Friday, July 19, 2013

Suck It Up

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Okay, okay - today's cartoon is pretty much of a placeholder. And why? Because Hope n' Change looked at all the current news stories and had to run away screaming.

Rolling Stone magazine celebrated the Boston Marathon Bomber as a hip new celebrity who was "failed" by his family and "fell into" radical Islam - guess he's just another victim, huh?

The Department of Justice has created a tip hotline for people to report any accusations or rumors that George Zimmerman has ever offended a black person, because that's as close as Eric Holder can legally come to actually calling for Zimmerman to be murdered by street mobs and get away with it.

Then there's the revelation that the still-hidden Benghazi survivors have been forced to sign nondisclosure agreements to withhold the facts of that terrible night from Congress, and the Pentagon has been lying when it claimed a senior officer had retired and couldn't be called to testify. Nope - just another element of the cover-up.

Meanwhile the search for answers about the coordinated IRS attack on the Tea Party (and widespread,  prima facie voter suppression by the government which may have tipped the presidential election) continues to reveal the involvement of highly-placed officials...getting closer and closer to the Whitehouse.

And sadly, none of the above will probably amount to a tinker's damn.

All of which is why Hope n' Change prefers to turn off the media for the rest of the day, dunk a non-union Twinkie into a glass of Glenmorangie, and say "TGIF" to the week in news...and the horse it rode in on.

FRIDAY BONUS: Obama tries to kick off pre-vacation race war! What an asshole!
Maybe security knew that he takes things he never intends to pay for...

Thanks to this president, we are now officially "post racial-healing."


Velcro said...

If DOJ thinks Zimmerman should be investigated, then everyone should be investigated. I AM GEORGE ZIMMERMAN! Come get me you bastards!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- There is NO reason for the DOJ to pursue this other than the deliberate and inappropriate stoking of racial tensions in our country for the Left's political gain. Which is pretty effing horrible when you think about it. (Side note: the spam filter initially didn't like your post, but I fixed it - because I like it just fine.)

TrickyRicky said...

I don't know Stilton, I'm holding out for Ding Dongs, they are Great with Dalwhinnie.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Stilton, there's always hope! For instance, I did find one nugget in this week's "news", and now I'm trying to figure out how to get Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Stevie "Long Since Irrelevant" Wonder, et al to boycott the rest of the country...

John the Econ said...

I understand the feeling, @Stilton. So much nonsense, so little intellect behind any of it.

Rolling Stone: Have never read it. Only awareness of it is based upon that Dr. Hook song; that to many, being on the cover is considered the pinnacle of success in the "serious" pop-culture world.

Basically, this is res ipsa loquitur proof that the fundamentalist Islamists are actually correct; America's pop-culture is thoroughly corrupt.

Didn't (and won't) read the article, so I'll take it on faith your assessment that our these latest perpetrators of evil were "failed" by his family and "fell into" radical Islam. Interesting, there sure are a lot of "victims" of Islam.

Zimmerman: Notice that all of this angst over the Zimmerman trial is based entirely upon emotion, and not at all upon the facts of the matter. Liberals never let facts get in the way of any hysteria that forwards the agenda.

A) Zimmerman is no more "white" than Obama is considered. And yet, the racism meme is front-and-center. (Hey Hispanics, do take note of where you are falling under the Progressive hierarchy of political priorities) Without the racial component, this story falls flat.

B) Never letting any crisis go to waste, the anti-gun crowd is seizing upon this to challenge "stand your ground" laws nation-wide, even though the Zimmerman case had absolutely nothing to do with any "stand your ground" law. I'm calling these challenges the "Thug Empowerment Act"; If successful, American thugs will be assured that law-abiding citizens will be legally required to remain passive while being assaulted, and will suffer greater consequences for resisting any attack than the thugs would, just as now happens in more-evolved-yet-devolving Britain.

C) Desperate to get the nation's attention diverted from the IRS scandal and the ObamaCare implosion, the Obama Administration is pleased to keep the Zimmerman aftermath front-and-center. And as usual, they're more than happy to be spending other people's money to do so:


John the Econ said...


ObamaCare: As the misnamed "Affordable Care Act" continues to crumble before everyone's eyes, the President is out touting its affordability and cost-saving benefits to a citizenry that is either still unemployed, or looking at having their hours cut to part-time.

Benghazi: As I predicted, outside of people who actually care about America abroad, this will fade away. Nobody cares; A few no-name government employees died on the other side of the world at a place an average American couldn't find on a map if you paid them to. The media, having healed from the being spied on scandals will bury it all.

The IRS scandal will retain more traction than Benghazi. Personally, I think it's a better story without Obama's personal involvement, as it prima facie proof that our government is totally out-of-control and not answerable to anybody. If it turns out that Obama was personally involved, then this will devolve into another racism and hater argument instead of the basic Constitutional one it really is.

Detroit went bankrupt yesterday, the largest city ever to do so; a city run exclusively by Democrats, and a testbed for Progressive policy initiatives for generations. But don't expect to hear it framed that way in the media. As they will tell it, Detroit failed because there wasn't enough spending or social engineering.

All of above have one thing in common: They are all sustained by emotion over intellect.

Many here, myself included, have long argued that "liberalism is a mental disorder". But it's actually worse than that; it's de-evolutionary.

The primary distinction between animals and human beings is that humans have been endowed with an intellect that allows them to use logic and reason to overrule their base emotional urges. Animals merely act upon urges, whereas humans can actually think before they act, or not act. Today's liberals willingly and enthusiastically eschew this endowment, either out of selfish motive or laziness. How else can one describe this behavior than as de-evolutionary?

History records that western civilization came alive during the Renaissance; an age where reason began to trump superstition. Future historians may record that the reverse happened at the beginning of the 21st century. I guess 500 years is a good run for any culture.

Colby said...

GAAAA!! I'm out of Twinkies!

Oh, wait... there's an empty glass. Through the teeth, over the gums, look out liver, here it comes.

Holder = Master Baiter. I pray that one day he will answer for HIS crimes against the Black community.

John the Econ said...

And speaking of Zimmerman and White House meddling, be sure to catch today's "Day by Day" cartoon:

I'd suggest we all crank call this Zimmerman racism hotline, except that I suspect that they have a button on their switchboard that forwards all such calls to the IRS "I want to be audited immediately" hotline.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- The trick is finding Ding Dongs that are at least 12 years old and have been barrel aged.

@Emmentaler- What a beautiful, beautiful thought.

@John the Econ- Good discussion points, as always. The one place I actually DO agree with the radical Islamics is that much of America's pop culture deserves to be (figureatively) burned to the ground, and the ashes sewn with salt. Hollywood's ultra-liberal messages, including the sexualization of children, the trivialization of violence, the debasement of women, and the "thugification" of blacks is a cultural cancer both in our country and overseas.

I don't support violence in any form; that being said, I have no idea why there were pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon instead of in the heart of Hollywood.

Regarding your summarizations of the Zimmerman case, Obamacare, Detroit, and liberalism - I can only applaud and wish your comments had a more visible platform than my humble blog can offer.

@Colby- In truth, I don't know if Twinkies are good with scotch. Also in truth, I'd try the combo in a heartbeat.

@John the Econ- Good cartoon (from the reliable Chris Muir). I'm tempted as hell to crank call the Zimmerman hotline, but agree that it's unlikely that they'd just laugh off such efforts. More likely, my personal financial information would be erased within microseconds of asking "Should we report Zimmerman if he says Nigga, or only if he puts an R at the end?"

David in SoCal said...

Didn't know there was a phone # for tips; pass it on if ya got it.
Here's the tipline htttp for George Zimmerman, courtesy of the DOJ(dept of jerk-offs).
I say we flood the system with tips like "Forget George Zimmerman; we know of a race-baiting hate-mongering community center located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC"
Be creative kids; best tip gets a shiny new Nickel!

REM1875 said...

It's better to pour the whiskey on the twinkie than dunk it, adding a delightful smokey, burning tingle to the twinkie and the magical combination in the twinkie will neutralize any toxins in cheaper whiskey so that you will be unable to tell the diffrence between top self stuff and 'old buzzard bile'
Unfortunately there is very little that will take the rough edge off the real news although zreo's handlers in the msm will do their best.

Colby said...

@David in SoCal,
I like Velcro's post to the Dept. Of Jerkwads site. A few thousand like that might be funny. I might post, "Mr. Holder. Remember the Tenth Ammendment! You are sworn to uphold it too, whether you like it or not!" Florida law may be flawed or maybe not, but Florida law has been served, and those fockers at the DOJ should honor that. But they won't. Only a matter of time before Dickweed Holder files suit against Florida trying to force them to repeal their "Stand your Ground" laws.

And if Holder is so concerned about inter-racial crime, why wasn't he at the NAACP convention raising holy hell about the two black "kids" who shot and killed a white 13 month old baby in Georgia?

PRY said...

What I find remarkable about the news is obvious Ocare is onworkable, the IRS has been up to no good, the DOJ is actually ginning up more racial hatred, the guvmint is hiding facts of all kinds that would incriminate it, and on and on we go!

So...they just lie to keep their lies going. Would anyone NOT call this EVIL behavior?

Plus, I am on pins and needles about the royal baby, OMG!!!!

David in SoCal said...

I'm liking the post's you the world famous Velcro would send to
You are both now in the hunt for that shiny new Nickel.
30 seconds have now past, and no Royal baby since the last update.PUSH Kate, PUSH! My genitals are sucked up into my body cavity with all the anticipation!

graylady said...

Just saw Obama's presser injection of his self-believing omnipotent self. Evidently no one ever told him "If you don't quit picking at that scab, the sore will never heal."
It's the same with race relations if the talking heads, whether they are political, sports, celebrity, religious, black, white, violent, non-violent, don't shut up and let the rest of us just get along, the race wounds will never heal.
They keep injecting themselves into the problem because THEY don't want it to heal. They have too much at stake in promoting self-defeatism, victimism and irresponsibility among their racial brothers and sisters to let the majority of black community get their act together.
As for the embarassment of having car doors lock as he walks by and being followed in stores, Obama and the entire black community have no one to blame for that self-protecting behavior on the part of the caucassian community, but their black gansta bros and the failure of the black leadership to condemn them..

PRY said...


graylady said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence but no way! I am a professional nanny specializing in the care of multi-handicapped, terminally ill children. I may be crazy enough to put myself in a situation dealing with seriously emotionally stressed people in the worst moments of their lives and that always ends in heartache for everyone, but I'm NOT crazy enough to want to be President!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Graylady- Oh. My. God. I hadn't realized what you do professionally (and, obviously, personally) and I'm slackjawed and misty and grateful for people like you who share their strength (no doubt at significant personal cost) with those who most need it. I've already established here that I'm not religious. That doesn't mean that when the evidence is right in front of me, I don't believe in angels.

George in Houtx said...

@ Colby, 'tis far better to have your GlenMorash (Glen Fiddich, et al)served 'neat' than to muck it with a twinkie. however, that is just from recollection as I tended to like it a bit too much and so had to quit. btw, have one for me!

TrickyRicky said...

@John the Econ - Tremendous post, you have outdone yourself. The penultimate paragraph is the crux of the situation. The trajectory of the de-evolution is concerning and the rate is terrifying. We are approaching a level of irrationality and superstition not seen since the European witch hunts of the 16th century.

The contrast between what the human race has achieved and what we are apparently determined to become is shocking and sobering. This can very easily end very poorly.

Velcro said...

Glad you caught it as spam; not sure what the criteria is because I've caught a few like that too. re: I am GZ, I think somebody's already making T-shirts!

I wonder if they make a hoody with "I AM George Zimmerman"...?

Oh, and FYI, I've not gotten an answer to my email yet. However, Stilton, if you get a phone call from me, please answer it!

PRY said...

I think we may ALL be amazed at what some of the fine Americans are involved in, who share on this fine blog. This world needs people such as Graylady who do the rough work, and I'm glad there are those who have answered the call. God bless you and strengthen you, ma'am.

And, Stilt, I'm glad you're NOT religious, religion is a man-made thing anyway, but think of the greatest relationship with a wonderful person you ever had, and multiply it by infinity...that's what we all need. Food for thought.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

De-evolution: see Idiocracy to understand where we're headed. Hell! I think we're already most of the way there! We've already got president barack "comacho" obama. And what other explanation is there fir been?

Emmentaler Limburger said...

"Fir bin" should have been "for biden". iPad autocorrect can be a scary thing f left unsupervised...

David in SoCal said...

Many informed comrades are asking: 'Why is Biden?'. My opine is that Onarcissist chose Biden as VP just to prove to the world he didn't need one.

Anonymous said...

And the "uproar" over the white baby being shot in the face and killed by two black men as they tried to rob the child's mother is yet to be heard !!

David in SoCal said...

Not to worry Comrade, the 'Hide and Distract' Regime will classify that one as 'Curbside Child Care Violence' and sweep it further under the rug of hidden truths.
AND: I just saw Al Sharpton vomiting deficatial racial hate bait on the news. I'm amazed(and amused) at how much his odd shaped head is starting to look like the alien monster on the 'Alien' series.........Yes/No?!

PRY said...

YES!!! You have nailed it, my friend! But, PLEASE...let's have a little respect for this stoic man of God, the REV Sharpton! Ok ok...he's an alien, that could explain his views. He definitely is from another planet! The same one that too much of the population is on with him!