Friday, October 24, 2014

Sick Jokester

It's not unusual for Hope n' Change to have a throbbing headache, sweats, nausea, and the occasional mouthful of vomit - but usually that's only after reading the day's news.

Today, on the other hand, we have all of the above and a nice little fever to go with it. Nothing major, mind you (sorry, Liberals - we're already on the mend) but we're off our stride just enough that we're taking the rest of the day off and concentrating on not getting our bodily fluids on anyone...unlike certain past presidents we could name.

BONUS: Helpful Medical Tip!

And speaking of things that make you sick...

For the time being, all comments will be moderated. Unfortunately, this means we'll have to review and clear your comments thoughout the day before they're posted, and it will sometimes be a few hours between updates.

We've tried to refrain from implementing this step for the convenience of readers and to encourage easier user-to-user interaction, but sadly our "open door" policy has been abused too often.

Note that contrary opinions, expressed in civil fashion, remain welcome.


Geoff King said...

Even though Øbonzo claimed that you cannot catch Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, he said nothing about cabs and subway cars. It appears we have yet another case of Ebola in New York City:

Judi King said...

Thank you! I hope you feel better.

Chuck Baker said...

What a shame it has come down to needing to moderate. I can't help the feeling that it wouldn't be necessary if everyone just ignored the trolls (when they don't get fed they move on) but I also understand how difficult it can be to let a personal attack slide by (which is why that is the method trolls usually employ).

Chuck Baker said...

Oh ... and, I hope you get to feeling better real soon!

Chuck Baker said...

Off topic, but on current events, am I the only one that finds this telling: when an incident happens in Canada, the Lame-Stream Media here is okay with using the words terrorist and jihad? When it happens here it's just workplace violence or a random shooting incident that begs for more infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- I think Barry meant you can't catch Ebola on his personal vault-like, Darth Vader-ish campaign bus. If you're on a regular riff-raff bus, you're still screwed.

@Judi King- Thanks. I'm on the mend, just not fully mended yet.

@Chuck Baker- Much of the fault is mine. Rather than just nuke posts immediately, I always try to engage in reasonable conversation. Unfortunately, once a troll gets a foot in the door, they scurry inside and poop all over your furniture.

And you're quite right that the media seems a lot more willing to call the Canadian incident terror than the massacre at Fort Hood.

Chish said...

If you hadn't drank that cheap wine from Pelosi's winery you would be just fine right now.

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Moderate? But... but... as we were constantly told after the Gabby Giffords thing where Libs immediately blamed TEA Party radicals, Liberals DON'T DO hateful things!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chish- Better her wine than her kool-aid.

@Anonymous (by the way, you should REALLY click the Name/URL button and just give yourself a name unless you want to be confused with a troll) - I've come to believe that using "liberals" and "hateful" in the same sentence is simply redundant.

American Cowboy said...

"Note that contrary opinions, expressed in civil fashion, remain welcome."

THANK YOU! It is too bad though that some people must foul up everything they come in contact with, as with the resident troll. But I guess selfish people always have, and always will make things more difficult on the rest of us in their attempt to somehow justify their own sense of self-loathing, and miserable failure at being truly successful in life.

Geoff King said...

As Chuck Baker stated: it is difficult to let a personal attack slide by. I realize that I let that sanctimonious twit get under my skin far more than I should have and, as a result, evidently gave him more reason to attempt to rile me. I apologize for hijacking the thread at times in my vain attempt to defend myself. I am not used to having my honor or decency questioned. I enjoy a good debate, and have several times in my life changed my point of view when confronted with logic and facts. but that was obviously not possible with a person who reduces a discussion down to profanity, name calling, and total disrespect whenever my points were not totally aligned with the socialistic - praise Øbama or you are a racist - perspective. Quite similar and just as unproductive as is arguing with a woman about when she says she will be ready in 15 minutes that does not mean a half-hour. Again, I apologize to all for giving the troll even more reason to wreck the threads.

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

Good for you, Doc! Moderate away. If I had the right amount of Raid, I would wipe these leftist off the face of the Earth. How I so dearly miss the days of Scoop Jackson and Patrick Moynihan - when men were men and Democrats thoughtful.

Instead we have vermin "progressives". Vile, vermin.

John the Econ said...

Well, I've got some spare topics that have been queuing up for the last week or so:

Random thoughts on Ebola: Contrary to the Democratic narrative, there has yet to be any "panic" regarding Ebola. A "panic" would involve people raiding their local Walmart and then sequestering themselves at home for the next month, or people walking about in masks or hazmat suits like they do in Hong Kong.

When a liberal says "panic", what they really mean is that people have lost all faith in government and its leadership to look out for their best interests. That is that actual "panic" that is taking place, mass realization that Obama's "big government" is both uninterested and incapable of actually taking care of us.

So far, Ebola in the US has been mainly limited to health workers with direct contact to Ebola patients. There will be no "panic" until people with no connection to health work or travelling in a "hot zone" shows up infected. Then, all rules are off.

And politically: Once an American child with no connection to any of the above gets infected or dies, Obama will be toast. Period.

The debate over Ebola czar Ron Klain, a political "fixer", continues. Again, Klain's job isn't to save us from Ebola. His job is to save Obama from the consequences Ebola. (see above)

On things the Federal government is spending tax dollars on instead of Ebola:

The government wants to study ‘social pollution’ on Twitter

"The Truthy team says this research could be used to 'mitigate the diffusion of false and misleading ideas, detect hate speech and subversive propaganda, and assist in the preservation of open debate.'"

Wow! The idea that a bunch of supposedly educated academics would say something like that with a straight face and without any sense of irony or an Orwellian twinge is completely scary. Another fine example of how higher education has both failed, and has been co-opted by the far-left.

(However, I have no doubt that our Anon-troll would heartily agree with this project)

Progressives cannot win the debate, so its much better for them that the debate never take place. That is the real purposes of "speech codes", "hate speech" laws, and calling anything that moves a "racist". It absolves them of having to actually engage in an honest debate.

And, I can't let a day go by without commenting on one of my favorite topics, "Climate Change":


Okay, I have to admit that I've always been a Neil Young fan. But just because you write and perform some great music doesn't mean you know shit. I always love it when 1%-ers comment on the sins of 1%-ers while continuing to live the life of a 1%-er.

And say what you will about "climate change", but it has yet to roam about the land and selectively chop off people's heads based upon their nationality, religion, or ideology.

Jim Hlavac said...

Funny, I had thought right wing tea partying radical militants couldn't moderate at all.

In any event, while I'm no conspiracy theorist and I guess I'm rational enough, I find it utterly strange that every single definite and "suspected" Ebola infected person rushes to the most densely packed public transportation they can find -- trains, planes and ships, or schools, and other places thick with people in enclosed environments. And then the people they come into contact with are as hard to find as any documentation of the life of our president. Meanwhile, the tsar (I prefer the Russian spelling, it being so proper) of the disease can't make it to a meeting of just a few, so fearful he seems of catching any knowledge about the thing. Yes, utterly strange, and a novelist would have a hard time concocting such a scenario. But I'm led to believe now that this is purposeful, this attempt to spread the disease.

I know at least that every city bus in Phoenix has a sign up front: "Please cover your mouth if you cough, and if you're really sick, stay home" in both Spanish and English -- perhaps the Ebola infected -- 1/2 of them doctors it seems -- never heard of this simple rule, if you're sick: stay home.

And this now worries me, that it's purposeful.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- I'm not kidding about welcoming contrary opinions. For the good of our country, there is simply no way forward without finding common ground between the Left and Right.

But screwballs, haters, and outliers aren't going to add to that process.

@Geoff King- There's always that temptation to engage when you can point out that a troll is factually wrong about something. But then it devolves into name calling and worse. Like the old joke goes, when a liberal finally calls you a racist, you know you've won the actual argument.

@Froaderick Barbarossa- I, too, regret the polarization in our country, and the seeming disappearance of a moral conscience from the Democrats. I'm old enough to remember when this wasn't the case. It's pretty hard to see Progressives as anything other than cancers in the body politic.

@John the Econ- Ebola: excellent point that the Left's definition of "panic" is "failure to trust the government."

The real fear in the population is coming from the realization that the same administration which can't handle a few Ebola patients is now in charge of all the healthcare for hundreds of millions of citizens.

Social pollution: Wasn't this idea already put into practice by Lois Lerner and the IRS?

Speaking of which, how painful is it that a federal judge has thrown out the legal cases of conservatives who couldn't get tax exempt status for three years, saying "okay, you've got your tax exempt status NOW, so no harm has been done. Case dismissed." That's like saying a rape victim who doesn't get pregnant or catch an STD hasn't been damaged by her attacker.

Climate Change: For those keeping score, this week Neil Young says that climate change is a bigger threat than ISIS, but the co-founder of The Weather Channel says that man-caused climate change has been proved to be "nothing but a lie."

As the saying goes, Mr. Young, "shut up and sing."

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, as for the lawsuits regarding the IRS stonewalling being thrown out, again we have a perfect example of justice being denied. Justice delayed is justice denied.

This is one of the most insidious tactics that the Progressives use big government for. It is the reason that they pile on more and more laws and regulations each and every year.

The process is the punishment.

So yes, you can technically "win" after spending years (or decades) and thousands-to-millions of dollars making your case. And after you've theoretically "won", you still don't get those years or money back.

The entire purpose of this is to discourage you from even trying in the first place. There aren't too many of us with the 6 or 7 figures of spare cash sitting around and willing to sacrifice our best years to fight for such causes. And the Progressive establishment tends to absorb the rest with those with that kind of spare time and cash.

For example, at any time the IRS could audit me and my businesses because someone with in the government, from the President on down with an agenda and vendetta doesn't like something I do or say. Ultimately, they'd lose, of course, as I play by their rules and pay my taxes to the letter of the law. But that doesn't mean that I want to spend the months or years of stress, lost revenue, and costs to win. My resources are limited, whereas their's are virtually unlimited.

So this threat encourages myself and people like me to keep their heads low, even though we are entirely within the law and within our rights. That is their goal, and the ultimate tactic of big government that no longer fears its citizens.

Geoff King said...

@John the Econ: The Global Warming/Climate Change fiasco is also one of my favorite topics. Besides the fact that there has been no warming for around 20 years which suggests the computer CO2 projections are BS, Al Gore and the rest of the Climate Nazis do not want anyone to know that 99.8% of CO2 is produced by nature and is actually quite beneficial to life on this planet. Volcanos, Oceans, and wetlands produce the vast majority of it. Even termites produce 10x as much as the entire human race does. Since termites eat wood and basically fart CO2, perhaps the ironic point could be made to the treehugger crowd that it is those trees that they cherish which termites eat. Therefore anyone concerned with the elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 should be demanding that we clear cut and burn all the planet's forests. Also, if we drained all the wetlands, it would not only instantly bring CO2 production down, but many species of birds and animals - which spend their entire life exhaling CO2 would die off and further help ease this non-existent problem.
Here is a very good article on this:

PRY said...

I thank God that the good that has come from our Illustrious One being president these last few years, is, for me, I have a hugely better understanding of 'liberals', 'progressives' or whatever you want to label the commies that are running roughshod over our beloved Constitution!

Only in the last 20 years have I undertaken to understand such stuff, and have found it to be pervasive. I was never what you called 'left-thinking', but I remember how many of their ideas made 'sense' when they were spouted on TV. But, something was not settling in my gut, so I started paying attention and educating myself.

Growing up in the 60's, and still basking in the 'glow' of the relatively sane 50's, I did not agree with many ideas, but did not know why, but I do now!

Keep on fighting the good fight, everyone! Evil does not win when Good stands up for itself!

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, all one really needs to know about "global warming", "climate change", or whatever they'll call it next year is that it's not based on any "consensus" or coherent science, but on an "appeal to authority" argument by people who either are politicians, or behave more like politicians than scientists.

When I was in grade school, it was man-made "global cooling" (a far greater and more likely threat) that was going to get us all if we all didn't become hippies. During the Reagan years, this morphed into "nuclear winter" as the left tried to convince anyone who'd listen that Reagan masturbated to the idea of starting a nuclear war.

Of course, neither panned out, so by the early '90s the agenda morphed to "global warming". And as you pointed out, there hasn't been any since the class of 2014 was in diapers. So again, the "experts" needed to morph again from "global warming" to "climate change", counting on hope that the lo-fos would forget that the supposedly infallible computer models that produced the "hockey stick" were somewhere between fictitious and just outright wrong.

The real agenda is pretty transparent, especially when one looks into the details of the agendas of your average AGW (anthropogenic global warming) confab; and endless stream of NGOs and grievance groups presenting papers on why they should have millions-to-billions of dollars transferred to their coffers for their special cause. (Note: White males need not apply)

On another topic: The Federal government has put out to bid a contract for 34-million new "Permanent Resident Cards" in anticipation of the President's amnesty executive order that will inevitably happen after the elections next month.

Again, I fail to see any journalist asking any Democrat to reconcile their pro-amnesty, pro-minimum-wage and jobs agendas. You can't have them all. All they seem to be able to talk about instead of fostering a vibrant economy is how we need to make minimum-wage employment "livable". It's as if they're conceding to a future of a part-time, low-wage America. After 6 years of Obamanomics, I can't blame them.

Judi King said...

To Geoff and John: You guys said it all and said it best. Just more government manipulation. Now they're trying to manipulate the election which is nothing new but more blatant.

Geoff King said...

So, we now have both another shooting in a Victim Disarmament Zone (public school) in Washington State leaving 2 dead including the shooter, and two cops shot to death in California on the same day. The gun control fascists must be in heaven. Regardless of if one or both of the shooters were mentally deranged or recent converts to radical Islam, it will be still be the gun's fault.
It may be in bad taste to add humor to the situation, but one of my favorite bumper stickers sprang to mind: If guns kill people, then spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat.

David in SoCal said...

John el Econ: I totally agree with your thoughts on Neil(not so)Young. A gifted writer and performer; 'specially with the other three rockers. But his thoughts on reality aren't really real. I've had the impression Old Mr. Young was about one Rorschach Test away from a straight jacket.
Stilt: PLEASE don't ask Neil to 'shut up and sing'; just ask him to shut up: he can't sing.(sounds like a cat in a blender) Sorry if I have offended any cats in a blender.
Comrade Hlavac: I too have a storage bin in my brain that tells me Obola will infect us by design; just to distract us from another Omoment, and also to help enslave us to the Ocollective, possibly through Martial Law when all goes to hell.(Like it hasn't already?)
The novelist who may be able to concoct a story about this 'ineptocracy' may be Anthony Burgess.
Wishing all H n'C'rs a weekend they won't soon remember.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I've seen it written that the "progressives" say we're not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few crazies, but we ARE to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few nutcases. More "liberal logic". Even more "liberal logic" from our anonymous visitor of the other day (I still think it's Ted Brist): now he claims that a doctor's Hippocratic Oath means that doctors are thereby willingly joining the ranks of slaves. That's progressive "thinking" for ya!

Popular Front said...

The moderation, in my view was sure to come, what with the smug and self-righteous commentary, leavened with gratuitous insults by the creature known as 'anonymous'.
A typical smirking liberal, typing one handed, sweaty and trouserless, virtually indistinguishable from a faeces-flinging howler monkey.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Uh, Popular Front, was that supposed to be an ironic comment there? Sarcastic? Because it was a bit gratuitously insulting...