Friday, October 11, 2013

From The Vault: No-Go-Tiations

READERS- In case you're experiencing "deja vu all over again" with the debt ceiling "crisis," it's not your imagination. Here's the Hope n' Change cartoon and commentary exactly as it appeared on July 13, 2011 Sadly, the reference to Barry threatening to withhold Social Security checks is as timely today as it was over two years ago...

There's a time-honored saying that "When the going gets tough, the tough threaten defenseless little old people." Mind you, it's
only a time-honored saying in the Democratic party, but it's still as true - and despicable - today as it ever was.

In his effort to blackmail Republicans into agreeing to potentially job-killing tax hikes on businesses and investors, Barack Obama has announced that he may choose to not send out Social Security checks to senior citizens on August 3rd, sneering "there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it."

Which strikes us as a little odd. After all, if no debt ceiling agreement is reached, the government's bills will be paid
in the order that Obama decrees. And money is flowing in to Social Security every day, meaning that its "coffers" should be full-to-bustin' with cash which has allegedly been accumulating for decades...suggesting that it should be other programs that bring in no money which should be the first to go unfunded.

But nooOOOooo, the president would prefer to inflict the
greatest and most visible pain that he possibly can... essentially making his elderly hostages shriek in terror in hopes of getting the Republicans to pay a $2 trillion ransom.

Of course, the president - who has claimed he's "bent over backwards" to negotiate with the Republicans - has yet to put a
single actual fiscal proposal on the table. And he's flat out refused any short term solutions, saying that our country is "not a banana republic." And he should know, considering that he's the only president to hail from banana-growing Indonesia and Hawaii.

And so the debt-ceiling game goes on, with no guaranteed winners...but millions of guaranteed
losers as long as Obama's hostage-taking strategy goes unchallenged.

Millions of elderly people like this are afraid of losing their Social Security checks, wait.
This is just Obama's taxpayer-supported Aunt Zeituni who is watching her soap operas. She'll be fine.


TrickyRicky said...

A leopard can't change it's spots...and I guess a juvenile, hateful, spiteful, narcissistic, racist, lying, socialist, piece of stinking doo doo can't either. But at least we have Obamacare to look forward to.

Colby said...

Why can't we seem to flush this turd? It just keeps floating to the top, stinking worse every day.

On the bright side, this "Groundhog Day" type of repeating scenario lets Stilton recycle cartoons on a regular basis, and they are as relevant the second time as the first (maybe even more so!).

BUT.... there is good news today too! Most of the press has been reporting that the O-shitCare software that doesn't work cost taxpayers over $600 million. It actualy only cost a lousy $94 million. Whew! That's a relief! I was beginning to worry that my government wasn't careful with my money.

C'mon man. Tell us what you really think of Barry; don't hold back this time.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@TrickyRicky: I agree 100%. It’s always the seniors, veterans, widows & orphans, police, firefighters who are threatened. Never the frog sex studies, cargo planes to nowhere, ‘campaign flights’ of AF One, mechanical bulls for the army, etc.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Colby: The below is from a government site and shows Groupe CGI, the contractor awarded the Obamacare contract initial and supplemental awards:

US Gov't Spending Report

CenTexTim said...

The French have a saying for this: "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" (the more things change, the more they stay the same).

Colby - I also was confused at first over the different amounts reported for obamacare software. My understanding now is that the bill for the (non-functioning) website is $94M, while the overall total for the system, including hardware, back-office software, the website, etc., is $634M.

Either way, that's way too much money for the digital equivalent of a rock.

Bruce Bleu said...

Y'know, maybe I'm just a bit naive, but does it seem curious that when lamont and crew want to threaten a group, they never say, "dammit... we are going to stop funding minorities who have babies as a career, stop funding slackers who suck at the teat of the Gooberment, shut off monies for grants to "prove" faygellah's are born that way, and tell CAIR to "suck it"!" Does anyone think it's a bit odd that the military, old farts, business owners and producers are the targets of this bunch of miscreants?
My son (who worked on Total Gas stations front and back office software years ago) and I submitted a proposal to develop the program for lamontocare for a measly $633,999.999.99, so "Win The Future"!!! What the hell is this lying scuttlebutt about the Gooberment trying to hold down costs?! If Ken Lay were to go to LUNCH with someone who did HALF the crap this collection of "wasted sperm" does he'd be EVISCERATED, and sent to the "house of many doors" to manufacture license plates out of his terminal orifice!
To quote Popeye, "I've had all I can stands, I can't STANDS NO more!!!"

Rufus T Firefly said...

The Obamacare site 'n'software crashed under a totally predictable traffic load that is only a fraction of what handles easily every day. Or Twitter, for gosh sake. And that's on a slow day.
And the Feds' first response is to delete all passwords, making the original accounts and usernames permanently unuseable. To us, that is; somewhere the Govt retains all that personal info and passwords collection. How convenient.

Jon Stewart had Sebelius on. Threw her some friendly softballs and let her play her spin for his low-info maroons. The conservative blogosphere reported it as Stewart's Great Awakening, but at the end of some deferential 'help me understand''s Stewart reverted to type and asked Sebelius how soon we could just cut to the chase and embrace Single Payer (audience applause).

The launch-failure of the enrollment debut looks like it will be used to Cloward-Piven us toward Single Payer sooner than expected. Or maybe launch-failure was the plan all along.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Rufus T Firefly: Per Dirty Harry "The ACA was never designed to work"! There is no doubt that the end game is a single payer system. The Alinsky model says that when the end goal is not immediately achievable, to take small steps and ultimately you will prevail.

The started with the public school 're-education' camps to turn out the masses of nattering nabobs and drooling morons who can't even form a complete sentence with out 'Dude', 'Dawg', or 'Whatever' (try saying whatever to your boss and experience the result). They will blindly follow (Can you say sheeple? Of course you can!) the narcissistic megalomanic and his promises for 'free stuff'. The wake-up for some is when then they find out what 'deductible' means in the real world, but I fear, only the semi-live will truly comprehend.

We now have a complete generation (to steal a line) living in their parent's basement, staring at a faded Obama poster, and to paraphrase Bobby Kennedy "They see things as they are and ask why, I see things as they could be and ask WTF happened?".

American Cowboy said...

@Cen tEx Tim said,
"Either way, that's way too much money for the digital equivalent of a rock."

Actually it is a very small price to pay for a digital "rock", especially when that "rock" will be used to beat the average legal American citizen into government submission. But we don't have to worry as long as Dancing with the Stars(?), the latest antics of Miley Cyrus, the Kartrashians, ad nauseum are available. What has this country become?

Rufus T Firefly said...

@Cowboy and @Curmudgeon, you are both completely dead-on correct.
We all agree that leftist collectivism is a form of acquired/learned/indoctrinated mental illness that leaves the victim hapless in a gridlock of delusions.

It's very revealing that they've coined that bizarre euphemism 'Single Payer'...obviously 'Total Government Monopoly On All Medical Treatment' sounded way too scary to their focus groups.

What puzzles me is that they desperately want to see themselves as cosmopolitan Citizens Of The World, yet they are blind to the fact that government monopolies on heath care have failed everywhere they've been tried (ask any Brit). Yet they are sure it will magically work here.

Another question arises from all these structurally employed Obamabot twentysomethings living in Mom's basement as they gradually morph into thirtysomethings. What happens to that basement when Mom inevitably enters a nursing home?
Where will a generation of basement dwellers go?
I suspect our government (and our Chinese debtors) have, or soon will have, long term plans for them that do not involve wifi and exotic coffee drinks.

Freddie Sykes said...

In the case of reaching the debt ceiling, paying Social Security benefits has no impact on the total amount of debt. FICA taxes must be either used to pay current benefits or converted into government bonds and deposited into their trust funds which are part of the national debt. Thus collecting FICA taxes while not paying benefits would actually raise the amount on their trust funds and thus raise total debt in violation of a limit.

Paying benefits from their trust funds are debt neutral. You do this by converting bonds held in the trust funds into revenue by issuing ordinary bonds of the exact same amount and using this money to pay benefits.

As usual, Obama is either talking to scare people and / or talking out of his ignorance.

John the Econ said...

What I just cannot understand are sentient beings accepting both a government that feels free to threaten its most vulnerable citizens, and the idea that the same government should take total control and responsibility for their own personal well being.

I mean, I can understand socially debilitated people like this thinking that way:

Woman with 15 illegitimate kids says that "somebody needs to be accountable and pay".

But supposedly educated and intelligent people reconciling this? It has to be mental illness, or perhaps this:

"America’s grownups, like their kids, lag behind on assessment tests.

They're all getting stupid, and yet their votes still count.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Who is John Galt and where is he when we need him??

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

McCain: The people behind the “defund ObamaCare” strategy must be held “accountable” from Hot Air

Someone get John his prune Geritol - he's getting anal retentive again.....

I guess he's insuring that he won't run again.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Why didn't anyone else think of this....

Suit In Oklahoma Could Knock Out Obamacare

Though I'm not holding my breath....

John the Econ said...

Here's another way ObamaCare could be nuked: If the "exchange" is not up and functioning soon, there will be no way for millions of people to sign up for their insurance before the January 1st deadline, at which point they will face "the tax".

I expect no shortage of lawsuits then.

If the Obama Administration had been smart, they would have delayed all of ObamaCare (instead of just the "employer mandate) for another year when it was clear that the exchange was not going to be ready for prime-time. But they didn't want to delay what they expected would be the "popular" part of the law. And then, ironically, the Ted Cruz stunt made backing off politically impossible.

So again, America gets to see and experience what the Federal government has in store for them. It's my understanding that the web site actually has a virtual "waiting room"; Just a small taste of what our future holds.

John the Econ said...

Mrs. Econ & I couldn't do one of our regular weekend activities, because it's located in a "national park". What's especially infuriating about that is that we actually pay an annual fee to go there. Do I get a refund for each week it's closed?

Meanwhile, does anyone know anybody who's successfully signed up for ObamaCare?

David in SoCal said...

@Freddie Sykes: OR, talking out of his Obunghole spreading the verbal Odefecation he produces in large amounts on a daily basis.

David in SoCal said...

This weekend, the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution“ is well under way in Washington, District of Collusion. It is a trucker protest aimed at clogging the Capital Beltway around Washington to protest government "corruption", scheduled to launch Friday morning, and police were bracing for a potential traffic nightmare.

In response to the Truckers’ protest, P.I.N.O. Barry Hussein Soetoro-Obama announced he will be enacting the “Affordable Truckers Act”; a bill designed to quadruple Truckers’ truck insurance rates, and also to raise Diesel Fuel costs to $15.00 per gallon; in order to make trucking ‘more affordable’ for owner operators and fleet companies across the country. Jay Carney was not available to not answer questions and spread more lies as this story broke.