Friday, January 3, 2014

Slaving Away

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Anxious to put the distant and disastrous past (2013) behind him, president Obama has turned his laser-like focus squarely on the future and signed a proclamation making January "National Slavery Prevention Month." A subject close to the president's heart owing to the fact that his indescribably privileged wife and daughters are still filled like ticks with, in his words, "the blood of slaves."

The president signed the anti-slavery proclamation in Hawaii, where he is currently taking a multi-million dollar luxury vacation funded entirely by taxpayers whom he forced to work for free (singing Stephen Foster songs and turning over their pay to The Man in the big White House) under threat of severe punishment.

Technically, the full name of the proclamation is "National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month," and it seeks to cut down on slavery nationally and internationally by developing "economies that create legitimate jobs...and empower our daughters and sons with the same chances to pursue their dreams." In other words, simply raise the minimum wage and end "income inequality" by burning down the antebellum mansions of the filthy, disgusting, moustache-twirling evil rich unless they happen to work in the sports or entertainment industries.

But once slavery is handled, what about human trafficking which forces women to be degraded in the sex industry? For starters, the president is closing our borders to prevent women from being brought in and...ha, ha! Just kidding! Closing the borders is off the table, because Democrats believe it's so important to let in more potential Hispanic voters that they have no problem whatsoever with also getting criminals, terrorists, and sex slaves by the truckload!

Which isn't to say that Mr. Obama is doing nothing about human trafficking.  Presumably, the president feels that prostitution represents a failed "free market solution" to the serious problem of "not enough nookie."

Which is why Obamacare has made such a point of ensuring that every female in our country has unlimited access to free birth control, abortion services, and horrendously bad role models. Clearly, the president believes "there's no need for whores when all women are sluts," and he and his media pals are doing all they can to bring that bold vision to fruition - despite the opposition of "war on women" conservatives who hatefully insist that women are actually more than interchangeable and disposable sexual receptacles.

In any event, Hope n' Change Cartoons wants every reader to be fully aware that this is Slavery Prevention Month and encourages you to plan your shopping accordingly.

Although ironically, the ongoing nightmare of January White Sales is still permissible.


Steve Burri said...

Haven't heard anyone use the term 'nookie' for a long time!

SusieBee said...

Another distraction - because this president certainly doesn't want us focused on health care... or the economy ... or the middle east.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Steve, quite commonly used in combo w/ other words, i.e. "Wookie Nookie", referring to, well, we'lll just leave it there...

BTW, it's -4 here this am. That's actual. -20 windchill. If I flipping WANTED to live in Minnisota... BRRR!!!!
Stay warm, y'all!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Steve Burri- It seems like most euphemisms have fallen by the wayside in these crass times.

@SusieBee- Exactly. Slavery and human trafficking are certainly serious issues, but I don't believe for a nanosecond that Obama cares about them.

@Pete(Detroit)- That is cold! Have you checked your front yard to see if there are any global warming researchers trapped in the ice?

Jim Hlavac said...

Oddly, where the call of the imam is most sacred is where the most slavery and human trafficking and sex trade and oppression of women is happening -- North Africa and the vast swath of land from Lebanon to India and north to the 'Stans is a hot bed of such things. Perhaps the president will make a speech in Cairo condemning these activities.

Or perhaps he will point out that entitlement programs are akin to slavery and unconstitutional. For money is labor -- and if we are taxed because someone else is entitled to our money -- with the government as the plantation master -- then our money is not ours. And since money is labor, thus our labor is not ours. To the degree others are entitled to our money, and thus our labor, they are essentially enslaving us to that degree - or, one might call it indentured servitude, also prohibited by the 13th Amendment -- and thus, every entitlement program or guarantee or even grant is thus unconstitutional. Which argument made many a college professor of mine worry.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I can't wait that long. I have a business to run.

CenTexTim said...

@Jim Hlavac - good point on where women are degraded and abused the most. I slightly disagree with you, however, on the 'taxes = slavery argument.' When my money/labor is taken from me at the point of a gun, I call it theft. Either way, however, it's wrong.

(An oversimplification of a complex social contract, I know, but it makes me feel better to say it that way.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- Great points in both areas. Barry happily looks the other way when it comes to human rights abuses in the Middle East. And for all of his "war on women" rhetoric, I've never heard him decry the Muslim practice of taking "temporary wives" for an hour or two (blessed by an imam) - usually women who have been sold into prostitution.

And I agree that taxation is a form of slavery: you will get out there and pick cotton (or whatever your job) and you won't receive pay/benefit for it, and you will be punished if you resist.

So does "slavery" come down to what percent of your livelihood is taken away? Would American slaves have been considered freed if the Emancipation Proclamation declared that their involuntary servitude was restricted to only 50% of the week? I don't think so.

@Woodsterman(Odie)- I'm pretty sure that running a business is considered evil these days.

@CenTexTim- Slavery is theft of time, property, and freedom. So you're both right!

Sparky said...

I'm with you Stilton. As if Turd Boy signing a piece of paper "proclaiming" he's anti-slavery is going to amount to a hill of beans. Pffft This so called proclamation is just another attempt to get us to focus on something other than the failing economy, the bogus health-care reform that he's deliberately created, his 10,000 lies (this week) and the fact that his ancestors are the ones that sold those poor negro's into slavery to start with!

And as far as "inequality", I can only quote Charles Krauthammer because he said it so well because I'm too flippin' angry right now to do anything but sputter incoherently:
“The great irony here is that [President Obama] has decided he's going to dedicate himself and the rest of his time in office to fighting inequality. He has created the greatest inequality because of zero interest rates, because the Fed has put a trillion dollars which had to go into higher assets, meaning the market. It's the rich have gotten richer and it’s left everyone else behind. And that's why you get the mass discontent in the sense of the economy not improving. He is the cause and now he’s going to redeem us from the misery to which he has contributed.”—Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier”

Ok, I really need a cup of "coffee" now.

Lee The Voice said...

A little off subject, but RE: Obamacare:

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Happy New Year from another member of the filthy bourgeoisie.

Pete (Detroit) said...

No, Stilt, no researchers that I noticed, tho the back-out from the driveway WAS a bit lumpy...

Did see a dog frozen to a fire hydrant, tho.

My brother in Minneapolis has kids that swear squirrels piss bb's...

John the Econ said...

Good start to the new year, @Stilton; again, you've nailed the fraud. What a load of crap.

Just a question, that no Progressive I've asked has yet to give a straight answer to: At what point do I get to consider myself a slave to the progressive state? When my tax burden exceeds 50% of my income? What's the point of having a "legitimate job" if most of the fruits of my labor are subsequently seized to be given to someone else? It doesn't matter if it's to a sainted welfare queen, or a endlessly vacationing imperial ruler.

And when will the few legitimate journalists left ask this real question: Exactly how does this administration rationalize their policy of open-borders, which has been flooding the country with cheap labor with that of eliminating "income inequality"? Exactly how does legalizing dozens-of-millions of low-wage workers help the plight of the un-and-underemployed which have been forced to compete in a business and employee-hostile marketplace?

As for the issue of actual human trafficking, it's simply appalling that this is still an issue in the 21st century. And this President shows his contempt for the issue by trying to wrap it up into Progressive economic gobbledygook. As our friend @Jim Hlavac points out above, the slave trade is conducted openly and is alive and well in places that this President will do anything to avoid talking about, much less doing anything about.

@Sparky, I couldn't have put that any better than Krauthammer did. If people actually understood what the "cheap money" policy of the last decade actually means to them, there'd be a revolution underway before dinner tonight.

But perhaps that's always been the goal; between worthless dollars and government-provided healthcare, we'll all be made slaves.

Bruce Bleu said...

What you need is NOT a cup of coffee, but to see that lamont gets a "cup" of WHOOP-ASS!! I've published what a "can" of "whoop-ass" looks like in the past... it's a C-130 full of MARINES, and it would please me IMMENSELY to see a platoon of "Semper Fi's" escorting "turd boy" OUT of the White House to a raft to be sent back to Kenya. I'd like to refer to barackarl obamarx as a repulsive maggot, but that would be disrespectful to maggots!!
John the econ,
If you distill lamont's goals, it's to have two classes of slaves... one to suckle at the teat of the producers, and one to generate income to be re-distributed to the suckers! We already ARE slaves to him! THAT'S why he can go to Hawaii and screw off on OUR "dime"!

Sparky said...

@Bruce Bleu ~ I agree Turd Boy needs to be escorted from office to the jail cell he so richly deserves. The only problem is he would enjoy the sex there. [ewwww] I'm still waiting on the Marines to save us. Or Superman. Or the Mossad (they do owe us a favor in my opinion). Or somebody with authority! Right now, any port in a storm.

At least I take solace in the fact that no evil doer lives forever and times, uh, change. (Pardon the pun.) Stay warm out there fellow Patriots. ~:)

Chuck said...

@Bruce Bleu - okay, I feel stupid: what does the C in FHATCHRIO stand for. I thought it was supposed to be an H (Horse). I found several references to FHATCHRIO in my Google search, but only of it being used, never defined.

Wait, I think I get it! As I look at the context of its use in the search ... does the C stand for Camel?

By the way, Stilton, thanks for the change in the comment verification. The numbers are much easier to decipher than the text was.

PRY said...

@John the econ...welcome to Soviet Russia!

John the Econ said...

@PRY, not quite yet.

Under Soviet progressivism, the unproductive and lazy were mostly not tolerated, and dealt with either by placement in work camps or just eliminated. This was necessary, since the low level of productivity under communism did not afford the luxury of tolerating anyone for whom it appeared that did not pull their own weight.

Under American progressivism, the lazy are currently permitted, even encouraged. This is mostly done to seduce and gain buy-in of the masses for the sake of undermining the notion of "democracy".

But as more members of the productive class continue to transfer to the unproductive class, at some point everything will collapse. (The "Atlas Shrugged" scenario) What happens then?

I've long espoused my strategy for dealing with the inevitability of a "single payer" health care regime. Since the 5-figures I now pay for health care would ultimately get transferred to my income tax, why bother having income? There's no political or possible way to tax "poor" people an additional 5-figures of income tax; so only "the rich" (and middle class) would be made to pay such rates. So why even bother being "middle class"? My strategy would be to work just enough to make whatever amount of income it would be before triggering the ever-higher progressive tax rates. I doubt I'd be alone in this.

Then what? My prediction is that 1 year from now (well after the 2014 elections) the Democrats will unveil the next fight that the Tea Party MUST DEFEAT: The VAT. If they can't extract enough wealth from the middle class via income taxes, they'll do it via production and consumption taxes.

Of course, in the longer-run when all of this ultimately fails, there's always the Soviet model. In a few more generations, the classic Soviet or Maoist model may be the only thing that has a shot at working. Your average liberal today is either ignorant of this, in denial of this, or won't tell you this.

David in SoCal said...

Hard to believe that Odistracter would do something like this 'Proclamation'; most likely to show that he is actually doing SOMETHING; even if it's about NOTHING. Even Rod Serling couldn't come up with a more bizarre episode than the last 5 years of this buffoon's term in office. If the Lincoln wannabe REALLY wants to stop slavery in the US, then he should immediately repeal Obama Care, and abolish the IRS. I need to go to Radio Shack today to by ANOTHER replacement 'Weird
Shit-o-meter', Barry just pegged and broke my last one.
Econ John: "Your average liberal today is either ignorant of this, in denial of this, or won't tell you this." You left out choice 'D', all of the above.....I got your six, bro.
Stilt: I'm SO happy to hear that the health issues at Castle Jarlsberg are finally under control. May your household be blessed with continued good health.

JustaJeepGuy said...


I also wondered what the "C" stood for, and I think you're right about "Camel". Though I could think of so many other things on which Barack Hussein might have ridden, the mental images left have made me wish desperately for some milk of amnesia...