Friday, October 25, 2013

Web Sight

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It's been quite a week for president Soetoro. He's washed his hands of the website debacle by claiming that he didn't know anything about anything at any time - which is, sadly, an entirely believable assertion.  Frankly, we're surprised that he didn't try to kill two birds with one stone by claiming the person in charge of supervising the website had been Ambassador Chris Stevens. Then again, he still may.

This week, Barry's policies and persona were also instrumental in Saudi Arabia's discontinuation of diplomatic relations with the United States, owing to their belief that Barry has made  a complete and explosive mess of the Middle East (with Syria not even getting spanked for using chemical weapons on civilians, and Iran happily assembling nukes on Henry Ford-style assembly lines while John Kerry takes Balinese dance lessons). And the president's foreign policy failures weren't limited to the Middle East; soon-to-be-former allies France and Germany are now honked off after discovering that Barry had the NSA spy on their phonecalls, perhaps under the suspicion that those nations might be harboring members of the Tea Party.

Domestically, this week the president could also take credit for over 90 million Americans being out of the workforce, and 49% of Americans receiving government benefits and entitlements. In fact, in the roughly 5 years since King Barry started conscripting serfs and buying their votes, the government has spent 3.7 trillion taxpayer dollars on welfare and poverty programs which make not working seem like an increasingly smart career choice.

All of which would make for a satisfying week's accomplishments for an ordinary America-hating socialist. But Barry isn't one to rest on his haunches (or Reggie Love's) when there's still damage to be done. Which is why on Thursday, he told Congress that he wants a final immigration overhaul by the end of the year, in order to make American citizenship completely meaningless once and for all.

Okay, he didn't say that last part out loud, but trust us - it's what he's thinking. At least when he's not thinking of golf.

There's really only one thing which keeps this week from being absolutely perfect for B. Hussein - and that's the fact that more and more people are starting to see him for the duplicitous little crapweasel that he truly is.

The Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger, with whom Hope n' Change would like to share political discourse, a few adult libations, and maybe some fried cheese sticks, writes in his wonderful editorial "Obama's Credibility is Melting" that Barry's days of negotiating anything, domestic or foreign, are at an end because everyone now knows he's an entirely untrustworthy liar. (Note: Mr. Henninger did not use those exact words, but we're summarizing for brevity's sake)

Unfortunately, it's the United States and her citizenry which will be paying the cost of Barry's rapidly failing credibility and moral failures for the next 3 years as it becomes nearly impossible for legislators or allies to repair any of the damage he's done to our country and the world at large.

If you find all of this depressing, don't lose hope: Obamacare now requires everyone to have insurance coverage which covers mental health. So primal scream therapy and prozac will be available and affordable for all!

Assuming, of course, that you hire a first-rate hacker to help you create an account at


Anonymous said...

OK, Stilt. I'm sitting on top a rust-bucket of oilfield iron in the Gulf of Guinea, attempting to explain why I can't cease and desist on the braying laughter from my office at President Shamwow's cartoons, today. What CAN I tell'em, Stilt? (Uncle Moyo, oilfield consultant)

Colby said...

Holy cow, Stilton! A home run! No, A grand slam!! If they had 8 point touchdowns in football, you just made a 52 pointer. I'm with Uncle Moyo (well, I'm not sitting on a rusty oil rig, but share the same penchant for maniacal laughter from my lowly cubicle). My co-workers are staring at me because the coffee came out my nose this time.

Done blathering now....

You have summed up Barry's pathetic 5 year USA killing spree in just a few well worded paragraphs, and I thank you for brightening my day a bit.

How'd everybody like Sebelius' statement yesterday that nobody SHE works for has asked her to resign? Her Freudian slip is showing.

I read a thing yesterday (unconfirmed) that when Eisenhour took office, Harry and Bess Truman drove themselves back to Missouri, alone, with no Secret Service escort. I think that is really cool, and would suggest that, when President Paul takes office, Barry and Mooch follow suit and drive back to his home state out of respect for Truman.

Colby said...

Oops... meant to put the "done blathering" thing at the end of my blather.

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, I must concur with the previous comments. This is one of your best, most succinct summaries of our Dear Leader evah! Barry must be so proud of his achievements, and I am sure that Soros and Jarrett are lavishing him with treats for his performance.

Uncle Moyo, I only wish I could escape as far as the Gulf of Guinea. The best I can do at this point is a nice new top drive flex rig in the Rockies.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Another Oops.....

New Obamacare Dilemma Surfaces

KeriHeat said...

Stilton, I don't know about your "Junk", but I love your stuff.

Funny you should mention Prozac. About 15 years ago when I worked in a bodyshop, we had an inside joke going about asking the boss to install "Prozac Dispensers" in the restrooms. Now,with Bambi, it appears to be a reality.

@Colby. Don't even suggest sending the "Blockhead and Mooch" to Missouri. Except for K.C., STL, and Columbia, Missouri is totally RED. I'd like it to stay that way.

KeriHeat said...

Come to think of it. If "Blockhead and Mooch" would like to tour the Ozarks, I could arrange a "Float" trip on the Current River. :)

Bruce Bleu said...

@Colby, FYI...
Do you know what a "Freudian slip" is? It's what he wore under those baggy pants!
And the reason Truman drove himself back to Missouri... he was the COMMANDER in Chief, NOT the Pussy in Chief! This was back in the days that a DEMOCRAP would drop a nuclear bomb on a nation trying to kill us. Could you imagine TODAY if a repubican [sic] were to do that? The libtards would have 24/7 coverage of NOT that countless lives were saved, but the "collateral damage" of women and children who got smoked! It stopped a WAR... but if it doesn't promote the agenda, then they can't entertain its use.
Hey, maybe we could get some modicum of integrity in the media if you started writing copy for DAN Blather!
@TreeckyReecky (thought I'd better get used to talking Espanyoler), Was that YOU I saw from the top of Pikes Peak? You looked kind of "crude" that day, (nudge, nudge,... wink wink).

Bruce said...

Why, in the bloody HELL can't we prosecute lamont for TREASON?! The mere fact that he recited an oath to "uphold the Constitution" is evidence enough of his being a pathological LIAR!!! Could SOMEBODY please tell him that Constitution is GOOD, constipATION is bad, (he obviously didn't have English in Indonesian schools, and must be confused about this).

Gang of One said...

All your glitches are belong to us.

George said...

SJ: Your cartoons are great, but when you transcribe your brain to text like you did today.........brilliant. You're talented and we all benefit, thank you.

Sicktoy said...

Stilton - dude, you owe me a new keyboard....

Gang of One said...

Jeremy N. Choate has written a spot-on take-down of the illiberal,Leviathan State™ mind-set. A rather typical and banal Fisking of it appears here, on typical libtard Steve Muratore's banal blog.

mlester101 said...

Not that $130,000.00 is anything relative to the infinity and beyond numbers at play but it happens to be the amount of taxpayer money given to the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens in exchange for promoting Obamacare. Lord knows they need the money.

Colby said...

Lord no! I would never wish that on the fine state of Missouri! I was suggesting they drive their car to his home state, not your home state. But I wouldn't want them to make the trip alone like the Trumans did. The ycan take Nancy, Harry, Eric and Jay with them for company.

We can't try the turd for treason because the Congressmen and Senators with BALLS are outnumbered and know they'd lose the fight. Lord knows there is enough hard evidence to convict for violating the oath of office at least and treason at best! The rotten peckerwood swore to uphold the laws, not just the ones he likes.

PRY said...

I heard Herman Cain call the AFC the "ObamaDoesn'tCare" act this morning! Very descriptive, especially with Stilt's over-the-top rant (which I "150%" agree with!).

Kinda enjoyed the congressional hearing on Thursday also!
The lefties up there are about to soil the undies when you start looking for the truth! I figure Sebelius' answers will be along the line of Hilary's though, pretty predictable, just like the entire Obama regime!

Their 'website scheme' seems to be backfiring on them! I see more Dems are calling for delays to sign up so they can get re-elected next year. I swear, this whole scenario has more twists than a mystery novel!

Stilt, you, sir, are the master!

PRY said...

boy, i got those initials wrong for the affordable care act....sorry about that!

Colby said...

Rockies? Oil Rigs? Where I grew up in Wyoming, oil rigs used to dot the landscape. Granddad put in 50 years at the Continental Refinery in Casper. I'm far away in NC now, and I thought oil exploration in the Rockies was a goner; is it making a comeback? I hope so. So many western boom towns died out; a revival would be nice and would have the added benefit of pissing off crap weasel.

It's No Gouda said...

Mrs. Gouda brought up an interesting question this morning while we were having coffee.
"If they delay the individual mandate, what happens to the hundreds of thousands of poor souls whose health care insurance will be canceled as of the end of the year?"
I didn't have an answer.
Will they have to go for a year without health insurance?
Will the gooberment make the insurance companies extend the policies?
Anybody in this august body have any answers? Inquiring minds want to know!

Bruce Bleu said...

@It's No Gouda,
The whole reason for lamontocare is that it IS a complete "fuster-cluck", so the gooberment that CREATED the mess will be the instrument to "correct" it with single-payer! Remember... ideologues aren't at ALL concerned with those they "leave in a ditch", but rather only that the movement doesn't lose momentum. Haven't you noticed that EVERY DAMNED THING is a CRISIS, and we have had one each month since lamont took the White House hostage!? It's Rules for Radicals, page by page! This wanker can't even show enough creativity to skip pages... he's going "chapter and verse" through his REAL Bible! With the chaos he is fomenting even those who are CARBONATED against this travesty (no, ted bris, that is NOT a guy who wears women's clothes) will "settle" for the moronic G O Pee compromise out of fear that was inculcated by this calamity! Ol' SFB will be setting up "tee times" with a smile on his face, even though he will be 7 trillion minus in political capital, because his AGENDA is the goal! He wants people to "feel the pain" of him not being in control of their lives. The name of this Blog is testimony of the "cotton candy" he peddles as FOOD!
This bastard's (an accurate description) quest to destroy the nation doesn't CARE that people have angst about events, THEY ARE NOT WORTH HIS TIME OR CONSIDERATION! He doesn't GIVE a scat! Those people below him are CHATTEL!! (no, ted bris... that is NOT the company that makes Barbie dolls!)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Uncle Moyo- It delights me to think of my (ahem) "insights" creating laughter so far away. Glad you enjoyed them!

@Colby- What can I say? Barry's evil ineptitude is the wind beneath my wings, and I thought summarizing this week deserved something special.

And I love the idea of Barry driving back to Hawaii after his second term. In fact, I want to be sitting on a California beach when his limo hits the Pacific.

@TrickyRicky- Aw, shucks.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- There are going to be MANY such "surprises" as the Dems (and the country) find out what was in the unread bill they passed. Per your link, sequester cuts may reduce the health insurance subsidies some people think they'll be getting. To which I say, boldly and unequivocally: "tee-hee!"

Another problem is that the way the bill is written, it's possible that NOBODY in the 36 states with federally run exchanges is eligible for any subsidy whatsoever - and the matter is currently heading for the courts.

@KeriHeat- In fairness to Barry, I was taking Prozac even before he was elected. However, since he took office I'm washing the pills down with something a lot stronger than water.

@Bruce Bleu- I can't imagine the nightmare of having Barry as Commander-in-Chief in an actual world war scenario. Then again, we wouldn't have to suffer long - I'm sure he'd negotiate a surrender within 48 hours. The only people he WON'T negotiate with are the elected representatives of the American people.

@Bruce- Treason, impeachment, tar & feathers...none of it is going to happen because this nation lacks the spine to pursue any of them. Sadly, a lot of people are fat and happy with the way things are (remember that $3.7 trillion I mentioned above in shiny trinkets and beads for the natives?).

@George- Thank you. I'm first and foremost a writer, though I love the cartoon medium because it's fun, and because I can produce something bite-sized for people who don't want to read (sadly, an increasingly large percentage of the population).

@Sicktoy- I hear that a lot. I'm thinking that I should actually license an official Hope n' Change keyboard protector.

@Gang of One- Good link (actually, both of your links go to the same article).

@mlester101- Hey, if a bunch of semi-illiterate athletes with repeated blows to the head say Obamacare is swell, that's good enough for me!

@Colby- Yeah! What you said!

@PRY- Ooh, that Herman Cain line is so good that I may have to quote it in the future.

The Congressional hearings were fun, and I think they're only a warm-up to what we'll be seeing in the future. Frankly, I want the heat to get turned up on all the players so they start turning on each other.

@Colby- As you say, anything that honks off Barry is something I fully support.

@It's No Gouda- To put it simply, those people will be thoroughly screwed. And they're supposed to be, by Obamacare's very design. When this giant game of musical chairs stops, nobody is supposed to have adequate or affordable health insurance, and no private health insurance company will want to get back into the business. The only way to get the great unwashed to demand a single payer government system is to destroy everything else. The people you're describing are simply the first to fall.

@Bruce Bleu- You've got enough steam in your comment that I'm surprised Barry isn't demanding that you be tapped as a source of clean, geothermal energy. (grin)

John the Econ said...

Sadly, it's almost entirely likely that the President didn't know anything that was going (or not going) on at

But remember, before being elected President, Barack Obama had never in his entire life actually run anything. Well, that's not entirely true; he was once in charge of rehabilitating a park in Chicago. But in that case, all that happened was a Gazebo and $100,000 otherwise evaporating into thin air.

So just think of it this way, instead of $100,000 we're now into flushing trillions.

But remember, Barack Obama doesn't see himself as an "executive", which is what our President is supposed to be. For elite liberal intellectuals, actually working and managing things is for the minion class. It's mainly his job to execute "social justice" by extracting wealth from where it's created and transferring it to where he thinks it belongs. Messy details aren't his thing. His job is to shoot billions of dollars in general directions and hope that something catches. The intent is always what really counts, not results.

Which is the big problem with big government liberals. It's the messy details they either haven't a clue as to how to deal with or don't want to deal with that the rest of us are forced to live with.

Meanwhile, how about that "international reset" to restore our standing after the supposed stain of the GWB years? Yes, most of our allies are even more pissed or fear us and our enemies think we are joke. Um, I think that's backwards.

Meanwhile, welfare nation keeps expanding. But it's even worse that @Stilton suggests. According to the Census Bureau, by 2011 there were more Americans receiving means-tested government benefits than there were year-round full-time workers.

"There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said in data released this week. Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, there were 101,716,000 people who worked full-time year round in 2011. That included both private-sector and government workers.

Once again, I rhetorically ask: Exactly how can the wealth creators in "a democracy" survive that?

So even though all citizens will eventually suffer from this combination of extreme leftist agenda and sheer incompetence, far less than half of them will actually think they are paying for it.

John the Econ said...

@Colby, Sebelius, like most of Obama's fellow wanna-be overlords is confused. She works for us!

But that's a notion that's totally disappeared from our "civil servants" in the Obama era. They no longer serve us. They serve the interests of the ideology and the mega state, not its people. This is the biggest reason that big government must be stopped.

And nice fantasy about Obama taking care of himself. He's proven that it's no longer possible to move anywhere without spending at least a million dollars.

Grizzly said...

"Barry has made a complete and explosive mess of the Middle East (with Syria not even getting spanked for using chemical weapons on civilians, and Iran happily assembling nukes...)"

Now, now ... The ways of Nobel Peace Prizewinners are inscrutable and not to be questioned. (Looking for Putin to get his any day now ...)

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

And it just gets more and more interesting...

Obamacare Company Executive Is Michelle Obama's Classmate

David in SoCal said...

Stilton: Muchas gracias por los cartoons esta dia!(oops, sorry; sometimes I forget I'm in Mexifornia). Bullseye pics and comments as always, and they even caused an "ASNR":'Accute Spontaneous Nasal Reflux'(aka; Asner) here at the SoCal keyboard.......Laughed domestic Lite Beer out my nose. burns SO good! Bless you!
Was just thinking that mere words cannot describe the joy I am feeling inside my soul at this moment; just knowing that 'Maternity Leave' will be included in our 'Unaffordable Control Tax' health plans. Lord knows I personally will be needing it after the sexing I've been getting from the Ohitler Regime. Don't think the provided birth control will help, as this bunch of nim-nods can f anything(up) with predictable results. Heard someone on the radio this morning say that 'Sebelius' sounds like something you contract, and then go to Owitchdoctorcare to get rid of. I'll betchya[sic] it turns out that 'Sebelius' is something that soonly[sic] infects us ALL, and we NEVER get rid of it. WHEW! 100psi released again! Thanks for a needed vent. Y'all have a weekend you will not soon remember.

Bruce Bleu said...

lamont's "green energy" is green because it hasn't ripened yet. The "Chucklehead-in-Chief" knows as much about "green energy" as magilla knows about what it's like to wear a size 1 dress! It's "above lamont's pay grade" to work as a SPEED BUMP! He couldn't lead a silent prayer!!
I assure you, if I could harness the energy of the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves we would be energy independent by 4 PM tomorrow!
Well, I'd better get off the 'pooter so I can get to bed and get up early Saturday and work so I can send 33% to the GOVERNMENT!!!!

Gang of One said...

Aw jeez, Stilt, I thought I had pasted in the correct URL for Muratore's idiotic attempt at deconstructing Choate's missive. In case anyone is interested in wasting about ten minutes of precious life, if only to see how magnificently schtoopid Leftoids are, here's the link:

George in Houtx said...

Grumpy C. the administration ALSO promised that the online signup was gonna be a flawless introduction! so, when they promised that a plan would be in place to take care of 'low income' families, I just kind of assumed that they were telling the truth .... just like all the other times!

A Nonny Mouse said...

In some things, I think you can take him at his word if you're careful to interpret what you are hearing as full on, in-your-face taunting. "It is a flawless introduction to the health care plan" actually makes sense in that the website works exactly as well, by intention, as the health care will, by intention. Follows the pattern of using double entendre anagrams KMA, WTF, and the infamous possible alphabetical interpretation of the healthcare phone number. When the economy was noted to be headed to disaster, the anti-charisma responsed, "we're not finished..." I hear that as halfway to disaster was halfway to the goal.
To paraphrase the Bangles's Walk Like an Egyptian, "Parse like a Bill Clinton"

Great cartoonmentary, as always Stilton!! I love coming here, the danger of spit-takes adds such spice to life.