Monday, February 2, 2015

Chris Kyle Day

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There's never a lack of reasons to be proud of Texas (where Hope n' Change is based), but Governor Greg Abbott has given us yet another one: the declaration of February 2nd as "Chris Kyle Day," in honor of the late Navy Seal who served four tours of duty in Iraq - much to the everlasting regret of anyone on the wrong end of his sniper's scope.

Please take time today to reflect on the daily sacrifices made by all of our service members and their families, and to be grateful for - and strive to be worthy of - the gifts they have given us.


Geoff King said...

WTG Abbott! I like the fact that "American Sniper" is on it's way to becoming the second highest grossing R-rated movie in history, despite being denounced by Seth Rogen, Michael Moore, MSNBC, and the rest of the whiney liberals.

TrickyRicky said...

It's cold and dark out there, but the flag will be flying before I leave for work at 5:45. RIP Chris Kyle.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- "American Sniper" is only the second movie I've watched in a theater in about the last five years. I wanted to add a few bucks to the total just to bumfuzzle the Lefties.

The MSNBC quote that pissed me off the most was some little worm who referred to Kyle as "a racist on a killing spree," then quickly backpedaled, saying "I'm not saying that, I'm saying SOME people say that." What a douche nozzle.

@TrickyRicky- Well done. Mrs. Jarlsberg rises well before I do, and she has small flags lining our walkway. It's a good day to be in Texas. As usual.

idahobob said...

And Jesse Ventura can go plumb straight to hell!


Froaderick Barbarossaa said...

What idahobob said. Jesse Ventura is total scum - gooey excrement, smelly and foul.

I salute you Doc, the great state of Texas and your new awesome governor.

And Chris Kyle, RIP.

Bobo said...

Kyle's assassin should be used for zeroing in new sniper rifles.

One to the right
One to the left.
One to the heart
Right through the chest.

No apologies if that offends anyone.

RIP in Chris Kyle.

John the Econ said...

The success of this film should serve as a reminder that there are still a vast number of Americans who still reflect what we here still think of as "American" values, and do not reflect or accept the attitudes the whiny Pajama Boys that dominate Hollywood.

Mrs. Econ & I had planned to wait for this to go to video, (as we do the vast majority of movies these days) but we too will be going to see it in the theater, if not for any other reason that to further tweak the Progressive establishment.

Of course, you do realize what the Pajama Boy establishment will take away from this; Not that they're wrong about America, but as proof that the vast majority of Americans are still regressive jingoistic ignoramuses who need to be "educated" and dragged into the 21st century via totalitarian means. Just realize that. The success of a single movie does not mean we've won anything beyond the affirmation that we're not entirely alone.

What it does mean is that Hollywood, out of its own greed will try to produce various "American Sniper" clones. Most will be superficial copies with Progressive themes subtly inserted. Most will fail, because those producing them do not understand the values that Clint Eastwood seems to grasp.

As for BMSNBC, I've long suspected that the only people who actually watch that network are those waiting for the leftists to say what they really think. The left spends so much of it's energy trying to convince the world that "the right" is only motivated by primitive hate. And yet, this is clearly not the case; Leftists are the hateful ones, and it's their own hubris bred of isolation in their own echo chambers that internally convinces them that because they feel such hate, everyone else, especially their "lessers" (that would be us) must be feeling it as well. They convince themselves they are superior to every else because they believe that they are better educated and that their motives are "just", and they believe they control their hate better. The only public service it provides is the occasional exposure it gives towards the hate that motivates these people.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@idahobob & Froaderick Barbarossaa- Yeah, old Jesse isn't highly regarded in these parts.

@Bobo- I'll agree with you if the final facts merit such punishment (which is entirely possible). Did the killer have PTSD to an extent that he didn't really know what he was doing? Was he actually an Islamic sympathizer (as has been speculated)? There's a lot we need to find out.

@John the Econ- You're right that the success of "American Sniper" will only confirm the low opinion the Left holds of the great unwashed. And they can never understand that rabble such as ourselves are seeing the movie not because we love war or hate Muslims, but because we still care about people who believe in American values and "walk the walk."

Regarding MSNBC, their ratings are indeed a joke. I think when it comes to news outlets, they're in an existential battle with Al Jazeera for last place (in part because they're fighting for the same audience).

But to be fair, without hearing the claptrap spewing from the talking heads on MSNBC, I'd never have been able to create Lefty Lucy.

PRY said...

I'm very proud of our neighbors just over the Red River today...for honoring a true patriot such as our 'American Sniper'! Thank you very much from this ol Okie!

Bruce Bleu said...

Y'know, I wanted to honor Michael Moore and the position he took to disgrace and dishonor and American hero, but I can't figure out how to fly a turd at half-mast.

Colby Muenster said...

Good job Governor Abbott! It's always refreshing to see a politician with the balls to do the right thing, MSM be damned. In my mind, Gov. Abbot has now joined the elite Trey Gowdy club. I pray this is a sign of trends to come, and some of these chicken-s**t "leaders" come to realize that way more than 50% of us WANT them to be like Gowdy or Gohmert, not McCain or Boehner.

Moore, Rogen, Reid, Sharpton, Ventura, Ja-Hack-Son... all in the same club... small people who made it big, but are now trying desperately to remain relevant and keep the cash coming in at the expense of productive people. I wonder if any of these turds ever considered how small their paychecks would be if there WERE no productive people.

I think we should maybe follow the Golgafrinchin's plan. We tell the Moore's and Reid's of the world that a giant asteroid is going to destroy Earth. We build two giant "ark" spaceships; load all the "smart" people on one (the Moore's and Reid's), and load all the stupid people (us) on the other. We tell them we are travelling to another planet just like Earth, but then we only launch the "Moore / Reid" spaceship. Who cares where it goes, as long as it does.

John the Econ said...

Everyone catch the latest demonstration today from the practitioners of the "religion of peace"?

"Religion of peace". Probably the 2nd dumbest phrase to pass through GWB's lips after "compassionate conservatism".

As for that failed suicide bomber Jordan was holding for exchange, I suggest that they return her anyway; by dropping her on them from 40,000 feet with her bomb jacket on.

Such is the current state of the "new world order" under Obama's "international reset". Yet he still can't seem to bring himself to say "Islamic Terrorism".

Nope. It's still us tea party types who are the real threat to civilization.

David in SoCal said...

God Bless Gov. Abbott and the Great State of Texas for this well deserved honor to a true American Hero! From this 2 Feb 2015 forward I will proudly fly my flags in Chris' honor.
And to honor Jesse(the s-head) Ventura, I'm having my septic tank pumped next week.