Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Early Worm Gets The Bird

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Barack Obama traveled to Chicago on Monday in order to cast his ballot early and avoid the long slow-moving lines of dead voters who appear in huge numbers closer to election day.

"I'm so glad I can early vote," the president gushed while standing at a voting booth next to a young woman named Aia Cooper. "It's so exciting. I love voting!" Which will certainly come as a surprise to anyone who knew him in his Illinois senate days.

The president's visit to the polling place was not without moments of levity. For instance, after watching Obama direct small talk and googly eyes at Ms. Cooper, her fiancé, Mike Jones, warned "Don't touch my girlfriend."

The good-natured and heavily-guarded president laughed off the threat, saying that it was "an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason." Which seems like a pretty blatant example of racial stereotyping to us, but then again if Obama claims to know how all "brothers" act we're certainly not going to question his half-white judgement.

The president's arm-waving, "hey, look at me!" trip to the polls is part of a broad campaign to raise awareness of early voting in order to maximize voter turnout in the midterms, especially among African-Americans. Because, according to an expert witness funded by the Justice Department, black voters "tend to be less sophisticated" and "less attuned to public affairs."  In fact, according to one pollster,  fewer than half of African-Americans even know when the midterms are.

So here's a Hope n' Change helpful reminder: Republicans vote Tuesday, November 4 and Democrats vote Wednesday, November 5.

You're welcome.


Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Remember the Dem's rallying call - "Vote Early, Vote Often", besides, it gives them a head call for the number of dead people and illegal immigrant/newly registered voters to turn out on election day.

I don't object to early voting, fact is, my wife and I are usually out of town over that period, so we often vote early, but in person and voter id is required. I do object when/where early vote tabulations are being released to the press already, especially in places like Nevada where Harry Fudgemagummit Reid is involved. Admittedly, it is the number of Republican and Democratic voters processed, but methinks it's just a short data breach toss to syphon off the early tallies. Then there's the Chicago machine(s) that tally a dem vote no matter what you select - wonder how many voters don't check the screens before confirming?

Anonymous said...

Look, I know how it is - you're a conservative, and you just plain don't understand this scary, scary world out there that was built by people who are capable of holding more than one bit of information in their head at a time.

But I'm going to explain whatactually happens behind voting when cans, like all scared, stupid people, assume it was something that fits their agenda.

Here's a little secret - some people have the same name. When John Smith, aged 95, dies, and John Smith, aged 25, goes in to vote and gets marked off as voting under John Smiths name, thats not fraud. Do you see how that works?

Now, I know a conservatives reaction to any problem, no matter how small, is "make it all worse and act like thats common sense instead of insanity", but I think even you would agree that two people having the same name is notthe sort of thing that requires us to "fix" it by deregistering older and low income voters.

But then, I guess since Republicans don't care about democracy unless they win (as you can tell by the Republicans who refuse to respect the leader the American people elected overwhelmingly in the popular and electoral vote, twice), I wouldn't expect you to care about this proud American tradition.

Anonymous said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon: Ooh, I remember hearing about that, except it actually happened, and it was a machine fixed to tally Kerry votes as Bush votes.

So, I assume you were outraged there and demanded that Bush be stripped of the presidency, of course?

Will Republicans ever manage to find something to accuse Democrats of doing, that they are not far more guilty of? I mean outside of acting like adults, and treating the disadvantaged and mistreated with respect.

Geoff King said...

"But I'm going to explain whatactually happens behind voting when cans, like all scared, stupid people, assume it was something that fits their agenda."

Since when are cans people, and when did they get the right to vote?

Geoff King said...

A mulatto hitting on a Black man's girlfriend and then condescendingly calling him a "brother" would easily get him knifed in the Detroit area where I came from. Then there's Øbama's new Ebola Czar who is a eugenicist that wants to get rid of a large percentage of Africans:
Imagine the outrage on the left if he were a Republican. Of course, since Øbastard is half-black - which is not a race; and he is a Democrat who's party invented race-baiting and calling everyone else but themselves hateful names, no one would ever think of calling these extremely bigoted points of view "racist", now would they?

FlyBoy said...

My Grandfather was a lifelong (& proud) Republican; he passed in he votes Democrat!

Chuck Baker said...

Please don't feed the trolls; it detracts from the conversation ... and only gets you fat trolls.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: It says so very, very much about the way your mind works that you hear a man talking about how we have a population so high that our agriculture as it exits today can't sustain them and your first and only thought to that is "start killing people.". Nothing about cutting back to allow more resources for growing populations, you just go straight to murdering others.

Very authoritarian of you.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: Oh, and its just what happened lately when I tried to type out the name for the GOP. Darnedest thing, after the latest round of GOP efforts to further marginalize the majority of the populations opinions and needs in favour of corporations wants, my computer seems to automatically edit out Republic from cans.

See? Did it again.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: FInally, I just love it when Republicans do this.

"A black man would surely hate the president talking to him" - An extremely old white man.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Anonymous: The voting machine error happened yesterday, now be useful and go get your diapers changed.

Anonymous said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon: No, a Republican CLAIMED it happened, while no-one else was able to duplicate it and no other machines were demonstrating a similar error.

But a Republican, lying about something to feed into their bases paranoia and persecution complex? That'd NEVER happen.

Judi King said...

I live in a very small town. Photo ID is required to vote here even though the checker might know me. Also, all REGISTERED voters are listed and checked off when they present their signed slip to vote. I see no problem with this system . This seems to prevent dead people and people who vote twice from voting as happened in the 2012 election, in some precincts. I don't get why photo ID is a problem, if you're a legal voter.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Judi King- In fact, Barry presented his ID at the voting location, apparently feeling that this act did not represent the kind of "poll tax" or Jim Crow voter repression that Eric Holder and other Lefties have so often claimed it to be.

A good way to avoid the "same name" confusion that some people (ahem) claim explains away voter fraud is to use picture IDs.

Judi King said...

I see NO voter repression in photo ID. Only the non registered and illegal are repressed.

John the Econ said...

Our resident Progressive points out that "some people have the same name. When John Smith, aged 95, dies, and John Smith, aged 25, goes in to vote and gets marked off as voting under John Smiths name, thats not fraud. Do you see how that works?"

Why yes, I do. It's called "incompetence". In every jurisdiction I've ever lived, when one votes, (ID presented or not) one has to provide the address at which they supposedly live. The attendant looks through sheets of everyone living in the precinct, and confirms that the name is connected with the address provided. So the supposedly deceased "John Smith" at "123 Main Street" should not be confused with the alive "John Smith" at 456 Apple" street.

Simple, eh?

So there can only be two reasons that this simple procedure fails: "corruption" or "incompetence". I'll let you decide which is more favorable.

Either way, if the government cannot reliable execute such a simple verification procedure, I really don't see how any intelligent individual can expect it to successfully do the more complicated things that Progressives are asking of, like running a health care system.

And that is "common sense".

Colby Muenster said...

Whew! The moonbat's loose, the moonbat's loose! Can't spell, can't read, can't process information... Citing Snopes as a reliable source? Attacking Geoff (Goeff?) for being a eugenicist?

But in his (her/its) defense, I'm pretty sure he (she, it) was just as outraged when George Bush was barbequed by the press and Democrats for 8 straight years (and counting).

I should follow Chuck Baker's recommendation to not feed the troll, but I had (along with some co-workers) an encounter with a voting machine in 2012. I never vote straight ticket, but this machine apparently couldn't process that, so it changed all my votes to straight ticket Democrap for me. Good thing I was paying attention! I don't know if I could live with the idea that I may have voted for that lying, America hating, narcissistic, socialist asswipe.

The point is, how many people have had their votes stolen from them over the years by voting machines? There has to be a better way.

That is pretty wild that your computer changes Republican to Republic cans! Wow. That's really deep and thought provoking. Makes me wonder if your computer has A.I. My computer changes Democrat to "shit for brains."

Duke Mantee said...

@Anonymous (aka Liberal Troll)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Duke Mantee- So the Republican wasn't lying? Imagine that.

A "calibration error" isn't proof of fraud, of course. It is, however, proof that the machine wasn't properly tested. Whether by accident or design remains to be seen.

Judi King said...

More fraud and corruption that always seems to favor the Dems.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this really IS your 'cartoon,' then?

Even if it's not you could certainly take credit for it.

Judi King said...

@ Chuck Baker: You're right, we shouldn't feed it. It might miss it's shuttle back to planed LoFo.

Judi King said...

Sorry....that's planet LoFo.

Colby Muenster said...

I heard the same thing about the machine not being "calibrated" correctly. What!? Calibrated? Now, I don't claim to know much about these machines, but I am an engineer. Something like a voting machine should not require calibration. No, I take that back; a voting machine should be very purposfully designed with double or even triple redundant systems to PREVENT "calibration." It's not much of a stretch to go from "calibrate" to "sabatoge." I can "calibrate" an automobile so the wheel will fall off during driving. Terrorists can "calibrate" a jet to fly into a building.

At last! Proof that you are a flaming racist! You can expect to see Revrund Ja-hack-son on your doorstep any time now!

WMD said...

Stilton, I've noticed you've got yourself a secret admirer. Not a high quality type admirer though, more like the window licker variety. I think its hilarious how you get under its skin and are driving it mad. Personally, I can't usually get through its posts as they are pure gibberish. All the while, it thinks its the smartest one in the room. But when you have a room temperature IQ and are addicted to smack, you can talk yourself into most anything.

Jim Hlavac said...

Well, I already voted for the scoundrels of my choice -- with a mail in ballot, that didn't require a trip to a polling place nor a photo ID ... so it would seem without a photo ID one can at least vote by mail -- which I'm pretty sure every state has now.

Even stranger -- in the process of getting a drivers license in my new state, and then in a new city within the state, I was able to both time register to vote right then and there by getting a photo ID and a voter registration form ... which leads me to how can anyone in this nation function anymore WITHOUT a photo ID? Who is left without one? Every state requires a photo on a drivers license or state ID ... churches, homeless shelters, social service agencies will all pay the fee if the poor person is too poor to pay. But the poor, who are supposedly the victims of this nefarious plot to prevent them voting, who need to cash checks, perhaps get some public assistance, rent an apartment, get medical care, pick up a food box at a food-bank -- all of these require a photo ID. Is there anyone left in the nation who doesn't leave their house without a photo ID? It's preposterous to believe that for 364 days a year photo ID is mandatory for life's little adventures with nary a complaint ... to all of a sudden have no photo ID of any kind on Election Day. Why, isn't there a program to provide free photo IDs to the bedraggled so that they might vote? No, for this one thing, it is a burden beyond bearing. Bizarre and ridiculous.

As for anonypuss there, you know, I comment in a lot of places on a certain subject where my views are, shall we say, not that popular, or bound to provoke thought, and I engage in all sorts of repartee with people who are none to pleased with what I say -- and yet, because I don't belittle people, because I'm polite (90% of the time, but lose it 10% when someone is crude) how hard could it be to actually make an argument for or against something -- rather than just attack people. Sure, some people are wrong, cite the wrong fact, have not considered all the angles -- but there's a way to say things that elucidate rather than castigate. Anonypuss ought to learn the difference ... why, it's like voting -- you make a choice.

Buck O'Fama said...

Stilton, you are the best

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster- Actually, I can understand why touchscreen voting machines do require calibration. When I early voted on Monday, among the initial options you can choose are large print and/or extra bold print to make reading easier.

But changing the size of the words also changes the location of the touch "targets" for making your choices. So the calibration is dynamic and changes from screen to screen and from voter to voter.

And as taught us, the more complicated the system is, the greater chance that error will be introduced. Maybe even accidentally.

@Jim Hlavac- Great point. The difference between being a troll and being a dissenting voice comes down to presenting a factual, well-reasoned argument and remaining civil.

Earlier this week, I visited the screamingly liberal and was pleased to see that a number of people commenting (about the Ebola czar issue) were making good, reasonable points. Why yet another Czar? Why not someone with medical expertise? Why does the White House pretend this is anything other than a political damage control operation?

Not everything the Left says is wrong, and not everything the Right says is right. By a long shot. But finding points of commonality requires civility.

John the Econ said...

@Jim Hlavac, bizarre and ridiculous indeed.

An absurd example: My church's food ministry feeds 3 to 4-hundred homeless people a day. One of our sources of food was a food bank that receives surplus food from the federal government. Last year, because of the small amount of "federal" food that filtered down to us via the food bank, we were "mandated" to identify and document each and every visitor each and every day, including documenting social security numbers and checking photo IDs.

Since the bureaucracy required to comply with this absurd requirement would be prohibitively expensive, pointless, obstructive, we cut ties with the food bank, and made up the difference by seeking alternative donations and from our members.

So to the Progressives, homeless people seeking a single meal should meet a higher standard than a citizen presenting themselves to vote in a transparent democracy.

In other nooze: Canada is under attack. As usual, the media can't bring themselves to actually say " Islamics", but they have gone as far as to say that some of the attackers have been "radicalized". I guess you take your progress where you find it.

Jim Hlavac said...

Anonymous and the president have brought up "people with the same hlast name" -- like "Smith" -- well, you know -- I have a very unusual hlast name and by my count there's about 1 dozen "Jim Hlavac" on earth -- (minority, I want rights!) anyway -- people still demand a photo ID to ensure I'm not a different Jim Hlavac --and the way to get around the dilemma is, weirdly -- a photo ID -- so that the 90 year old dead Mr. John Smith doesn't get confused with the 25 year old hliving Mr. John Smith ...

but if you say "well, names are confusing so we can't use photo ID" you just make me hlaugh and hlaugh ... but not with you.

On a side note -- in case anyone wondered -- my "h" is silent -- to confuse the voter registrars! As we say in Czech "tento hloupy hlodovaci" -- "those stupid rats"

Even more off to the side: "jim u do hlavac" is "rambling madman" --or "he ate out his own head" ... 'U do' see what fun I can have with my name, eh? :) Say, where's Fark? or is it Frak? hmm. ...

Anonymous said...

@Judi King:Thank you, privileged white person, for giving your perspective, as a privileged white person, that Voter ID laws are not blatantly designed to stop people voting based on socioeconomic circumstances. I'm sure that will be a huge shock to critics of the law who say its designed to stop privileged old conservative white people voting.

How much free time do you have a day, and how far do you live from an office that can issue that ID? Unless the answer to these questions are "None in which the office is open" and "More than ten miles", you have absolutely nothing relevant to say here.

@John the Econ: Considering its only happened 31 times, in the last 14 years - this was 31 times, spread across 14 years, across 50 states, with a combined 65 million votes (again, that's 31 times) - I'm going to say "rare mistake". Unless you think those 31 votes spread across 14 years managed to totally swing the vote somewhere, I think you'd agree its not a problem.

@Colby Muenster: Ah, I've encountered this before. Your computer has a procedurally generated interface, and is communicating with you. It analysed the level of your discourse and has given you a name based on your intelligence

@Duke Mantee: So, apart from bringing up Fox, a "News" company that has gone to court numerous times over their right to lie blatantly and claim that its news, what exactly in there is proof? All I'm seeing is even Fox admitting there was no error with the other machines.

John the Econ said...

Again, our Anonymous Progressive doesn't make any sense. If voter fraud or error is so rare, then why is the left so hell-bent against voter ID laws, when they do demand presentation of ID for homeless people looking for lunch, or people who attend their own national conventions?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- "...critics of the law who say its designed to stop privileged old conservative white people voting." If the law is, in your words, designed to stop old white conservatives from voting, why are you against it?

And I'm pretty sure that Barry could manage to arrange a system which would make it easy for people who had tight schedules, medical issues, or lived in the hinterlands to get a free ID. After all, his administration just ordered up the printing of 34 million new green cards to pass out. Surely that's a greater logistical challenge than the one you're implying is impossible.

@John the Econ- Exactly.

Anonymous said...

@John the Econ:

Saying that, since voter fraud is rare, Voter ID laws are okay, is like saying that since werewolves don't exist, randomly shooting people with silver bullets would be perfectly fine.

While Voter ID laws don't actually combat the nonexistent problem of in person voter fraud, they "coincidentally" do make it extremely difficult for poor or minority voters to have their vote counted. And coincidentally, the GOP seems to think this sacrifice of American voters is totally an acceptable loss to fight virtually nonexistent in person voter fraud. The fact that those voters oppose the GOP is just coincidental, I'm sure.

Attending the DNC is not a constitutionally upheld right for all Americans - voting is. There is no valid reason to place restrictions on the process, and the GOP doing so is obviously partisan.

To putitan other way, here's an actual cartoonist, not someone who pastest text over photos and calls himself a cartoonist.

Geoff King said...

This sums it up nicely:
If Dems are so worried about the poor not being able to get free identification, why don't they organize a commitee to drive into the ghettos and back alleys with a digital camera and a laser jet printer, along with a state official, and give them all their id's? If they really wish to vote, but cannot find the time to get a photo id on their own to prove that they are eligible to vote, it seems that should be a top "progressive" priority, instead of making a complete travesty of the electorial process by allowing anyone to vote whether they are a citizen or not, are old enough, or have already voted. Without verification of eligibility, who knows,"priviledged" white people may get the idea to vote for a Republican candidate a few dozen times each, since they have the time and the means to drive around to various polling stations. I imagine if you just say your name is "John Smith", you will be on the voter list wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

@Stilton: I know you're not very smart, so I'll help you - that was sarcasm.

I was saying that to point out that what Judi experienced with the laws is totally irrelevant, since the law is designed around allowing her to vote while stopping people not like her from voting.

"And I'm pretty sure that Barry could manage to arrange a system which would make it easy for people who had tight schedules, medical issues, or lived in the hinterlands to get a free ID"

Yes, and the totally reasonable and certainly not racist as hell opposition in the form of the Republicans in Congress would certainly not try to stop it in any way they could, because they are totally on board with further disenfranchising minority and poor voters.

Hint - that was more sarcasm.

"After all, his administration just ordered up the printing of 34 million new green cards to pass out."

Here you go again, not being very smart. I know that, due to your writing, you have n idea what its like dealing with actual large publishing orders, but here in the real world, when you're dealing with a contract with a printing job, you tend to give estimates of boundaries - for instance, seeing if they could do anywhere between 5 and 34 million over the next 4 years. You see? These are called hypotheticals.

So thats two different concepts for you to understand today - sarcasm, and hypotheticals. THey're tough, but both deal with people saying things that aren't based in reality, so I know you'll definitely understand that.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: here's an even simpler solution: Lets not implement the laws that solve a virtually nonexistant problem while making things so much harder for people. I would have thought the party of small government wouldn't want to implement a law that solves no problem and just creates more. Gee, why are you so attached to this law, hmm? I wonder, I wonder....

And we don't sweat that Republicans will vote multiple times, since the law that we already have in place will catch them and put a stop to that. Just like in Nevada, where Roxanne Rubin tried it and got arrested.

Gee, its almost like the system already stops voter fraud, and this law isn't needed.

Judi King said...

Voting is a fundamental right of all American citizens. If anyone wants to participate in this right, they will do whatever their community requires to be able to vote. I guess IT missed it's shuttle.

Anonymous said...

@Judi: Yeah, that's what makes something a right - making it totally conditional.

John the Econ said...

Well that's something new: A Progressive dismissing the notion that a government program or mandate is necessary because a problem is rare, supposedly non-existent or a fiction of imagination, like say, "global warming". (On which we're spending billions)

Again, you take your progress where you get it.

But notice he never responds to why it's absurd that we not verify the identity of a citizen, which has different "rights" than a non-citizen while we do have to verify the identity of a homeless person because they want a free lunch. And I don't expect a response to that.

Judi King said...

PS: I resent being an "privileged white person". No one has "white" skin just as no one has "black" skin. And I'm certainly not privileged. I've worked since I was a teenager. Does this philosophy imply that non "whites" are not capable of obtaining something as simple as a photo ID? How do they drive or by their liquor, etc.? Nonsense!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Judi: Oh, you've worked - you poor thing. To not have ever been turned away from a job because your "background doesn't fit", to not have been refused a home in a nice neighborhood because the neighbors oppose you being there, never being "randomly" tested or stopped and frisked - such a troubled life.

Since using actual cartoons froma ctual cartoonists is working here, lets try this one

THey say the surest sign of white privilege is being absolutely sure white privilege doesn't exist, because you've never met a single person without it.

Geoff King said...

Yeah. Here's why Dems want to get rid of voter id laws:

Anonymous said...

@John the Econ: When voter fraud causes record droughts and freezes that have led to a famine in parts of the world and record crop failures in the US, you might have a problem. In the meantime, I and other progressives will listen to the experts and the data, which prove that voter fraud isn't real,a and global climate change is.

Stan da Man said...

1 - "electronic" voting is BAD. Categorically inherently flawed and hackable. I don't care which side you're on, if no paper trail exists it's a BS system.

2 - Purges of the of the voter rolls should happen frequently anyway. Make everyone re-register every 4 years. If they can't be bothered to re-register, they are not likely paying enough attention to vote intelligently. As opposed, for instance, 'for santa clause'

3 - I'm all for dipping a finger in ink when you vote - good, solid low tech way to help prevent multi-voting in person

4 - honestly, if *I* were making the rules, I *would* limit the right to vote - to non-parasites. If you don't pay taxes, sorry, no vote. If you have a gov't salary (exception for military) too damned bad, I don't care about your opinion. Don't like that? don't work for the fed (probably have to except fire / police / teachers on a local level too)

I know, that's a whole like like expecting people to stand up, take responsibility, and use basic common sense, but that's just how I roll...

Didn't Brietbart or someone have a $10k bounty for ANY one of voting age w/o an id, and had ONE 94 year old woman step up to claim it? They paid her off, and helped her get one. I think we ALL have one

As far as it being a right for all Americans to vote, I agree, it unfortunately is. But expecting you to prove you ARE an American seems to me to be not unreasonable.

Geoff King said...

Voter fraud isn't real?
The only reason it isn't even more widespread is because of voter id laws.

Anonymous said...

As for you claiming that you were required to provide iD of homeless people to feed them, considering this has apparently left no evidence on the internet, I'm going to assume this is you lying again. But, assuming you're telling the truth, I would guess that this was about potential food allergies, which would leave them legally liable if someone died.

so, to bring this back around, if you can prove someone is allergic to democracy (apart from Republicans), then you might have a point.

Judi King said...

@ annoymuch: Oh Boo Hoo.....can anybody come to your pity party? Get a clue.!
@ Stan da Man: I like your re-register idea but it seems some people can't even manage to register once. It used to be whenever someone moved to a new area, the first thing they'd do is register to vote. I guess it's just not important anymore. Especially if you're owned by the state and don't really need to vote.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: and if Obama had won Ohio by twelve votrs, that might mean absolutely anything. Unfortunately, he won by more, so those votes amiunt to precisely zero impact, and zero reason to make a law.

@Stan: thank you for that bit of right wing authoritarian power fantasy.

Joseph ET said...

When I retired in 2010 and applied for my Social Security, I had to provide my photo I.D. and my birth certificate. On top of that I had to actually make an appointment and go into the Social Security office in person. I have records of mailings that I received from Social Security showing my balances year by year and many years of pay stubs and W-2s. The records that I have should have been enough, and the Social Security clerk should have come to my home an collected my information. Not everyone has a car or even a friend with a car that will drive one to the Social Security Office or the food store or liquor store.

Anonymous said...

I thought your party claimed it was all about holding the government accountable to the people? Why is it all your ideas seem to be focused on making them accountable only to certain people, and making it so people have to jump through certain hoops to have their voice heard? Gee, I wonder, I wonder

Alan Markus said...

@ Anonymous Troll: As for you claiming that you were required to provide iD of homeless people to feed them, considering this has apparently left no evidence on the internet, I'm going to assume this is you lying again. But, assuming you're telling the truth, I would guess that this was about potential food allergies, which would leave them legally liable if someone died.

Man you are one stupid ass. My first hit on Google brought this up at the National Coalition for the Homeless - I was a member of that organization when I was on the advisory board for our local homeless program.

National Coalition for the Homeless: Make sure your ID is current and available.
If your driver's license has expired, or been taken for a traffic ticket, etc., reapply or get your State ID processed. If you only have a printout of your Social Security Card, get a new card to replace it as soon as possible. Many shelters and employers have strict ID requirements, and it will make things easier if you have these things ready or in process. Set up a P.O. Box for delivery and mail if that is possible.

Because of "food allergies"? Man you are one stupid ass. Our programs did that to protect vulnerable peoples (mentally disabled, women, children) from sexual predators, mentally ill with history of committing assaults, thieves, and all manner of types that could be a danger to the vulnerable homeless population.

Alan Markus said...

<@ Anonymous Troll:

@Grumpy Curmudgeon: Ooh, I remember hearing about that, except it actually happened, and it was a machine fixed to tally Kerry votes as Bush votes.

For as smart as you claim to be, I take it you didn't actually read the thing that you linked. I did, I am more intelligent than you in that regard. It appears to have been a situation where a low-info Democrat voter did not go through the screens to get to the confirmation page. Possible that no vote was registered in that scenario, but definitely not a vote for Kerry being changed to Bush.

Suggest that you actually read the things that you link to, lest you beclown yourself.

I will try to get to some of the other inane things that have been posted today - I see 4 or 5 more that need a serious fisking.

Alan Markus said...

@ Anonymous Troll:

THey say the surest sign of white privilege is being absolutely sure white privilege doesn't exist, because you've never met a single person without it.

If you were more articulate in your writing style I would think that you are Crack Emcee - guy used to comment at, but now his comments are getting zapped because he is a thread hijacker. Anyway, perhaps you could join his site and commiserate with him on racial issues - nobody makes comments there so I doubt that anything you say would be challenged.

The Macho Response

Alan Markus said...

@ Anonymous Troll:

Here you go again, not being very smart. I know that, due to your writing, you have n idea what its like dealing with actual large publishing orders, but here in the real world, when you're dealing with a contract with a printing job, you tend to give estimates of boundaries - for instance, seeing if they could do anywhere between 5 and 34 million over the next 4 years.

Now that one really buries the needle on my BS Detector. I know several people in the printing business. None of them could compose comments as sloppily as you do, even on purpose, because they are professionals at how things are presented. Not sure what your "real world" consists of, but definitely not the kind of printing business that would get 34 million piece orders.

Alan Markus said...

@ Anonymous Troll:

@Judi: ........., to not have been refused a home in a nice neighborhood because the neighbors oppose you being there,......

I take it you have never heard of the Fair Housing Act, it's enforcement powers, and ability to levy penalties for violating it. It was passed in 1968, probably at least 25 years before you were born, but still you soil yourself when you make shit up. But I suppose if you stuck to a topic that you know something about, you wouldn't have anything to say.

Alan Markus said...

Hello to all my friends here - sorry to hijack the thread, but sometimes you have to play the troll's game to beat him. I do read this blog and try to look at the comments, just haven't taken the time to engage in the conversations. Figure I need to hone my game plan and get in shape for 2016.

This clip reminds me of Anonymous Troll types - especially the ones who use the term "Faux News"

Low Info Libs/Democrats Who Think They Are Informed Because They Get All Of Their Political Information From Snarky Comedians

Colby Muenster said...

@alan markus,
If this is hijacking, bring it on! However, you and I both know it falls on his deaf, racist ears. It's hit and run anyway. We will never get through to him, and he is a buzzing fly to us. There is only one thing that will wake folks like this up, and I pray it never happens. This is when the 47 percent grow to 51 percent and vote in full gubmint control (like B. Franklin warned against)so they can all get free everything, thinking rich people will pay for it all. Atlas will then shrug, and anon will finally see what us right wingers have been preaching, albeit, too damn late. I pray this never happens, but fear we are on the brink.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- For those too busy leading actual lives to read Anonymous's various posts, allow me to summarize his points.

• No government program should exist until a problem appears in the general population. Presumably this is an endorsement of the NIH policy to not create an Ebola vaccine since we haven't needed one until now.

• The administration which claims to be able to administer healthcare for every man, woman, child, and illegal in the United States cannot actually handle the herculean task of passing out ID cards to voters.

• If Anonymous can't immediately find information on Google, it means that everyone else must be lying.

• White people are bad, and get their jobs by being white (as opposed to having actual skills).

• Man-caused climate change IS a problem the government should respond to in panic-stricken form despite lack of empirical proof that it even exists.

• Placing any "conditions" on voting is wrong. Placing conditions on everything else including soft drink sizes and free speech is peachy.

I'm pretty sure that was everything he/she/it was struggling to say.

Anonymous said...

Well, this will certainly be a doozy. Like Hercules at the Augean stables, I am faced with this mountain of horsecrap. Where to start.

@Alan Markus: So you knew that it was an overriding safety concern rather than a law anyone was objecting to the implementation of, good for you. Though I fail to really see your idea that keeping a record of possible violent offenders justifies using those same tactics against voters.

You also read how Snopes, in their usual "truth is in the middle" style, gave Republicans the benefit of the doubt and assumed that this oversight was unintentional, and the assigning of a default value to Bush was itself just coincidental. Given Republicans are now trying to strip people of their votes at a legal level instead of a technical one, I see no reason to give them as much doubt.

I dunnow what business you could have been a part of that never once discuessed bulk orders, but with you there, I can see why they were never trusted with anything of signifigant importance.

And yes, I am aware that open racism is an illegal grouns to oppose a family moving into a neighbourhood. Which has meant absolutely fuck all to the people denied it because of dogwhistle racist stuff about "culture" and "property valuies", that while still legal, still mean "because you're black".

Though thank you for providing me with yet another good example of white privilege - if you honestly think anybody is fooled by those sorts of terms, you are dripping in white privilege.

@Colby: PAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh dear, you're still sticking to RMoneys little spiel, and yet you haven't figured out who is in it.

Let me let you in on a dark little secret. RMoney got that number by adding all people who don't pay income tax, as those on the guvmint teat. This includes military servicemen, and those on Social Security. The latter including you, Goeff, and his sister. I, meanwhile, pay income tax on my steady job as a web designer. By RMoneys own logic, I am the provider, you are the parasite.

And pray tell, what exactly do we have to fear if you leave? No more CEO's with obscenely inflated wages who steal from hard working employees? No more investment bankers who don't actually produce anything except bills for other people and mansions for themselves? No more conservitards screaming that they're unappreciated for their job of denying people healthcare? A return to people who can work without fear of sliding into poverty because some investor playing fast and loose with the global economy didn't want to obey the rules?

You want to punish us? Fine then, go. Nobody will miss you. Perhaps you can go to that hyper-advanced Galt society that opened in Chile - oh right, its already fell into total chaos because its filled with idiots. What a shock.

Anonymous said...

@Stilton: I'm not surprised you're having trouble following this, so I'll make corrections to your points to make them more accurate.

No government program should exist until it could actually become a problem. Since voter fraud is already stopped and has no way to be coordinated without a sting and massive crackdown on all involved, there is no danger from it.

While the administration needs to be able top provide healthcare for every man woman and child in the nation because health is a fundamental right, Voter ID should not be required to be distributed because there is no need for it.

If John is willfully misrepresenting the facts of his little anecdote, chances are it doesn't actually fit his needs in its original form.

White people are bad, and get their jobs by being white (and consistently get it over more skilled minority individuals).

Man-caused climate change IS a problem the government should respond to despite the idiotic morons who will ignore the empirical evidence because the Oil comapanies told them to, as if they can will back the 125 cubic kilometers of ice lost a year through just ingoring it hard enough.

Placing any "conditions" on voting is wrong because nobody has ever died due to voting.

Hopefully I've enlightened you a bit here.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Rhetorical Question: If it's so hard for these people to get up and get out to get a valid ID, why would one think they would get up and out to go to a polling place and vote? And.. why not just put their photo on their Food Stamp EBT Card, could be used as a valid id and cut down on Food Stamp fraud - gee, what a concept!

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: leaving aside how amazingly racist that is, Republicans in the states pushing for voter ID just coincidentally won't accept EBT cards as ID. They, will, coincidentally, accept a gun license. Oh, will these wacky coincidences ever stop?

JustaJeepGuy said...

"Health is a fundamental right"? Hmmm, let's think about that. If health (or possibly health care?) is a fundamental right, then someone is required to provide the care, which means that the health care provider (a doctor or something like that) is no longer a free agent. That is to say, the health care provider is in fact a slave because he or she cannot refuse to provide the care. So now who wants slavery?

Anonymous said...

@JeepGuy. They all do. Thats why they take the Hippocratic Oath.

Geoff King said...

@ Analmouth: Not only have you given me credit for Grumpy's post due to your overzealous attempt to spread hatred, but you have lumped me in the Social Security recieving age without having a clue. I am not old enough for SS. I am a self-employed electrician/electronic technician/plumber/carpenter/mechanic and anything else that I can do to survive. Yes, this "privledged white guy" is a handyman who, due to the economy being destroyed by you socialists, is barely surviving and actually would qualify for EBT and other assistance if I could lower myself to accept them. I do not take aid because I prefer to be my own man, thank you anyway. It is very narrow minded of you to assume everyone who disagrees with you must be rich and privledged. Go to hell, you pompous moron!

Geoff King said...

P.S. I may not have the inititive to get an EBT card, but I did go to all the trouble of getting both a Voter ID card and a picture ID. I will use both, and most likely the last gas in my 20 year old vehicle to get to the polls next month. If I cannot afford the gas, I will walk the 5 miles because I am not lazy enough to think that my right to vote should be easily handled from my couch in front of the TV as in the case of many of those you claim voter ID laws hurt.

Geoff King said...

P.P.S. I don't even own a couch or TV. I rent a room from good friends in exchange for repair work and what little money I can afford. A couple months ago I was a homeless person living in a tent in the woods. So, next time you assume you know best what the underprivledged need and desire, stick it where the sun don't shine you two-faced cretin.

Geoff King said...

I live in a very small community in the middle of National Forest about 10 miles south of Flagstaff, Arizona. I know practically everyone here, and none are "privledged". Most barely survive paycheck to paycheck, or even day to day as in my case. We have little money, but we take care of our own. No one here will be allowed to starve or freeze to death - without any assistance from the government asked for or required. I have many true friends here. A few that would actually take a bullet for me and I for them. We do not have much money or luxuries, but what we do have is honor, decency, pride, and respect for one another. Concepts that the socialistic authoritarian Democrats can neither understand nor ever take from us.

Judi King said...

You go Geoff! It's useless to try to reason with an unreasonable fool equipped with blinders to the actual truth. It lives in it's own brainwashed, "pity me" world and will never change. It knows nothing of the true spirit of real Americans trying to survive on their own without government handouts, but instead puts racist labels on everyone who disagrees with it.

Chuck Baker said...

Why give it exactly what it wants?
Please don't feed the trolls.

Note: this is a link to an old graphic that pre-dates blogs, but it's no less true just because it's old.

Geoff King said...

Even the lord and master Øbama himself admits that it is apathy, not voter id laws that keep the "underprivledged" from the polls:

Judi King said...

@ Chuck Baker: Great graphic but it gives our resident troll credit for too much intelligence.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck Baker- Right you are. I think the conversation here has devolved enough that there's nothing more (either enlightenment or entertainment) to be gained by continuing to engage the troll.

And truth be told, his/her/its most recent posts have been screwy enough that they don't even need addressing. Haters gonna hate.

Please don't respond to the troll if it posts again. Otherwise you're only using your white privilege to take away the opportunity of a better qualified minority to tell him he's clueless.

Jim Hlavac said...

This is all just fascinating ... why, it's almost like a Socratic dialogue between the masters of the school and one really bad student. That that student on the very greek name of "Anonymous" is all the more ironic.

Dear he/she/it -- get a name -- what is the worry? We are all peaceful -- and if I can use my name everywhere -- far easier to find on google than "Anonymous" I dare say -- you can pick a name -- how 'bout: "Nitpicker" or "NyahNyaah" at least ...

Froaderick Barbarossa said...

OMG - 75 comments this morning. It just goes to show that these lefty trolls, masturbating in their parents basements, really have no life - and they have no brains. I applaud the HnC regulars for sticking with this - I really do. Honestly, I have no clue where these lefty morons spring from. Their entomology is mysterious and worth a government grant to figure out their origin and living habits. I am sure it will be consistent with any other sort of mass infestation.

Well, carry on. I will continue to laugh at the stupidity of the troll. Clueless, moronic, semen-stained troll. Hey, Monica Lewinsky's looking for another blowjob opportunity Mr. Troll. Seek her out for a bit. What a dimwit.

FlyBoy said...

To all of my brother and sister conservatives:

After re-reading the past few weeks' worth of postings from our friend Mr. Anonymous, I'm convinced that it would take a full frontal lobotomy to RAISE him to the level of complete moron. As such, I once again ask that we just ignore him/her/it. Clearly, he/she/it is just trying to get a rise out of us. While I enjoy bantering w/ libs as much as most of y'all do, trying to carry on ANY kind of civilized conversation w/ anon. is a total waste of time and effort.

Chuck Baker said...

@Judi King - it's not intelligence (that's obvious). It's just a cry for attention, and it has gone so long without anything positive in that regard that it welcomes even the negative. Attention is attention. It a poor, loathsome, pitiable creature, to be sure, but it is an incredible waste of time and energy to engage it.

Geoff King said...

So, the weather here in Northern Arizona is beautiful today. Hope it is as good where you all are.

Judi King said...

@ GEOFF: Glad to hear it. It's sunny here too but only in the 50's.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Weather-wise it was quite pleasant today here, too. A refreshing 59 degrees predicted overnight, and mid-80's over the next couple of days. No complaints!

American Cowboy said...

Here in cowboy country we are going to have several weeks of generally cooling temperatures, very likely followed by a couple months of close to freezing or slightly below temperatures. That will be followed by a warming trend for a number of weeks followed by about four months of hot weather.

Just my attempt at humor y'all.

NemoMeImpuneLacessit said...

In other words: don't stir the chamber pot - that only makes it stink more.

Not the idiot known as Anonymous said...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Not The Idiot- More fun with liberal logic: the TSA has found NO terrorists by checking IDs for people boarding jets, while suppressing travel privileges for the elderly, the infirm, African-Americans, and anyone else who lacks such IDs.

Therefore the TSA's policy exists only to oppress the disenfranchised and, addressing no real problem, should be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Sure, there's noooo voter fraud out there.

The only time the FBI devoted serious resources to investigating voter fraud was in 1982 in Illinois. There were 63 convictions. They estimated that 100,000 fraudulent votes were cast in Chicago alone. Voter fraud was being taught to election workers by their predecessors. I don't have any faith that things have changed there in the interim 30 years.