Monday, August 11, 2014

Bush League

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Perhaps to cushion the blow of losing his leadership during his semi-monthly vacation, Barack Obama took time Saturday to remind the American people that he isn't actually responsible for leading diddly-squat, at least when it comes to showing accountability.

Specifically, the nation's golfer-in-chief took pains to point out that the current fiasco in Iraq can be blamed entirely on George W. Bush.

"When you hear people say, do you regret, Mr. President, not leaving more troops," Obama said while sucking a Slurpee, "that presupposes that I would have overridden the sovereign government [of Iraq] that [the previous administration] had turned the keys back over to!"

In other words, Obama claims he would never think of updating or altering a sacred policy of Bush's nor, as leader of the free freaking world and commander in chief of the most powerful military force on Earth, did he have the political influence to convince Iraq's rulers to let the U.S. maintain a stabilizing military presence.

Of course, all of this makes it pretty hard to explain why Obama has spent so much time on the campaign and fundraising trails taking complete credit for ending the war in Iraq and withdrawing troops when he's now saying that Bush was the one responsible for all that.

Which makes Hope n' Change think that maybe Barry should give his 5-star luxury vacation to the man who earned it: George W. Bush.

Or at least take a damn vacation from blaming Bush for his own foreign policy failures.


Anonymous said...

"Which makes Hope n' Change think that maybe Barry should give his 5-star luxury vacation to the man who earned it: George W. Bush."

Considering Bush spent more than 365 full days - an entire year - on vacation, compared to the 92 Obama has spent over his entire 6 years, Bush took more than enough vacation time as it is, any sane person would think.

Geoff King said...

Because of Øblameya's very limited response to the major crisis in Iraq, and his subsequent rushing off to play golf, it is now being called Operation Martha's Vineyard on Twitter:
His lily-livered leadership and apparent "I don't give a damn, it's someone else's problem" attitude can only serve to embolden the ISIS terrorists and worsen the situation dramatically. Too bad for us, the world, and those poor people stranded on that mountain ridge in Iraq that we have an empty suit, a clueless moron, and a coward as our president.

Anonymous said...

Ah, my mistake, I was using old figures. It was actually 141 days for Obama, to date, including the latest Martha's Vineyard trip. So its actually only far less than half as many days, instead of almost a quarter as many days.

So, I made a mistake, and then I went back and corrected myself so as to uphold the truth. This is called "integrity". I figured some of your readers should get to see what it looks like.

Geoff King said...

@Anonymous: 323 of Bush's vacation days were spent at his own ranch in Texas. That choice not only cost taxpayers very little money, but was set up as an alternate working White House - unlike the lavish rented accomodations that your lord and savior prefers.

TrickyRicky said...

@Anon-Sorry Mr. Integrity, I don't have time to pound the internets this morning. Have to get to work so that I can do my part to keep the federal behemoth running...for now. How about you research total vacation cost, not days, and be sure to include the gratuitous vacations taken by Michelle with her kids and massive entourage. You know, India, Spain, Hawaii, ad nauseam. Then multiply by 1.33 to compare "his entire 6 years" to Bush's entire term.

Perhaps the pertinent issue has escaped you. It's not only the lavish and ostentatious nature of his "fit for an emperor" soirees, it's the timing. Disappearing the night of Benghazi to prep for a Vegas fundraiser? Martha's Vineyard while ISIS decapitates, crucifies and buries people alive? He really doesn't want to be bothered with the job of being president, he only wants the perks.

Geoff King said...

P.S. I do not like Bush either, but you are comparing apples to oranges. You are also not counting all of Øbama's "diplomatic" trips across the planet so he could bow down to ruthless dictators and such, making him the most expensive president in history:

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: Hey look, a Republican with no clue about the facts. Here, let me educate you:

Puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?

And you should probably know, taking so much time off work that people have to start trying to conduct business where you keep going on vacation (which he never actually did do work at, as his bafflingly terrible behaviour in the wake of Hurricane Katrina demonstrates), just puts in perspective how many vacation days Bush took.

So, once again, Bush cost more, took more vacations, and didn't do anything ON those Vacations to Texas. Oh yeah, he REALLY deserves a vacation.

Anonymous said...

@TrickyRicky: Kay.

Obamas total vacation costs (Number comes from Tea Party wackjob Allen west, so is hyperinflated): $18 million.

Bush's total vacation costs : $124 million.

*Drops the mic*

Queso Grande said...

Ah, Anon pulls out the Katrina canard. Anon you are aware that the actual responsibility for Katrina's botched recovery sits squarely on Nagin and Blanco's shoulders, no? No you didn't did you. See Mississippi for a real life example, asshole.
Btw, nice pulling stats outa the leftist fog. You can pretend your info is credible all ya' want there sparky but the Wan ain't done. Damn lick of work since high school and guess what jackass? The world has your ahem man's number.
Now, in the interest of diversity, come mierda y muerte, cabron.

Geoff King said...

A. It is Geoff, not Goeff. I have no problem disclosing my name, as you obviously do.
B. I am a Libertarian, not a Republican.
C. Øbama has already spent over 44 million on travel alone:

Anonymous said...

@Queso Grande: Isn't it amazing how, whenever something bad happens on a Republicans watch, no matter what it is, its always someone elses fault, and whenever anything bad happens somewhere in the world when a Democrat is president, its all his fault? Amazing how that works, huh? Almost as if Repubicans refuse to admit when they were wrong and screwed up.

And I like how, like all Republicans, you only response was "I don't like these numbers, THEREFORE THEY ARE NOT REAL!" If you would care to find some total costs for Bush's vacations (that include everything, not just his airfare, so you can't weasel out of it that way), then you might have a counterargument, but just screaming "NUMBERS BAD!" isn't a valid response.

Pudrete en el infierno, senor.

Queso Grande said...

Not a matter of fault, moron......called chain of command.....nor did I dispute the made up numbers I called into question their credibility. Way to prove what a great edema cation you done gotted at publik screwl.
Care to discuss the Wan's trip to India, sperm burper? That one alone sends Barry's numbers into the stratosphere.
Now, back to mom's basement. Watch some tv, masturbate a few times, maybe throw a new rag on your washin' stick. The grown ups are off to work.
That you really believe the shit you do is amazing.

Judi King said...

He's baaack. How can you idiots keep blaming Bush for a NATURAL disaster like Katrina? He didn't cause it and the Democratic governor, Blanco, is the one who failed to respond quickly. As if that would have mattered after the fact. We have a failed president now, in all respects, and we're probably better off when he IS on vacation. He does nothing when he is assumed to be working!

Frankie said...

President "not my fault" visits Martha's Vineyard and while he's
away it seems the WH had some "visitors" too....

Be ever vigilant readers.

Geoff King said...

One has to wonder how progressive morons such as Anonymous, who visciously defend their messiah Øbama against any and all criticism, will rationalize their blindly jumping on the Clinton Bandwagon if she runs for president when she now is distancing herself from wonder boy and becoming one of his biggest critics.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: I like how, even when Republicans are just making up numbers as hard as they can, just yanking them out of their asses (which we can tell cause there isn't a single source in that little article, or a bit of math), they still can't even come close to how much Bush spent on vacations.

Oh, and you're a so called Libertairian? How many times have you voted for a Democrat? Oh, none? So you're a total Republican hack, you just try to call yourself something different as a lame argument technique? Huh, what a shock.

@Queso: Oh, you mean the trip that that right wing media, being a cluster of egomaniacal gibbering morons, kept repeating the numbers they made up over and over until the brainless zombies that are their audience believed it?

See, here in reality, that number not only has no basis in any fact, it is also completely insane. Only the height of clueless morons could have believed it.

@Judi: Hey, lookit that, another Republican eager to show that, just like I said, Republicans will say nothing is ever a Republican presidents fault, and everything is a Democrat presidents fault.

See, in the wake of Katrina, Bush should have acted presidential - you know, like Obama did after Hurricane Sandy, a storm that could have been worse, but through decisive leadership and quick actions by the president, people got back on their feet quickly.

Geoff King said...

You can't correctly spell either my name nor "Libertarian". Obviously you are clueless to the fact that we are the third largest party in the country, and are no " Republican Hacks". We have our own candidates. True, I do not vote for Democrats, but neither do I vote for Republicans.

Sparky said...

I despise GW too but am sick of O'Liar blaming him for all his wrong doings! Barry is a man of no integrity and should be punished as the treasonist scumbag that he is.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: I will call you whatever I damn well please.

And I guess this means you're going to be staying home this year, since the Libertarians didn't manage to field a candidate for Arizonas 1st Congressional District House seat, and the senate seat is not up for reelection.

Geoff King said...

Actually, there are 15 Libertarians running for various posts in Arizona this November, from Kevin Morrow for Flagstaff Justice of the Peace to Barry Hess for Governor of Arizona, so no - I will not be staying home but will be campaigning for any and all that I can. We do not expect to win the major elections such as Governor yet, but are slowly increasing our numbers in the lesser levels of government that more citizens personally deal with. Thank you for your concern, and feel free to continue your childish and impotent attempts to aggravate me by mis-spelling my name if that somehow makes you feel important. Have a wonderful day.

Judi King said...

No hurricane is ANY president's fault and the call for help is up to the governor of the affected state in need. And bad anon you need to use spell check a little more.

American Cowboy said...

Please, my fellow legal, American patriots, don't feed the troll.

Anal-nomous, or brist, or who ever the Hades it is isn't worth the time or effort to try and intelligently debate. There are better results debating a rock, and at least the rock will have some use afterwards, as a paperweight or to hide liberals underneath.

Judi King said...

You're right cowboy! I tried to say that a week or two ago but forgot. It is pointless.

Anonymous said...

@Cowboy: Says the dickless guy who hasn't been able to refute the fact that Bush took more vacations, that were more expensive, than Obama will be capable of.

Wahoo said...

One can't help but wonder if Anonymous is in reality White House spokesperson Josh Earnest, dropping by to stir the pot. Sure sounds like the same guy.

Geoff King said...

The last resort of a true liberal: viscious name calling. If you disagree with their socialist authoritarian agenda you are instantly labeled racist, sexist, dickless or some other derogatory term. They don't realize that they so overuse their juvenile slurs as to make them completely ineffective and to the point of making them sound like grade-schoolers. So there, you poopyhead!

Anonymous said...

Hey, here is proof positive that Obama spends more time on the job. PROOF!

Read it an weep!

American Cowboy said...

Laughing loudly as I get ready to spend the next ten or twelve hours working now that morning chores are done.

Nothing better to start the day off than riling up a rabid liberal. Unless it is a pot of cowboy coffee, half a dozen fried eggs, toast slathered with real butter, and a half pound of bacon.

Anonymous said...

Obama has more integrity than dog poop! And he golf betters than English K-niggets! AND he looks better blaming Bush for all of his mistakes than Grover Cleveland!

Progressives are smarter than anyone because we BELIEVE in science! In fact, we are smarter than ourselves! That is really smart! And lots of integrity.

I just soiled myself.

Anonymous said...

In fact, we are so smart we know how to use ....iPods! Yes. We are smart! We welcome ISIS/ISIL, which has something to do with that international space station, I think. L'Internationale! Yea. Sing it, children!

Anonymous said...

Hey listen everyone I just want to say I'm real sorry for all the nasty comments I've been posting lately. It's just that my hemmeroids have been really bad lately and sometimes my mom forgets to buy my coco-puffs. Stupid bitch. I've had a minor tiffany and I realized I really don't hate everyone of you all that much. It's just that Barack is just such a lovely, hanssome brown-eyed man and I've got a huge crush on him and when I read the horrible things some people right about Him, well, I go a little wacky. I've had a good cry now and hope that you will forgive me for just being a little "love-struck".
Yours Truly,

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Good morning, campers! We're clearly off to a brist, er, brisk start today thanks to the spirited contributions of analmousse.

Unfortunately, he/she/it wants to argue about something other than today's topic. "Vacations" was a topic last Friday (yes, all presidents take them), but now we've moved on to presidential accountability. Not six or ten years ago, but today.

Because Barry's reflexive "blame Bush" comment doesn't square with the fact that every president must make policy on ever-changing conditions. The agreement to pull troops out of Iraq was not immutable, it was Barry's choice - indeed, his campaign promise - and he needs to take responsibility for it.

His failed Middle East policies have baffled our allies, emboldened our enemies, and directly contributed to the empowerment of ISIS and the creation of a radically anti-West Islamic caliphate.

That's not just my opinion- per a great piece in today's WSJ, it's also the opinion of James Steinberg, Obama's former Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Ford, Obama's former ambassador to Syria, and - oh yeah! - Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama's former Secretary of State.

Whatever their politics, it's a safe assumption that all of these people dealt directly with Barry enough to know if he, rather than Bush, deserves blame for the foreign policy failings of the last six years.

So to restate the obvious, today's question is: "Does Barack Obama bear any responsibility for the demonstrably disastrous effects of his failed foreign policies?"

Caution: off-topic comments may go the way of Lois Lerner's emails...

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Hey it wasn't just Lois Lerner - it's everyone it seems in this left-wing administration. Talk about integrity or the lack of it. They lie, cheat, steal, and do what ever it takes to destroy the Constitution. Including destroying evidence.

And so the "DIC" is in Martha's Vinewyard blaming Bush when Rome burns.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

"Vineyard" - getting ticked off again but the stupidity of the left. A lesson in futility ...

Noorullah Noori said...

(Begin Translation) Have to write this down now that I have "lost" my translator. We will get another soon - lots to choose from before beheading, I mean heading out of here. So, stuck with web-based translator like that analmous fellow. I suspect I know him, one of ours.

Anyway, we at ISIL would like to know more about how this Bush put that Ebola on the plane. And did it work? We are still seeing "intelligence" from Baraq despite his pissy golf game. I am told we should not see any intelligence from Baraq anyway but it concerns me that this Ebola thing appears to not have worked.

Need more information. (End Translation)

Anonymous said...


Am I the only one?

Anonymous said...



The fiber is not working. That is Bush's fault too.

WMD said...

"The fiber is not working"

OK I'm actually laughing my ass off at that one. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh man you "regressives" are sooooo stupid. Know why we super-smart progressives call you "regressives"? Cus we're smart! Ha! And super clever! Get it? "Progressive", "regressive", name calling? Super clever. Avoids thinking about things like facts. Facts are regressive, like regression testing, regression analysis. Facts get in the way. LEAN FORWARD, over a cliff! Ha! Just kidding. Cus I am so smart. And clever.

Hey the past is dead and the future doesn't exist. So shoot from the hip. And blame Bush. Cus the past is dead. Somethin'. Dunno. Whatever.

Geoff King said...

During Øbama's pre tee-time press conference Friday, he stated that he never really wanted to pull the troops from Iraq. Therefore, the current mess is not his fault!
Unless, of course, you want to go by his previous press office statement in 2011:
Or by the official Whitehouse statement:

WMD said...

Stilton, exactly at what point do you think you lost control of this thread?

WMD said...

OK Stilt, if you will indulge me just this once, I know you said on topic comments from now on but I just came across this over at Weasel Zippers and thought someone here might be interested in this video from 2008.

Jim Hlavac said...

Why does "anonymous" need to be "anonymous" -- put your light upon the basket. Use your name -- or at least a nom-d'internet where you are identifiable on a regular basis ...

Meanwhile, the "fault" of Iraq can be place on Lord Balfour in 1917 who drew the lines without regards to where the people were -- and put people who hate each other in the same "nation" as "one people" and they are not any such thing.

Iraq has been a trouble spot for nearly a century - oh, well, going back several thousand years, actually.

The idea that any American president is going to solve it is absurd. So you can't blame Bush nor really, Obama for the problem nor the lack of resolution. But you surely can blame one or the other for attitudes based on people's emotional response.

But to blame any American dead or alive for the death of the Imam Ali in the 780s AD which drove the rift to Shiite and Sunni and now for any of us to solve their 1200 years of hating each other is unfair. And the Kurds aren't even Arabs and don't speak Arabic. It's a mess - there is no solving it. Though it was certainly an interesting discussion here today.

Burgen und Schlösser am Rhein said...

BTW Farker, it's Stilton's blog - he can do with it as he damn well pleases. The childishness is from progressives and their never-ending navel fingering, pud-pulling mindlessness.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I am the real Anonymous. All others are amateur imposters!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Heliovdrake on Fark- You may not have noticed, but this is a political thread - not a message board. If you want to make an actual post discussing the political topic, odds are I'll leave it up.

If, on the other hand, you just want to be a douche I'll continue nuking your wasted pixels.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

WMD - that is precious.

Obama: "uh umm, you give me this office and in turn my, fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. I am giving my self to you."

Obama lying again. Who woulda thought?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Froaderick Barbarossa- I think Barry was just repeating the wedding vows Michelle wrote for him...

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

What the hell is "Heliovdrake on Fark"? This is your brain, this is your brain on fark? Is heliovdrake a GMO-version of Ebola?

If that is the moron's name, he has issues. Must be foreign. Maybe the NSA will finally do it's job and start tracking this guy - probably some ISIS-dweeb. There are reports of several being tracked in the US.

BTW, J. Hlavac, you are correct again (though not always - don't want that going to your head). The people in that area, those "tribes", have been slaughtering each other seemingly for ever. It was the rise of Islam (Mohammedism) and the ensuing slaughter that "forced" the tribes together into larger nations (and very quickly - it was amazing). Before Islam, the tribes existed by killing and stealing from each other, as tribal systems around the world have done. But Islam has failed to removed the tribal blood-thirstiness. It has just given it a religious purpose.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

And now, A Medieval Moment With Gerald:
A father, at great expense, sent his son to Paris to study philosophy for five years. Upon his return home, he argued with his father, using the tortuous tools he so studiously learned in school, that the six eggs before them were actually twelve. So the father ate the six eggs he could see and left those he could not to his son.
- Giraldus Cambrensis

The son reminds me of "progressives". Get over it morons, and get real.

Hey, moron anonymous, here's something useful for you to do. Are you listening Helio-sphincter?

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Well, it looks like my second link above is broken already. Was a Belfast Telegraph article about a suicide bomber instructor for ISIS/ISIL who inadvertently detonated his vest while "training" his students, 21 of which were killed. The locals are calling it justice from God. It seemed like something the moron anonymous would do very well - once.

And speaking of morons, he cited this site. I didn't know it existed, thankfully. Hard left (not liberal) like MSNBC. It's amazing how these socialist/communist lefties have shanghaied the "liberal" moniker when they are not liberal at all. Places like that web site and MSNBC are simply propaganda sites. They would gladly behead anyone not following their orthodoxy. Hmmmm ... a subsidiary of ISIS here in the US?

And speaking of "racial animus". Holder has turned the "justice" department into the Department of Social Justice - truth be damned. Read a good review about that book this morning. More corruption of the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

@Stilton Jarlsburg: Its so telling that you knew you didn't have a leg to stand on about Bush's vacation time, and are trying desperately to stop talks of it.

And I know you're a Republican, and you don't know anything about foreign policy, or nuance, or anything at all really apart from your own fantasies, but you should understand that, psst, there were more options available than "Stay in Iraq forever" and "leave all the military hardware that ISIS have used to arm themselves." Such as "NOT leave all the hardware that Bush left in the region to further swell the bank books of his military industrial complex friends". You know, the hardware that ISIS have used to arm themselves, making themselves a threat?

And I do love just how rapidly your tone will change. "This President is a tyrant, trampling all laws and ignoring all of our agreements." *Next day* "Why didn't Obama just act on his own, overturn all negotations, and dictate a new withdrawl agreement from scratch?"

It just shows how transparently you have no point other than "BLACK MAN BAD!!!"

@Barbossa: I also cited Allen West. Notice you somehow had no problem with the insane ramblings of that war criminal.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Analmousse- "It's so telling" that I don't want to go off topic by talking about vacations when I consider Barry's foreign policy failures a more important issue?

I'll tell you what's telling - the fact that I asked a simple question about whether or not Barry has responsibility for his own choices - and you have neither answer nor defense.

Care to address those critiques from Obama's own teammates? No? How very unsurprising.

And spare me the straw man arguments about "staying in Iraq forever" or "leaving all the hardware for ISIS." You'll note that it's perfectly possible to leave a residual force in place without appending "forever" to the mission statement.

I'll also note that (unlike you) I don't want Barry to be a dictator of any kind, including dictating to Iraq that we'll damn well stay come hell or high water. That's why "negotiation" is considered a good tool when you're capable of it, and "influence" is handy if you haven't blown it.

But "nuance" isn't really your forte, is it? You prefer to see the world in black and white so you can imagine that you comprehend it.

Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

I also know that I will continue to ignore every link posted here that proves Obama is a bald faced liar, because I wish to continue to believe that my love of a halfbreed Communist wannabe dictator will earn me a place in the new socialist order that will destroy everything that so many valient American patriots gave their lives for. That, and I want all my friends to think I am really trendy!

Anonymous said...

See, by ignoring the fact that Obama is at least half-white, I can say things like "you have no point other than "BLACK MAN BAD!!!"", and make myself sound as though I really care about the race that my party of choice has tried so hard to force into indenture all these years, and at the same time I can be extremely racist against whites with no repercussions!

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

There once was a Stalinist named Fark
Whose thinking was as rich as Obama’s fart
Finger planted firmly in tush
They only know to blame Bush
And cover their cognitive abuses with snark

I hadn't gotten to your Allen link - war criminal?! In what way is he a war criminal? Now that is certainly a lot of hyperbole. I would gladly vote for him.

And why do you say "BLACK MAN BAD"? That seems awfully racist of you. You should be ashamed.

I do not fault Obama for vacations although I am troubled by the expense by him or anyone else - but particularly Obama when he has run the debt up much more than Bush ever did (and I am no lover of Bush 43). Did you see that video posted by WMD? The point is the never ending hypocrisy of you lefties. You scream bloody murder over Bushes golf so he stops. Obama - endless golf even when so many (96M) are out of the work force, when vets die in the VA, when evidence is destroyed at the IRS, and so on and so forth. For all of his talk of Hope and Change, he is status quo - a hypocrite and probably a criminal for his constitutional overreaches.

Anonymous said...

See, by ignoring the fact that Obama is at least half-white, I can say things like "you have no point other than "BLACK MAN BAD!!!"", and make myself sound as though I really care about the race that my party of choice has tried so hard to force into indenture all these years and at the same time I can be extremely racist against whites with no repercussions!

Anonymous said...

@Stilton: Well considering its been about two weeks and you're still failed to ever come up with an example of a Republican admitting they are a screwup and should be blamed (I asked for you to show me Ted Cruz saying he is sorry for the government shutdown and will accept all blame for it, but I would have also accepted any of the Republicans who voted against the stimulus bill saying that the current economy is their fault, or any of the cowards who tried to get us into Iraq in the first place saying ISIS is all their fault), I figured that I would be as timely in replying as you have shown.

Now, I'm not going to fall for your stupidly loaded question, but I will say that, between the Republicans completely treasonous actions showing a divided US leadership, and the clusterfuck caused in the Middle East through Bush's wars, the world is in a dangerous place in some areas.

And no, I don't think that the Wall Street Journal regularly taking things out of context (much like everything else ever printed by any other arm of "News" Corp), is somehow a scathing critique.

Allah of Dystopia said...


Take some Pepto Bismal, moron.

Allah of Dystopia said...

See how racist this white house is?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Obama killing American citizens, including children, without due process is totally acceptable because he is black and therefore is forgiven for any violations of common or civil law.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

My my. Such nastiness. I am actually a libertarian but nice try. Strawmen like that are useful to your kind.

Well, he did coerce an Iragi enemy by trickery into divulging the location of some IEDs where he knew his unit to be closing in on - and that saved American lives. If that is being a war criminal, which I believe your kind would think that saving American lives is criminality, so be it.

But I have not heard the term "war criminal" applied to those who broke regulations. That sort of hyperbole is reserved for the Hitlers, Stalins, Pol Pots and your kind.

And since you were the one to shout out "BAD BLACK MAN", it was obviously in your mind and therefore you are the racist. See how simple that is? The person using the racist language is the racist. Not the person who doesn't use that language. Real easy. Try to think. Real slow this time.

And go away - you are scum and a stain.

Allah of Dystopia said...

Vacation gotta get away.

Allah of Dystopia said...

Hey WMD, here's another report of that video, of the high lord, the god, Obama-san, promising not to take vacations like the evil Bush.

No hypocrisy here, Fark.

Anonymous said...

Because I use the word "black" to incorrectly describe Obama, that means I am a trendy, not a racist. Because I ignore all of his war crimes and felonious acts means that I am a progressive, not a hypocrite. See how that works? However, you must be a Democrat to get away with such outrageous behavior.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Ah, Fark, Fark, Fark, you speak nonsense.

BTW, I can tell that you are a racist because you are attacking a black man. See? Isn't that they way you people work? You authoritarian fascist, you.

And trying to read people's minds is sheer madness. You used the term "BAD BLACK MAN". You are the one with the racist thoughts. They are manifest in what you SAID. I did not try to read your thoughts.

Whether he broke regulations or not, no that is not being a "war criminal" in my mind. There may or may not have been a crime, but the term "war criminal" is generally accepted to pertain to heinous things like mass murder and genocide. A nit to people like you but an important distinction.

Me, I want your kind, I want the government out of our lives. You want to be ISIS in America. Confess - you like their methods don't you. I have no tolerance for those in power or with power. And I certainly have no tolerance for those, like you and your "progressive" friends such as Holder, who bully people, coerce people.

You are to be hated, despised.

Allah of Dystopia said...

Farker defined

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Oh wow, this is sad.

Robin Williams may not have been such a great guy but he was hilarious. His hero was Jonathan Winters so he couldn't have been all that bad.

Bruce Bleu said...

Analymous said...

"Obama has more integrity than dog poop!"
Just how much "dog poop" does he HAVE? He's used so much of it during 5.5 years of lying, I mean campaigning (to the media) that I surmise he couldn't POSSIBLY have any left!
"And he golf betters than English K-niggets!"
Wow, what a command of English grammatical syntax. Shall we assume that Obola also "think gooders" than whatever those English things are?
"AND he looks better blaming Bush for all of his mistakes than Grover Cleveland!"
Judging by your previous comments wouldn't that be "look betters"? Anyway, what the hell difference does it make what he LOOKS like? I contend that Mr. Ed's ass looks better than Obola AND his Wookiee, so... SO WHAT?
"Progressives are smarter than anyone because we BELIEVE in science! In fact, we are smarter than ourselves! That is really smart! And lots of integrity."
Let me clue you in on what progressives believe in... it's called "slyence"... the cunning process of brainwashing imbeciles into accepting "dog poop" as a valid answer to questions. You are smarter than yourselves? Is that anything like being "50% of quick", (half-fast)?

"I just soiled myself."
Considering your recent palaver, it isn't a stretch to conclude that you've just "cloned" yourself.

Jim Hlavac said...

#Froaderick Barbarossa ... me, wrong? why! ... when? :)

Though, today's thread could be some weird script for strange movie ... without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, if you are a farker, and I suspect you are.

Say hello to me in any political thread Im in, and I will happily buy you a year of for your good work here. On Fark I'm Heliovdrake.

See ya around, and keep up the work here.

Act now before Stilton has another temper tantrum and deletes this post!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Well, I think we're pretty much into the wrap-up of a busy day here. I think it's safe to throw out all of the blah-blah-blah from Analmousse and the farker who is flirting with him/her/it and summarize things thusly:

I asked "is Obama responsible for his own decisions," and the progressive says "I'm not going to fall for your stupidly loaded question."

Yeah - run away. And while Mommy is calming your crying fit with a cool rag on the forehead, tell her that a nasty conservative kicked your ass.

Also interesting that in your spectacular ignorance you claim that the WSJ piece took Clinton's comments out of context. Hardly. If you pulled your head out of your ass long enough to read any real news, you'd know that Hillary has pretty much laid the rise of ISIS at Barry's door.

But you don't want to talk about that either - or about anything of substance.

Go thee forth to Fark, enjoy your circle jerk and lick your fingers afterward. You have shamed yourself here.

David in SoCal said...

Dr J: Great post/toon.
I watched the South Lawn presser(thrice, to be sure I heard it right), with amazement and amusement, as the slicer in chief once again blamed the 'previous administration' for his shortcomings; all with the opulence of 'Marine One',(that hauls a big steaming pile of #2 all over the world), in the background, packed full of his clubs, Reggie, and some of his ego.
As I remember, the draw-down of troops in Iraq, was put into motion by 'Administration Bush 43', and Oblamer did inherit that. BUT, it was Oturntailandrun, that refused Iraq's agreement for a SOFA, and Barry's choice to not leave any troops behind to help those poor/downtrodden/browbeat decent Iraqis, who for generations have had the living excrement kicked out of them, even though he was advised NOT to withdraw all the troops. You can't just give them a gun, some ammo, and say "take care of yourself", as you walk away into the sunset.
It was his campaign promise to get US out of Iraq, no matter what the cost then, or in the future.

Ofibber stated that the "majority of Iraqis did not want a contingent force left behind". Cha-right; the majority of radical terrorist Iraqis.

In the S.Lawn presser he stated that: "The US Military cannot help the Iraqis with their long term campaign of 'changing the environment', so that the Nation of Sunnis who live in these areas are well served by a National Government; that's something we cannot do; we can't do it for 'em, and the US Military can't do it for 'em". He also said: "The nature of this problem is not one the US Military can solve".

So, how's THAT make you feel; all you brave hard working/under paid/fighting/self sacrificing Military men and women?
Yet another slap in the face to those who protect not only our Nation, but many others all over the world.

One of the butt-sucking reporters in the 'Press Corpse' asked Darth Obama about how long the bombing (operation Mahtha's Vinyahd), would last. Ophotoop said: "We're not going to give a particular time table". REALLY? Why the change of heart now? Oblabber has always told the enemy his plans for military movements before!

I'm still trying to figger out how my TV didn't succumb to lead poisoning after that speech.

REM1875 said...

Anal mouse
When sam donldson asked President Reagan about accepting blame the President accepted responsibility for the way things were and explained it well.
"Does any of the blame belong to you?" To which Reagan retorted: "Yes, because for many years I was a Democrat!"
So there ya go a republican accepting blame.

Anonymous said...

So, your only example of a Republican even coming close to admitting they screwed up, is a saying that encapsulates just how much Republicans refuse to accept blame and take responsibility for the problems they cause.

Judi King said...

AKA anonymous (bad anon): BLAH BLAH BLAH racist BLAH bad Republicans, bad Libertarians BLAH good democrats, good progressives (marxists) BLAH BLAH BLAH me smart, you all dumb BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Geoff King said...

As a Libertarian, I fail to see the point of this blame discussion. What politician of either party ever accepts blame unless forced to do so? IMHO, they are all to blame for the sad state of our Republic. They all lie and they all blame the other side of the aisle for problems.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I nuked another blah-blah-blah from Analmousse, who still has nothing positive to say about Barack Obama's foreign policy.

Rather, he/she/it is still on the rag about wanting me to show a concrete example of a Republican taking blame for a screw up, as if I was a short order cook taking an order.

Trying to change the argument isn't even remotely like winning the argument, loser. And since I have no love of Republicans, I feel no desire to defend them. In fact, I'll go a step better: a LOT of them are total screw ups, and pretty much none of them take the blame for their misdeeds.

The question is whether YOUR president should bear responsibility for HIS decisions.

It's funny that this is a question that you can't, or won't, answer.

Noorullah Noori said...

(Begin translation) Hey Farker! We need you here! Not sure if online translator working or not ... Farker I think is your name? Anyway, you sound like a great beheader - you are mindless yourself. We need people who can behead others at will here! You sound perfect for the job. I think you will enjoy - you have that sort of instinct to kill in horrendous, psychopathic ways, filling graves with endless bodies of the innocent. Tell me, did you torture puppies as a child? We need crazy - I mean, er, enlightened!, progressive! - "people" like you here at ISIS.

Hey, we train you and send you back to America where you can kill black men at will. You sound like you hate them so much. You can lead the Islamic States In Surrounding States and Yonder (ISISSY) - a new chapter we are opening! Charter member, president. Kill Farker, Kill! And be on youTube!

Er, what, Omar? Oh ... Omar al Tikirit says "Hi". And he still wants Wendy Davis. Omar - go behead that child - he looks happy. (End Translation).

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Ahhhhh, I love the smell of the unhinged Obama supporter in the morning, and I am not talking jock straps. They smell a bit like an exploded electrical transformer - unhinged Obama supporters, not jock straps.

Oh forget it.

My, do these Obama people hate. They hate and hate and hate. I sincerely believe they want to kill all opposition, just like the "authoritarian fascists" they claim to hate. I think they are in fact authoritarian fascists.

And talk about childish - come on here and make demands. "You must pay attention to me!!! Waaaaahhhhhh!"

J. Hlavac - er, calm down. Too many questions before coffee is not a good thing. Try repeating "Everything Barbarossa says is a lie." I am lying. You were never wrong. Let Farker chew on that.

Queso Grande said...

Sorry for the long time away. Most here will recognize the words..."I have a job".....some(YOU know who you are) won't.
It's actually pretty easy to search for Republicans accepting responsibility. Simply google two (that's 2) words and heck I won't even check the results but I bet you get tons of responses proving Kind Host's statement.
"Republican resigns"

See, R's force their own to take responsibility. Donks know no ethics, therefore their breach is not, by definition, news.

A good day to all, my fine H&C amigos.
And a tip o the hat to the Host mit der Most.

Allah of Dystopia said...

From my fellow Allah. To quote, "Remember when Obama took credit for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq instead of blaming Maliki for it? We all remember. How could we not? He’d been saying it every farking day for three years — until this summer, when suddenly it became something he’d done reluctantly, forced on the U.S. by an obstinate Iraqi parliament and a short-sighted, foolhardy Nouri al-Maliki. Any theories as to what changed? What could have happened in Iraq to make The One, who got reelected by reminding voters that he brought the boys home, wish that maybe he still had a few boys left in the field over there?" [My emphasis]

You know, it is amazing to me that these yahoos come the Maestro's site, thinking they will change ANY of the readers minds. Particularly with their insulting behavior (which they so richly deserve in return). You do not win any arguments with "nut job". One example.

But you know the point is, past presidents were blamed, rightly or wrongly, for all the ills of the nation. Bush 41 for what was a business-cycle recession, was hammered with "it's the economy stupid!" One example. In our system, the President is supposed to be merely an executive but since the idiot progressives have taken hold starting with Teddy R., the President has become king, legislator (through regulatory actions, for example) and judge (ditto), surprisingly authorized by increasing "progressive" Congresses.

Then this moron president comes along and NOTHING is his fault. Nothing. Not even pulling the troops out when he was taking credit for it earlier. And so he plays golf.

The slipshod way the press covers this moron is criminal.

Allah of Dystopia said...

...come to the Maestro's site...


Alfred E. Newman said...

Yet another useless waste of taxpayer money. And there are most likely a million more examples. Yes, I can be very nitpicky too.

The federal bureaucracy should all be fired and reinterviewed by The Cato Institute to determine whether they are needed.

And then there should be a "sunset law" for every federal job. I would, of course, administer it all for a nominal fee. If I don't have time to consider your job, you are fired.

Gosh, that sounds like fun, no?

Macker said...

I now refer to Ebola as...Oбола!