Monday, September 1, 2014

The Tweets Smell of Excess

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Following his stunning admission that his administration pays so little attention to ISIS that "we have no strategy," Barack Obama attended a fundraiser (surprise!) and said that the real reason people are terrified by terror threats and "feel like the world is falling apart" is because "the world has always been messy [but] we're just noticing now because of social media."

In other words, the world hasn't really gone to hell during Barry's two terms as president - it just seems that way because we're paying too much attention!

You can prove this phenomenon to yourself quite easily: turn off your computer, your smartphone, your radio, and your television...and you'll stop hearing worrisome news about ISIS, terrorists crossing our southern borders, Russian aggression, Hamas, and the wildfire spread of Ebola.  And this great relaxation technique works even better if you happen to be on a golf course!

Sadly, there are some people who continue to pay waaaay too much attention to social media, like British Prime Minister David Cameron who just said "ISIL is a greater threat to our security than we have ever seen before." Similarly, our own Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel shows signs of Twitter overexposure when he says that ISIS is "an imminent threat to every interest we have [and is] beyond anything that we've seen."

Clearly, these nervous Nellies need to take the wise advice that Barack Obama once gave Lois Lerner: "Destroy every communications device you've ever touched!"

Because, like a fallen tree in an empty forest, if a journalist is beheaded and nobody tweets about it, it doesn't make a sound. 

Or require a strategy.

Bonus Cartoon: Border CrISIS

Among the news stories that Obama is actively ignoring in the "social media" are reports of a possibly imminent terrorist attack on the United States from the southern border.

Intelligence sources say there is increased "chatter" suggesting that such an attack might be carried out to commemorate the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

And frankly, Hope n' Change is glad that the intelligence agencies are raising the alarm now since, as demonstrated by the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, it never occurred to anyone in Obama's entire freaking administration that September 11th just might be a day each year to be especially vigilant.


REM1875 said...

Yes prezzy Ø we do have a southern border and despite what 'your' people think it is not called Antarctica.

Geoff King said...

So, according to Øbamalamadingdong, the world is much more tranquil since he took office but it is messy and technology is to blame. Makes sense to me. Imagine how much peace the technologically-impaired Amish must have under his presidency. Let's check his own left-wing liberal media sources on that. Hmmm, this doesn't look to good:
Or this
Darn those Amish, they must be secretly posting on Facebook to be having these kind of troubles in Øbama's perfect world.

Geoff King said...

On the non-existent border, It is probably already too late to stop terrorist cells from entering our country. They are already calling for attacks on various targets including Las Vegas casinos:
It would not surprise me at all if the pyramid-shaped Luxor casino is destroyed on September 11th. After all, us infidels should not be allowed to have something as Arabic as pyramids. As I live about 250 miles downwind from Vegas, I only hope it is not a nuclear or biological attack.

Geoff King said...

Correction: make that "as Muslim as pyramids", since Egypt is not in Arabia.

Judi King said...

And thus we have the LoInfo mind set as opposed to those who have a clue! If you bury your head in the sand, you'll get your @$$ kicked.

Wahoo said...

A brown suit like that probably comes with a bowl of looks good on lamont, though.

Sparky said...

Excellent commentary as always Stilton. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I'm convinced more than ever that O'Turd Boy wants us all killed and out of the way. He is truly evil. History will not be kind to his memory.

BTW, I've come up with a new nickname for Turd Boy: Sock Puppet. I guess I had what's called an epiphany as it's obvious he's President in name only and that the likes of Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, etc. are the true "leaders". He just shows up at news events and mouths what his handlers tell him to say, then hit's the government sponsored links.

My husband also informed me this morning that Mike Huckabee show talked about how Eric Holder and the IRS are trying to put many small businesses out of business. They're main target's are pawn shops and gun stores via bank loans. LINK And yet the fun continues! [/sarc]

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back because the Doc always seems to hit a home run (except for that racist thing of a black (bear) in bed with a white woman - ha! Oh my, I am terrible). Today is no different.

But I guess I am not the only one (never thought so) who is just livid at the sheer stupidity of the Moron-In-Chief. From the article: "Engel also reported that military commanders are “apoplectic” over the president’s inaction in Syria: “I speak to military commanders, I speak to former officials, and they are apoplectic. They think that this is a clear and present danger. They think something needs to be done.”"

Geoff - been reading that stuff elsewhere. Good that you post that. I can only hope that finally people start admitting that profiling is "OK" sometimes - like now. I see no corruption of civil liberties (of which you will find no greater defender than me) when one employs common sense. Until the Islamic World admits they have a cancer and works with the Western World to kill it, the Western World has to consider those sympathetic to it as potential vectors.

Anonymous said...

Leaked photo of the suit he'll be wearing for his 9/11 speech this year, from a press room screen test.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow anonymous - HA! Hilarious.

But I think you are giving him much too much intelligence.

Geoff King said...

I think blue is more his color:

Anonymous said...

Geoff - ever the fashionista eh?

Bruce Bleu said...

Could you even imagine what the media-arm of the democrap party, oops, I mean the "MainStreamMedia", would do if a conservative with a pecker and testicles use the term "wee-wee'd up"? I think ol' lamont has some "golden showers" stuff goin' on! As mad as lamont gets when he learns of things via the news programs, you'd think he might have uttered the phrase "it's better to be pissed OFF than pissed ON", but, I think we know that lamont doesn't think that is the case!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Our southern border is like the equator; for all intents and purposes an imaginary line.

@Geoff King- Sometimes I think the Amish have the right idea. Shut off all the noise, grow some good whiskers, and raise the occasional barn. Three things which are impossible for Obama to do.

Regarding an attack on Las Vegas, I'm sure that ISIS will think twice about messing with Dirty Harry Reid as he stands guarding casino row with his unarmed liberal pals.

@Judi King- It seems to me that Obama just wants to take a page from "Brave New World" and remind us all to turn off the news, take our manditory dose of SOMA, and enjoy the lo-info fog as it settles between our ears.

@Wahoo- I believe you're thinking of "Cream of Jeans" soup.

@Sparky- I'm not sure history will be too hard on Obama because I'm increasingly unsure who is going to write it.

Regarding Eric Holder, he's working straight out of the Alinsky playbook: using (or rather abusing) capitalism to attack capitalism.

@Anonymous- Hey, there's nothing racist about my having shown a black and white couple in the same bed. Think of it as a salute to Barry's alleged gene donors!

On a more serious note, I'm sure that our military and intelligence officials are having aneurysms over Barry's announcement that we have no strategy (and his implication that we're in no hurry to develop any).

I believe the reason people like Chuck Hagel are speaking up in public is because Barry won't listen to them in private - and they know something bad is heading our way in a big hurry. I think they're trying to force his hand to take defensive action while we still can.

@Anonymous- I love the picture of Obama's suit. Is that the one David Byrne (of the "Talking Heads") wore on tour?

It seems like Barry should be wearing the "big suit" while singing "We're on the road to nowhere..."

@Geoff King- Yeah, I've thought of Barry as an empty suit for a long time.

@Bruce Bleu- Perhaps we've been misunderstanding Barry's use of the phrase "wee-wee'd up." Maybe what he's really saying is that when things get tense in the Oval Office, "we weed up."

Anonymous said...

I believe it is the same suit, Stilt. "You didn't build that beautiful house. You can't afford that beautiful wife."

Bruce Bleu said...

Although I still gravitate toward a urinary implication of lamont's phraseology, you make an EXCELLENT point, lamont must be employing a "double entendre"! The same as why his HONKY half enjoys music by the Doobie Brothers!
Thanks for the clarification.

Geoff King said...

An interesting perspective on the Weasel in Chief:

Judi King said...

Yeah Geoff, I know a sociopath when I see one but Mr. Root forgot narcissistic personality disorder. Also, this morning FNC reported that our traitor in chief knew about ISIS months ago. The man needs to go.

PRY said...

Right own, right own, right own! That's how we say 'right on' in Oklahoma!

Tell ya what I am getting really tired of hearing, and we don't hear much of it at all here on the worldwide HnC HQ page....and that is how out of touch He is, what a moron, doesn't have a clue! That's like saying those poor terrorists are just confused and didn't mean to create fear and chaos! He promised to TRANSFORM our nation, and he's picking up speed every day to that destination!

I think many many Americans are catching on, but not enough, especially the LoFos! All our kids' and their kids will suffer the effects of this anti-christ for years to come!

But, his time is coming, rest assured...just like Hitler and many other murderous tyrants, it is coming.

Anonymous said...

They can tell you what to do
But they'll make a fool of you
And it's all right, baby, it's all right
We're on a road to nowhere

Speaking of Talking Heads.

John the Econ said...

What? "The world has always been messy"? After last month's declaration, I thought that it had never been more tranquil. Which is it?

Actually, he's more right this time. Formerly, Democrats could rely upon a pliant mainstream media chock-full of anti-war leftists who were more than content to just ignore the "messy" that was taking place in far-away lands.

Not so anymore. The same social media that vapid western celebrities use to broadcast their smallest thoughts in realtime along with any teenager's selfies also broadcasts beheadings on an equal footing. The old filters are gone. It's all out there for anyone with access to the Internet, which these days literally means pretty much everybody.

Hear-no-evil-see-no-evil liberalism doesn't work anymore. Technology has disrupted it. The evil is now in our face, and our leaders can no longer pretend to ignore it...

...but some will continue to try.

Anonymous said...

Do you need any more proof that he was a RINO all along?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The pyramids were built by ethnic Egyptians, which were neither arabs nor muslims.

I'm actually amazed that the arab muslims that currently dominate Egypt haven't torn the pyramids down, since arab muslims elsewhere seem so fond of destroying the icons of other religions.

Geoff King said...

Now, supposedly, Steven Sotloff has also been beheaded by ISIS:
That must mean it is time for Øbastard to hit the links again for some more laughs and fist bumping.

Judi King said...

OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! We need to take them out!!!!!!!!!

Geoff King said...

By "them" are you referring to ISIS, or their enablers in the Øbama Administration, or both?

Judi King said...


Geoff King said...

Good answer sis.

Mark said...

Øbama just made a statement on the beheading. He said he'd be heading out to the golf course later today.

Anonymous said...

"Obama aims to reassure Baltics..." Well I am sure that the Baltics are reassured by this. I suppose "aims" means a five iron. Oh and another red line.

BTW to the other anonymous, you are correct about Egypt. Everywhere Islam has gone, stagnation has ensued EXCEPT during the Medieval. But what a religion. Blood-lust is more like it.

BTW, the NSA/IRS is looking for the Kings.

An American Citizen said...

Now the Vaughns accuse Obama of “a cowardly lack of leadership,” and demand his resignation over the administration’s failure to stop ISIS when it had opportunities to do so[.]"

This man is a total embarrassment. He will get citizen's killed, and he is spying on those that stay alive. Progressives are a horror.

An American Citizen said...

Sorry for the bad punctuation there, folks.

Ben Rumson said...

These ISIS creatures remind me of the Daleks on the BBC's Dr. Who...