Friday, November 8, 2013

The Skies Have It

Readers- Nothing wrong here at the spacious office suites of Hope n' Change, but this morning I noticed this odd cloud formation and decided to take it seriously just in case the next such message says "You've rested enough; start building an ark."

So I'm taking a little down time today. On Monday, we'll return to the previously scheduled political disasters and idiocy already in progress. Enjoy your weekend and hug your dogs!  -Stilton


TrickyRicky said...

You reminded me of one of my favorite sayings..."Life is short, play with your dog." Unfortunately, while it is a short trip from cradle to crypt for us, it's is way to short for our furry friends. Keep your chin up Stilt.

Colby said...

It's all good. Take time and pretend you're an "occupier" for a while. Although, that summons up images of you sitting on a blanket in a park, smoking a bong and banging away on your djembe.

I'll throw out some discussion fodder. Any guesses on what that piece of roach dung, Sebelius is going to announce today in Atlanta? I'm guessing resignation. Was she offered a golden parachute so obama can claim "Crises over - we got rid of the problem..."? If so, methinks the millions who alredy lost their insurance plans shall not be satisfied with HER resignation, but rather HIS.

Earl said...

@Colby. I dunno. I think there's still too much shit to hit the fan for her to resign now. More dominoes have to fall so she can really take the fall for Obama. I don't remember who said this on Fox, but look for there to eventually be a new Healthcare Czar who doesn't need Senate approval. Maybe her announcement has something to do with a new HHS rule in the Federal Register that applies to self-administered healthcare plans (think unions). But with so many lying sociopaths in this administration, it's hard to predict anything anymore.

Unknown said...

That's the road west from Llano on the way to Brady, Texas. A perfect place to get a message from the Almighty, as West Texas is one of His favorite places.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- Right now, I'd happily give up any one of my extremities to be able to play with my dog.

@Stilton- Banging my djembe is how I ended up needing glasses.

Regarding Sebelius, I'm very curious about her announcement too. One thing's for sure: it won't be good news.

@Earl- I agree with your logic; why should Sebelius be allowed to throw herself on a shrimp fork instead of the Big Sword of other failures which are still coming to light? Maybe she's going to announce a new, super-duper shovel-ready subsidy just for those who can produce a letter saying that their insurance was cancelled.

And as you say, maybe she'll just be announcing the "reconsideration" by the administration which will let unions escape paying a $63 fee per member as the law demands.

It IS hard to predict what lying sociopaths will do. What isn't hard is knowing that whatever they do will only benefit themselves.

@Richard Ely II- Llano makes some decent wines, too. And frankly, that area looks like a good place to sip some.

John the Econ said...

Nah @Colby. No such luck. I think it's just another sales call. I think she's at the Carter Center for Malaise Studies telling people that those lucky enough not to lose their insurance will get mental health and substance abuse coverage along with free dental dams; all things that Democrats seem to need more than the rest of us.

As for the web site which still does not work, and even then, is mostly only visited by the media, they wish to remind you that there are unscreened "navigators" standing by at 1-800-318-2596. If you can't remember that number, just remember what ObamaCare is designed to do to you, and dial 1-800-F**KYO.

(And I did not make that up)

I do think she's going to fire their chief technology officer. Probably ought to go. No doubt a golden parachute is standing by.

But quite frankly, is stead of focusing on Sebelius, I'd much rather that the American people fire each and every Democrat who voted for this abortion of a health plan.

PRY said...

Good to see you laying low for the weekend. Take care, Stilt.

Colby said...

I actually hope Sebelius doesn't lose her job. I want her to enjoy many more months/years of her being exposed as the arrogant bitch that she is. "Some live... some die." And some get to reap what they sow.

Meanwhile, some "periods" to look forward to:

If you like your job - you can keep your job - period.

If you like your 401K - you can keep your 401K - period.

If you like your freedom - you can keep your freedom - period.

If you like your guns and Bibles - you can keep your guns and Bibles - period.

If you like your Constitutional Republic - you can keep your Constitutional Republic - period... end of story.

John the Econ said...

The Wall Street Journal is now coming out and openly calling ObamaCare a "scam". And they have a very good point.

What would happen if an executive of any private company were to come out and say what Obama did, and you entered into a contract with them, only to find out later that not only was the promise no good, but that the company knew that the promise was no good at the time it was made?

Or consider this: Bernie Madoff only had around 13,500 victims. Obama has swindled between 16 and 93 million. And at least Madoff's victims had an opportunity to say "no".

But as I've mentioned before, this is a very unique moment for political cause-and-effect in America. Usually, it takes many years or decades or more for bad policy to squarely hit ordinary citizens in the face; too much time for people to associate those responsible directly with the ill effects of their bad policy.

ObamaCare, on the other hand is exclusively owned by the President and the Democratic Party, and it is starting to take effect while the very same people who conceived it are still in power and are answerable to it.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Well, you're right about the Demo_Rats owning Obamadoesntcare right now. For some unknown reason, it took too many people way too long to see that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Even though it was pointed out in 1936, it still took until long after FDR had croaked for it to be seen as such. It might have taken even longer had LBJ not used the SS funds to buy votes in the '60s.

Bearcat said...

You're right, Stilt. This week has been,as put by one of America's Best, an Apollo astronaut, "An E-ticket ride."
I second your motion; pass the Scotch...

Unknown said...

I feel for the loss of your dog. I have a Labrador Retriever that I bought in Manvel, Texas. She's moved from Houston to Tomball to Pawnee to Beeville. Now she's enjoying her retirement with me in southern California. There was a time I thought she would never stop "helping" me, but she finally settled down to third gear. Now she's 12 1/2 and declining. I pet her all the time and make sure that her bed is comfortable. I never have been unconditionally loved by something before. Through good times and bad, she's been my best friend in the whole world and can never be replaced.

And in a non sequitur. If you're in Cen-Tex there's nothing like a drive through the hill country!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Brooks Keys- Give your dog an extra hug for me. Today it struck me that I took picture of Maggie, but never thought to get a sound recording of her barking (joyfully, when a neighbor was at the door, or bravely, when the dastardly UPS man dared to bring a package). Wish I'd thought of that, as I'd love to hear her again. Or at least know that I could.

Regarding Hill Country, I've never been there and feel like a darn fool since I've lived in north Texas for decades now. I need to put that on my "to do" list.