Monday, June 2, 2014

Another Big Effing Deal

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As the storm surrounding the VA medical scandal continues to build, Barack Obama is suddenly very, very interested in pretending that he cares about our military personnel. Which is why he's recently made two highly-publicized efforts to demonstrate his compassion...both of which are complete disasters.

He began with a "surprise" visit to our service people in Afghanistan. Which would have been nice if he hadn't spoiled the surprise by having his press people send out a PR release which accidentally (?) outed our top CIA operative in Afghanistan.

Undaunted, Barry then secretly negotiated an entirely illegal deal to release five top Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay (including one with direct ties to Osama bin Laden) in order to secure the return of one US prisoner of war from Afghanistan, thereby proving "The United States does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind."

The deal, however, is more than a little problematic - and not just because it required Congressional approval which B. Hussein dismissed with a wave of his imperial pen and sets a rather nasty precedent for negotiating with terrorists to free other terrorists.

Because the POW, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, may actually have been a military deserter at the time he was captured (or conscripted) - and at the very least, was a man who held a singularly low opinion of the United States even before his alleged capture.  According to Bergdahl, our nation is "the most conceited country in the world" and "I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools. I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”

Sentiments which, of course, match those of his commander in chief - the Great Liberator of Guantanamo Bay.


pfdr said...

Hopefully the Army completes the 15-6 investigation into his "disappearance"/capture before they discharge him. There are too may unexplained details in this story from beginning to end and top to bottom. Would love to know where the pay for these years was deposited. Just in case there is some discrepancy/wrongdoing. May sound vengeful but there are a number of unanswered questions about now Sgt Bergdahl's correct status.

Mindless Blather said...

don't overlook this:

Frankie said...

If it is found that Bergdahl just walked away he should spend 20 in Leavenworth for jeopardizing troops and assets tasked with finding him. I wonder how Obama
will justify the release of the
detainees then? He'll use the
magic words that absolve him of everything.

I didn't know

Ben Irwin said...

Really folks, when will someone file for impeachment of this guy??
Here is yet another instance of a violation of laws of the United States.

Geoff King said...

The precedent Emperor Barely set here may be far reaching. Now our servicemen and citizens abroad may become the targets of kidnapping by extremist groups just to be used as bargaining chips for the release of other criminal detainees. Besides violating the law with this prisoner exchange, Ă˜bastard has put Americans in further jeopardy. Impeachment is too good for him. He should be immediately locked up for life in Leavenworth as a traitor.

Judi King said...

Everything the "dic" in the White House does is part of his agenda to destroy America as we know it. Nothing he does surprises me anymore except he keeps getting away with it. He needs to go no matter how.!!

Bruce Bleu said...

When are our representatives in CON-gress going to find a "spine-donor" and impeach the bastard-in-thief? If we can't send him back to Kenya, can we at LEAST put him in a medically induced coma so he can't screw this country for 3 more years?!
This shitsack should be sent to the Taliban (just tell him it's the "Tallywhacker" and he'll go willingly). He's ALREADY fighting for their side... why not make it official! He would be back in his mooselim/American hating element!

Jim Hlavac said...

Egad, just egad. So the "prisoner" may not have been a prisoner -- and the "secret CIA" guy is no longer a secret -- and the congress doesn't know or care what the president is doing -- and West Pointers will now guard us against the weather -- and the terrorists released from Gitmo might get their second chance -- while all this blogger activity bringing this up is exactly why congress wants to redefine what "journalists" are -- as they craft toadying liars for the cause. Can't be having any truth or reality come out to the public.

And well, I'm flummoxed -- perhaps the only silver lining to this shrouding fog is that Obama will launch some drone strikes against the 5 just released.

WMD said...

I am all for impeachment myself. Hell, lets tar and feather and run him out of the country on a rail. As a wiseman once said "I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it would help"! But the fact is harry greed runs the Senate so it ain't gonna happen... yet. But what is still the problem as I see it is that even if in Nov. Conservatives win super majorities in both houses of Congress, which is unlikely, they won't have the spine to follow through and impeach the fraud-in-chief anyway. They'll be afraid of being labeled "racist".

i think our best hope is to win back Congress and obstruct his agenda all they can and ride out this nightmare until, hopefully, we can get a Cruz or some other real Conservative in the WH. Of course if the media picks our candidate again, all is for naught and we're still screwed.

I just can't see hitlery winning in '16. She was supposed to be "inevitable" in '08. Look at her now, what a dried up, worn out, haggerd looking piece of trash she is. She has no resume. Apparently that doesn't matter anyway. But she's just been riding bills coattails all these yaers. Talk about leading from behind!

Yup, the neo-communists have us right where they want us. They've been corroding and poisoning our society since the end of WWII. And all their goals are now being realized.

All that being said, I still believe that we can endure and prevail over the evil that intends to destroy this country.

Illegitimi non carborundum!!

Pete (Detroit) said...

Jim, I'd personally be perfectly happy releasing everyone from Git-mo, so long as we could lo-jack and track their sorry asses. Probably wouldn't even need to kill them, ourselves, just let it be known we were tracking them, and wolla! the be found dead, you betchya!

Mike Porter said...

It seems to me that impeachment will arise as a serious option only if the midterms result in solid conservative majorities of both the house and senate. And even here you would have every screaming PC whacko, every race baiting poverty pimp, every weasel faced chimp stain with a sign and a sharpie, and every media apologist, all shaking the collective soda can like perverts in the park furiously rubbing one off in public. There will be a call to arms of the mostly unarmed, and they will protest in the only way that they know how - by rioting, burning, looting and generally breaking things that belong to other people. Of course, if we can look to many past inner city out-gassings as a guide, then it's safe to conclude that they will mostly hurt themselves. But those arsonists who would start such fires would as well be more than happy to provide bus rides out to the burbs in an effort to 'spread the wealth', as it were. Regardless, being that we are awash in a decades long wave of abject ignorance and stupidity, it could get very ugly before any dawn finally breaks.

Frankie said...

After reading some more about all of this in actuality, the Taliban
got TEN detainees, not five. Last August, we sent five back as a gesture to open "talks" with them.
Now, where's that link? Oh here:

American Cowboy said...

And another reason execution for desertion should be the rule...again.

With combat "buddies" like him, who would need an enemy?

American Cowboy said...

@ Ben Irwin

"Dictators" cannot be impeached.

Judi King said...

Our constitution doesn't allow kings Or dictators. Something must be done BEFORE Martial Law is declared and we are stuck with one.

John the Econ said...

@Jim Hlavac pretty much covered what my observations were for the day.

Just another example of the "fundamental transformation" of the few government agencies that actually used to do things of substance being converted into legions of more useless "community organizers".

Colby Muenster said...

WMD said it. Impeachment is not happening because the guy who is REALLY running things (Prince Harry) will not allow a vote, so even if there was somebody in the House with the huevos to sponsor such a bill, they'd just be branded a racist. Sadly, even if we get the big landslide in November that is being predicted (I'll believe THAT when I see it), I think the best we can expect is for the new majority to merely deny O'Liar any more socialist legislation. I'd be surprised, quite frankly, if they would even stop Barry's use of his magic pen.

But, who knows, if we miraculously DO get majorities in both chambers, maybe some of these invertibrates will get emboldened and actually start doing their jobs. Did Carney see something coming and got the hell out of Dodge before it hit? I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

So, the administration said they could do the swap without telling congress because this soldier had 'health concerns', so when he gets back here, they'll give him care at a VA hospital?

Maybe the administration is trying to silence him.

WMD said...

I was just reading about this Bergdahl guy over at Moonbattery and it occurred to me that this guy has probably been getting trained by their best killing experts and is probably a taliban agent now. We should implant a subcutaneous transponder on this guy to keep tabs on him. They've probably shown him how to carry out attacks similar to Oklahoma City or the like. I wouldn't trust this guy as far as king hussein throws a baseball.

Quest Grande said...

@WMD, having read of Bergdahl's desertion at the time-and make no mistake that's what it was- and seen and heard his Father; in his convert chic t-shirt and khakis spouting odd statements that rang like code, and knowing that the ruthless vermin we are talking about save prisoners of war only as long as it takes to behead them, my great fear is that not only is Bowe an enemy agent but a walking biological Trojan horse.
I pray to God I am being delusional.

David in SoCal said...

When I heard Bergdahl's Dad quote the Koran last night; even speaking Arabic better than Omuslim can,(probably why Barry gave him a hug), it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck for some reason. BUT, at least now we know how Openandphone can finally keep his promise of closing down 'Gitmo': by offering his 'Summer-time Special' of 10 radical islamic terrorists for the price of one captured American. If only Cal Worthington and his dog Spot were alive to promote that one! May God help us all.

PRY said...

All this is great stuff and I concur...but it's only because we pay attention to things! All this won't make a whit to the EBT crowd, the free phone bunch, the welfare and disability check squad, and generally all the rest of the PC people!

David in SoCal said...

Sorry, I meant Pashto, not Arabic.

Allah forgive me!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that the fear of being called a racist is worse than literally watching the entire progress of western civilization for the last 2 thousand years slip down the toilet! I guess all these non-racist politicians have their plans made for escaping when the s$#@ hits the fan......

Pete (Detroit) said...

Cal Worthington - HARF!!!!
When I was living in TX ('82-92) used to catch Houston on cable (in College Station, not so much in Dallas) I well remember Cal and his "Dog" Spot... those commercials used to crack me the hell UP....
Then again, smoked a lot of "coffee" BITD..

Cracker Annie Mouse said...

Always amazing, Stilton!!! And the comments are all right on point. This is an iceberg and all we are seeing right now is the tip. I just keep hoping that when the SHTF, Zero goes down, too.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

This is an excellent account of this mess from beginning to end. Fits with what information I have gleaned from other sources, and frankly makes me nauseated to think that these moron's in the administration fell for this ploy....

Pride and Arrogance Kept Us From Getting Bergdahl Back

But, then again, it fits with the admin's policy of: 1) "Look - A Squirrel!", to come up with a story to deflect from the latest scandal/ineptitude of the Lightbringer, 2) Ignore the rule of law, 3) Reinforce the "Mr. Gutsey" image, 4) Friday document/story dump - especially effective in this case - timed when Congress was in recess, 5) Congress, we don't need no stinkin' Congress.

Unfortunate that Ms. Jarrett's game plan chose the wrong poster boy.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Unfortunately for those demanding impeachment, the House indites, the Senate tries - and good ol' Dirty Harry ain't gonna allow that. When we take back the Senate, we then set up the scenario that this admin has been playing out - "They're Racists", generating "civil unrest", allowing the declaration of martial law and allowing those heavily armed Meteorologist and Agriculture Swat Teams to put down Americans.

When I was in the Corps, I was taught that your first duty was to evade capture, failing that, your duty was to escape and failing that, resist. John McCain's actions as an officer and POW, left me in awe (as a politician - not so much), but he resisted. Why is this POS's Form 15-6 classified? How different would the outcome be if General Dempsy's Political Correct Army had DI's like Gy/Sgt Emory - "Maybe we need to take you to Namby-Pamby land and get you a spine?" - The continual onslaught of degradation/humiliation of this administration on our military and veterans takes it's toll on our nations security - we are now now better than a 3rd world country.

Grumpy from Fort Worth - Out.

John the Econ said...

So Obama trades 5 highly prized Al Qaeda leaders for a likely deserter. Meanwhile, American citizens children and their mother languish Sudanese prison awaiting their mother's execution for being non-Muslim. Her biggest mistake? Trying to immigrate legally instead of sneaking over the border like millions of other "immigrants" awaiting amnesty for breaking an unenforced law. She'd be safe and sound with her husband today had she done that.

Obama could lift his phone and make a single call expediting her citizenship, and putting the Sudanese on notice that this would not be tolerated. And yet, the President that flaunts the Constitution by deeming his power everywhere else won't do something simple that he's actually legally entitled to do.

Once again, we see that everything is about Obama. Nothing is about actual justice. Since he couldn't actually close Gitmo has he promised his fervent supporters over 6 years ago, he'll just empty it by trading away some of the planets most evil souls for crumbs. And then he further defines down the meaning of "serving with honor and distinction". Meanwhile, by doing so he makes life even more dangerous for American's abroad.

Meanwhile, have you all heard that the economy actually retracted by 1% last quarter?

Don't worry. It was because of the extreme winter we had caused by "global warming". Obama's new EPA requirements will normalize the winters and stimulate the economy back. It'll come back during "Recovery Summer IV", the sequel to the sequel to the sequel that should finally prove once and for all that sequels can be better than the original.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm thinking this is a trial balloon, if they can get away with this, the administration will think they can get away with anything (and they probably could).

Judi King said...

They ARE getting away with anything. Who's stopping them?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Way too many good comments above for me to do much of anything but agree.

The more we learn about this "swap," the worse the deal stinks. Even Obama says that there is "absolutely" a risk that the men released from Gitmo will actively return to terror. But not to worry- he says that if they threaten our national security, he'll "go after them" again.

Sure he will.

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,
Sigh.... Yes, President Resident want us to believe he'd track those terrorists down and kill them immediately should they misbehave. By golly, he'll personally shoot 'em in the head just like he did Bin Laden!

But he doesn't even have the balls to demand freedom for a Sudanese woman who's heinous crime is that she believes in Jesus. He is happy to go golfing while one of our soldiers languishes in a Mexican prison, guilty of nothing more than taking a wrong turn on the freeway. The brave doctor that led us to Bin Laden is also in prison, no doubt being tortured daily for his crimes against Islam. Silence from President Braveheart.

One of his nuts is the size of a mustard seed, and the other one is just a little bitty thing.

John the Econ said...

@Colby, it's even worse that all that.

At least 5 men were sacrificed trying to find and rescue Bergdahl after he deserted. It's anyone's guess how many more people will die as a result of the exchange. Of all the men and women this nation has left behind under Obama, this was the guy worth saving? All in the name of a loser that Obama thinks represents "honor and distinction". Well, I guess we shouldn't be surprised at such statements from a protege of Bill Ayres.

F-ing insane. Was surprised that even NPR reported on the "controversy" this evening, and even then less than convincingly.

Perhaps we really are at a moment when enough of the zombies of the left will start waking up and say "Really? Really?!?!?!?"

Maybe when more people get either insurance cancellation or insane renewal notices in the coming months, or when they see their power bill go up another 30% in the name of "global warming" will they start to get it. Or perhaps another quarter of negative growth, where "Recovery Summer IV" officially gets to kick off the next recession when most American's never recovered from the previous one.

But hey, at least Sgt. Bergdahl is home with his wack-job parents.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@John the Econ: add this little piece of levity:

Liberal Complains About Taxes They Voted For

David in SoCal said...

I say we swap 30 million illegal Mexican immigrants for Sgt. Tahmooressi. We will get a REAL military hero back home. AND, there will be an 'unexpected' surge in the economy, most likely attributed to 'Global Moderate Temperatures'.
@Grumpy: Thanks for the link. I too have heard some of the same chit-chat on my end....Semper Fidelis bro, God Bless you for your service!

Wahoo said...

What kind of father puts his own daughters at risk by freeing 5 "worst of the worst" terrorists, while acknowledging they will "absolutely" resume their jihad against Americans, to boost his job approval rating? "Absolutely" despicable!

John the Econ said...

Thanks @Grumpy Curmudgeon; that really did made my day. That cheered me up almost as much as all of those articles about the Obama supporters who thought the consequences of ObamaCare would only effect other people.

At least most of the ObamaCare victims now get it, if not affordable health care. The woman quoted in this article still doesn't seem to. She voted for literally everything, and yet still doesn't get it that the "someone" who "needs to step in and address the big picture", is, in fact, herself.

This reminds me of an episode that took place at my place of worship several years ago. (In the midst of the financial crash) A large percentage of the congregation wished to do something that the rest of us considered financially risky, if not disastrous.

Interestingly, the most vocal of the advocates of the decision were people I was rather sure would not be willing or able to hold up their end of this decision financially. As one such advocate spoke, I crunched some numbers on my calculator. When she was done, I stood up, looked right at her, and asked "Are you prepared to write a check for $3,600, which would be your share of this decision, within the next 90 days should the bank call the note? I ask this because I am not." I got a rather blank expression. I then explained my math, and made the point that the reality is that 80% of the budget comes from roughly 20% of the congregation, and that 20% isn't prepared to write a check for 80% of this bad decision to cover your share. Making it personal went a long way to shutting at least some people up.

The problem with macro-socialism is that it's not the least bit "personal". It's almost always assumed that someone else you don't know somewhere else will make up for the shortage.

I've long argued that we do voting and taxation wrong in America. We should be voting on our tax returns; The less your tax burden, the less your vote should count. Even better, we should be "front loading"; The more stuff you vote for, the higher your taxes are. I think that's the only we we'd ever genuinely get smaller government again.

If Gretchen had seen her property tax bill immediately adjust as she chose to vote for more parks, libraries, school improvements, and light rail, she might have had seconds thoughts about doing so.

But as we so often see, the true dysfunction of liberalism is most honestly believe that somebody else will be picking up the slack for their political choices.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@John the Econ: Point with the congregation is well made, I've had to do some of the same.

Re: The woman and her taxes, we didn't come up with the phrase "Keep Austin Weird" for no reason. When I was TDY'd to Austin one year, got in my room and turned on the news - lead story for the 6 PM news was about 'Yuppie Elbow' - the briefcases the legislative assistants were so heavy that they were getting an affliction that hindered their shifting gears in their BMWs.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- The story of the woman who was shocked that the goodies she voted for ended up working against her reminds me of one of my favorite stories (which many liberals could learn from).

It's called "The Button."

A man, desperate for money, wails that he would do anything to be wealthy. There is a sudden knock on his door.

A dark suited man hands him a device with a single button on it. "Push the button," he says,"And you'll get a million dollars. But someone you've never met will die." The man in the dark suit departs, leaving The Button.

After hours of long and agonizing thought, the desperate man finally pushes The Button and, instantly, there is a knock on the door.

It is the dark suited man.

"Here is your million dollars," he says, handing over a thick envelope. He then picks up The Button and starts to leave.

"Wait!" calls the now wealthy man. "What are you going to do with that thing now?"

The man in the dark suit smiled unpleasantly before answering. "I'm going to give it to someone who's never met you."

John the Econ said...

I love "The Button" story. So true.

And @Stilton, I know you'd appreciate the Wendy Davis ad that I'm looking at at the bottom of this page. Money well spent!