Thursday, September 5, 2013

Assad Sad Situation

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As nearly as Hope n' Change can tell, B. Hussein has never given a mouse fart about Assad killing approximately 100,000 of his own people using conventional weapons but, in order to avoid looking like Mr. Coldheart Nutfumbler during the run-up to last year's elections, said that a "red line" would be crossed if Assad used poison gas.

Which Assad did, months ago, and Barry did nothing other than go golfing.

After which more chemical weapons (in this case, Sarin gas) were used in Syria with a much larger and better documented body count. Unfortunately, it's not quite clear which of the combatants used the nightmarish weapons. But still, the president now wants to blow something up (anything, really) in Syria to show that he's still aggressively leading from behind. Or perhaps leading from his behind - the fog of war makes everything unclear.

But the bottom line (see what we did there?) is that Obama still doesn't give a mouse fart about Syrian deaths caused by bullets, explosives, or chemical weapons - but cares a lot about saving political face at a time when the entire world is seeing him as an ineffectual, lying, crap weasel whose only real interest in the Middle East is strengthening the Muslim Brotherhood.

Assuming, of course, that it doesn't interfere with his tee times.

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, assad, syria, wmd, wind, solar, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, tea party, red line, kerry, heinz


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I'm still on hiatus, and things still aren't resolved on this end. But I had an itch to do a new post...and it felt really good to scratch it.

Coon Tasty said...

We're glad to be your scratching post, SJ.

CenTexTim said...

Well worth the wait ... hoping and praying for a positive resolution on your (itchy) end... (see what we did there?)

KellyfromWI said...

Thanks for the new post, brightens everyone's day who reads it!

George said...

Thoughts and prayers Stilt. Thank you for scratching because it helps ALL of us! Wonderful cartoons today...and always.

Chuck said...

This is why I always check HnC multiple times a day ... even when you are taking some time "off".

As always, you are spot on. There is no up side to getting involved in this civil war ... both sides are our enemy and this push is all theater and distraction for the LIV. Wag the dog.

Colby said...

Well, Stilton, they make some good ointments, sprays and creams for that condition, but I'm glad you instead choose to put up this awesome post to cure the itch.

Assad is a festering wart on the ass of the world; Kerry is a pompous windbag who, oddly enough, is an improvement over Billary, but Barry? Barry is a desperate man doing desperate things to avoid scrutiny, or even impeachment. Distract, deny, divide, discredit, and most importantly, dork off golfing while your minions do the dirty work. I am hoping for another one of those "inadvertant live mike moments" while he is in Russia having what's left of his nuts being amputated by Putin. Let the whole world finally meet the real BO!

And folks, let's not forget what happened a year ago next Wednesday while our "president" was catching some shuteye for his Vegas fundraiser.

Thanks again for posting. You made my day!

Cookie said...

Like Chuck said, I keep checking just in case you throw us a little tidbit. And as others indicated, it was worth the wait for today's post. We appreciate the way you scratch the itch for all of us whenever you can. Hope things are going well for the Jarlsberg family. Still wishing you well. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see today's post! When your enemies are killing each other with such enthusiasm, never interfere.

David in SoCal said...

Stilt: I'm thinking your posts today will 'leave a mark'(albeit a skid mark), and I love it. Nice to have you back for a brief moment, and hope all is well. An observation and some 'news':
Somehow I am concerned about a former Lt.jg who served in Viet Nam; came home and protested the V.N.War; lied about his service; lied about atrocities that happened there; and back-stabbed EVERY soldier/POW who bravely served in Southeast Asia; and NOW we are supposed to take HIS advice on the reasons for attacking Syria? I'm sorry, but he lost ALL credibility back in the early 70's. Now you know why I call him 'John(Jane Fonda Jr.)Kerry.

Onarcissist and Jane Fonda Jr. Kerry said in statements that "there will be NO boots on the ground in Sryia". In a related story, Jay(O's head of lying)Carney , will announce soon that ALL Military personnel will now be issued Battlefield Tennis Shoes.

It's No Gouda said...

David in SoCal: There is a "but" in the Senate resolution about the "no boots on the ground". There is a provision about "a small force in case of "emergency" etc. I suspect said emergency is if McLame's pals in the jihadist dominated opposition take over. Someone(guess who) will have to go "rescue" all those WMDs to keep said jihadists from using them to wreak havoc all over the Mideast.I have seen reports that the DOD figures that mission would take 75,000 troops.
I also saw that "Horse-face" testified that the Saudis amd Gulf Emirates were willing to pick up the whole tab for this "limited" operation. W.T.F.!! Is "my" military(it's as much mine as it is obuttmao's. I was actually in it)to become the paid mercenaries of those people. I seem to remember most of them have pretty up to date militaries of their own, thanks to us.
If the "civilised" world is so "outraged" by the use of poison gas let somebody else take a turn as the cops.

John the Econ said...

So now the President wants consent from Congress. Isn't it interesting how the only time he feels the need to go to Congress anymore is when he needs to get idiot GOP votes for political cover for when the whole cluster inevitably blows up? "See? They voted for it too! They're just as incompetent as we are!" I guess the Democrats don't want to own Syria any more than they own ObamaCare.

The funny part about that strategy is that it doesn't seem to matter that the same geniuses, the President himself included, quite vocally took the exact opposite stand only a few short years ago regarding America's actions against a certain totalitarian Ba'athist regime that had used chemical weapons and other unpleasant means to subdue political opposition.

And Stilton is right: War is war. Is it really any more immoral to kill a few hundred people with gas when you're already been killing thousands more with bullets and explosives? What was so immoral about dropping nuclear bombs on Japan and killing 25,000 or so in a single shot, when you have previously been killing hundreds-of-thousands practically every single night for the previous month?

The only reason any of this is an issue is because Obama went off-teleprompter and drew a "red line" that he either had no intention of enforcing, and/or was naive enough to believe would not be crossed. (you decide which is worse) Then throw in a body politic who've spend the better part of the last decade declaring that such interventions are wrong just because it was politically expedient for them to do so. Remember John Kerry's wimpy "global test" in 2004? He sure isn't talking that way today, because other than a surprising endorsement from France, this mission would certainly fail by his former standards.

So now the Democrats are itching to go to war? Well, not really. No boots on the ground or anything. They just wanna lob some cruise missiles and smart bombs at some near-random targets to "send a message". BFD. Bill Clinton used to do that without asking Congress just to distract people from stained blue dresses.

But it's too late; the critical message was sent nearly a year ago when the teleprompter-reader-in-chief was elected for a second term, meaning that America really doesn't care so much anymore. Sorry guys. We're a self-centered "socialist democracy" just like Europe. We're not going to get particularly excited about you until you do something that threatens free health care.

As for Kerry: Want to know how you can be certain about any position you take on an issue? Just make sure that it's contrary to whatever Kerry thinks at any particular moment. He's always been behind the curve and out-of-phase with reality.

David in SoCal said...

@Gouda: There is also a situation that the Okeepitfromus Regime will not say; if there are CIA, plain clothes Military, or 'civilian' contractors dispatched to Syria, they are not classified as 'boots on the ground'. They only tell us the lies they want us to hear, never the truth.
@econ John: Bless you, and thanks for being a card carrying member of the 'Great American's Club', like the rest of us real thinkers here @ Hn'C. (no such honour for Teddy B, sorry)
I'm afraid if Obackpeddler does lob a few $1.5mil(each)Cruise Missles across Syria's 'bow', it will ignite a massive war in the region, and then what's Oputzmeister gonna do?...Claim it was the 'world' that launched those weapons, like it was the 'world' that drew his red line?

Grizzly said...

There will be action if Barry has his way. I can't wait to see what the preferred destructive weapons of Nobel Peace Prize winners are.

It's No Gouda said...

Just saw a poll of the House on Huff&Puff and it's not looking good for Dear Leader.
44 yes/leaning yes
151 undecided
212 no/leaning no
There are enough Dems in the "no" column that it could be reasonably called "bi-partisan"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- A strange sentiment, but nice anyway.

@CenTexTim- I'm unlikely to get "resolution" anytime soon, and am merely searching for "direction."

@KellyfromWI- And you've just brightened my day, for which I thank you!

@George- Glad you enjoyed the cartoons. I'm never entirely sure what will play for people or not - but Mrs. J said that she liked it too, so I figured I hadn't embarrassed myself.

@Chuck- I never thought of myself as habit-forming! But you're right- even when I'm trying to take some time off, sometimes the muses appear unbidden and hand me a finished joke (which was the case with this one), then ask "well... are you just going to sit on it?"

I don't support military engagement in Syria (though there was a time about two years ago that I would have). At this point, it's less "wag the dog" and more Obama's desire to "wave the dick" just to prove he has one. And is one.

@Colby- Very well put. Tonight I was discussing the world with Mrs. J, and made the observation that I don't trust Putin...but I certainly don't trust Barry more than Putin. We agreed that's a pretty sad situation.

And believe me, I'm not forgetting the first anniversary of Benghazi. Come hell or high water, I can pretty much promise everyone some kind of post on 9/11.

@Cookie- Those of you who've been here awhile know that I've got the cartoonist's equivalent of Tourette's; sometimes things will just appear and need to be voiced - and I have very little control over the process.

And thanks for the good wishes. Things are "dynamic" on this end, but there are some hopeful developments. I'd love nothing more than to be able to share details one of these days.

@Anonymous- I agree with you, although I'm deeply saddened for the civilian casualties. That being said, Charles Krauthammer made a great point this evening when he said that humanitarian concerns are always important, but that in matters of war, national security interests have to be the primary concern. And to date, Obama and Kerry have failed to make a compelling argument that attacking Syria would be in our national interests.

David in SoCal- I've got no use for John Kerry, and I believe every syllable the "swift boat" guys ever said about him. He's a wannabee Kennedy, a shill, and a gigolo (seriously, would you share Teresa Heinz' bed in return for a yacht?).

And I agree that the promise of "no boots on the ground" really means that our fighting forces are about to receive some new footwear. Combat sandals, anyone?

@It's No Gouda- I was so honked off when Kerry implied that it was okay to put American lives, credibility, and national security at risk as long as we could get the Saudis to pay for it. When did we throw out the war powers and subsitute a copy of "Soldier of Fortune" magazine?! Our fighting forces are not for rent, damnit!

@John the Econ- As usual, you don't leave room for me to add anything other than an "Amen!"

@DavidinSoCal- I suppose there were no "boots on the ground" in Benghazi, either. Though afterwards, there were bodies in the ground.

And I, too, worry about what will happen in the Middle East when Barry starts launching cruise missiles at random. The result can't be good for America - but may be exactly what B. Hussein wants.

@Grizzly- I think when a Nobel Peace Prize winner unilaterally starts blowing things up, it's considered "Kinetic Diplomacy."

Greg said...

This is why I'm going to miss iGoogle. I logged on and lo and behold there's a new Hope n' Change. The Kerry cartoon made me laugh out loud.

Bruce Bleu said...

It's the same as if abortions were done with a GUN! It's not that people DIE, it's whether they die PROPERLY with obuttwipes approved methods, (thanks to David in SoCal for his creative monikers).
BTW, when is PETA going to get their burlap drawers in a wad because Californicate Condors lie dead below a wind farm?
@Chuck referred to "wag the dog" Well, Chuck, this regime actually has a "similar" verb/noun "signature"... it's "spank the monkey". When everyone else is in the situation room watching video footage, lamont insane obama will be incommunicado playing spa.. spad.. oh... I just CAN'T be so racist... AFRICAN-AMERICANS with Reggie Love! We don't want Barium O-enema to be too stressed out... it might cause his IQ to dip into the trillions of points, (and the thrill up Chris Matthews middle leg will abate).
If we consider what happened in Sarajevo we may find that Assad had no reason to gas his enemies and al qaeda did it because people are chattel to them.
David in SoCal brings up "boots on the ground". The U.S. military doesn't do ANYTHING without BOTG! Special Forces are ALWAYS forward of an attack... that's why we are successful.
No Gouda makes reference to us being the "cops"? Remember how "W" was eviscerated for supposedly choosing to be the "world's policeman"? If ANYONE but a democrap did the kind of things lamont does, there would be books written about impeachment or having him whacked, (like they did about Bush... remember?).

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Yay! A HnC Post! Does it scare anyone else that Putin seems so much more rational than the US president? And does anyone doubt the veracity of his claim that Kerry is a lying sack of shit, erm, I mean: "Democrat"? And isn't is soooooo very convenient that all of this Syria drama is pulling attention away from the amnesty bill and continuing resolution (which should be used to defund Ă˜bamacare) moving through the House?

Colby said...

@John the Econ,
Exactly! A lot of the fockers in DC now rattling their sabres are the same jackasses that protested Vietnam, and raised holy hell about Bush's "illegal" war. I give my next paycheck to kick all of them in the balls, then give them a "Gibbs' Smack." The one that sickens me most is Lurch Kerry. What a flaming hypocrite!

@David in SoCal,
Some will request fairy slippers instead of tennis shoes. ...and I love some of your nicknames for dear leader!

@Bruce Bleu,
The milk through the nose award goes to "Barium O-enema." I'm still giggling.

Speaking if giggling, I'll bet ol' Vlad giggles himself to sleep at night when he thinks about yanking President O'dumbass's chain. Krushchev would have traded his right arm and left nut for a US "leader" like this one. It's Christmas every day for Putin.

John the Econ said...

Now watching the President live from the G20, talking about Syria again sans TOTUS. He's practically unintelligible. He's just stammering and repeating himself. And the stock market immediately dumped a point.

He's not making a case. He's not instilling confidence. And he's certainly not creating fear in anybody who should be afraid.

It's embarrassing, really. But hey, America, you voted for this TWICE!

idahobob said...

Nice scratch!


John the Econ said...

Oh, and the latest job report is out. More jobs? Sure. A few hundred thousand. BFD. Don't yet know how many of those are just sub-divided burger-flipper jobs.

But the bad news? More people giving up and dropping out of the job market.

Like I've said before, under U-1, the favorite statistic of the media and Administration, we could all quit our jobs and go on welfare, and they'd be celebrating 0% unemployment! U-6, which includes the under-employed and potential employees is far more relevant.

So now we get to what the real question of the week is: What will the Federal Reserve do? They've been waiting for a decent unemployment rate so they can quit juicing the economy with cheap dollars, which even they know they can't do forever. But as long as employers are skittish about what the Fed may or may not do, they're going to continue to sit on their hands. It's a catch-22! The Fed can't stop buying government debt and raise interest rates without putting the economy into withdrawal. But the economy is never going to get better because everyone knows that once it actually does, that it's going to get zapped with higher interest rates. So, we're stuck.

This is what happens when you have politicians directing the economy into a corner instead allowing market forces, which are actually more predictable to fix it automatically.

And this is why I fear that this is the "new normal".

George said...

Great reads over the last couple of days, thank you to all. I had a hearty chuckle last night when on The Factor, Bernie McGuirk (from the Imus' show)referred to John Kerry as looking like a deflated football with eyes! Tough to get that visual out of my head. LOL

graylady said...

I watched Obama's presser from the G-whatever. He was spinning around so fast it's a wonder he didn't get dizzy and pass out.
I do not understand how a man who supposedly earned a law degree didn't learn to think before he speaks. But, then, if he had, we would have missed out on gems like,
"The police acted stupidly." & "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin."
You know, if he weren't in a position of power, that he is so obviously unprepared for, he'd be a national treasure. If only for the comedic fodder.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Greg- Glad you liked the Kerry riff. It was silly, but I really DO consider our current Sec of State to be a fortune-hunting, elitist, Kennedy wannabee.

@Bruce Bleu- You've seized the exact point of the cartoon: it's preposterous to be unoffended by innocent deaths caused by conventional weapons, but wildly offended If "uncivilized" means are used to murder civilians. Lives count - methodologies don't.

Regarding "boots on the ground," they will be sent in for humanitarian reasons, to help protect civilians and reduce collateral damage. And if a little "mission spread" occurs afterwards, well, nobody in the media will notice or care.

@Emmentaler- I probably trust Putin slightly more than I trust Obama, and it pains me to say that. But I think Putin only wants the US to be "manageable," while Barry actually wants it crippled.

And I agree that all of this is creating a huge distraction from other issues. It's like Americans can't keep more than a single thought in their heads at any given time. If that many.

@Colby- You're right that Barry is a dream come true for Putin. It's a confrontation between a man and a boy (and no, I don't mean that in a racial context) - and the man is always going to win.

@John the Econ- The problem with "leading from behind" is that sometimes it's obvious you're simply "hiding behind others." And such is the case here.

@ideahobob- I wonder if they sell political calamine lotion?

@John the Econ- I think this IS "the new normal," which is what John Merrick (The Elephant Man) eventually had to accept seeing in his bathroom mirror.

@George- That's beautiful imagery and absolutely accurate!

@graylady- All I can say is that law degrees are not about creating "clarity" when it comes to anything. Law degrees are about creating obfuscation, confusion, uncertainly, and weasel-wording... all of which are skills that this president holds in spades.

Sergio said...

"Kerry On" Stilt!
Looks like JFK is finally "reporting for duty"
Wonder if he'd consider a primary challenge v. Hillary?

JustaJeepGuy said...

For the last nine years, I've personally referred to Mr. Heinz as "JFK Lite". And that's really starting to sound like an insult to the real JFK.

JustaJeepGuy said...

For the last nine years, I've personally referred to Mr. Heinz as "JFK Lite". And that's really starting to sound like an insult to the real JFK.

Larry Walker, Jr. said...

This is suddenly funnier today than yesterday. I mean I'm just ROFL this morning.