Monday, October 13, 2014

Sick Joke

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The first case of Ebola contracted inside the United States has now been documented in Dallas, after a nurse who bravely treated "patient zero" Thomas Eric Duncan tested positive for the virus. Disconcertingly, she was infected despite wearing full protective gear (trust us, "hazmat-chic" will soon be the new fashion rage).

The Center for Disease Control quickly responded that the nurse must have been responsible for a "protocol breach," because, as every political organization knows, nothing can stand up to protocol, including hemorrhagic fever.

Barack Obama, stealing a few precious moments between fundraising, golfing, and conceding defeat in the Middle East, attempted to quell public fears by saying you can't catch Ebola "by sitting next to someone on a bus."   Which is why the CDC is suggesting a new protocol in which medical professionals will skip the hazmat suits and simply treat patients while seated next to them on a bus.

Still, these palliative measures will accomplish little unless the United States can keep additional Ebola carriers from our shores. To that end, the president has ordered Homeland Security and the TSA to upgrade their screening procedures for people entering our country. Formerly, people were simply asked if they've had contact with Ebola victims. Now, after answering "no," they will also be asked to cross their hearts - a security measure previously only used to identify potential terrorists.

To be absolutely fair, it's not Barack Obama's fault that Ebola has found its way into our country. Although it is his fault that tens of thousands of young illegal aliens have crossed the border and been squirreled off to God knows where while carrying scabies, tuberculosis, and in all likelihood the enterovirus which is (ahem) mysteriously infecting children across our nation.

And importantly, it's also his fault that in a time of medical crisis neither the "healthcare" president nor his representatives in the CDC appear to have a well-coordinated response to Ebola - or any credibility whatsoever.

obama, obama jokes, ebola, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, CDC, bus, political, humor, cartoon
Unless, of course, there's anyone else on the bus.


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rickn8or said...

"...the nurse must have been responsible for a "protocol breach,"

Of course. Blame the victim that was relying on the last best information you gave them.


Pete (Detroit) said...

Hmmm, prev post seems to have been eaten?
If it shows up, plz delete this one?

anyway... Hey, all, this is one of my favorite cartoon digests, and H&C cartoons occasionally show up, but this is the first I've seen Stilt "quoted" (scroll down... like to quotes - at the bottom....)

Pete (Detroit) said...

always helps to include the link...

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@rickn80r: Obama blame deflection 101, blame the nurse. A doctor (especially a Surgeon General God) would never be responsible for a 'protocol breach'. The narratives coming out of TPH just don't mesh with known medical containment processes. 'Course, as my wife says "What do you call a person that graduated at the bottom of his class at Bubba's Bait Shop & Medical School? ... Doctor" Try the pork chops folks, they're halal"

Unknown said...

Trusting the government to
protect us is a sick joke.
Ever get the idea that they wan't
a pandemic here , heck they are
talking now about terminating us
at age 75.

no lie

Geoff King said...

No ban on flights from West Africa. Border wide open. Untrained and unequipped troops sent to the epicenter of Ebola. No quarantine of either people travelling from hardest hit countries or those who were in contact with known Ebola patients. A lag of several days before the Dallas victim's home or the ambulance he rode in were sanitized. Health care professionals infected in Africa being flown back here for treatment - against all previously established protocol.
The supposed airport screening is a joke, as all they do is ask a couple of questions and possibly test for a fever (which can be easily deceived by taking Ibuprofen first). In the case of this doctor who just returned from Africa, they just waved her through even though she stated where she had been:
I truly wish that all of these ridiculous mistakes could be written off as incompetence, but I do not see how that is humanly possible. Therefore, the only conclusion is that we are in the midst of a carefully executed plan to purposefully cause a pandemic in our country. The only remaining question is whether it is to bring about Martial Law, or to allow pharmaceutical corporations to make billions on a mandatory vaccination, or both. In any event, I believe the chances of Ebola NOT spreading like wildfire throughout our country in the next couple of months are next to nothing. Have a Merry Ebola Christmas America.

Geoff King said...

As for voting Republican in November, I fail to see how that will improve matters much, as they all appear to be bought and paid for now and have done absolutely nothing to stop this reign of tyranny that is upon us. If I could believe that by taking control of the Senate they would immediately start impeachment proceedings against Ă˜bama, I would be all for re-electing Republican incumbants, but I do not see anything but business as usual coming from a Republican controlled congress. I will be voting for none of the above.

Unknown said...

Excellent video, Stilt! Now-- to the rooftops with the giant video screens...!
Keep up the good work, and hug Penny for us!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn8or- I was really offended by the sniffy attitude of the CDC Director and blaming a protocol breach. He takes it for granted that the virus can't be caught by those observing proper protocol. Whereas Obama has at least said "we seem to need a better protocol."

@Pete (Detroit)- Lots of fun stuff at that link!

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I'm not panicking, but I'm open to the idea that the current strain of Ebola may spread more aggressively than was previously thought to be the case. To paraphrase Roy Scheider in Jaws: "We're gonna need a bigger protocol."

@Ron Spins- I don't think Barry wants a pandemic here, I think he wants the fear of a pandemic here. It's fear that most directly translates to political power.

@Geoff King- For the time being, I'm sticking with the idea that there really is enough stupidity and human error to account for what we've seen so far. Which doesn't mean that more conspiratorial thoughts never enter my mind - just that I'm still pushing them back.

Regarding voting for Republicans (per my video), I believe it's a "hold your nose" exercise but one worth doing. I'm not a Republican and have no love for the party. That being said, at this time, with these midterms, taking control of the Senate away from Harry Reid and the Dems is imperative. And if we can't stop Obama's abuses outright, maybe we can at least shove a Republican stick into the spokes of his bike.

Judi King said...

I consider myself to be a Conservative not a Republican but, as we still pretty much have a two party system, I will continue to vote Republican. Third party voters and people who didn't vote at all, stating " there's no choice", and other more sinister reasons caused us to end up with the total incompetence and world chaos as evidenced by a daily crisis (EG health, terror, etc.), that we now have because of who was elected. I know that many of the Republicans in office now are just status quo politicians who don't want to give up their power, but there are many true Conservatives running and they are our only hope of getting anything worthwhile passed, if they can get a Senate majority.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bear Cat- Thanks, and consider Penny hugged!

Bruce Bleu said...

Let's remember something... lamont has only declared that ABORTION was "above his pay grade" and has operated as an EXPERT in EVERY OTHER DAMNED MATTER! Who are WE to doubt the narcissist-in-thief? Ol' "shit-for-brains" is suffering from "arrested development" somewhere between 2 and 7 years old because of being abandoned by his father, pawned off to relatives and bootie-boinked by perverted mooselims in Indonesia! This guy didn't stand a CHANCE to live a "normal life" and now WE get to pay the price for his dysfunction!
I didn't father the bastard, I didn't leave him, I didn't abandon him, and I didn't cornhole him, so I shouldn't have to suffer for HIS crappy life!!! He's just a spoiled little turd with an attitude to get even with his PERCEIVED antagonists, and THAT bullshit does NOT belong in a position of leadership.

Suzy said...

I almost spewed coffee when I read the Ebola parks one....oh my gosh..... But the knock knock one left me feeling sober and quiet. So, it felt good to laugh!

Suzy said...

Ps...great video!!!

Geoff King said...

One would think that since the US government owns the patent on Ebola they would have something of a clue on how to contain it:
One should also wonder why the US government felt the need to patent a virulent disease in the first place.

American Cowboy said...

@Geoff King

After reading about the Ebola patent, this statement stood out, "This deposit was not made to an International Depository Authority (IDA) as established under the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure, and is a non-Budapest treaty deposit.."

Reading about the Budapest treaty I noticed this statement, "The treaty allows "deposits of microorganisms at an international depositary authority to be recognized for the purposes of patent procedure".[3] Usually, in order to meet the legal requirement of sufficiency of disclosure,"

Now, I wonder exactly what "sufficiency of disclosure" was being circumvented by making the patent deposit in a non-compliance manner?

Perhaps I am overly suspicious of the governments "caring" for the average citizen?

American Cowboy said...

Further reading of the patent indicates it is allegedly for vaccine use.
But what vaccines are normally administered by, "...liquids, such as water and oils, including those of petroleum, animal, vegetable or synthetic origin, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, mineral oil, sesame oil and the like. Suitable pharmaceutical excipients include starch, glucose, lactose, sucrose, gelatin, malt, rice, flour, chalk, silica gel, sodium stearate, glycerol monostearate, talc, sodium chloride, dried skim milk, glycerol, propylene, glycol, water, ethanol and the like."

Executive order 13603, Part VIII, Section 801, Par. (e) makes an interesting read, in the light of the patent information.

Jim Hlavac said...

@Geoff King -- sir, I concur completely in your Ebola analysis - it is way too purposeful. And the administration and its hangers on is riddled with people who wish less population (and I don't think they care who) and will not let a "crisis go to waste" and have stated repeatedly they want more control over everything.

As for the Republicans taking over the Senate and starting impeachment -- 1) too little too late, and 2) we'll get Biden with a sympathy and "something new" boost ... and 3) sadly, though obvious to at least me, the Republicans will tackle "a grave nation issue" which I just have to jokingly call "sissy smooching." It is preposterous that Ted Cruz now seeks a Constitutional Amendment against the federal government recognizing reality -- gay couples. And the rest of the crop of wannabes - Santorum, Huckabee, etc, are just as fixated on the matter. How the hell we few could be such a cause of concern has escaped me nigh on 45 years ... but here we go again.

Yes, have a Merry Ebola Christmas, folks. And for those concerned about an inability to say "Merry Christmas" take this advice from a gay man who argued for liberty -- Screw 'em all and say it until their eyes pop out and they reach for a Constitutional Amendment against what and who you want to be. :)

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

This is just too good - scroll to bottom of actable for the video:

Wendy Davis Staffer Drags Disabled Man Across Stage

One Class Act!

Pamecon said...

Obama: The cops "acted stupidly"
CDC: The nurse 'acted stupidly'

Notice a pattern?...........

Colby Muenster said...

Wendy Davis is a zit on the ass of society. Maybe Abbott should bring a ditzy blonde on stage and have them hack a baby doll to pieces with a scalpel. that woudl be right on par with Davis' classiness.

Colby Muenster said...

Doh! woudl?

Unknown said...

Being Columbus Day, isn’t it interesting Mr. Obama’s illegals are bringing diseases into the country, while his fans tell us how bad Columbus was to bring European diseases to the New World?

txGreg said...

@Colby Muenster,

If that happened, all the journalists who can't understand the problem with the Davis ad, would suddenly be breathless with outrage over the lack of class exhibited by the Abbott campaign.

Popular Front said...

What you must remember is that your exalted politicians will not be exposed to any ebola virus, ever. Your US politicians are just the same as our Australian ones (for the most part) - they start off as a remake of 'Mr Smith Goes To Washington' full of idealism, altruism and the desire to serve their fellow men & women but after a few months up on Capitol Hill with their snouts in the trough the 'common people' (who foolishly voted them there btw) can go eat cake/doritos/lard while they scoop up those lobby dollars to put towards that pretty beach house on Maui.
No, as regards ebola the White House and the Reps and Senate flunkies will make the usual 'harrumphs' but not much if anything will be done to arrest this viral invasion.

Colby Muenster said...


I know, I know.... I just get so farging irritated at the double standard. Why in flying hell can Revrund Ja-hack-sun badmouth white people on a daily basis, year after year, but we can't be even slightly critical of that little weasel who's trying to be the first king of the USA, without being branded racist?

Grumpy, Jim and Cowboy,
I'll bet our beloved gubmint (whose sole purpose is supposed to be to protect US) has enough diseases and chemicals stashed away to wipe out the planet about 100 times.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce Bleu- But in fairness, Obama is a "mainstream" African-American who is articulate, bright and clean, and a nice-looking guy. At least, that's how Joe Biden summed him up back in 2008.

@Suzy- People like Jesse Jackson are already trying to make Ebola a racial issue so the "Ebola Parks" joke came naturally.

And like you, the "knock-knock" joke doesn't make me laugh - it just sits there being cold, scary and true.

@Geoff King & American Cowboy- The Ebola patent(s) seem weird, but also seem to make sense in our odd legalistic world. Theoretically if the government DIDN'T patent a strain of Ebola, someone else could - and then demand outrageous fees for using it in the creation of vaccines.

Moreover, if terrorists use Ebola without getting permission first, Eric Holder can sue them. And probably would.

@Jim Hlavac- "Never let a crisis go to waste, and never let a problem fail to become a crisis."

Regarding Republicans and the Senate, I agree that there's no way Impeachment will ever happen and we shouldn't even waste time thinking about it. Rather, I want a unified GOP Congress that can hopefully be an impediment to Barry and his executive orders.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- I'm pretty sure that OSHA wouldn't approve of dragging the handicapped around like that. Amazing.

@Pamecon- People in uniforms are stupid?

@Colby Muenster- I'd love it.

@Chip Head- Excellent point!

@txGreg- yep.

@Popular Front- You're correct; when the politicians say there's no need to worry, they're telling the truth: but only about themselves.

Heck, Barry wouldn't even expose himself to possible contagion in visiting some of the kids he's imported over our southern border. He probably won't get within 1000 miles of an Ebola patient.

@Colby Muenster- I don't even want to know what horrors are stockpiled in secret.

txGreg said...

@Colby Muenster,

I think I just realized their problem. It's reading comprehension! When you said "...our beloved gubmint (whose sole purpose is supposed to be to protect US)" I accidentally read that with one character changed. Unlike our gubmint though, I was able to change "protest" back to "protect."