Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Call (of Duty) Waiting

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Despite White House spokesweasel Jay Carney's claim that Barack Obama only learned about the scandalous conditions of the VA medical system by watching recent TV news reports, there is evidence the he was actually fully informed of the problem over five years ago...and did nothing, repeat nothing, to improve conditions for those who have served our nation.

During that period, the ever-busy president has managed to find time to go golfing over 160 times, at approximately five hours per round of golf. That adds up to an awful lot of time which could have been better spent kicking asses in the VA and repairing our veterans' medical system.

But nooOOooo. The president who arrogantly boasted on the campaign trail of being able to "do two things at once" put all of his attention on ruining the healthcare system of the private sector, rather than repairing the damage already being done by an existing government-mismanaged medical system.

He partied, vacationed, and campaigned while our veterans suffered and died. And despite reports that he is "mad as hell" about this growing tsunami of scandal, no one - on either side of the political aisle - seriously expects him to do a damn thing to clean up the mess.

As commander-in-chief, Barack Obama should take full responsibility for the failings of the VA system. He should stand and face our nation's veterans, apologize, and take 100% of the blame.

Our sick and injured veterans will have to wait a long, long time for that to happen.  But sadly, waiting a long, long time is nothing new to them.


Anonymous said...

This is way too optimistic but I hope whoever gets into office next term swears nonstop that all the trouble this country has is the fault of the previous president, because obviously this is one of those problems that this administration is going to sit on and quietly leave in place.

Queso Grande said...

barak obama is the perfect exemplar of the insidious nature of affirmative action and the bigotry of low expectations. He takes credit for work not his own and blame for nothing.
That Americans voted for him twice is our Country's epithet.
I weep for what we once were.

Gang of One said...

@Anonymous: The next admin is going to be Dem; the Repubs just can't seem to get their feces together and run a real Conservative leader.

@Queso Grande: You said: "That Americans voted for him twice is our Country's epithet." I think you meant 'epitath', but 'epithet works just as well.
It's not so much the poltroons in office, I fear; it is the ignorant rabble who elect them that frighten me.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Bin Laden hit: MASTERMIND



Colby Muenster said...

Now, now.... The President is a very busy man, dealing daily with major issues that have world changing reprocussions. Do you really think he has time to micro manage some tiny branch of the government like the VA? He doesn't have even a smidgen of time for such trivial things. Golfing is a devilishly DIFFICULT endeavor, you know. It requires full concentration, with no distractions; that's why they make the crowd be quiet at tournaments. "Don't take your eye off the ball, Barack." his father used to tell him. We should kneel down and thank him for listening to his father and staying laser focused, rather than being so over critical. We need to lighten up a little during his third term.

Judi King said...

I think the "Peter Principle" aptly applies here. The"dic" has risen to his level of incompetence. He SHOULD do a lot of things but does nothing. And, Mr. Queso, I've been weeping for years.

CenTexTim said...

"... he is "mad as hell" about this growing tsunami of scandal..."

What he's mad about is that it came to light while he was still in office. He couldn't care less about how our veterans are treated, unless it reflects poorly on him.

Geoff King said...

Since the police and military are now being trained that returning vets are the number one threat to our country, it is no wonder that the VA is in the shape it is in.
The new terrorist training town the military built at Fort Hill in Virginia- complete with a Baptist church, high school, sports stadium, and DC subway - is not for training against Al Qaeda. They are training to take on veterans, libertarians, Christians, and gun owners as we are the only real threat to their authoritarian take over of our country.

Chuck Ef said...

@ Doc

Great write up. Really. Just like the Clintons, they hate the military - until they "love" them, as Grumpy pointed out.


Great comments! KEEP GOING! MORE! MORE! MORE!

This admin is a hemorrhoid.

Jim Hlavac said...

The VA hospital here in Phoenix is being constantly reported on as a hellhole. There's calls for the head of it to resign, or be fired -- even indicted. Perhaps the president, during a golf outing in Scottsdale could attend to the matter.

And he's really only "mad as hell" that someone found out and reported on this.

And couldn't his teleprompter have reported the story to him? It seems to know everything else.

Gang of One said...

@Jim Hlavac and Grumpy: I think it was Mark Levin who searingly pointed out that it is a disgrace that Obama only finds out these disasters when informed by news, when it is HE who SHOULD be informing THEM.

Chuck Ef said...

Welcome to the future folks. This is Obamacare in action -

I am sure that Harry Reid will call it a lie soon and then blame the Koch Brothers.

This is as good as it gets when the government is involved in our lives. And the left wants more ...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- As of 10am on Wednesday, Barry has broken his silence and made a forceful statement about the VA mess: "If these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful and I will not tolerate it -- period."

You'd think after the "if you like it you can keep it" debacle, he'd learn not to end his lies with the word "period." It makes them too easy to spot.

Frankie said...

How the Obama scandals unfold:
1. We've just learned of ______
2. We're mad as ______
3. Carney dances around ____ at presser
4. We're going to get to the bottom of _____
5. Saturday! Time for Golf!
6. Monday: Dude, the ______ issue is sooooo last week.....

These amateurs are so predictable!

Frankie said...

Stilt, the "Call (of Duty) Waiting" panel was over the top!
I give it 10 Moochelle hash tags!

Chuck Ef said...

@Frankie - Hilarious!

Marry me, Kirsten, even if you a deplorable lefty - usually.

Off subject but the crony bronies flex their, er, muscles.

And now a word from Howard Spleen:
"Howard Dean, who is still alive, told attendees at a fundraiser for a Democratic congressional hopeful that Republicans “are not American” and would “be more comfortable in the Ukraine or Russia.” He also screamed that GOP supporters should “stay away from our country.” " - The Dailey Caller

Chuck Ef said...

From Allahpundit:

“Noted liberal hopping mad about predictable results of government-run health care.”


"In conclusion, Sebelius/Shinseki 2016."

Like the good doctor said, "PERIOD". Oh my, I hope the press finds its cojones finally. I am a hopeless romantic though ...

BTW, I am stealing Queso Grande's name. That is too good to not use. And a little confusion won't be noticed in our current state of affairs. (Grin, to quote the good doctor.)

Colby Muenster said...

I wish O'Ifoundoutaboutitinthenews would not resign, PERIOD!

Yup! You nailed it. O'Liar's entire 6 years as President Resident can be summed up in those few words. Well... maybe you'd have to throw in a devastated economy, total loss of world respect, and a few other trivial things.

John the Econ said...

Am travelling today, but just happened to catch the President's expression of phony outrage over a situation he's known about for over 5 years. He's promised to fix the VA, (assuming that he actually finds it broken) but he says it will fix it.

Watch closely, fellow citizens. This is the ultimate reality of "single payer" health care. If this is how the government treats 20-million supposedly "honored veterans", what makes anyone think that they will fare any better as 1 mere citizen out of 300-million?

PRY said...

The absolute sickest part is how many people STILL believe the prez when he speaks! Dogs bark, Obama lies...those are indisputable facts!

CenTexTim said...

@Chuck Ef - "This admin is a hemorrhoid."

I beg to differ. There are (legal and nonviolent) cures for hemorrhoids.

@Frankie +1

Queso Grande said...

Thanks for the catch. I did indeed mean epitath, but the combination of ipad autocorrect and a need to get on the road to work forced an "ah, screw it, it's an educated audience here."
Unlike the LoFo's who voted the marxist POS in, and his syncophants surrounding the Wan.

Chuck Ef said...


I sit corrected. I was trying to be evocative, to remind the reader of an anatomical connection, and neglected the obvious as a result. In addition, "hemorrhoid" is a rather minor condition. Metaphor was never my strong point, being a technical guy.

Good catch.


See? I feel ya. I will be Quesito.

American Cowboy said...

I am making this comment before reading any others, so I apologize in advance if I needlessly repeat any other comments.

Anyone whose willful actions or willful inactions directly contribute to the death of ANY United States soldier or veteran, ought to be treated exactly like an enemy combatant on the battlefield. IMO.

American Cowboy said...

@Colby said, "We need to lighten up a little during his third term."

I am beginning to have a very real fear that that is not very far from the truth of what may happen.

Chuck Ef said...

@American Cowboy

I share your fear ... that is not "moonbeam" stuff. It is a distinct possibility.

Quest Grande said...

@American Cowboy, I've felt he was moving in that direction for a while now. Couple of Biden 2016 commercials and his base will be begging for a 3rd run.
@Chuck Ef, with my pleasure. Share the wealth eh not so much, but a mooches moniker?
Por vous, eet ees my pleasure......

Chuck Baker (formally just plain Chuck) said...

No, I’m pretty sure they will pass the baton to a leftist waiting in the wings rather than try for a third Øbama term. He has become bored with the whole “president” thing, and the evil people (US Citizens) are beginning to notice his utter incompetence. And, his leaving office will give him more time for him to shoot off his mouth about things he knows nothing about while still giving him access to all the golf he wants, still without having to answer to anyone for anything.

Look at the ex-president track records:
Carter – can’t keep his mouth shut
G.H.W. Bush – silent out of respect for the office
Clinton – can’t keep his mouth shut
G.W. Bush – silent out of respect for the office
Øbama – any question about what he will do?

We’re doomed.

Chuck "Quesito" Ef said...

@Queso Grande

"Mooches"?! Hey, I don't always use monikers, but when I do, I use "quesito".

Hey, did everyone see the news? Rate hikes coming in the Obamacare health premiums! Try not to appear to shocked. I am sure that it is a surcharge to defray the costs of criminal mismanagement of the VA, resulting in the deaths of our veterans.

This admin is criminal (hemorrhoid didn't work yesterday).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Good stuff above, as always. Touching on Chuck "Quesito" Ef's post above (which is appropriate, since Obamacare is "VA for the rest of us") Obamacare premiums will be going up in November and anyone who is surprised hasn't been paying attention.

Also of interest, the "risk corridor" payments of tax money to insurance companies has been raised substantially to ensure their profits while dealing with the effed up bureaucracy of Obamacare. Which means that the taxpayers are funding the subsidies up front, and the insurance company payoffs on the back. So our premiums AND our taxes are going up to pay for this great new (ahem) "affordable" system.

Also in the news, the officials running Obamacare have decided not to issue monthly reports on enrollment data anymore. Because the first step in avoiding accountability is to bury the facts.

Bruce Bleu said...

Grumpy Curmudgeon,
The "bastard-in-thief" doesn't know Jack Sprat, Jack Andthebeanstalk, Jack Cheese, Jack Meoff, OR Jack SHIT... so why should we be expecting he would know ANY damned thing at ALL. (yes, this is rhetorical, and YES, I know better than to think you are unaware, but it's cathartic to articulate my irritation that this pathetic waste of sperm got to the Oral Orifice!) I swear, I've had HEMORRHOIDS that could run this country with more skill than ol' "shit-for-brains". And YES, I know it's better to be pissed off than pissed ON, but this "tub-sealant vacuum", (caulk sucker) has gone WAY past "the line" with me!
you are a RIOT, and tapped the nerf nail on the cranium, (can't sound too violent, considering how pussified the PC crowd is. I could be accused of in-sighting the next rag-head terrorism).

Stan da Man said...

No new post?

Chuck Ef said...

I hope that the Doc is OK.

Kinda unusual. Let's hope all is well.

John the Econ said...

Content! I need sane content! Getting faint here.

Had an amusing exchange with a liberal who actually said "Imagine a government that would allow any sick person to die because they cannot afford insurance and mo system that would allow preventive care because those who can easily afford it refuse to help. imagine such a country...welcome to a third world nation designed only for the wealthy.

My response? We don't have to imagine it! It's happening!

Do these people even pay even a fleeting glimpse at current events? We don't have to imagine it. It's actually happening!

When I pointed this out, he blames it on "a problem inherited from Bush". Funny, because before ObamaCare, liberals were lauding the VA as the perfect model of government-run health care.

It must be bizarre in these people's heads.

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