Friday, July 26, 2013

Taking Measures

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In much the same way that Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner has been unable to stop tweeting pictures of his trouser snake, Barack "Fiscal Nightmare" Obama has been unable to stop himself from calling for aggressive redistribution of wealth yet again.

In his recent economic speech, Barry made it explicitly clear that he hates the accumulation of wealth more than he desires widespread growth, saying that some people having more than others "isn't just morally wrong, it's bad economics."

Which is why "closing the gap" between the wealthy and the middle class by bringing down the wealthy (rather than raising up the poor and middle class) "must be Washington's highest priority," according to the president, who adds "It's certainly my highest priority."  Okay, he didn't say that part about "bringing down the wealthy," but his policies say it quite eloquently.

In his speech, the president focused on the very real problems of the middle class (while missing the fact that he's personally their biggest problem),  then laid out a bold new plan for re-energizing the economy, creating jobs, and equalizing the distribution of wealth by tackling rich people in the dark, sitting on their chests, and repeatedly smashing their skulls into the sidewalk.  The plan could go into effect as soon as early August, when the president and his hoodie arrive in Martha's Vineyard which is absolutely crawling with wealthy bastards who deserve some "whoop ass."

Just kidding! Barry didn't lay out any new plans, but just repeated his same failed talking points about increasing the size of government, investing in education, setting up more government job training programs, passing out shovels for infrastructure repair, and buying a buttload of lotto tickets.

In closing, the president said "When the rungs on the ladder of opportunity grow farther apart, it undermines the very essence of this country."

Because as Obama has repeatedly told us, the best way to strengthen the essence of this country is to use the "ladder of opportunity" to climb over the fences along the Mexican border.

And as much as Hope n' Change would like to end this commentary on that somewhat humorous note, we just can't. Because Obama said something else in his speech which demands a response.

The president said the reason that so many people are suffering in this economy, and the reason the "recovery" is almost anything but, is because “with the endless distraction of political posturing and phony scandals and Lord knows what, Washington keeps taking its eye off the ball. And that needs to stop.”

Phony scandals, Barry? You mean the miserable lying (and ongoing) coverup of the deaths in Benghazi in which you gave cover and comfort to Al Qaeda? You mean the dozens (if not hundreds) of people shot to death with "Fast and Furious" weaponry that your administration gave to Mexican drug cartels? You mean your use of the IRS as a political weapon to change the outcome of the last election and suppress dissenting speech? 

There's nothing "phony" about any of these scandals. Every one is better documented than any detail of Obama's personal history.

So STFU, Mr. Soetoro - because there is nothing in this sad and suffering world more phony than you.


robsan19 said...

This link doesn't work, isn't just morally wrong, it's bad economics. Kinda like the pres.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Amen! (Though robsan19 is correct - the link you posted works like a Detroit welfare recipient.)

TrickyRicky said...

So STFU, Mr. Soetoro - because there is nothing in this sad and suffering world more phony than you.

Please, please STFU and go on vacation of something.

Colby said...

Remember "The Greatest Generation?" The ladder rungs were a mile apart, and they STILL climbed it. My Dad was born poor on an Illinois farm, suffered through polio, the great depression, and WWII, and STILL made himself successful. ...and with no help from the damn gubmint I might add! Barry, go to Mah-thah's Vinyahd and jerk off to pictures of yourself for the next three years! STFU and stop stirring the pots of racism and class warfare. Most people in this country earned every damn dime they have, and it is NOT yours to take, so you can give it to some pot head, lazy ass loser.

Awesome rant, Doctor! And yes, the link works like obama's jobs program.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@robsan19- Goshdarn it to blankety-heck and back again! (Sorry, I had to get that out of my system - and it happens to be my favorite "curse" since I saw it in the marvelous old comedy "Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell" with Clifton Webb). The link should be working now. It's been that kind of morning...

@Emmentaler- I was tempted to leave up the bad link just because it inspired folks to wax humorously poetic about the SCOAMF's policies. But I fixed it anyway.

@TrickyRicky- By all means, let's send him to Martha's Vineyard or Africa or on a tour of every golf course in the world. I just can't stand the sight, sound or stench of this wretched man anymore.

@Colby- Speaking of awesome rants, you do a nice job atop the soapbox yourself. I hate rhetorical crap about the "ladder rungs of opportunity" being too far apart. If Barry wants to be the effing poet laureate instead of president, he should just say so. Mind you, he'd still suck as poet laureate, but he'd do far less damage.

And by the way, as long as Barry has opened the door to torturing metaphors, I'd like to point out that the way to success has ALWAYS been a tough ladder climb - and trying to replace it with an escalator isn't going to work. To succeed you have to DO something, not just stand there.

John the Econ said...

Big yawn. Absolutely no surprises here. His "big economics speech" to re-direct his increasingly demoralized fanbase away from the reality of the deepening scandals was a reversion back to his roots, where he was far more comfortable and successful; "Class warfare". It was all more of the same calorie-free Progressive drivel he's delivered his entire career; absolutely nothing new here.

It seems that each new generation needs to re-learn the lesson: Every time the government tries to address "inequality", ultimately it's the middle class that takes it on the chin. The "rich" are in a position to either rig the game via influence, or have the flexibility maneuver in a way that the middle class cannot. The middle class gets pinned between two walls; one which includes taxation designed to "punish" rich people, but only really prevents the middle class from becoming rich, and one which pushes them towards poverty.

In a way, it really is a self-fulfilling prophesy; The age-old liberal meme that only those who are "lucky" and "win the lottery" get to be "rich" becomes the reality based solely on Progressive economic policy that brutally punishes anyone who becomes wealthy by any means other than luck or lottery.

Progressives like Obama see the economy as a static pie, with people unfairly laying claim to larger pieces than others. The irony of regressive-Progressive policy to seize larger pieces of the pie in the name of "others" is that the pie actually shrinks as those who would otherwise be working to expand the pie, instead are incentivized to put their efforts towards grabbing existing pieces of the pie before someone else does. The pie shrinks.

And as the WSJ op-ed that @Stilton linked to shows, under Obamanomics, the pie is actually shrinking. The Fed's printing of billions of dollars a month fool many into thinking that it's growing, but it's really not. The sainted "middle class" is again taking it on the chin here.

And as ObamaCare incentivizes employers to drop full-time employees for part time or temp labor, the path to greater wealth will be denied to millions more. There's no more reliable way out of poverty that "working".

Many may think that getting "food stamps", health care, being on disability and other free stuff from the government is great. But people on food stamps will never get "rich", or even "middle class". What they really are being groomed for is permanent dependence on the government, the politicians who endlessly promise more, and permanent poverty. Ultimately, most of those stuck in this trap will rationally see that there is be little point in their exerting any effort to more than poor because once they are, they will instantly have the fruits of that extra labor taken away to give to people who remain idle like they were. Why work and risk for a better life when "adequate" was a sure thing? This is what maintains "the gap" the liberals so decry.

So instead, millions more become slaves to and demoralized by the Progressive state, which always promises better days ahead once they grab a bigger piece of the pie, but will also always warn them that if they don't vote the right way, things will get worse.

Personally, I think what Progressivism does to the human spirit is a mortal sin. You are right, @Stilton. There is absolutely nothing humorous about this.

David in SoCal said...

So, at Omushmouth's manure spreading party yesterday, he promised to spend the rest of his 'Presidency' focusing on the American worker. Which actually translates into another vacation, as there aren't many workers left in this economy to focus on.
@Stilton:Very nice cartoon today,(or would that be a 'schlort story'?). Seems like last week we were talking about 'civility' with the Zimmerman trial, and this week it's 'penility' with a Weiner that keeps popping up when you least expect it.

John the Econ said...

@David in SoCal, considering that this administration has done little other than create and sustain non-workers, I'd think that the last thing that America's remaining workers would want or need is Obama focusing on them. We already feel like there's a giant bulls-eye on our backs.

David in SoCal said...

@John the Econ: As a Union construction worker, I have seen first hand the slow decline of private projects over the last 5 years. MANY of my Union Comrades/Comradettes are out of work, some as long as 4 years. Almost all the work we do get is either State Highway construction/City projects/ or the projects funded by the "American Recovery Act"(which is just deficit spending) All the MILLIONS our Unions donated to Oputzmiester's campaigns, (with the promise of many jobs to follow), have been spent in vain. Our health care deductibles have trippled; our co-pays have doubled, and now FINALLY some of the Unions are learning about the REAL impact of Osocialist Care on the Union membership: they won;t be protected as Opromiser guaranteed. I've been outta work for almost 3 months now, and haven't seen the industry so slow in a long time. Thanks for your great insite and comments John, you are a great American. Bless you.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Last night, I told Mrs. Jarlsberg that I brought plenty of heat to today's commentary, but didn't shed much light. Then I said "but it's about the economy, so John the Econ will do all the heavy lifting." And that you did, sir, and I appreciate it!

And it's no secret here that I'm not religious, but I'll shout a "Hallelujah" for your statement: What Progressivism does to the human spirit is a mortal sin.

It's true - and when I see a Rachel Jeantel on the witness stand, unable to read cursive but getting a "3.0" in some crap school, it breaks my heart. For her, for her generation, and for our entire country.

Quick personal note- John, another reader has said he'd like to contact you directly (one of the regulars, not Ted Brist). If you're amenable to this, you could send me your email at stilton(at)cutcheese(dot)com and I would simply forward his message - IF you're cool with the idea. I promise that I'm really Stilton and not the DOJ or NSA cleverly trying to get your email address.

@David in SoCal- I didn't really intend to flash Weiner again today, but it sort of fit in nicely with the economic setup. But despite the fact that Weiner is a humorist's dream come true, I just want him to get the hell off the public stage and get back to the public restrooms and glory holes where he belongs.

@John the Econ- When I think of Obama turning his "focus" on workers, I imagine Frodo and Sam dragging their asses across the glass-sharp rubble of Mount Doom, and throwing themselves to the ground when Sauron's flaming eye turns its searchlight-like beam in their direction. To be noticed is to be destroyed.

@David in SoCal- The Unions have been critical tools in setting up the socialist revolution...but in the end, they'll be used and subjugated just like everyone else. Which is obviously coming as an unexpected wakeup call to a lot of union leaders.

Union leader Jimmy Hoffa Jr, who should really spend more time with his father, attacked the Tea Party in September of 2011, saying "They've got a war, they got a war with us and there's only going to be one winner. President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where WE belong!

And what is this bellicose moron saying now that his "Army" has won the Obamacare war? He says that Obamacare will "shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundations of the 40 hour work week."

Sorry, Little Jimmy - you're a bit too late to the party for the rest of us to give a sh*t about. Your union members are going to get EXACTLY what you fought for. And hopefully they'll be angry enough to turn into a REAL Army - but enlisting with the Tea Party this time to actually fight for America and American jobs instead of for the political power of corrupt, blowhard union bosses.

It's No Gouda said...

Stilton: "And by the way, as long as Barry has opened the door to torturing metaphors, I'd like to point out that the way to success has ALWAYS been a tough ladder climb - and trying to replace it with an escalator isn't going to work. To succeed you have to DO something, not just stand there."
Me: For most of us this is true, but for young Mr. Soetero it seems that someone put him on the escalator so he thinks that's the way it works.
Lessee, elite prep school, elite colleges and law school(details unknown), 'community organizer', state senator(where he may hold the record for voting 'present'), US Senate (no great accomplishments there either) and US President where ALL of his 'accomplishments' have been unmitigated disasters.

SC said...

Stilt, you got that right, Bark is the most (& always has been) phony thing in the world. Gosh, when I heard that statement my blood just started to boil. He’s going to try to use the good ‘ol
‘Say it enough times & it becomes true thing’ about these very real & extremely troubling scandals (that are more like crimes). It’s infuriating that he’s doing this. He is a blatant liar.

I’m going to send e-mails off to my Senators & Congressman to make my opinion known.

Anonymous said...

Stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure! God, I miss Boortz.

PRY said...

I miss Boortz too...can hear him now; he had no use at all for this kinda crap, just as we who had to work where we are do not need it! So right about unions; it ended a good job I had back in 2001, and since then, since I'm not the strapping lad I once was, Ive had a much lower paying position, CAUSE ITS ALL I COULD FIND! Semi-retired now, not a retirement to really brag about, but by sensible living, we have been able to make it; just can't wait to see what O-CARE is gonna demand, but hopefully (PLEASE, GOD!) that repuslsive idea will just keep on disentegrating!

And, Stilt, you are much better at finding some humor in any situation, even though you could not today. That is the very reason I had to quit drawing the cartoons, it was just getting impossible for me to make a joke, even if it was gigging the Anointed One, who has pushed ALL of our patience to the total limit! It is hard to believe some people actually believe him! Incredible!!!!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Did Boortz coin that term? If so, he deserves the Nobel Prize for journalistic accuracy.

@PRY- My career trajectory wasn't altered by unions as much as Affirmative Action: it's hard to please a boss who has no understanding of the job, and won't tolerate even polite and helpful instruction. By the way, that boss pretty much destroyed the entire business, then was promoted to a different division since there's no firing such people without going to court. And losing.

And like you, PRY, I'm nervous about what will happen to my current carefully balanced house of cards when Obamacare kicks in.

Finally, it IS hard to find any humor in much of what is going on now. I try, but when legitimate (even vital) questions about the deaths in Benghazi are called "phony" by the president, "pretend" by Jay Carney, and the Secretary of State shrugs "what does it matter," the laughter stops.

Bruce said...

"Blogger Stilton Jarlsberg said...

And by the way, as long as Barry has opened the door to torturing metaphors, I'd like to point out that the way to success has ALWAYS been a tough ladder climb - and trying to replace it with an escalator isn't going to work. To succeed you have to DO something, not just stand there."

But that's ALL barry has had to do his whole life! Imagine the pro-athlete who is never challenged to do better than he knows how, the brain-surgeon who practices on cantaloupe instead of brains, the mechanic who trains on Fisher-Price cars instead of real ones... anyone who is NOT pushed to perform will default to physics... the path of least resistance! Just look at lamont... he hasn't really DONE anything, but has been "placed" in the most important position in the world. He is the POSTER-CHILD for why affirmative-action is a stupid policy for people who want the best for our country.
I think it finally occurred to me why lamont likes to "lead from behind". It's the view he enjoys the most!

PRY said...

If the GOP's counterparts keep worshiping at the altar of O, we'll have to start calling them "Dhimmicrats"! And it will make perfect sense!