Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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Charles Manson made the news this week by announcing that, despite being locked up in a maximum security prison, he's been granted a marriage license to wed his 26-year old girlfriend. And Sandra Fluke be damned, Hope n' Change thinks we should all pitch in to pay for this chick's birth control so we don't end up with a litter of killer toddlers who have their own wildly successful reality TV series.

Manson was and is a certified, murderous whackjob. He didn't personally kill anyone - he just convinced a lot of other lunatics to go out and do it, in hopes of starting his "Helter Skelter" race war.

Which brings us to the fears of impending racial violence in Ferguson. Not only does almost everyone expect an explosion whether or not the Grand Jury finds wrongdoing in the police shooting of Michael Brown, it's clear that a lot of people desperately want that explosion for their own political ends and, like Manson, they're calling plays from the sidelines.

Only one day after the midterm election, Barack Obama met with Ferguson protestors to tell them to "stay on course" - a message the president never felt comfortable giving to our troops in Iran or Afghanistan, nor our allies in Israel.

The aging 60's radicals who now run Saint Louis University are enthusiastically giving students tips and lessons on how to protest, as well as giving legal advice about how to file lawsuits "against the cops." We suppose we should be grateful that they aren't still calling the police "pigs" - but then again maybe the faculty members just don't want to offend Muslims.

Because (we segued deftly) what would violent societal breakdown be without the involvement of radical Muslims? Afraid of getting left out of the party, the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is working with a group called "Muslims for Ferguson" to make sure protestors are on the ground when the jihad hits the fan.

So all the crazies are getting ready to take to the streets, fulfilling Charlie Manson's long delayed fantasy of hatred, insanity and chaos becoming the new normal. All of this while the swastika-sporting Manson is lovin' it up with his sweetie in prison on the taxpayer dime.

Frankly, Hope n' Change isn't sure which side of the asylum walls we're on anymore.

(Note: the man in the picture is NOT Michael Brown - it's one of the looters 
who is "staying on course" and "honoring" Brown's memory.)


TrickyRicky said...

Hell, if it's going to be that out of control just use whatever means necessary to restore control. Strict curfews, anyone with a lit Molotov cocktail shot on sight, you get the drift. This is way past broken windows style enforcement. And our dictator is inciting to riot. How are we not now Venezuela?

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Unfortunately, stand back because this is the beginning of two years of unstoppable dictatorship and absolute destruction to fulfill Barry's commitment to fundamentally change America into a third world nation beggar state. Face it, he has nothing to lose and any attempt to stop him must go through the courts which will take at least a year on an expedited basis. God help us.

Geoff King said...

Actually, Manson's sentence will not allow conjugal visits with his soon to be young wife. However, he will be eligible for parole in 2027. Perhaps, at his then age of 93, he will be able to consumate the marriage - probably in an oxygen tent. If he can sucessfully pull that off, he will be almost guaranteed a Democratic nomination in California, perhaps for State Attorney General. After all, having spent the last 43 or so years there in Maximun Security, he almost has more years of experience in the California legal system than the current AG, Kamela Harris, has even been alive. He'd be a shoe-in.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- Peaceful demonstrations are certainly a legitimate means of expression - but anyone participating in violence or looting needs to be brought down hard.

Although I've also thought just the reverse: what if it were announced that to assure no police mistreatment of blacks, the police will stand down entirely and let the protestors show their (ahem) true colors. It might help clarify where the problem actually lies.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Sadly, I think you're right.

@Geoff King- It's good to know that the sweethearts' time together will be chaste - frankly, I've never approved of the idea of "con jiggling." Still, it wouldn't hurt for the guards to strap one of those Hannibal Lecter masks over "little Charlie" when company comes calling.

Fred Ciampi said...

This will be the perfect opportunity for lamont to test the effectiveness of militarized police forces working in concert with militarized national guard forces. He hopes that the unrest (to put it mildly) will spread to other parts of the country so that he may further his bid to add to his dictatorial rule (or actually, his puppet master's decrees). I think that we're in for a bad time.

Jim Hlavac said...

And yet, every single state that has used the tax dollars of gay folks to fight us in court over marriage, and every NO GAYS! group has used the same logic, and nearly every Republican and 1/2 the Democrats in any office, have said repeatedly that the reason to continue the ban on the recognition of the marriages of gay couples is to make sure good people like Charles Manson can get married ... and that by banning the recognition of reality -- aka, gay couples that exist -- heterosexuals like those that riot in the streets of Ferguson the baby mommas will be encouraged to choose one of their baby daddies to marry and support them.

Meanwhile, in Michigan this very week - the marriages of the gay couples so far went up in smoke like a liquor store in Ferguson ... by a Bill of Attainder (blatantly unconstitutional) procedure where an executive decision simply poofed away by magic wand the marriages that existed -- that is, a law against a small group of named individuals that said law does not affect everyone else which levies a judicial penalty and simply disappears legal reality without any due process -- is perfectly legitimate. And that's the Republican governor!

State after state, politician after politician, group after group, church after church, have filed hundreds of briefs in courts all with the exact same logic -- that if we ban the state recognition of what you know exists: gay couples -- then there shall be no worries in the land over heteros rioting, being unwed mothers, aborting children, abandoning fathers, and fathers who beat their wives into battered women's shelters -- all will be magically cured by unicorn farts if only the states can continue to steal gay folks taxes and trash us at the same time as a threat to ordered society.

You think you live in an asylum? hahaha -- sorry, but you're clueless (no fault of your own, it's par for the heterosexual course.)

Meanwhile, as recently as 2009, 2010, 2011 -- and up to just last year -- gay bar after gay bar is still raided by the cops -- the taxpayers, peaceably assembled to plan our course for the redress of grievances broken up ... in 2009 in Ft. Worth Texas some 3 dozen cops and Texas ABC agents came into the Rainbow Lounge and beat the living crap out of sissies daring to gather together - and sent 9 of them to the hospital and one still in rehab -- over which there wasn't a peep by anyone -- and did the gay folks riot? No we did not.

Indeed, the longest continuing ever growing now worldwide series of political protests, aka, Gay Pride Marches, is ignored by everyone in media left and right - or are obsessed with clowns and cheerleaders (aka, drag queens and speedo boys) to the exclusion of the 10s of millions or others involved - and they never turn violent unless the police attack ...

Oh, I could go on and on ...

Asylum? That's like a kindergarten compared to the arrant nonsense of the attitudes and assaults against gay folks.

So, you heteros get to continue on in the morass of your lives with Charles Manson's nuptials and the riots of Ferguson --

But rest assures, among certain Republican factions there's a ready solution -- a constitutional amendment to forever ban the recognition of reality -- while demanding we marry anyone's daughter but your own ...

Asylum? - oh, I could go on ... it's astonishing. You all enjoy.

American Cowboy said...

In regards to Ferguson as mentioned, I believe the "best" solution may be to have all police stand down when the inevitable rioting and looting happens.

As for Manson, I have heard it said, and I firmly believe that the swastika tattoo would make an excellent target for a .22-250 round.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I remember seeing a demonstration of a lovely device to disperse demonstrators: a microwave projector which makes people feel like their skin is on fire (but does no permanent damage). But will the powers that be have toys like that at the ready - or will an "out of control" situation be more useful to them?

@Jim Hlavac- Hey, the Manson marriage license may be the gift that keeps on giving for advocates of gay marriage. Yesterday, conservative commentator (and former Bush spokesperson) Dana Perrino said that every gay couple in America should be able to marry before Manson. I, of course, enthusiastically agree.

You then cite plenty of good and frustrating facts, with all the justification in the world. Which is all well and good, but...

I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say it chafes a bit to be stereotyped as one of "you heteros" or accept the idea that, being hetero, caring about the rights of gays - and the abuses they've suffered - isn't on my radar.

I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't let anyone here get away with making a blanket statement about "you homos" (nor should you).

I'm not disputing your grievances - just reminding you that there's a rainbow of straight people too, including those on your side.

Judi King said...

Just a question....What if all non Negro races protested, rioted, burned, pillaged, and looted every time a non Negro is killed by a Negro? A terrifying concept, just check the statistics. And, I certainly hope Manson will never paroled...if you look at his eyes, there's no one there. That would be letting an inhuman monster loose on the streets.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, an 'out of control situation' would, I believe, be most useful to this administration for the advancement of the 'brown shirt' movement. And yes, the microwave device works great for riot control as does a strobe laser, which is why they won't be used. And 'amen' and 'ditto' to your comment to Jim.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Judi King- Your point is well taken, though I have to gently point out that the term "negro" is considered out of date at this point. Unless you're donating to the United Negro College fund (grin).

Judi King said...

I use that term on purpose because I don't believe there is any such thing as "black" or "white", etc. people.

Geoff King said...

Side topic. I feel it is time to acknowledge the great service that Al Gore has given to all of mankind. Now even NASA admits that the Earth is getting colder:
Obviously Al's relentless attack on the use of fossil fuels and their associated greenhouse gasses has turned the tide. How he managed to make the Sun become less active is beyond me, but that is obviously why he makes the big bucks.
From the start he must have known that he would be victorious in his Global Warming battle, which is why he continued to travel the globe in his private jet and owns several mansions with the combined carbon footprint of several small countries.
Now that Øbama has stated that he will devote his remaining two years in office to Climate Change - which now evidently must include Global Cooling, I imagine it will not be long before Al announces that we must all be highly regulated and fined if we are found to not be producing enough greenhouse gasses to keep the planet warm. Thank God we have such great men such as Al "The Lyin' King" Gore fighting to save us from ourselves.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I agree. The parties currently converging on Ferguson want "out of control" in order to justify whatever measures are necessary to impose control.

@Judi King- True enough. That being said, I'm currently fighting through the Obamacare swamp looking for new health insurance (of necessity) and was unamused to reach the part of the application which asks you to check a "race" box. There were about 12 choices, but only one of them was just a color: "white." Apparently, we're the last and only colored people.

@Geoff King- No question that Big Al did a helluva job nipping global warming in the bud. So you're right that he should be the man put in charge of our new fight against global cooling. Perhaps with Jonathan Gruber as his chief adviser.

George in Houtx said...

@ Jim H. : I'm not a "sissie", so I would not know how things are, but ...... is there some name other than 'marriage' that we can call a union between gays/lesbians and still satisfy the intent of the law? actually, I believe I served (in the USMC) with some of the "brethren" of whom you long as we left the subject of sex out of things, they were the best of brothers!

bocopro said...

Great juxtapo -- wish I'd thought of it.

By all means, let's go blow up some stuff en memoriam of the incipient thug.

Shift thought:

I've been around for well over 70 years now and have read grunches of books and taken dozens of college courses on psych and soc in prep for a teaching certificate. And I STILL can't understand why Manson was allowed to contaminate our breathin air for the past 40+ years.

George in Houtx said...

@ Stilton J : regarding the question about race ..... I believe a 100 yard dash would do me in!
@ Fred C. : please! NOT the strobe laser! at a 2hz rate, I go into seizure! I know this because I was recently checked at the local VA. NOT a pleasant experience.
@ American Cowboy: I don't have a 22-250. can I use a 308win instead?

Judi King said...

On a color wheel, white is a mixture of all color's wavelengths of light, so by checking a "white" box, one could be considered to be a rainbow.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- I sort of favor the "let 'em go nuts" approach myself, just to make it hard for the media to paint the results as being the fault of the police or national guard.

@George in Houtx- I think "civil union" is considered to be a roughly equivalent term, but life is complicated enough: I'd prefer to call such a union "marriage."

That being said, I'm talking about laws of the States here, not churches. While I disagree with the stance most churches take on gay marriage, I recognize their Constitutionally protected right to stick to their theological beliefs.

One perspective I don't see kicked around much is that, in my opinion, gay marriage isn't really about sex (which will happen anyway, gay or straight, inside or outside of marriage). It's about commitment between two people, which I personally believe we need more of. When considering how we all feel about gay marriage, maybe we need to first get our minds out of the bedrooms. And there's my two cents' worth.

@bocopro- I didn't go out of my way to come up with the Manson/Obama connection, it just jumped out at me. My brain is a strange place sometimes.

Regarding Manson sucking up perfectly good air meant for actual humans, apparently he was on death row but then California temporarily abolished the death penalty, automatically commuting his sentence to life.

@George in Houtx- Decades ago, I encountered a digital readout on a scale which flashed at some frequency that hit my "sweet spot" and caused me to start passing out if I so much as glanced at it. I hate to think of what that strobe laser would do to me.

@Judi King- Yeah! I'm a rainbow! I feel much better now (grin).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...


@Readers- Drudge is reporting that Obama will announce his first decree of amnesty for illegals on Friday while in Las Vegas.

On a side note, I've bet Mrs. Jarlsberg that the announcement is being timed to coincide with the release of the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson so that A) the news media will be overwhelmed and confused, and B) so that there will potentially be two events happening at the same time designed to make white people look bigoted.

Will I be right? We'll soon know.

Rod said...

Of course it's more complex but I'm filing all this recent stuff under "Overwhelmingly rejected at the polls nut-cake Chief Executive gets his feelings hurt and takes revenge during lame duck period in Congress." Let's try to let them further self-destruct as harmlessly as possible for a few more weeks; then, seriously: Straighten it all up next year.

Pete (Detroit) said...

What ever happened to good old fire hose response to rioters? I'm thinking that THIS week, even as far south as Furguson, it would be a chilling experience. In fact, a little preemptive icing would go a long way toward stopping any "marching" that got too vigorous...

Stilt, Civil Union (or Domestic partnership) contracts are clearly the right answer. However, if you issue these for 'non-hetero' couples, and 'marriage' contracts for heteros, you raise the ugly issue of "Sererate is NOT Equal" - with, admittedly, some cause. Obvious (and therefore totally ignored) solution is issue CU / DP to EVERYONE, and if you want some Church to sanctify your union as a 'marraige' go find one. Regardless of persuasion. State gets to regulate the legal aspects, Church gets free reign over the spiritual. End of game. Except that in NO way should this EVER be a Federal issue - it is NOT given to the Fed to regulate marriages...
Just my $.02
Then again, at MY age, it's not likely to be an issue either way..

Geoff King said...

Having been married once, I find the two terms "gay" and "married" to be diametrically opposed to each other. I believe neither can co-exist in the same relationship. However, I may be using a different definition of the word "gay" than in previous posts here on the subject.

Chris said...

Let's see now:

No indictment = riot, pillage, burn in protest
Indictment = riot, pillage, burn in celebration
Trial + acquittal = riot, pillage, burn in protest
Trial + guilty of not-murder = riot, pillage, burn in protest
Trial + guilty of murder = riot, pillage, burn in celebration
Prison, not death penalty = riot, pillage, burn in protest
Death penalty = riot, pillage, burn in celebration
Execution of officer = riot, pillage, burn in celebration

I detect a pattern; did I miss anything?

Wahoo said...

I can picture Charlie facing the parole board in 2027, at age 93, and asking, "Is it hot in here, or am I crazy?"

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

While none of the major broadcast networks will cover Obama’s speech live, there is one network that will: Univision. And Obama’s address just happens to air right before the Latin Grammy Awards.

Surely, this is not about favoritism, though. Univision’s lead anchor, Jorge Ramos, does seem like an impartial actor without a political ax to grind.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Stilton: "Unless you're donating to the United Negro College fund (grin)."

UNCF - "'Cause The Minds Be's A Terrible Thing"

When all the smoke and debris finally clear in Ferguson, like LA, all that will be left for the actual 'residents' will be boarded up stores, no jobs, and price gouging by what stores do remain.

Geoff King said...

Evidently none of the MSM are even going to air Øbonzo's Immigration speech this evening because it's network sweeps time. Also, the verdict in Furguson may be reached today. Timing is everything, and this way his totally unconstitutional Executive Order will go pretty much unnoticed by the easily distracted "look, there's a squirrel!" public.

Judi King said...

FNC is going to air it.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

I overheard this when I went into my local Walmart this morning, four african-american employees were gathered talking..."You better get ahold of X's office and raise he** 'bout this - these people will be coming in, gonna work for nothing, and take your job!"

Gee - The Awakening? .. maybe not, but Juan on the leaf blower is fixing to get bumped off his job for a guy who will work for a few taco's less.

Racist? At times when it's earned...

PRY said...

I thought things were pretty hinky back in the 60s with all the war protesters rioting and such. This is insanity v.2!

Most of us who frequent this great page will remember those events during a time when our govt was wreaking havoc with our sanity thanks to a Demo Prez who escalated the Vietnam 'conflict'. Since that time, we have been witness to the gradual destruction of the underpinnings of liberty as the years passed.

May we all appeal to Almighty God for his grace upon our nation and ask his forgiveness because I feel not only Obama, but the whole company of players in govt now are a judgment upon this nation as we have rejected His righteousness.

As Grumpy Curmudgeon said in blog #2...God help us!

Buck O'Fama said...

Wearing your pants like that is prison fashion aka you're a ready boy so I hope all you knuckle dragging hominids realize that you are advertising to the world that you want posterior intimacy much in the same way a brightly colored baboons rear says "Hello Sailor".

Judi King said...

@ Pry. I agree 100%.