Friday, August 23, 2013

Neal Boortz Gives Shout Out to Hope n' Change on Sean Hannity Radio Show!

@Readers- I got an unexpected (and extremely welcome) thrill today when conservative talkmeister Neal Boortz mentioned Hope n' Change Cartoons while filling in on Sean Hannity's radio show (approximate audience size: one hundred bajillion).  Here's what he had to say, and here's the cartoon he's referring to.  Thank you, Mr. Boortz - I'm humbled and honored!  -Stilt


Anonymous said...

That's Teh Awesome dude-congrats

Necron99 said...

@Dr.J; Congratulations! You're making more of an impact than you know... We regulars are not surprised. Hope all is well at your household, or at least improving. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

PRY said...

Fantastic! Shows what a high level you operate on!

Necron99 said...

I published this comment on Reaganite Republican earlier this morning, but I meant to also post it here at Hope n' Change as well (on yesterday's excellent post). Dr. J, once again you have crystallized my thoughts exactly!

Absolutely G*d Damn Right!!!

The Corrupt 0blama Regime, Leftist Media, Limousine Liberals, and Instutionalized Race Hustlers turned the case of George Zimmerman defending his very life from the same stripe of feral thug into a circus of hate...

Where are they now when the viscious animals they hold so dear are running amok brutally killing Caucasian law abiding elderly Veterans and foreign exchange students?

I'll answer my own question; The same place they were when Jihadii Terrorists killed Americans at Fort Hood, Benghazi, and Boston.

DougM said...

So …
gettin' posted over at SondraKistan once in a while just ain't good enough for ya, huh?
An' bein' passed around IRS & NSA HQs ain't good enough for ya, huh?
srsly: Attaboy!

Ron Russell said...

Thanks for the great toons on this subject. Damn they are needed in a world gone crazy. After all the evil racist white man needs to quit killing the nobel savage. I often put up your toons over at Obama Cartoons and at TOTUS. Keep up the great work!

badlarry said...

I don't know, "racist" is one of those words that has become divorced from its meaning.

Liberals and race-baiters accuse people, places, and things of being racist so often that the word is for all intents and purposes less an assessment of racism, and more like they're trying to cast a magic spell.

"Oh look at that guy, he's being racist!" And POOF, the (liberal) world will jump into action, to shun or otherwise ruin that guy's life. And they're dumbfounded when everyone else doesn't fall in lockstep behind them.

"Wait, didn't you hear? That man is a racist, do something!"

It's like feminists with "equality" and "rape", two other words that used to have actual meanings but have been used as a club to beat people over the head with for so long that everyone will all but ignore them when it's brought up anymore.

Colby said...

I was listening to Boortz on the way home from work, and my jaw dropped! Wow! I say to myself. I almost KNOW the guy who writes Hopen'n'Change! Well, I blather on the blog occasionally, anyway. At any rate, congrats on achieving some well deserved spotlight, Dr. J.

TrickyRicky said...

I've been out of the loop for a few days, living in a motel during a big construction project at the casa.....late, but sincere congrats. You help keep us sane.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I rarely listen to Hannity because its an afternoon repeat (not live) here, but whenever I hear Neil Boortz anywhere, I listen to him.

When he mentioned your Hope and Change cartoon I was thrilled for you! I hope your server is up to the possible increase in readers. KUDOS!


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@MM- Thank you. The occasional unexpected "attaboy" from on high is a great boost to the spirits.

@Necron99- Thanks for the good thoughts and support (and we're muddling along on the home front as best we can). I sometimes feel like Don Quixote doing this webcomic, tilting at windmills while making believe I'm taking on giants. But I'm also a big believer in the school of thought from "It's A Wonderful Life" - that if you just keep trying to do the right thing, there may be positive ripple effects you'll never even know about.

@PRY- Actually, it just shows that Neal Boortz has exquisite taste in humor (grin).

@Necron99- I desperately want REAL conversations about race and racial violence, because I believe it's the only way to get the true healing and unification that this nation deserves.

@DougM- Hey, getting posted over at Sondrakistan is always an honor and pleasure! Getting waterboarded by the NSA and IRS, less so. And readers, let me remind you that there's always good reading and good fun over at Sondrakistan, where DougM helps keep things lively. Check 'em out!

@Ron Russell- Thanks for reposting the cartoons; I need all the megaphones I can get!

@badlarry- What you're saying is exactly right, and it's much the same point that Neal Boortz was making when he cited my cartoon (and deliciously hissed that it was raaaacist). The word has lost it's meaning through overuse and misuse. But as you point out, in some circles it's still considered a "magic" word that can destroy another human without a scintilla of evidence.

@Colby- You "almost" know the guy who writes Hope n' Change? Truth be told, the folks who read this webcomic - and the much smaller subset of people who regularly participate in this comment section - know me a helluva lot better than 99% of the people I interact with in the non-digital world!

So that officially gives you and others here an enviable one degree of separation (me) from Neal Boortz! Also Mickey Rooney, Stephen King, and Mr. Whipple from the Charmin commercials. But those are different stories...

@TrickyRicky- Let's hope that none of us ever has to defend our mutual definition of "sane" in front of a military tribunal. And thanks for the congrats!

@Jim- I'm not sure how or if the mention will really affect the numbers around here. Though just maybe some people will say "oh yeah...!" when they see my HopeNChangeCartoons logo on the bottom of something being passed around Facebook or the Internet, and decide to check out the source.

Now I just need to figure out how to get mentioned on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News's latenight "Red Eye" show, which I dearly and deeply love. Greg Gutfeld is smart and scathingly hilarious. I'd pay good money to watch him smack down Bill Maher in a verbal showdown.

Anonymous said...

Congraatulations, may many many more clicks and sales follow!