Monday, March 17, 2014

Green and Beer It

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In all honesty, the cartoon above is simply Hope n' Change's way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and the scene pictured never happened and never could have.

Not because Barack O'Bama, the nation's first Black Irish president, isn't a moron. But because when his national security team met on Saturday to discuss the growing severity of the Ukraine crisis, the president again skipped the meeting, perhaps to go looking for magical creatures on the golf course.

"I understand that if you catch a leprechaun," the president was heard to say, "they have to give you their pot. Which, of course, I'd share with the whole choom gang."

Frankly, we think O'Bama has a much better chance of finding a leprechaun than of finding the necessary backbone to take national security matters seriously.

But here's hoping that today finds you enjoying a wonderful St. Patrick's Day, whether you're Irish all year around or just for 24 hours! 

Caution: When drinking do not attempt to operate heavy machinery or countries


Geoff King said...

Faith and b'gora! Sure'n it be the wee people what you be talking 'bout, now don'cha know? Happy St. Patrick's Day! Remember: never iron a 4-leafed clover. You don't want to press your luck.

George in Houtx said...

why does Jug-ears have to go thru this charade? WE know he isn't going to do anything substantive. HE knows he isn't going to do anything substantive. hell, the whole world knows he isn't gonna do anything! why can't he be honest for once and just say that he's gonna go play golf for a week?

oldredleg said...

A little off topic here Stilt,but what and when was this picture taken? It appears to be several former Secretaries of State around the table. Photo shopped perhaps?

American Cowboy said...

I noticed a couple people in the photo had their hands up to their mouths. It's funny, but I have the same reaction every time I see Øbamma. In my case though it is because every time I see or hear this bad joke I can taste and feel the sour bile coming up in the back of my throat.

oldredleg said...

Oops,my apologies to all,I skimmed right over the good Doctor's first sentence and missed entirely his statement about the picture never could have happened. Sorry,not enough coffee for me to be commenting on anything,carry on and Happy St.Pat's everyone whether you're snowed in or not.

Reiuxcat said...

Great video Stilton, Have a happy St Patty's Day. ;-)

Sparky said...

*roflol* Excellent Stilton! I'm not even catholic but I am praying that St. Pat will return and remove all the snakes with shoulders from our country.
Yeah, that can happen .... riiight?!
Husband said something profound the other day: it may be the only way to get our country back is to start building gallows. Works for me! "If I had a hammer ...." :)
Happy St. Patty's to ye.

Bruce Bleu said...

Actually, the ORIGINAL caption to this photo was "Why are all these damn flags in this room", and "Is Joe Bidumb still looking at my pencil-dick?"
Lamont thinks that at the end of every rainbow is a person who makes over minimum wage and needs to be taxed more. Ol' jug-ears wants to take lessons from a lepreCON. Madeleine Albright is holding back barfing on the desk, and Juan Kerry is picking his nose... YEP... typical day in the Fifedumb of Niggeragua.

Chuck Ef said...

Ha! Scooooooooore, good Doctor!

But now the secret is out - he doesn't attend critical meetings but not because of golf. No! That is merely a cover story - he's tying one on with the Chum Gang! Or maybe just by himself, as you so ably had in that JibJab.

It's always a party in this White House (you know he secretly wants Putin). He's not prez, he's drunk with power. THE UNICORN PRINCE! He don't need no stinkin' badge! Or Constitution, for that matter.

We drink to forget ....

Happy St. Paddy's Day all - and to my distant relatives in County Cork - Erin go bragh!!!

Colby said...

Hilarious, Dr. J! I especially enjoyed the bit about the Leprechaun's pot.

I saw a bumper sticker on a truck in front of a biker bar that said, "If I had a hammer... there'd be no folk musicians."

And since it's a holiday...

What do you call an Irishman on your back deck? Paddy O'Furniture.


John Flannigan walks into a Murphy’s Pub, and plops down next to another patron. After ordering a pint, he strikes up a conversation with the gentleman seated next to him.

“Hi, me name’s John. What would be your name, fine sir?”

“Pleased to meet‘cha, John. My name would be Sean. How ‘bout that; our names rhyme!”

“I knew I liked ya the minute I laid eyes on ya. Let’s raise a glass to rhymin’ names!”

“So, John, where ya from, if I might ask?”

“I hail from Limerick; how ‘bout you?"

“Me to! Let’s have a pint for old Limerick! And where’d ya go to school?”

“I schooled at St. Mary’s… and you?”

“Faith and Begorrah! I went to St. Mary’s as well! Barkeep, let’s have another pint for old St. Mary’s!”

“So, let me ask another question. Whereabouts in Limerick did ya grow up?”

“Me and me 8 brothers and sisters lived on O’Leary St., and you?”

“O’Leary Street?! My oh my, what a small world, indeed! Let’s drink to O’Leary Street!”

“And, one of me brothers is a priest over at St. Andrew’s”

“What are the chances? My brother’s a priest at St. Andrew’s too. Let’s drink to Brothers of the Cloth!”

Meanwhile another bar patron has gotten very curious, so he asks the barkeep what’s going on with the two guys. The barkeep answers, “Oh, it’s nothin’. The Flannigan twins are just drunk again.”

Please hold you applause until the end...

John the Econ said...

So now we have Russian media boasting about how Russia can still turn the US "into radioactive dust".

Well, at least you have to give those in the Russian media credit for having balls. Nobody in the mainstream here does. Could you imagine any contemporary US network anchor commenting, much less boasting that the US could turn any enemy's land into a radioactive desert? Our wimps can't even bring themselves to admit that ObamaCare is a failure, much less that the US could or should have any influence internationally anymore.

Again, it's probably best that our commander in chief is off chasing rainbow-farting unicorns on the gold courses of the eastern seaboard instead of interfering with the few adults left in our defense establishment.

Anonymous said...

Why is Biden staring at Obowmuh's ass?

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Anonymous: He's not. He's looking at the top of the Chris Matthew's head.

WMD said...

What is a seven course meal in Ireland?

A six pack and a potato.

And since I grew up around Indian reservations,

What is a seven course meal on the reservation?

A six pack and a puppy.

I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitress.

REM1875 said...

I think that is Eunuch-corn in berry's case.

Chuck Ef said...

BTW, in keeping with the Dem-prog motif these days, I thought I would let everyone know that I boycotted all of yesterday's festivities, just like our beloved brethren in the homophobia-phobic communities. Why? I boycotted because I was not included.

I think it worked out well.

BTW a six pack and a potato sounds good to me as long as the six pack isn't Guinness.

Erin Go Bragh.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- Thanks for the tip about ironing shamrocks!

@George in Houtx- Barry's pretense of leadership is offensive. I agree with you - he should give up the charade and fly back to Hawaii to golf. Preferably on a Malaysian airline.

@oldredleg- No Photoshoppery, but it's an old picture. I believe this was a meeting about the SALT treaty, and Barry's decision to make the world healthier through a low-salt diet (by removing missile defenses from Poland and Czechoslavakia).

@American Cowboy- I get that a lot myself. That's why I keep Obarf bags handy.

@Reiuxcat- Credit for the video belongs to JibJab; all I did was tell the site to add the face of a blithering idiot.

@Sparky- Now I've got "If I Had a Hammer" going through my head, though I like the way you're repurposing the tool!

@Bruce Bleu- Y'know, Joe is showing an unhealthy interest in Barry's nether regions...

@Chuck Ef- There was a good piece in today's Wall Street Journal describing how Barry runs things in the White House; he lets other people meet, then he gets a condensed brief, and he checks one of three boxes: agree, disagree, or let's talk. That's frightening.

@Colby- I thought that was the Flannigan twins!

@John the Econ- Forget the threat of radioactive dust, the REAL threat to our country is the dust gathering on anything like leadership.

@Anonymous- Biden is staring at Obama's ass to figure out the best angle of approach to kiss it.

@Emmentaler- He shoots! He scores!

@WMD- The classics never get old.

@REM1875- "Eunuch-corn" is great. I may have to steal that at some point.

@Chuck Ef- I'm pretty sure nobody was kept out of the St. Paddy's Day parade because they were gay; rather, they weren't allowed to change the theme of the parade for their own political goals. I support gay rights, but I also support the rights of others to have celebrations which aren't disrupted by others.

REM1875 said...

Malaysian airline- too funny, don't we wish. If not that maybe we can get him to drive next time. If we are real lucky maybe the island will tip over.

Chuck Ef said...

Hey Doc -

Was being facetious.

I support gay rights too although in my humble opinion we already had gay rights all along - they are the same as everyone else - gays do not have unique rights. And that includes forcing others to attend to their terms. I am rather sick of the intolerance of the "tolerant" left. That is was I was trying to parody. Perhaps not too well. That and Guinness' decision as an ostensibly Irish brewer.

I do not view marriage as a "right" - it is a social custom. If that is what is meant by "gay rights" (i.e., this whole marriage thing), well ... Then let the unicorns run wild.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

This may be one h*** of an effective campaign medium...

Cruz Against The Machine

Interesting that he objected to the cigarette in the Beverly Hilton poster by 'Sabo', not the tattoos. May not always agree with his stance on some (very few) things, but I respect the h*** out of him for going to D.C. and doing what the voters of Texas elected him to do.