Monday, April 8, 2013

Yom Hashoah

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Today is the observance of Yom Hashoah, the remembrance of the Holocaust. And first and foremost, Hope n' Change offers sincere apologies to those rightfully offended by today's entirely tasteless cartoon. Unless they're Obama supporters, in which case you can go straight to hell because we really do believe the First Family is this despicable.

This is the president who is allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons with which to wipe Israel off the map (after which, we suppose, we'll have to refer to Holocaust I and Holocaust II). And this is the woman who could think of nothing about our country which made her proud like, oh, winning World War II and saving as many people as possible from the death camps.

In fact, according to the president, an uncle on his mother's side helped liberate Auschwitz. Or at least, that was his story until it was pointed out that Auschwitz was liberated by forces of the Soviet Union, after which the president changed his story to say that maybe he was thinking of Buchenwald or something, because pretty much all death camps look alike.

The purpose of Yom Hashoah is to remember the Holocaust so that nothing like it can ever happen again. So is it wildly inappropriate for Hope n' Change to attack Barack Obama on this sad and solemn day? We don't think so.

Not as long as he continues to strengthen his own hold on power by pushing hate, fear, and enmity among different groups. Not as long as this administration increases surveillance (and therefore coercive pressure) on "suspected terrorists" like conservatives, veterans, and Christians. Not as long as this president defends the taking of millions of innocent lives via abortion - including"postnatal termination" which amounts to beheading a newborn child (and thanks to Obamacare, your "medical technician" will shout "Allahu Akbar!" at no extra charge). Not as long as this president seeks to use executive orders to take away our Constitutionally-protected guns, while stockpiling astronomical amounts of arms, ammunition, and military equipment to be deployed domestically on unnamed enemies of the regime.

Today, we must all remember the horrors of the Holocaust. And remember not only that it can happen again, but inevitably will happen again if our eyes remain closed and our voices silent.

obama, obama jokes, holocaust, yom hashoah, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, auschwitz


Necron99 said...

@Dr.J, Thank you for the poignant post and totally spot on assessment of this pair of wretched, despicable opperunists.

I feel compelled to counter balance these horrid creatures with the tale of a True American Hero who had ample reason to brag of his accomplishments, but being cut from a greater quality of cloth, never did.

My wife's Grandfather was a man born to very humble means. He was raised in a rural setting learning the traditional ethics of hard work and family values. He put himself through college and even had a paper published that would go on to be applied text for economical operation of governmental office.

When World War II broke out he enlisted and was soon selected for the fledgling CIC, where he would rise to the rank of officer and actually be one of the liberators of a Nazi Death Camp. His personal documents and photographs taken while serving in the CIC being real proof of the exploit.

After the War he returned to civilian life and ran for mayor of his home town. He was elected and would serve in that capacity for 40 years, and even after retiring, be consulted but the city. During his tenure he continuously brought industry and improvements to the community, his motto being "What more can be done?"

He was a believer in the community helping itself and not relying on outside aid or money. He established library, parks, and restored the County Court House without ever taking a cent of outside aid. He set up scholarships for academics and offered assistanceships to the children of the county.

He was a hard man to get to know; being that he was always so busy doing things for the community that it was difficult for him to have a social life.

I consider myself fortunate to have known him and shed copius tears at his passing. We all truly knew we had lost an actual member of The Greatest Generation. Especially when I look at his life's accomplishment in comparison to the current breed of political hacks in office today. When held to the mirror of my wife's Grandfather they are a jest and a thing of shame.

This thumbnail sketch of Mayor Guthrie Smith of Fayette, Alabama hardly does him justice, but I felt compelled to share the story of one of my hero's and role models.

Thanks for listening.

TrickyRicky said...

Wow Stilton, that may be your most accurate, vivid, and wholly justified commentary on the wretched occupants of the White House. It is also an indictment by extension of the pious, sneering, and completely deluded sheep who voted for this monstrosity and continue to believe that he is, like totally messianic in his amazing awesomeness. The lefties who screamed daily about how Bush (not a favorite of mine BTW) was destroying our civil liberties and attempting to create a dictatorship are strangely silent and complicit while those things appear to be actually happening in real time.

Time to scoot off to work so that I can pay my fair share to keep the whole God awful artifice from crumbling for one more day.


Gang of One said...

Dr. J, please tell us what you REALLY feel, and no holding back.

@Necron99 -- Very, very edifying. They were the Greatest Generation, no doubt. I can only appreciate and hope to emulate them, because Lord knows there are too few men and women who are willing to go the distance.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

...and comparing this yutz to Hitler - a very apt comparison, considering all the things he's been pressing for: disarming the citizens, national ID, socialism, control of the medical system et al, and his PR moments requiring displays of children, victims, doctors, police or whatever other props are required to make him look like he's "of the people" as he pursues his mandate du jour - results in screams of racism.

I'm sorry, folks, but socialism has noting to do with race. The ultimate results of socialism sometimes do, but socialism itself is simply an ideology that Øbama and Hitler both espouse. And the parallels between how Hitler and Øbama conducted themselves in pursuit of their utopias are eerily similar.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Necron99- Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Upon awakening this morning, I learned that we lost Margaret Thatcher - and so it helps to be reminded of the many strong, heroic, and unsung folks who made (and continue to make) this country great.

@TrickyRicky- I did not make today's post lightly or reflexively, and I'm fully aware that some people could think I'm picking this worst of all possible days to make "Holocaust jokes," which is not the case (except superficially). My point is that remembering is not enough, and that the entire purpose of the day is to prevent it from happening again. I'm not saying that B. Hussein is another Hitler, but I'm damn well saying that he could be. It would be very dangerous to think it impossible.

@Gang of One- They call me Mister Subtlety.

@Emmentaler- The parallels are real, and people need to remember that Hitler was wildly popular while pushing his populist (and hate-filled) agenda. I feel like I'm seeing too many of the same puzzle pieces fitting together under this president.

American Cowboy said...

I remember the way my father talked and the emotions shown as he described what he saw first hand as a member of the military of the worlds greatest government.

I also remember what a gentleman who bore many visible scars from the inhumane treatment received while interred in the "relocation" camps said.

I remember seeing in words and pictures the progression of events that directly led to the Holocaust when I went through the Holocaust Museum in D.C. That EXACT progression of events IS happening right now in this country. Anyone who says otherwise is either foolishly naive, or they are intentionally and maliciously lying.

Every freedom that is gone, and there are many, has not been lost but rather willingly given away in the pursuit of government care and the illusion of safety for people wanting the government to take care of them.

It is so sad that the strong America of the mid twentieth century has been brought to her knees without a whimper by the do nothing, take everything, me first, celebrity driven modern generation

The Doktor said...

I totally agree that Mooooshell is perfectly capable of heinous acts against Whites and Jews. She has, by her own words and actions, set herself in that exact position. No, her remark that you made is not off the mark.

And, for these two Communists to make any sort of show of "Remembrance" for the 6 MILLION Jews (and others) that were cruelly robbed, imprisoned, tortured, and SLAIN is the height of poor taste. What, they'll spend 60 seconds mentioning The Holocaust and then, with whatever time they use up, they will talk about THEMSELVES and THEIR causes and Ideology - which is frighteningly close to the Nazi's.

No, I proudly displayed your cartoon on my FB Wall. I am in complete agreement with it's content.

Anonymous said...

I'm realwest and have to post, ah, "anonymously" as Google and Word Press each manage to lose my password all the time.
Nonetheless, I thought it appropriate today to note that (then) General Eisenhower went to Germany after its surrender and met George S. Patton at one of the death camps. He insisted that Patton accompany him to see "the ovens" and Patton objected, saying he had seen them and had become violently ill............and didn't think it appropriate for the "men" to see their leaders throwing up at the horrible site.
In his Diary, Eisenhower wrote: "I replied "Georgie, if men such as us do NOT bear witness to this horror, someday.........and soon, many will come forward to say it never happened."
Thank you President Eisenhower.

Pete D said...

And let's not forget Crap Weasel's biggest pimp, George "Sauron" Soros, who started his monseter fortune by looting the houses and shops of his (also) jewish neighbors, having ratted them out to the Nazis (presumably for a fee / above mentioned looting privelidges)

Jim Hlavac said...

One of my best friend's father still has his number tattoo clearly visible on his arm -- he's 84 and lives in Pompano Beach Florida. I've met several other survivors of the camps, too. My Uncle Otto served six years and lived to tell about it. The Czech branch of my family lived through the occupation of Prague first by Nazis, then by Communists. Egad, you get such a close up view of things, often cringe inducing at the sheer horror and lunacy of it.

Meanwhile, I had a liberal friend actually use 1941 Germany as a model for health care reform -- I was incredulous -- he did not like my take on the matter -- so in the typical spirit of his kind, he "defriended" me on Facebook -- then asked for Linkedin referrals.

Though, too, let us not forget the other victims, not must my non-Jewish relatives, but Gypsies, and Jehovah's Witnesses, and other non-approved religions, and of course, the gay guys. This latter one so rarely mentioned. Still, Germany and the Allies managed to avoid reparations or apology to the gay camp survivors because the Nazi law #175 banning gay folks was one of the only Nazi laws that stayed on the books -- until the late 1990s. Why, sure, who can forget that? We even use the Pink Triangle of the camps.

And well, following events of today, and knowing of the events of then, well, the parallels get spookier and spookier.

CenTexTim said...

I have relatives who were in the Warsaw Ghetto. Some made it out, some didn't. I never knew any of them, but I still feel the connection.

A commentator this morning pointed out that several U.S. administrations adamantly vowed that N. Korea would never be a nuclear power. Look at them now.

Iran is watching how our government says one thing and does another. Somehow I don't think that sanctions will deter them.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Realwest! Howdy, and welcome!
When posting, just choose the 'name / url' radio button, and type it in - most browsers seem to remmeber it, so you only have to add it once.

Anonymous said...

In memory, may I recommend one of my favorite books: The Wall by John Hersey which follows the Warsaw Ghetto from its founding to its end. It starts slow, as evil often does, and takes the time to develop some of the most poignant characters in literary history.

Freddie Sykes

Anonymous said...

We all despise and loath Obama and his missus! But what is to be said about the millions of so-called Americans who vote for him and defend his every lie, every abuse of Office and every act of his that works to destroy all that is America? He is a traitor yet was reelected! What has happened to the people of America?
I believe America,as it has become,is in its terminal throes and the faithful States must declare their wish to secede,if we are to preserve ant remnants of the Constitution and Country our Founding Fathers gifted to us.
We must not let everything be destroyed by the likes of these Socialist hypocrites and hooligans.

Pete (Detroit) said...

On topic, and pretty much guarenteed to honk you off...

Sparky Hudson said...

This is poignant Stilton. Well done sir. We should never forget what the Jews and others had to endure during WWII. It should be a lesson to us all to be more careful about who is elected. There is also another holocaust going on as we speak: the wholesale murder of the "unwanted" unborn. SHAME on our country for funding this! And double shame on those who voted for this POS and all their satanic ideals. Obama is a Hitler because Obamacare is a type of holocaust in a quiet, sinister way.

Skoonj said...

Fine cartoon. By the way, it isn't out of the question that a relation of Obama DID liberate Auschwitz, as a member of the Soviet Red Army.

Sad day today. Most everyone has heard about the passing of Margaret Thatcher. In addition, a childhood favorite of mine, Annette Funicello, also died, at age 70.

Suzy said...

One of the most upsetting things from my reading is that one reason so many Jews died is because they never believed the government could be so evil. Even on the trains many convinced themselves it would be okay. And even though it makes people angry to hear Obama compared with Hitler, I keep finding these little parallels that are somewhat unnerving. Not that I think we'll all be gassed (I hope not anyway) but that I fear the current government is going to make things worse than anyone was willing to believe possible. Of course by then, it's too late to reverse the damage.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Suzy, it's NEVER "too late"

When the prisoners revolted, killed the guards, and escaped, it (arguably) let to the whole system being shut down. Also arguably, the Germans needed all able bodied persons fighting, and would have "closed" the camps about then anyway. Point being, it *is* NEVER too late.
Buy 'em, learn to use them, stock food... (ie, guns and ammo)

JustaJeepGuy said...

Yeah, Michelle Antoinette IS crass enough to want new lampshades. And yes, I DO get the reference. I loathe those two.

graylady said...

"really do believe the First Family is this despicable."

So do I. They really are disgusting............ tried to write more, can't, too nauseated.

REM1875 said...

"He freed us from the burden of making decisions"
The average German's answer for why they liked Hitler.
I see this happening today along with the war against political enemies, that allowed the nationial socialist workers party to do so many things while the people were distracted. Give the masses a domestic enemy and the people will support you removing their rights to get rid and punish this enemy of the state, heck the will demand it.
God grant comfort to all those affected by those killed in the Holacost and all those killed in the forced relocations right after the war.
Being stationed in Germany after the loss of 2 Uncles fighting the nazi was a unique expiernce. Left me with a deep curiosity about our host nation and it's citizens.

Gang of One said...

As a highschool teacher in a rather well-to-do community with a still respectable academic rigor, one of my areas of instruction is history at the ninth grade level. We cover various instances of genocide, and I have a lesson I developed [that got me in trouble, sort of] that addresses the causes of genocide. in brief, the class discusses dehumanization, deligitmization, scapegoating, and some of the other ingredients needed for a mass murder to take place. I then ask the students to serious contemplate the question 'can it happen here?' The students, linking events and attitudes here in the USA usually answer that it could, but most likely would not.
There are some very good blog posts here, and the comment threads are interesting.

Colby said...

Iran is moving as fast as they can to obtain nukes, and Imadinnerjacket has repeatedly and clearly stated his intention of blowing Israel off the map. Obama has clearly stated that he thinks Iran is a "tiny country" the we don't need to worry about.

Within days of Morsi's takeover of Egypt, he declared Israel to be enemy number one and stated that they were decendents of apes and pigs. Obama's reaction to that was to send them free F-18's, money and tanks.

If you combine this with the repeated snubbing of Israel and Netanyahu by obama, and the cancellation of the missile defense in Poland, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to know exactly where BO stands on Israel and the Jews. He hates them with a vengence and if they were attacked, he would honor Israel with the same urgency and military backup as he gave our men in Benghazi.

It still boggles the mind why the hell Jews supported this crackpot in the last two elections.

Gang of One said...

@Colby -- These are what are known amongst the Tribe as JINOs ... Jews In Name Only. They are invariably Reconstructionist, Reform, and to a large measure, Conservative [a name taken to indicate that it was an response to the Reform movement of the late 19th Century]. They are "cultural" Jews; they may go to synagogue for Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur, and may even observe the Passover prohibition of leavening and grains in the home. But that's as far as they go with their adherence to Torah. I grew up in a Conservative Judaic home, but my sisters married Orthodox guys whose politics are Republican/conservative. I myself am more unaffiliated with any Judaism as practiced by the Orthodox or even the Conservative systems -- in fact, I embraced Christ over 20 years ago, but that's a story for another time.
The point I make here is that the majority of non-observant Jews have little idea of the true nature of the Mid East conflict, and the existential threat to Israel and, by extension, Jewry itself in all its permutations.
These same Yids believe [wrongly] that true Jewish teaching impels them to be progressives, socialists, Communists, i.e., (post)modern culture whores. I would argue that the a majority of the Orthodox Jews are firmly in the conservative camp. I do not know one Orthodox Jew who voted for this charlatan currently residing in the White House.