Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Missing Inaction

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Despite Barack Obama's assertion that his intelligence agencies gave him bad information about ISIS (despite those same agencies giving clear testimony about the growing danger in public forums), there now seems to be a new explanation about why the president didn't get the message: he doesn't bother to attend most of his daily intelligence briefings.

According to the Government Accountability Institute, Barry skips nearly 60% of such critical national security briefings. However, in fairness we should point out that he does have a 100% attendance rate for fundraisers, tee times, and hilarious U.N. "roasts" of the United States.

The sad thing is, the president's serial truancy in these threat assessment meetings is neither new nor news.  You can read virtually the same story from 2012, back when Obama could still have been denied a second term.

And radical Islamic terror could have been denied a second coming.


obama, obama jokes, cartoon, political, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, clinton, hillary, baby, diaper


obama, obama jokes, political, cartoon, hope n' change, stilton jarlsberg, ebolamo, ebola-mo, ebola, texas, dallas

Ironically, just after creating the cartoon in which Hillary is pooping in her pants, Hope n' Change received news that pretty much has us pooping in our pants: Ebola has arrived in North Texas, only minutes away from our editorial offices.

Even better, it seems that "patient zero" may have been knocking around the area in a contagious condition for a couple of days before being admitted to a hospital. Which means there may be an untold number of other folks incubating and/or spreading the virus in the area.

Frankly, Hope n' Change wasn't too freaked out about this until CDC Director Tom Frieden took to the airwaves with hinky behavior and weirdly scripted remarks intended to assure us that "there's no need to panic" in about the least believable way possible.

His creepiest statement was that the whole world is involved in the fight against Ebola because "we all share the same air." However, Ebola has never been transmissible through the air - unless Frieden knows something about this particular strain that he didn't mean to share on national television.

In any event, America's hemorrhagic roller-coaster ride is officially underway.  And we're betting it's going to be a very bumpy ride.



Pamecon said...

Please be safe Dr. Stilton.
Obamacare will help us manage Ebola. Don't worry everyone!

Jselvy said...

Not to sound too tin haberdashery trade but heavy Republican state (Texas) + O's African connections + "we will punish our enemies" = plot?

Duke Mantee said...

@ Jefferson Selvy - I would buy your scenario except that Obama has already started his plans to bring Texas over to the dark side by importing as many democratic voters (aka illegal aliens) to the state as he can. If he kicked off his "Ebola Plan" it would only impede progress on turning Texas, God forbid, Liberal.

Jim Hlavac said...

Eh, I ain't worried about the Ebola thingy -- why, I have experience with this sort of thing. Back in 1980 guys I knew just started dying within days of getting a little blotch on their skin -- the thing didn't even have a name! In 1981 it was called "GRID" -- Gay Related Immune Disease and well, many people seemed absolutely thrilled! Then in mid-84 and into 1985 it morphed into HIV/AIDS and it was discovered anyone could get it! Though there was a joke: "How do you spell relief" "A I D S" modeled on a cough drop ad -- let me know when the Ebola jokes get here!

Ooh my, did things happen faster right after it was found anyone could get GRID, not that fast -- we still had to ACT UP! and take over the FDA to get the bureaucrats to move faster - and it worked! All Americans have benefitted from that event, for sure.

Anyways, some 50,000 Americans died before anyone other than the dying and their friends really gave a damn ...

So, I'm sort of jaded, as you might well imagine.

However -- think of the bright side:
The thing has a name from day 1;
There's exactly 1, maybe 2, sufferers in the land, and the nation is right on top if it, as best they can;
Scientists got to work instantly;
And because of the previous "who gives a damn" epidemic, the drug process is not only swifter - but, we know oh so much more about the immune system and viruses - -why, GRID was the greatest boon to the study of the immune system ever -- and all those human guinea pigs -- can't do those sorts of studies anymore, that would be unethical.

Still, yeah, it's a worry -- but, like I said, I've got experience, and we're in far better shape now than we were back then -- and it seems everyone cares more.

Meanwhile, some "christian" preacher has announced that it will solve the problem of the gays and sluts by killing them all.

Also, the more virulent a virus is the quicker it burns out ...

Anyway, I'm sanguine about it all in a "been there, done that" sort of way.

Jim Hlavac said...

Oh, as for the intelligence briefings -- the president's absence is nothing short of dereliction of duty and to me seems high crime and misdemeanorish -- I mean, it's his job - and he failed to show up.

Anonymous said...

Oh how happy I am to have to attend a function in the metroplex this weekend. Then next week I have to hope I beat ebola to the V.A. in OKC. Of course I could be the carrier.
So Doc I sympathise with ya. Like you I wasn't overly worried till the govt said we had nothing to fear, now I am in a blind panic. If its not that contagious and not air borne how did those Dr's catch it?

REM1875 said...

Stock piled ammo, food and supplies next to ebola infected corpses. And the the Devil lols.

Geoff King said...

If I ran into Hitlery in a dark alley, I would have a similar expression and would need a change of underwear as a result.
It was just a matter of time before Ebola hit our country through our non-borders or by being flown in. As far as it becoming airborne, there is evidence that a mutated form of it already did back in 1989:

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

This nails it a little closer, the Daily Caller has calculated that he’s spent almost 700 hours in 875 “Presidential Daily Briefings” since 2009. But he’s also spent roughly 800 hours on almost 200 golf trips since his 2008 inauguration. Reference: Obama's Golf Time

Re: The Ebola Outbreak in Dallas, also just a few short miles from where we live, I'd feel so much more secure if it wasn't for CDC Director Tom Frieden's hinky behavior and weirdly scripted remarks. The following 'speaker' was quick to jump the shark on Frieden's "same air" remarks, following the administration's talking point that Ebola isn't an airborne virus - yeah, tell the monkeys in the incident Geoff King referenced. I believe that it was a mutated strain, 'Marlsberg' I believe, that occurred. The Hot Zone is a good book on the Ebola outbreaks, a little medically technical, and very scary when you see how close it was. Remember this is the administration that has Fast & Furious, the IRS, Benghazi, the Rosen (and more) investigation and ISIS/Khorosan Gate as credibility markers that's assuring us everything is in control - reminds me of the scene in Animal House.

@Jim Hlavac: Both my wife and I have lost very good friends to the HIV/AIDS disaster, but there is now some hope on the horizon, though too late coming for way too many. I also have friends that have died from Agent Orange, and it also took too many years for the government to admit what it did - unfortunately, there is no cure for AO, and the genetic destruction is passed on to their following generations.

Freddie Sykes said...

The CDC has assured us that this merely a case of workplace virus.

TrickyRicky said...

I'm not too worried about hemorrhagic fever. After 6 years of this administration, I'm all too used to bleeding out of a certain orifice.

Judi King said...

Failed "intelligence", failed security, failed health concerns, failed just about everything you can think of. If this president were still in school, he'd get an F in every class except "lying 101". If he were in the real world, he'd be FIRED!

Geoff King said...

For those of you in Texas and anyone else who may be concerned about contracting Ebola, you may wish to research Colloidal Silver. There is some hope that it is effective against Ebola, as it has been proven to work through the centuries on many other viruses and pathogens. You can easily produce it at home very inexpensively.
If you heard about the man who turned blue from it's use, that has been debunked. He was ingesting massive amounts of Silver Chloride, not Colloidal Silver. In small doses CS is beneficial and harmless. It is, however, interesting to note that the term "Blue Blood" originated from the fact the only the wealthy in the past ate their meals using real silverware.

Bruce Bleu said...

So, I get it... the darker your skin, and the "nappier" your hair, the more you can LIE and get away with it.
"NO, officer... I'z did NOT steal dat!"
"No, Suh... I'z did NOT keel dat ho."
"No, yo 'onna... I'z did NOT shoot dat honky!"
"Hey, bitch... you be mah "baby-mama" and I'z will LOVE an' suppoht you fo-evah!"
"Eleck ME an' I'z will be duh BESS Prezidunce in HISTURY!"
Fortunately it's only the MORONS who actually believe that shit.

And regarding the second photo, I was in Vail last week and saw a bumper sticker that said, "Excuse me, I've got to go take an OBAMA!"
The same level of respect I extend to lamont!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pamecon- Thanks to Obamacare, every Ebola patient will be covered. Granted, it will be with dirt, but they're still covered.

@Jefferson Selvy- Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind.

@Duke Mantee- On the other hand, Barry wouldn't need to worry about any state being conservative or liberal if the imposition of martial law allowed him to ignore future elections.

@Jim Hlavac- You raise some good points. The "Gay Plague" didn't get the attention it deserved initially and for all the wrong reasons. I genuinely believe that most Americans have come a long way since then.

And I saw the idiotic statement by that hateful preacher who is praying for Ebola to wipe out the sinners. He is a world class idiot, and richly deserves a spot in whatever Hell he believes in.

@REM1875- Coincidentally, my family is heading to OKC from North Texas this weekend (a family member is moving, and we're going to have "An Adventure in Moving" with U-Haul). So we're going from Ebolaville to Beheading City. What a funny world.

While in the Metroplex, you should be safe if you just take a few simple precautions: wash your hands frequently, don't come in contact with anyone for any reason, and (just to be safe) try not to inhale until you get to Oklahoma.

And seriously, for all of the talk about how you have to come into intimate contact with bodily fluids to catch Ebola, how did this patient NOT know he'd been exposed? The "experts" are making it sound like you need to wallow in a victim's blood - I don't believe them.

@Geoff King- We should know if this is an airborne strain within the next couple of weeks - all we'll need to do is count bodies.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- The fact that Obama spends more time golfing than attending daily briefings pretty much says all you need to know about his priorities.

Regarding Ebola, you make a GREAT point that it's almost impossible to have confidence in either the competence or veracity of ANY government agency these days. CDC Director Frieden was a bit too transparently political when he said that Obama was "leaning forward" (shoutout to MSNBC!) on Ebola, and then followed up with his bizarre remark about the air we all share. Something stinks here...

@Freddie Sykes- THAT is a funny effing line. I'm going to borrow it (and give you credit). Look for something on the HnC facebook page later today.

@TrickyRicky- Ain't THAT the truth.

@Judi King- Sadly, the president thinks he is in school, where glib erudition can pass for substance. And we're all paying the price.

@Geoff King- And for those who don't like swallowing things, there's always Hemorrhoidal Silver.

No, no - actually I'll take a look into Colloidal Silver. It's not like I won't have plenty of time to do Internet research now that I've nailed my doors and windows shut.

@Bruce Bleu- Sadly, Obama really has used his skin color as a catch-all excuse for his incompetence.

Anonymouseseses said...

Good catch, Doc. I forgot (somehow, I don't know how) about all of the abuse Bush 43 (you know, the guy we blame for everything, including "diaper face") was absolutely drawn and quartered for "poor intelligence". And now, The One is using the same excuse. He is more or less getting a pass though. The hypocrisy of the press ... I bet they pull straws to see who gets to lick the presidents a-hole that day. The One is really into that I hear.

BTW, maybe I missed but I liked your line about "The October Surprise" for your Alamo cartoon but you didn't use it here.

American Cowboy said...

About the Ebola carrier, I wonder if they were a willing pawn, or an unwitting tool in a bigger plan?

As asked previously...could this be part of a plot to punish Americans? I wouldn't be surprised.

CenTexTim said...

The CDC is telling the general public one thing ("Don't worry - we got this") but doing something else behind the scene:

CDC issues Ebola guidelines for U.S. funeral homes

Stay safe, Stilt.

REM1875 said...

For some odd reason Monty Python's "Bring out your dead" just came to mind, not sure why.

REM1875 said...

CDC: “No Doubt” First U.S. Ebola Case Will Not Spread...
Opps Second case reported in dallas but don't worry folks. The govt has this under control.
I feel better already.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymouseseses- Bush has been called a liar for years now because of bad intelligence that everyone thought was accurate.

Barry, on the other hand, blames bad intelligence and gets only sympathy from the media. Even worse - it appears he HAD good intelligence but chose to ignore it.

@American Cowboy- I don't think this Ebola patient is a willing plant. But sadly, I'm not 100% sure he wasn't "enlisted" without his knowledge. These are strange days.

@CenTexTim- Well, this is certainly going to cut down my kissing the guests of honor at open casket funerals...

@REM1875- "I'm happeee! I'm happeee!" (Thump!)

Regarding the second likely Ebola victim in Dallas, it is at times like this when I envy Helen Keller - she never had to make the decision whether to shit or go blind.

rickn8or said...

"Remember WHY the EBOLA-MO!"

Ebola-mo is much more better than my
"Eeee-BO-la!" a la the old Ricola commercials.

Must be why you're the blogger and I'm the reader.

rickn8or said...

Meh. My HTML-fu is weak to day

Here's the Ricola commercial link:

Shelly said...

Aaarrrgh! Could they have just asked the guy "Did you just come from Africa?" before sending him home with a scrip? Or would that not be PC? I've spent lots of time in Presby Dallas. Both of my children were born there and my mom had many visits 204there prior to her death. It saddens me that's where this scourge appeared in America.

Colby Muenster said...

Boy, Stilton.... you've been a busy boy today! Three knee slappers, and a disturbing one for balance. Yes, Ebola is a scary thing, and like Pamecon said, thank God we have this wonderful new free healthcare system!

Good news for you though. I'm pretty sure O'Chickenshit won't be visiting Texas any time soon.

As far as Da Wun skipping security briefings, I was shocked! Can you really believe he made it to that many?! Sha... I'll bet one of his friends clocked in for him.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Uh oh, Hillary has poopy Depends.

Geoff King said...

And so it begins. Now there appears to be a second case of Ebola in Dallas:

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn806- Actually, the Ricola angle is pretty darn funny!

@Shelly- The hospital didn't have to ask him about his recent travels - apparently, he TOLD them he'd just come from Liberia and they ignored the information! That's the kind of human error that has godawful consequences.

And Presby Dallas is a fine hospital - but I'm wondering how this is going to affect them, at least in the short run. Who in their right mind would go there for any elective procedure?

@Colby Muenster- I didn't intend to be so prolific today; sometimes it just happens.

And yes, "keeping Barry out of Texas" would be the glass half full way of looking at an Ebola outbreak.

@Woodersterman (Odie)- Depends - When you can't get out of bed in time for that 3 a.m. "phonecall"...

@Geoff King- Yep, a second patient is in the hospital and a dozen other people are under observation. It's all very very reassuring.

Anonymouseseses said...

Yeah, Doc you are correct as usual. The intelligence Bush 43 had was presumed good - some of it, I have read, was from Saddam's mistress - Saddam apparently bragged to her about his WMD - that his WMD's were bigger than anyones. Unk, unk, unk. True story though, apparently one of our sources was his mistress (one of them).

BTW, in that extra cartoon, Yomamma Bin Shoppin looks good in his Halloween costume. Hope it comes with a poop shute. (BTW, with due apologies to Hlavac, Yomamma Bin Shoppin was a line from a posting somewhere else of The First Gay Terrorist. Wish I could post the pic here. It was hilarious.)

Geoff King said...

But, but, but, Øbullcrap promised that Ebola would not hit America - despite his leaving our borders wide open and refusing to stop all flights to and from the East African countries hardest hit by the disease even though most other nations have done so, and despite sending untrained and unequipped troops to the heart of the epidemic where well trained and well equipped medical personel are nonetheless contracting the virus. Ya think maybe he lied to us? The Pentagon seems to think he is a liar:,241091&fromt=yes
In reality, I do not recall one thing out of his mouth that was truthful. Perhaps, while on the golf course, his yelling "fore!" is totally honest, but other than that I do not believe the man is capable of telling the truth.....I forgot, he did promise to change America, and it is an indisputable fact that he has done so.

Geoff King said...

Øbeelzebub has given Americans many new options we never had before. We now have the chance of dying by the Ebola virus he painstakingly imported to our country, or by being beheaded by the terrorist organization he built and still arms, or through nuclear war with Russia due to his ridiculous sanctions and sabre-rattling, or by a racially motivated attack from the divisiveness he has been fomenting, or by being executed in a routine traffic stop by local police departments that he has highly militarized, or perhaps by simply being murdered by one of the thousands of felons he has allowed to cross our borders and freely roam our streets.
He certainly deserves an A+ for diversity.

JeffersonFan said...

Well... many conspiracy theorists have made it clear that Ebola was going to be brought to the States. The current administration has definitely made sure that this is indeed the case.

God help us all... obviously the "powers that be" have no interest in that.

When this president was elected for the first time, I turned to my friends (many who were celebrating the fact) and I said... "I guarantee you that by the time his administration is over, he will have proved to be the most corrupt and damaging president this country has ever seen".

Within the last few weeks, many of my liberal friends (unsolicited) have actually reached out to me and said that I was right on that fateful day.

Once again I say... God help us all. The Ebola virus has the ability to wipe out up to 65% of our population within the next 36 months. Check the well hidden WHO projections.

Why do you think the Gov has ordered some 8.5 million plastic coffins.. per Alex Jones 2 years ago. I didn't believe it... or perhaps I was in denial... now I am saddened as to what I am seeing.

Oh well... I am fortunate enough to have prepared somewhat for this impending doom, and just pray that I can expedite my family deep enough into the wilderness to escape Barry's "plan" to exterminate a majority of the population.

I am gonna go practice donning my hazmat gear and make sure my kids know what to look for before they begin to play with "the new kid in school".

God bless America... and please keep us safe.

By the way Stilton... I have been a follower and admirer of your blog for some time now. Keep up the good work..!! You are indeed a Patriot, and I look forward to the next update on how the new pup is doing.

PEACE... I'm outta here !!

Anonymous said...

My concern is going to prove out or not three weeks from now. Between the three heavily infected nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone the Muslim population totals a bit over thirteen million. The hajj, the pilgrimage that every Muslim is supposed to make at least once in a lifetime, runs from October 2 to the 6th. A million sweaty men walk around a big rock together in circles. I worry that even a few sick ones could kick off a worldwide epidemic when the party disbands and they fly home o every corner of the globe. Ebola is an illness I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy,especially if he lives in my town. -Brad

rickn8or said...

Brad-- Be of good cheer, it'll run through the moslem communities first.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Anonymouseseses: At the risk of being politically incorrect:

Yomama Bin Shoppin

Anonymouseseses said...

G.C. - you found it! Ha!

But I misspelled it I see. Oh well.

Colby Muenster said...

I just heard on Rush how they are screening possible ebola carriers at airports. They shoot them in the forehead with a laser thermometer as they pass through security, and if the passenger has a fever, they ASK THEM IF THEY HAVE EBLOA!!! Oh yeah, that'll stop 'em!

Hell, we should apply the same logic to terrorists. "Sir, are you a terrorist?" "Heavens, no, I love you infidels who live in the Great Satan and worship false gods." OK, you my board the plane now. Sorry we bothered you, and please excuse me while I do a cavity search on this paraplegic 6 year old girl."

Judi King said...

Also on Rush....Ex SS director Julia Pierson wanted to run the secret service like Disney World. Wow, that explains a lot! But, since nØbama resembles Mickey Mouse, I guess it kind of fits.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- I just heard on the radio that at the airport in Liberia, the man was asked if he'd been exposed to Ebola and he craftily lied "No."

Not exactly a bullet-proof screening method, is it?

Bruce Bleu said...

Stilton, I heard he was HURLING at the airport before boarding the plane! Exposed to ebola/(obola) on Sept. 15th, on the plane the 18th, 8 hours layover in one airport, 3 hours in another... said NOTHING about the woman he spent time with who DIED from ebola when he went to the ER. He could have infected HUNDREDS of people! The ONLY problem is he WASN'T the guy who got into the White House!!!!
Oh, but lamont is sending OUR SOLDIERS to Liberia to respond to ebola THERE?! Are they only HONKYS? I think he should only send BLACK soldiers, or BLACK doctors, because THEY are the only "race" who aren't racists, or stupid, or worthless, or selfish, or greedy, so THEY should be sent to make everything in the world right, because the ONLY reason a person would accuse a black person of being ANYTHING negative is because of RACISM! There is NO SUCH THING as a lazy negro, no such thing as a foolish negro, no such thing as a irresponsible negro, NOOOOOO, they are WONDERFUL, they are MODELS of industry and respect. The lyrics to THEIR signature music "cRAP" [sic] is NOTHING but wholesome and pure. There has NEVER been a racist black person, or one that a parent wouldn't trust to babysit their child!
BTW, in the Bible, SLAVERY was a punishment for IDOLATRY and disobedience to God. The absence of slavery limits God's ability to show people that sin ENSLAVES them, so, since there is no mechanism by which the sinner can learn a lesson, (being a slave), they never learn the lesson of how insidious sin IS! Remember too, 150 years ago the blacks were renown for the "spiritual" songs, they were family oriented, and because the suffered persecution, they had to turn to GOD for comfort!
Also, the blacks were sold into slavery by their OWN families, tribes and villages! God's judgment of sin had NOTHING to do with why they were slaves, it was a BUSINESS deal, and THEY were the product.

Anonymous said...

MAX Redline said...

Oh, ebola can be transmitted by air:

At least, that's what studies at NIH indicate.

rickn8or said...

Who you gonna believe, NIH or CDC"