Sunday, April 20, 2014

From the HnC Vault: Roll Playing

Readers- Hope n' Change is taking Easter off, so there won't be a new Monday cartoon. Instead, we're reposting our Easter cartoon and commentary from one year ago which is, sadly, still topical.
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Today's commentary will be short and (not very) sweet, simply because Hope n' Change is feeling tired and pissed off today. And while the roots of these feelings are many, the idiocy du jour is the false flap about whether or not the dreaded sequester cuts were going to cause cancellation of the annual Whitehouse Easter Egg Roll.

But this was all just another distraction; the Easter Egg Roll was never in jeopardy and the story was floated by the Whitehouse simply to give the MSM some puff piece they could use to fill news minutes on-air while ignoring genuinely important stories.

So the networks charged after the "Easter Egg" story like a fat kid diving on a Cadbury egg, while completely ignoring the nearly unreported story that the survivors of the Benghazi terror attack are being hidden from Congress, the Press, and the American people - and for good measure, their being warned not to talk to anyone about what really went wrong in the weeks leading up to that hellishly successful terror attack. Forget the Easter Egg Roll- let's find out Obama's role, Hillary Clinton's role, and the roles of all the other incompetent liars with blood on their hands.

It's an old refrain here, but it's still important and it still burns: the mainstream media is dead in this country as far as showing even marginal interest in anything which could make this administration look bad. Which is, not coincidentally, virtually everything this administration does.

By accepting fluffy, fictitious "news" stories handed out by the administration, Whitehouse "journalists" have shown themselves to be basket cases.

Or in this case, Easter Basket cases.

obama, obama jokes, msm, benghazi, easter egg roll, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change


REM1875 said...

A happy and joyous Easter to all.

Dave Wallace said...

Time for Capitol punishment for all the criminals in the White House.

PRY said...

Yeh I remember that cartoon...sadly, nothing has changed for the better at this point...except that we all knew O was a LIAR...we just didn't know how complete a liar he was! God help us...PLEASE!!!

Sparky said...

I absolutely despise the selfish idjits that voted for this train wreck of evil. I want this nightmare to be over but it seems to be in some kind of continuous loop. It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day only with monsters.

Chuck Ef said...

Have a good day off, Doc.

And which one in the cartoon is the typical empty-headed, limp-doodle progressive - the one in the clown suit or the bunny?

I'm not a night person - so ... confused. So ... confused.

REM1875 said...

Happy Dingus day to y'all.

Geoff King said...

Plenty of bad eggs in DC to go around.

Geoff King said...
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John the Econ said...

Awww man! Come on! It's "Earth Day" tomorrow, the day when the planet's political and celebrity icons of conspicuous consumption parade themselves about and tell the rest of us how we should life. (Hint: It's not like they do)

Expect Obama, the man who flies about in his personal 747 to play golf the same way a soccer mom drives to pick up the kids from practice, to drone on about how we can no longer live as we've been living, and certainly like he lives. He'll suggest something we should all cut back on. It will be something meaningless to him or the DC establishment, the same establishment that recently shipped an entourage of 900 for a single 24-hour visit to Brussels. (Perhaps they could have made do with only 898)

Anonymous said...

We don't need Earth day because God told us to ruin the planet anyway. Who needs an environment when he will rapture us all anyway?

Chuck Ef said...

I guess that @Anonymous is the "typical empty-headed, limp-doodle progressive" that I was referring to.

Wonder if he wears diapers in his parents basement while he trolls here. It could get messy otherwise.

He and that bunny would make a lovely couple.

David in SoCal said...

@Anonymous: So sorry, but I missed that memo from God telling us to go ahead and ruin the planet anyway. Could you please hep us to that one?

John the Econ said...

Ah, another liberal chimes in. Not with an actual argument, or even a point. But with the same kind of empty rhetoric that we can expect tomorrow; the kind that demands nothing of substance from the liberal himself.

I figure as long as I maintain a carbon footprint that is less than the mean between Al Gore, Barack Obama, Thomas Friedman, and Leo DiCaprio, I'm doing more than my fair share.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Good comments here, as always (you guys and gals are more reliable than I am!). I'm greatly pissed that Benghazi is no more resolved than it was a year ago - and likely no more resolved than it will ever be. Why? Because too many people just don't care.

Per the stupid and offensive comment by "Anonymous," this cartoon wasn't actually about "Earth Day," it was about Easter - which you apparently haven't heard of, and Benghazi - which you won't admit to having heard of.

I'll also point out that you're barking up the wrong tree (even though you're hugging it) when you think you can tweak me with talk about God and the rapture. I'm not religious, and you're an offensive idiot.

On a largely unrelated note, I'm going to mention that I'm hurting a lot right now because I just found out that a very close friend died of a heart attack on Easter. He was a friend, a guide, a confidant, and a lot more.

He was also my personal physician, and he thought Obamacare was a rolling disaster.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Stilt - sorry for your loss. I know what a complete bi-aich it is trying to find a new Dr these days, all that over and above the loss of a friend.

Chuck Ef said...

My condolences Doc.

John the Econ said...

Personally, I enjoy it when liberals like Anonymous chime in. It's a wonderful look into the dysfunctional mine of the 21st Century Progressive. They're completely unable to make an argument since either don't understand the issue at hand, or are too lazy to. So all they can contribute to any exchange is a snark.

So of course he'll comment on "Earth Day", since Earth Day is about feeling good about his empty sanctimony, whereas I'll bet today's pay that he couldn't find Benghazi on a map if his life depended on it.

And his religious comment is even more revealing, in as he likely has none, and what he does know of people of faith comes almost exclusively from like-non-minded liberals or the media, which also knows practically nothing of religion beyond what others in their own echo chamber have told them.

Speaking of liberals, the environment and religion: Have you ever heard an eco-leftist toss out Pascal's Dilemma, where Pascal postulates that if one has uncertainty about the existence of God, then perhaps it would still be wise to attend church, since doing so covers the basis at relatively little personal risk. Some time ago, eco-liberals started throwing that one out, arguing that even if "global warming" was less than certain, it would still be a good idea to take steps to prevent it. (even though doing so would come at extreme cost, whether they realize it or now)

So, you'd think that if eco-liberals really believed that, then the churches would be overflowing with eco-liberals. And yet, they aren't.

@Stilton, so sorry to hear of your loss. Most people will just be losing their doctors. Good friends and confidants are even harder to come by.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Your kind comments are much appreciated, and I'll give you a heads up that I'm not going to be posting anything else this week (barring unforeseen circumstances), though I'll probably lurk here in the comments area a bit. This particular loss has sort of blindsided me. My late friend, Dr. Timothy Drake, was in the foxhole with me during some of the most challenging periods of my life and helped me (and the rest of my family) enormously. Damn, I miss him.

Per John the Econ's comment that Anonymous probably couldn't find Benghazi on a map, I think it's only fair to point out that while our people were under fire, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton could find Benghazi on a map either.

Or maybe they just didn't try.

Chuck Ef said...

Rest, Doc, and grieve. I wish I had a friend like you. Dr. Drake was lucky, too.

See you next week.

Sparky said...

Yes, rest Stilton. We'll still be here. Prayers & condolences for Dr. Drake's family and other loved ones. Be safe dear.
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." [Proverbs 3:5,6]

David in SoCal said...

Stilton: I am SO sorry for the loss of a dear friend and family healer. My thoughts and Prayers are with Dr. Drake, his family, friends, and the many fortunate patient friends like yourself that he has served so well. A little time off to grieve, reflect, relax and re-charge is well deserved. We will be here to hold down the Fort as best we can, and deal with the 'blog bombers' like "ANALUNANIMOUS", with digression and alacrity. A brotherly hug to ya, my friend!

BC said...

Sorry Stilt..