Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Race to the Bottom

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Attorney General Eric Holder, who is too overworked to actually investigate IRS abuse, Benghazi, voter fraud, immigration violations, Harry Reid's finances, or respond to innumerable Congressional queries, has suddenly found the time and resources to launch a $5 million investigation into big city police departments and courtrooms  in order to prove that these institutions are racist.

And how does he know that they're racist? Because so many black people are arrested and convicted of crimes! According to Holder, this "overrepresentation of young black men" represents "fundamental unfairness" in the system rather than, oh, just going out on a limb here, too many of them breaking the freaking law.

Of course, Holder's real purpose is simply to be shouting "racism!" from the rooftops yet again in order to stir up passions and hatred in time for midterm elections which are looking decidedly dicey for the Democrats.

And in fact, "running on racism" is clearly the theme all Progressives are using to try to distract from this administration's many failures and the ongoing Obamacare disaster.

For instance, while in Malaysia, Barack Obama used the offensive comments of one man, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, to smear our entire country - citing Sterling's remarks as proof that "the United States continues to wrestle with the legacy of race and slavery and segregation."

For the record, Sterling's hideously racist comment was "don't bring black people to my basketball games," which stands in stark contrast to Barack Obama's entirely non-racist comment "don't bring white people to my Brother's Keeper program."

The liberal media has also been having eye-rolling, explosively moist orgasms while promoting the story of "domestic terrorist" cattle rancher Cliven Bundy who used the word "Negro," and rather artlessly wondered aloud if black Americans weren't perhaps better off under the old slavery (picking cotton in fields with no hope of escape) than they are under the new slavery (picking up welfare checks in public housing with no hope of escape).

Which, frankly, was an idiotic thing for him to say - especially since polysyllables and philosophic musings on incendiary topics are a lot harder to wrangle than cattle. For the record, Cliven, the old slavery was immeasurably worse. But that doesn't make the Left's new slavery any more acceptable.

Despite the Progressives' desire to use racism as their battle cry for the elections, it is their policies which have made things worse for black Americans on virtually every measurable index - especially during the administration of Barack "My Daughters Carry The Blood Of Slaves" Obama, Joe "They Want To Put Y'all Back In Chains" Biden and, oh yeah, Eric "They Hate Me Because I'm Black" Holder.

But troublesome facts like those are easy enough to dismiss, disguise, or bury entirely - especially if done so with the force of law. Don't believe us? Then consider the recent unanimously passed bill in California which instructs public schools to include curriculum about the "racial significance of Barack Obama's presidency" being a "historic step towards equality in the United States."

As the midterms approach, don't be surprised if there is an executive order requiring all news outlets to report the same blatant lie.


Mike aka Proof said...

Romney had 'binders full of women'. Obama had folders full of Holder.

rickn8or said...

I'll bet Eric already has a list of the "winning" grant recipients drawn up...

George in Houtx said...

Eric Holder is right, though! there IS racism afoot in the court system. I find it terribly racist that minorities (blacks) are committing all of the crime and leaving just a sparse little bit of "crime crumbs" for the white guys.

trayvon's mammy said...

This is all smoke & mirrors to enable felonious 'groids to vote. Democrat, of course.

Geoff King said...

The democrats, after being caught in innumerable scandals and criminal activities, have nothing left to defend themselves but to attempt to claim the moral high ground by playing the overused and extremely worn out racism card. It is nothing more than a distraction for the ignorant masses to focus their attention away from the real problems we all face. By calling everyone they can a racist, it not only takes the attemtion off of their transgressions, but it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy by further dividing the people. It also is an extremely convienient way to justify the actions of the Yomama Administration. Because he is (supposedly) black, if any disagree with his blatant disregard of the Constitution and the resulting destruction of our country, they are labled racist. The hypocrisy is overwhelming considering it was the democratic party that formed and funded the KKK, and has overseen the abortion of over 50 million black babies.

John the Econ said...

As the Obama Administration gets more and more desperate to divert America's attention from the sheer disaster that is the Unaffordable Health Care Act, expect more of this kind of silliness. Quite frankly, $5-million is pretty cost-effective as Presidential faux-distractions are concerned. It's a fraction of the average Obama vacation "splurge". So I congratulate them on their frugality.

And then we have the odd distraction of those trying to make political hay over a supposedly rich-racist sports team owner, who sleeps with a black mistress and clearly doesn't care if she brings home other black guys to $%@#. Oh, and he's a Democrat, by the way. As usual, liberals will try to parlay this into some sort of boost for their phony racial agenda, but I'm not really sure how. Very few of "normal" Americans own mistresses and sports teams primarily staffed by Americans of African descent. Personally, I find it pretty difficult to relate to.

Either way, they're going to seize his team. Think what you will about the miserable Mr. Sterling, but I'm not a fan of having property seized merely for the expression an opinion, (in private, no less) even an unpopular one.

Meanwhile, as more major employers are fleeing the State of California and taking their high-paying jobs with them by the thousands, Democrats in the state legislature continue to demonstrate just why. Some day, real historians write of America's first "Affirmative Action" president, and what a disaster it was.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

OT, but this has the heavy fingers of George Soros all over it - he lost his plan to subvert the election process by backing 'progressive' candidates for Secretary of State positions in the states, so now this:

Plan to Change the Electoral College Process - Judge Napolitano

and this:

States Plan To Change The Election System

Note that in this process, if the 'state' decides it doesn't like the election results, it can pull out of the 'compact' resulting in chaos.

Also OT, but fun to watch:

Judge Jeanine on Dirty Harry

Fred Ciampi said...

I thought that it was illegal to record a phone call (1) without a court order or (2) without the other person's knowledge. I may be wrong (I was wrong once before) but the highest AG in the land should be doing his job and prosecuting the perpetrator of recording phone calls.

John the Econ said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Administration's other faux-crisis: "Sexual Assaults on Campuses". The "White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault" wishes to require that colleges and universities conduct so-called campus climate surveys to better understand how frequently students experience sexual assault.

My problem isn't with actual "sexual assault", or what we used to call "rape". It's with how "sexual assault" has been defined-down, and even has been turned into a political crime. "Sexual assault" now includes two people getting drunk or high, having consensual sex, and then one party (usually the woman) changing their mind about it after the fact and filing charges.

Interestingly, policy on many campuses now state that "intoxication creates an inability to consent". Fair enough. But if that's the case, then how is it possible for one party (usually a woman) to press charges against another if the accuser has violated policy just as the accused has? Shouldn't they both be charged? And yet that doesn't happen. It's usually only men who get to have their lives destroyed.

The gender police are arguing that 1 out of 5 women on campus have been "assaulted", and the lock-step Progressive media has joyfully repeated this without question. My question is: "If you subtract out the "voluntary intoxication" cases, exactly what percentage of women have been actually assaulted?

Of course, anyone raising questions like this will be labeled as part of the imaginary "War on Women" by the right. In reality, this is all part of the left's "War on Boys and Men". Decades of radical feminism has raised a generation of libertine women and now the feminists are not pleased with the results. (Nor should they be)

And this just in; Another Obama Economic Success Story: China will overtake the US as the world's largest economy, 5 years sooner than expected. Congratulations Obama Administration. It's just something else they're going to need to distract us from as we enter "Recovery Summer IV, the Sequel to the Sequel to the Sequel that always leaves us wanting more, or less".

John the Econ said...

@Fred Ciampi, as we learned decades ago during the Clinton Administration, the unauthorized and/or illegal recording of phone calls is only a prosecution-worthy offense when it's perpetrated by those not affiliated with the Democrat party or agenda. If you are exposing the politically incorrect behavior of unprotected groups or individuals, you are safe from prosecution.

Judi King said...

Just more examples of "divide and conquer" and diversion tactics by those in power to take the spotlight off all the real problems in our country and the world. If you don't go along with the progressive mindset, then you must be a racist. I thought we had the constitutional right of free speech no matter how offensive. Mr Bundy may be somewhat inarticulate but he was right in his concept of trading one form of slavery for another. And guess what? There has always been slavery since the beginning of civilization and most of them were probably white. Most of us probably have a "slave" somewhere in our heritage.

Chuck Ef said...

Very well stated Doc. Kudos.

I forgot about "which stands in stark contrast to Barack Obama's entirely non-racist comment "don't bring white people to my Brother's Keeper program."" But of course, black people are, by definition, not racists. And women are not sexist. [Get ready for the coming "misogynist apocalypse"!]

Let's face it; it's about demagoguery and manipulating the ill-educated electorate, numbed by feeding at the public teat. It has nothing to do with principle.

Of course, part of that is pandering to the left's "equality of outcome" rather than the classically liberal equality of opportunity. In fact, it's really a massive cover-up of certain manifest failures despite deferential equality of opportunity (a euphemism) and the cultural decline over the last 50 years. But I am a neanderthal (aka a classical liberal).

Good grief.

Hey Doc, I am beginning to feel better now that I can get my HnC fixes. Oh happy day! Thank you sir and I can I have another?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Proof- What I wouldn't give to get my hands on Holder's folders and expose them to the light of day...

@rickn8or- I'll bet you're right. Look for money to be flowing to a lot of community action groups that were formerly part of Acorn.

@George in Houtx- Happily, crime isn't a zero sum game. The big lawbreaking pie can be expanded enough to include people of all races, creeds, and colors. Assuming that the stats match the DOJ's racial quotas.

@trayvon's mammy- Holder likes to cite a study that shows there is virtually no voter fraud, meaning there's no need for voter ID. The problem is that the "study" consisted of grad students at one university sending out letters to various state attornies general and asking "do you have any convictions for voter fraud?" Some states sent back incomplete information, and still more didn't bother to answer the pointless letters at all. Which magically translated into "Wow! There's almost no voter fraud!"

@Geoff King- You're completely correct. And I recently read that abortion is now the number one cause of death for black Americans (admittedly, very young ones). Which makes abortion an odd thing for the Democrats to love so passionately. Even Donald Sterling hasn't suggested that black people should be chopped into little pieces and flushed down the toilet.

@John the Econ- As usual, you bang the nail on the head: should a citizen lose his personal property for holding offensive views? For instance, should a conservative cartoonist who thinks Obama hates America and Holder is a ruby red asshole have his house taken away and be forced to pay a huge "insensitivity" fine? Where, exactly, is the law that says this is legal?!

Regarding Toyota's decision to move out of California, they're coming to my home town of Plano, Texas. I could see their new headquarters if I stood on my roof...but I try not to do that as it makes me into an easy drone target.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Elections are such a bothersome inconvenience for the Left these days. Obama has previously expressed envy for how things are done in China, with no need to answer to voters. Not that this is exactly shocking to any of us...

@Fred Ciampi- Apparently recording Sterling's phone calls was illegal as hell. But I'll be amazed if any charges are brought against the woman who did the recording - and (no doubt deliberately) used her illegal recordings to do millions of dollars worth of damage to a private citizen. The degree to which that citizen happens to be a jerk shouldn't enter into it.

@John the Econ- I saw that story about campus "sex assaults" and groaned, wondering how anyone expects to fight assaults using surveys. But as you point out, it seems highly questionable whether we're talking about "assaults" at all - or just poor decisions made by hormonally hyperactive kids who've been exposed since birth to liberal cultural messages telling them to screw without conscience, commitment, or consequence.

@Judi King- Bundy expressed his thoughts clumsily and, yes, offensively. But that doesn't mean he wasn't on to something. To paraphrase what I think he meant to say, Freedom is a good thing - including freedom from an overreaching government. Slavery is a bad thing - especially the modern slavery imposed by that same overreaching government.

@Chuck Ef- You're right that the "official" definition of racism is that it can only be applied to members of the group in power - i.e. white folks. People of other ethnic groups can despise and trash talk people of other colors and cultures all they want, and it's just good fun.

Personally, I think that definition is bullcrap. And frankly, I think that if a black person lumps all white people together and characterizes them in negative stereotypes, that qualifies as ugly racism. Especially when those sentiments are expressed by a president.

Bruce O'Hara said...

Pure genius :-)

Chuck Ef said...

"Senate Democrats will schedule a vote this year on a constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance as they face tens of millions of dollars worth of attack ads from conservative groups."

First amendment? Who needs the First Amendment? Hell, kill the Constitution while you’re at it, Libtards.

Anonymous said...

As far as Obama's daughters "possibly having slave blooD in them" ... ONLY IF OBAMA'S KENYA FAMILY WERE SLAVES IN KENYA .......

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce O'Hara- Actually, it's more anger than genius, but thanks!

@Chuck Ef- When the Dems also vote to stop letting unions pour millions into the election coffers, I'll believe they're sincere.

@Anonymous- The "slave's blood" comment was made during Barry's (in)famous speech on race following the Rev Jeremiah Wright debacle. However, he made it clear that his daughters carried the blood of slaves and slave owners through their mother's side of the family. Presumably all the girls inherited from Barry was a taste for marijuana and dog meat. Assuming, of course, that the girls are biologically related to him at all.

Chuck Ef said...


"Presumably all the girls inherited from Barry was a taste for marijuana and dog meat. Assuming, of course, that the girls are biologically related to him at all."


Hey, a stoner told me that dog meat is good for the munchies. Have you seen any dogs around Biden? There's a reason for that... Of course, if I were mean, I suppose I could say that one has seen Wookie around Biden but OMG, that's low. I won't go there ...

Pete (Detroit) said...

Anon (above) - Only if you assume 1) Barak is the sperm doner, not just the "daddy" 2) Barak Sr was actually the sperm donor for The President, and 3) The Mooch has no slave blood.(I'm pretty sure it's been documented that she's only 1/4 white)

WMD said...

I look at this holder guy and I have to wonder, does he really think he's black? I mean, I suppose if you go by the one drop rule. What is he about 1/128th black? I guess someone in his family has been putting ALOT of cream in the coffee, as they say.

Becasue of the latest events. like his appearance before congress when he mouthed off to Trey Gowdy I think it was, holder has shown himself to be even a bigger jackass than our king.

Daddy Dave said...

Crime statistics = Profiling = Racism

Calling a spade a spade ...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck Ef- I believe you're referring to the popular "reefer & woofer" combo that stoners enjoy.

@Pete(Detroit)- I'm pretty skeptical about anything regarding Barry and his genetic links to anyone else.

@Daddy Dave- Sad, but true. The question is whether the "disparate impact" on blacks in the legal system comes from law enforcement, or from an unfortunately disparate amount of crime.

And yeah, questions like that will probably force me to sell my basketball team...

Colby said...

Hey Holder! The smeller's the feller! You wanna find the country's largest source of racism, go look in the mirror, you pompous, arrogant, racist, self righteous dirtbag!

There.... I'm all better now.

In an unrelated topic, I was surfing the internet yesterday and saw the Disney announced the cast of Star Wars VII, and was pleased by two things. One: Many of the original cast members will be reprising their roles, such as Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker. Two: Peter Mayhew is suing Michelle Obama for character assisination.

Chuck Ef said...


Is Peter Mayhew asking for donations?

It is a shame, really.

John the Econ said...

Speaking of race absurdity, this one was new to me. Apparently on college campuses today, white males are being told to "check their privilege":

"It is meant to remind white, heterosexual males that they have it so good because they’re white, heterosexual males. They haven’t faced tough times, they don’t know what it’s like to be judged by the color of their skin."


All this reminds me of is how anti-intellectual the intellectual class has become.

I'll admit that compared to many, my life has been relatively easy. But it has little to do with "white privilege". It was do mostly to the fact that I grow up in an age where America was the most affluent society in the history of mankind. But beyond that, I've had to prove myself every step of the way.

Compare that to our current President, which has never had to prove himself. Was was permitted to cruise through academia in a stupor completely unchallenged, and congratulated for it all the way. All he had to do was show up. He'll leave office an omni-millionaire 1%-er and will cruise through the rest of his life never having to have bothered with a real job while he chastises those who do.

Today, "privilege" is the ability to spout such nonsense, and not having to defend it in any meaningful way.

"I have checked my privilege. And I apologize for nothing."

Anonymous said...

"Having done all this, I would make our fastest-growing demographic group the least educated – I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50 percent dropout rate from school.

I would then get the big foundations and big business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of victimology. I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was all the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority population.

I would place all these subjects off-limits – make it taboo to talk about. I would find a word similar to “heretic” in the 16th century – that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like “racist”, “xenophobe” halt argument and conversation."

-Richard Lamm, graduation speech "How I would destroy America", 2005