and Holder's response was so quick it suggests he was already in the loop. This really adds credence to those who've suspected that the IRS story is intended to distract from Benghazi.

Pete(Detroit) said...

OMFG Stilt, I just finished getting caught up on yesterday's comments (Zero Dark Squirty - HEE!) (Nice Job, w/ Ted the Sped, btw - not to insult all the polite coherant SPEDs out there) anyway, just finished that and then to read the cartoon. Reggie Love? NICE!
I Literally LOL'd!
Well PLAYED sir!

CenTexTim said...

@John the Econ - re: question C

I'm afraid Silton's right. The media will fuss and fret for a while, but then realize that if they continue to criticize him, they'll be admitting that they were wrong about him.

And we all know the media can never admit they're wrong...

John the Econ said...

Yes, @CenTexTim, I was being a bit optimistic there, wasn't I?

I'm pretty sure that they're just sending a message; Feel free to trample all over the liberties and rights of the unwashed masses. But don't you dare target us!

You are probably right; the Progressives will fall back in line soon enough.

Jim Hlavac said...

Is this where I joke that he's going to need a bigger gay guy to come out? Hmm, maybe Love himself.

The mainstream press may well try to hold off the stories -- but there's too much, really. When so many investigations start, and at the very beginning there's bigger stories, there's more scandal to come.

Like the IRS thing, first it was low level in Cincinnati. Now it seems it was in other places and higher up. I'm betting on endemic to the nation. Same thing with the AP -- if they spied on one news agency, it's probable that they spied on them all. So far, every day brings more damaging revelations and more people calling for more investigation.

Eventually it snowballs. Oh, the faithful won't join the conservative side -- but they'll surely look askance at their leader. They'll look at Hilary a bit, maybe Biden, and decide they smell just as bad. Meanwhile Schumer or ilk will quietly stir flames against Hilary so he can ride to the top in 2016.

Plus, the Train Wreck is still a-coming. Can't hide that.

They can't ignore everything forever, not even the Low-Info Voters.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Thank you, sir!

@CenTexTim- I just can't believe that the MSM is suddenly going to rediscover journalistic integrity. I think they're only pissed because Obama/Carney's blatant lying showed the "reporters" to be the whores they are, and they'd rather keep that private.

@Jim Hlavac- As I mentioned over on Facebook, I had mixed feelings about going for the Reggie Love punchline. It's not (as you know) anti-Gay but rather another poke at Barry's obsessive attempts to control all aspects of his image.

I'm hoping you're right that these investigations may start to snowball. And you're definitely right that even the low-information types can't escape the coming steamroller of bad news associated with Obamacare.

Colby said...

Sigh... yes, the media will be back to licking BO's scrotum soon enough, but Scott Pelley's observations the other day gave me a glimmer of hope that they aren't ALL completely in the tank.

Chuck has sound advice above. Enjoy the show while it lasts. It's fun watching the Peckerhead-in-Chief, Jay Blarney, and Douchebag Holder all scrambling around in the litter box trying to cover all the turds that suddenly popped up. Here's hoping it becomes a game of DC Whack-a-Mole. I also pray this make Barry a bit too radioactive to his fellow Progressive ass-hats on the Hill.

American Cowboy said...


I laughed at your comment about "scrambling around in the litter box trying to cover all the turds that suddenly popped up."

It reminded me of a story I heard many years ago that may apply to the current bunch in Washington:

A farmer called the vet about a constipated "calf" and the vet recommended tube feeding it one quart of Castor oil. The next morning the vet called to inquire about the calf, and the farmer said, "CALF? I said CAT!" the vet asked how the cat was, and the farmer said, "I don't know. The last I saw of that cat it was headed over the hill with nine other cats. Three were digging, three were covering, and three were hunting new territory."

That 0bama is one cool cat, don't you think? LOL

txGreg said...

Someone else might have used it first, but I will always be grateful for Michelle Malkin introducing me to the term "enemedia." Mainstream Media was never quite right for me, and enemedia is much more appropriate.

However, the lovely ladies over at Chicks on the Right might have just given me a new favorite: press-titutes. Hmmm... yep, I love that one too!

Jim Hlavac said...

Memo to Stilt (and anyone else) -- don't ever worry about a gay reference -- I find it all hysterical. Don't go all wishy-washy liberal on me and worry if I'm offended. Yeesh. I've heard it all. See Ecclesiastes.

LibertyAtStake said...

Haven't you heard? Jason Collins has been offered Reggie Love's old job.

John the Econ said...

@Jim Hlavac, you're right that "the Train Wreck is still a-coming." Obama and the AP can kiss and make up, and the media can go back to burying the scandals as they always have. But every day now, ordinary citizens are finding out what ObamaCare has in store for them, and no amount of spin from Obama, Carney, Sebelius‎ or the rest of the chorus can compete with the reality soon to hit people squarely between the eyes.

Here's a new one today: Obamacare to penalize nearly half a million Native Americans

Bummer. Looks like Elizabeth Warren is going to have to go to an exchange just like everyone else.

Oh, and this just in - Eric Holder melts down before Issa

"It's unacceptable, and it's shameful."

Yes, it is Mr. Holder. Yes, it is.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- I'd like to think that the events of the past week or so may be a wakeup call to at least a few newspeople who didn't realize the extent to which they were being used. Probably wishful thinking on my part - but I am enjoying the show for now.

@American Cowboy- I can't see Barry doing his business in a litter box. But I think doing it on a pedestal is pretty likely...

@txGreg- "Presstitutes" is perfect!

@Jim Hlavac- Actually I wasn't worried about offending you because we've all had such good dialogue here about the subject. But for anyone new to HnC I wanted to make very clear what my position is.

@LibertyAtStake- Well, that explains why Barry said that his new body man "has got to be good at dribbling." (Hey, Jim Hlavac told me not to be wishy-washy!)

@John the Econ- It's a big train, flying along like hellzafire, and the bridge is out. It's going to make a really big noise when it hits bottom...and it won't take long to get there.

I'd also like to comment on Eric Holder, but pretty much anything truthful I'd say would pretty much guarantee a DOJ investigation of Hope n' Change which would be far more thorough than anything Holder has done (or will do) on voter intimidation, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, or the attack on the AP.

Emmentaler Limburger said...


Venezuela runs out of toilet paper, forced to import 50 million rolls. Minister blames 'excessive demand'

Though toilet paper is usually not how I'd clean up such a pile of bull$hip, it's clear from this that Washington has similar influence in Venezuela as it does in the good ol' US of A...

Colby said...

@American Cowboy,
Maybe those guys are busy in the litter box trying to cover each other up. Good joke, by the way, and a great description of the constant ass-covering that goes on in DC.

... an unrelated issue weighing on my mind and heart... I was dismayed that a judge let Gosnell plead down to life in prison with the promise that he wouldn't appeal. I was hoping for a different sentence. I wanted them to throw him naked into a giant toilet, and stab him in the head with scissors as he was trying to swim. And not just once; do it over and over and over and over....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler- I'm trying to figure out what could trigger "excessive demand" for toilet paper? Although every time Barry speaks on TV, there is a spike in domestic toilet paper sales.

@Colby- As much as I despise Gosnell (and the team he plays for), I was satisfied with the life in prison sentence. Especially if the general population isn't too crazy about baby murderers. And if someone happens to "snip" him in the back of the neck, I won't shed any tears - though (in the words of Richard Nixon) it would be wrong, that's for sure.

PRY said...

I'm reading a book written back in the 50s covering the Nuremburg also covers a lot of history about how the Nazi party came to power, such as how they set fire to the Reichstag one night and blamed it on the Communists contingent at the time, as Berliners were already getting antsy about the Russians anyway. In this way, they CREATED their crisis, false as it was,but the poor German folks did not know that. Kinda reminds me of the 'low info' voters of present day. I'll tell ya, nothing good can come from a government who uses each and every catastrophe for their political gain regardless of who it hurts. Just stop and consider all the damage to humanity this sort of behavior brought about so many years ago. We are witnessing the SAME mindset before our very eyes everyday. God help us.

SC said...

Eric Holder…. I bust my ass at work everyday, pay my taxes……to help pay his salary? The guy can’t seem to remember anything; he has short-term & long-term memory loss. I doubt he can remember what he had for breakfast thing morning! OK, I know that it’s selective memory-loss, which makes him incompetent or a lier. Either way, he needs to be fired.

SC said...

Wanted to post on Monday 5-13……

Re: IRS scandal: Of course there was political motivation. The dems got their asses kicked in the 2010 elections with the help of the Tea Party movement. Someone decided to put a stop to the increasing number of tea party factions and tried to make them as ineffectual as possible.

The best way to hinder a political group is to hit them in the pocketbook & bury them in needless, endless paperwork. Yep, keep ‘em busy with paperwork & they won’t have as much time for rallies and fundraisers.

I do not believe for one minute that an Obama zealot that works for the IRS came up with this scheme, it has the stench of David Alexrod on it.

Make no mistake, it DID change the outcome of the 2012 election. Well done devious David, another dishonest, stolen election.

Re: Gosnell – Put him in the general population, he won’t last long. Even felons don’t like baby-killers. He’ll get his & it ain’t gonna to be pretty.

bart simpsonson said...

I doubt it. Someone else probably had it in for him.

bart simpsonson said...

I doubt it re Travon. Someone else must have had it in for him. He is too metro.......