Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If You Like These, You Can Keep Them

@Readers- Once again, I'm just going to let the graphics do the talking today. Because, as the old saying goes, "one picture is worth a thousand audits."  -Stilt

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obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, political, humor, jarrett, obamacare, like it, keep it, liar

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, political, humor, jarrett, obamacare, like it, keep it, liar, benghazi, irs, middle east, fast and furious

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, political, humor, jarrett, obamacare, like it, keep it, liar, benghazi, irs, middle east, fast and furious, glass houses

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, conservative, tea party, stilton jarlsberg, political, humor, jarrett, obamacare, like it, keep it, liar, benghazi, irs, middle east, fast and furious, television, apocalypse


Queso Grande said...

Blazing, incendiary, stab in the heart and leave bleeding in the gutter-hot commentary today, Stilton.
LOVE it!!!!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours, and try not to keep things bottled up, eh? Gonna give you ulcers holding it all in like this.......

Bruce O'Hara said...

Your creative genius overfloweth :-)

John the Econ said...

People have forgotten other other promise he made; that by the end of his first term, our health insurance would be costing $2,500-a-year less.

Anyone out there paying less for their insurance today? Anyone? Hello?

The insurance I've had for over a decade now costs more than twice what it did when Obama was inaugurated. That's $7,200 a year more for the same health insurance under Obama!

So Obama, where's my $9,700???

That's a decent new car every 3 or 4 years!

I'd be happy with just my $7,200 a year back!

Colby said...

Yeeee Hawwww!... Stilton, do you ever feel like the Slim Pickens character riding the bomb to the ground in Dr. Strangelove? The second cartoon proves that your mind is more twisted than a room full of candy canes and nylon rope, but I love it! Keep 'em comin'.

I got an email from a friend the other day that had a list of stuff president turdboy promised we can keep if we like it. Stuff like the first and second ammendments, freedom, liberty, jobs, a constitutional republic...

@John the Econ,
Ever hear some of the matter / anti-matter theories? Maybe president numbnuts was referring to "anti-dollars" when he made that promise. I've gained a shitload of anti-dollars over the past five years, myself.

Hey! I got an email from NC Democrap, Kay Hagan saying she wants to delay ACA for two whole months!!! Wow, Kay! That'll fix it for sure. And it will certainly guarantee your re-election, too!

I hope she gets absolutely CLOBBERED next November by Greg Brannon.

gothmog said...

I have to say that I've been reinvigorated by the Obamacare fiasco. When you watch a politician like Obama, a man who appears to have teflon skin, stumble about the national and international political stage like a rabid one-eyed bull in a particularly cluttered china shop you start to wonder if anything will ever stick. Apparently, this scandal is actually sticking, and boy is schadenfreude a bitch (pardon my language).

For me, loosing my health insurance is a small price to pay for the chance to watch this despicable man get nailed to the wall by the journalists who were once his simpering sycophants. I have no doubt that most of them will be crawling back to hide beneath his shadow soon, but for now I can't stop laughing.

Excellent comics as well, but I always saw Jarrett as more of a puppet-master a la Stromboli (complete with the mustache and bad attitude).

gothmog said...

Also, that last comic made me actually giggle.

Jim Hlavac said...

I could have sworn he was going to eliminate the deficit too.

And some thing about a unicorn in every pot.

Reiuxcat said...

Now that FrankenFienstein has abandoned His O'liness, I can't wait to see what springs from the mind of our humble blogger Stilton.

PRY said...

My gosh, a magnificent collection of truth! Thanks, Stilt.

Is not the focus on this lame website thing just another waste of time and money? I mean...
another congressional hearing to uncover who is at fault for the website debacle? What I see as these proceedings take place is exactly what Obama & co. desire.

As even Bill Clinton urges the president to “rewrite” the health care law so people do not lose coverage, it strikes me as just part of an interim process to display to the nation just how much pain this will cause to people who DESPERATELY NEED health coverage or they will DIE as a result!

We all know Obama is NOT going to “rewrite” anything, and I have a feeling it would be a futile effort at best. What’s done is probably done, and millions will lose their coverage come January
So what do we have here? A HUGE chaotic mess, striking fear into the hearts of Americans as never before, and there appears to be NO SOLUTION at present. We may soon see the massive power of the Federal government on full display in the very near future as it is declared how things will be. I hope I am wrong, but I see total government-run healthcare becoming the reality many on the left have worked for, only it really takes a deep and widespread calamity such as this for them to justify the takeover! The scale of the problem is such that only THAT makes any difference, and many people will see it as AT LEAST they will be ‘covered’.

Yeh, the people in Germany celebrated when Hitler came into power too, such was the scale of their problems at the time.

The bad guys win again.

Bruce Bleu said...

I realize you have a lot on your mind, but I wanted to point out that you accidentally depicted Valerie Jerkettes hand inserted into lamont's TALKING part! (Just trying to help out here.)
@ Colby,
Very shrewd of you to remind readers of lamont's shenanigans in Chicago bath-houses with the subtle comment about "Strangelove". Keep swinging the hammer. Oh, and just to inform... nowadays, "anti-matter" is the attitude Shrillery wants the nation to have about Benghazi.
Regarding ANY democrap supporting a delay of lamontocare, if it's good to delay it at ALL, wouldn't that make it BAD to let it start? Remember when they reluctantly said they would have to extend the "Bush tax cuts" to help the economy? Isn't the corollary "stop the tax cuts" antithetical? (Yeah, I know... "preaching to the choir".)
And, for the last cartoon about lamont being "sorry". I KNEW he was "sorry"... I'm just waiting for the apology!!!!!!!!
For ANYONE to glibly say that lamont should "re-write" the law indicates the contempt they have for our Representative Republic. The balance of powers was established so capricious bullshit COULDN'T happen by such a despot as lamont. I just wonder if the lights will finally turn on for these butt-wipes when they're in the cattle cars on the way to their new digs!

WMD said...

Stilt, that visual in the WH basement doesn't really need any word clouds. And it literally made me laugh out loud. It is a thing of beauty.If you don't win a Pulitzer or a Nobel or whatever for that one...well then what do any of them truly mean?
I realize they have evolved to the point where it's just the "faculty lounge" types acknowledging their fellow travelers for being good lemmings in support of the state sponsored propaganda machine.

By the way, I've also been wondering about the $2,500 promise king hussein made. Especially why no one in the media is bringing it up. Well, ok I know why no one in the media brings it up. I'm going to start bringing it up on other blogs I read and see what happens.
Also a thanks to anonymous a few days ago for pointing out that zero care had to passed to find out what's in it, and doctors call that a stool sample. I've been telling a lot of people that joke. Hasn't failed to get a laugh yet. In fact I told it to one of my doctors this morning and she laughed her ass off.

Stan da Man said...

Jim Hlavac - you could make the argument that he HAS - for a certain value of "eliminate"

Kind of like I eliminate a brick, every time I contemplate him "fixing" some other part of my life, for me...

Hmmmm, occurs to me that "Fixed Like a Dog" might mean something else, to someone who has dined at "Cafe B-Waou"

Pete (Detroit) said...

To the point of the first cartoon, I have thought of a fictional candidate running as "Hugh Mee" (an old family name, on Mom's side, and a Fine Irish lad he is, at that). Slogans like "A vote for Hugh is a vote for Mee" and "if not Mee, then Hugh?" just write themselves..

oldredleg said...

Please allow this senior to vent my frustrations about my Medicare Advantage Plan being eliminated.I received my official letter advising me of my termination on Oct 2,2013.Every week I have tried to enroll in one of their new plans offered to me.Both online and on the telephone I'm told that their computers are not yet updated to enroll me yet,and to call back in another week.It's now been 1 and 1/2 months waiting.I hope something is done soon. We were warned some time ago that medicare advantage plans were on the chopping block.A big thank-you to lamont and gang.I hope to live long enough for his fare-well speech.

BC said...

Lol... that one in the middle -- tears!

Colby said...

Farewell speech? The way things are shaping up for dear leader, with Bill giving the Dems permission to thow BO under the bus, he won't have time for a farewell speech. It's tough to read a teleprompter as you're being chased out of town by an angry mob bearing pitchforks and torches. Too many Democraps see their re-election dreams fading faster than pie on Thanksgiving, methinks. This could (I pray) get ugly for poor widdle BO, and if it does, I'm going to laugh my friggin' ass off!

TheOldMan said...

From the comment section of today's WSJ:

So let me make sure I have this straight: Now you can keep your health plan which he already said you could keep until he decided you couldn't, even though it will be illegal for your insurance company to sell it to you...but he PROMISES that he won't prosecute insurers for selling you the illegal plan...PERIOD...unless he decides for some reason maybe he people he was counting on to subsidize Obamacare will now continue with their old private insurance, thereby shrinking the Obamacare risk pool, which will drive prices up.

I got dizzy just reading it.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Unfortunately, none of these plans, Obama's Fairy Tale, Landrieu's or Upton's bills, or any other are going to 'fix' this mess. Harry Reid said when it was passed that they made sure it was un-repealable, and as we are seeing, it is - The Democrats have sold this country down the river - tar, feathers and pitchforks are too good for them. The Democratic Party should be classified with the Communist Party and treated as such.

PRY said...

Grumpy C...I'm with you, brother!
and, how about the new batch of lies from the BO-orifice today? And, he is STILL selling the thing! Repeal! Please!

Anonymous said...

To discuss how to fix ObamaCare is to accept the lie of its necessity. To accept that it can be fixed, or that Republicans or conservatives should participate in doing so, is to become complicit in its preservation. Every elected Republican who speaks of delays, or fixes, or amendments, cancels his or her refusal to vote for this unconstitutional act of governmental betrayal of our founding principles. To accept and adopt an act of unabashed socialism is to condone, and be a supporter of, socialism. It is no different in effect than being an accessory-after-the-fact to a bank robbery. If one gives aid, support, and protection to a known bank robber, he becomes an accessory to the crime.

WMD said...

Exactly right.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Per the comments above, Obamacare can't be fixed because it's job is to destroy the insurance industry. And Obama's declaration today is insane: "substandard" plans will remain illegal, but he wants them put back on the market and won't prosecute the companies that sell them.

The man is openly declaring that laws and legislation mean nothing under his autocratic rule.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Grumpy C,

You need to remember that the Demo_Rat party sees the label of "communist" as a good thing. Since that's where many of the communists went to hide in the '60s (the ones who didn't become enviro-nazis), they managed to get control of the party and now they all think being a communist is just like being a Baptist or a Catholic. And they're happy to destroy the country to prove it. This kind of thing makes me hope there's such a thing as cosmic justice.

Bruce Bleu said...

Just me being a "spelling Nazi". I think it would be more correct to lamont's tenure in the Spite House as "auto-craptic" rule. I know it's a small diff, but I just get OCS with variations from EXACT nomenclature.

Jill of all Trades said...

HAHAHAHA I usually follow your cartoons on Facebook, but somehow I missed the "Hugh" one. I LOVE IT. Hilarious!!!!

On a serious note, I am simply aghast at this Obamacare fiasco. I have not yet talked to anyone whose health care plan has not been affected. The place I work, while my insurance is not through them, their company just lost their entire policy. It's insane. I know a few people who seem to rant about Obamacare being good and keeping insurance honest, but I have yet to figure out the logic behind this all being "good". Because so far, everyone I have talked to, it's hurting. I am not super old, but I cannot ever remember a Presidential policy directly hurting quite this many people, other than maybe the housing market crash. Oh wait...that was under Obama too, wasn't it? Indirectly, anyway.