Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Missing Inaction

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On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu went before a joint session of Congress to share his concerns about current U.S. negotiations with Iran which would (to paraphrase ever so slightly) allow that whackjob terrorist nation to become the Middle East's ubiquitous Starbucks of nuclear weapons in the near future.

One would think that this would make for pretty compelling listening, no matter which political party an elected representative belongs to. But then again, "thinking" is sooOOoo overrated - at least when it comes to the Democrats.

Presidential hopeful and alleged Native American princess Elizabeth "Running Gag" Warren was among the dozens of Dems who boycotted Netanyahu's speech in order to show their support for Obama. Or maybe their support for a nuclear Iran, which is basically the same thing.

Of course, that's not what they claimed to be doing. Democratic Senator Al "Seriously, I Used To Be On Saturday Night Live" Franken said he was skipping the speech because it was a "partisan spectacle" and others sniffed that they found it offensive that Netanyahu would speak to Congress now because he's running for re-election and the whole thing reeks of politics.

It's revealing that they assume everyone running for office must be lying their butts off.

But it's unforgivable that they've chosen to play politics by insulting and ignoring a critically important American ally.


james daily said...

It is unbelievable that this great nation cannot produce one leader of Bibi's caliber. Absolutely has his country's best interest at heart for now and future generations. We should be so lucky.

Geoff King said...

So, the Demwits would rather insult one of our greatest allies than go against the wishes of their lord and savior president Akbar Hussein O'imam? And they call Netanyahu's speech a partisan spectacle? Last I checked, he is not even an American citizen, let alone a Republican.

Popular Front said...

This asshat really makes me laugh. I assume that she played the 'Native American' race card in order to avoid having to pay the exorbitant fees charged by the Ivy League or wherever TF she went to college. It is ALWAYS so much more satisfying when Joe & Jolene Public has to stump up the dollars isn't it?
We have similar types here in Australia. We call them 'fauxborigines', apparently their great-great-great-great grandmother once stood behind a fullblood at a church service or whatever so that qualifies them for a life on the public teat. Ain't 'progressive' democracy wonderful? I'm so happy I could barf.

TrickyRicky said...

There is no longer a Democrat Party. They have gone full blown Socialist. The GOP has now become what the Dems once were. Can you image a Scoop Jackson or Tip O'Neil or even a JFK in today's Democrat Party? The level to which they have sunk was epitomized by yesterday's foul, evil display. How any self respecting Jew can support these half-witted political whores boggles my mind.

Iran with atomic weapons will be Obama's legacy. There will be the blood of millions on his hands and he will earn a special place in hell with his ideological bretheren, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot.

FlyBoy said...

So the Dims, uh Dems think that going to a foreign country to give a speech right before a major election is just a political when Barry went to the Berlin wall in 2008????

Frankly, I think that the boycott of Netanyahu's speech gives the rest America an opportunity to see who the REAL bigots & anti-Semites are in congress.

Side note for John Boner: thanx so much for distracting us w/ the speech that most Americans didn't notice you throwing us ALL under the bus with your passage of the Dims' DHS bill....YOU SPINELESS SH*T-EATING BASTARD! You (and all who voted for this) should be dipped in Gravy Train and fed to a pack of rabid Chiuauas.

Judi King said...

It was certainly refreshing to see/hear a major world leader who actually knows what is going on in the world. The people in this country and around the world with their heads in the sand need to have their @$$ kicked. How stupid can they be? No matter what the name the left goes by now, This "boycott" was so partisan and petty as to be seen ridiculous by anyone with a brain.

Anonymous said...

I heard there's a new book at the library that is 2,000 pages long about this Indian's, er, I mean Native American's solution to letting Iran nuke Israel. It's called, "Warren Peace."

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

However, if Warren is singing to the administration's tune about the Middle East, could you say she is singing Cher-ee-okee?

Is it just me or does everyone on this blog feel like no matter how mad we get, the idiots in DC will just keep circumventing laws to do what they want, when they want. I makes no difference who makes campaign promises to change things. Neither side is good for America. One of these days the good folks in Texas, or Idaho, or Montana, or maybe your state will stand up and say, "We're not doing this anymore."

Obligatory joke: What's the difference between a real Native American baby and Warren?

A real Native American baby is a papoose. Warren is just a poop-ass.

Cat Whisperer said...

Obama cannot be bothered to lift a pen to do things like crossword puzzles or writing Dreams from My Father. Obama was playing Words with Friends on his Blackberry with Ali Khamenei. The autopen was doing the crossword puzzles.

Rod said...

Excellent post Stilt. My thoughts exactly & I've already written to family & friends who couldn't watch the speech live; but you say it a lot better & with humor. It's EZ2C why the Dem. admin didn't want Netanyahu to come here & speak. He so very easily shows them up for what they are. We must admit that what followed WAS certainly transparent.

Paladin said...

I take exception to your second cartoon. There is no way the red-diaper baby in chief could complete a crossword puzzle in the span of PM Netanyahu's speech -not even one from Hightlights!

Walrus Magnifico said...

It does appear that Bibi is now the leader of the free world, with Obama having abdicated the US Presidency for golf and dumps. Oh, and screwing with the US economy and Constitution to the point of creating more fecal matter.

This liar, who said in 2008 that Bush 43 was using too much executive power, has absolutely no clue. Or maybe he does and he is criminally lying. Whatever. Vile b@st@rd.

May he burn in hell, whatever hell is. Maybe Warren knows what it is in her native language. Please advise, Lizzy.

You lefties are abject morons.

John the Econ said...

Liz Warren: In a least-bit-sane society, she'd be the final nail in the coffin of the joke that we all know of as "affirmative action". At least Obama is half-black. Liz Warren rode the affirmative action train to the top without even actually being a minority of any kind. Once she got there and it was no more any use to her, she dropped her native America shtick like a hot rock. The only people I have less respect for then her are the citizens of Massachusetts that elected her to Congress knowing all this.

IMHO, the Democrat strategy on Netanyahu's visit totally backfired. His visit was a home run, and even with a supportive media behind them, the boycotting Democrats looked petty. Obama definitely lost this one.

The uncomfortable reality is that Israel is western civilization's front line against the totalitarian Islamic world. It's truly ironic that leftists in America take a strangely Jeffersonian view of the goings on just outside of Israel's borders. Even almost a decade-and-a-half after 9/11, they still think of an America safely isolated from Middle East events by thousands of miles of ocean. Israelis don't have that kind of luxury; to most of their population, their enemies literally live on the other side of a hill. Most Americans couldn't point to the territories that ISIS or Iran-by-proxy now control on a map if their life depended on it. But to Israelis those enemies are but a few hours car ride away. Their lives literally do depend on it.

To the left, if and when Iran finishes their bomb and if and when Iran turns Israel into a smoking hole, only then the left see a problem that will have to be dealt with, maybe. So you can see why Israelis, whom the left treats as little better than cannon fodder, feel a little more urgent about the state of current affairs than Democrats seem to.

This is hardly new as it's been the case for well over a generation now. Antisemitism on college campuses started becoming open by the late '80s. I once wrecked a dinner party 25 years or so ago, by concluding a political discussion with some Jewish liberal Democrat friends by asking point-blank "How is it even possible for Jews to be Democrats?" Other than an affinity for socialism, I could get no decent answer. (None of these liberal Democrats had even been to Israel, by the way)

Post-modern Progressivism loves victims, and Israel refuses to be a victim, which other than for a barely-veiled streak of antisemitism, is the reason the left hates Israel so much. I guess only after 8 million Jews get zapped by an Iranian nuke, will Jews get any sympathy again from the left.

Shelly said...

I noticed that Nancy Pelosi got her panties all in a wad over the audacity of the Republicans to diss Obama by inviting a foreign leader to address Congress. This is the same person who invited the Mexican president to Congress to diss Bush and also traveled to Syria to meet Assad to diss Bush. I guess she thinks we're too dumb to remember.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- Netanyahu is a leader. Barry is a politician. Netanyahu is strong. Barry is sneaky. Netanyahu is a man. Barry is an eternal adolescent.

In other words, I couldn't agree more about the leadership deficit in this country.

@Geoff King- I think the Dems called it "partisan" because Boehner extended the invitation without Barry's knowledge or approval. Oddly, the Dems would never call it partisan when Barry rewrites laws without consulting Congress.

@Popular Front- I think Warren mostly used the "Native American" scam to get preferential treatment from employers looking to meet their Affirmative Action goals. And maybe to get discounts at tribe-owned casinos.

@TrickyRicky- Obama is still saying that Iran must be stopped from getting nuclear arms. I still haven't heard him explain why part of "stopping" involves letting them enrich uranium out the wazoo.

Personally, I don't think Obama would shed any tears if Iran took out Israel.

@Flyboy- I'm of two minds about the Boehner immigration fiasco. Yes, it seems like a complete cave-in... but I'm not sure if the battle could have been won in the eyes of the public if DHS had been shut down (even though it wouldn't really have shut down). The Wall Street Journal editorialized that it's better for Congress to step back from the issue and let the courts handle it.

Of course, by the time the courts DO handle it, millions of illegals will have social security numbers and paperwork preventing their deportation. It's a pretty big effing mess, and those of us who believe in legal immigration have been handed a substantial and permanent loss.

@Judi King- It was a pleasure to listen to Netanyahu's speech because it was such a contrast with the lifted-pinky debate club crap that Obama spouts.

@Japheaux- Good jokes about Warren; keep 'em handy - we may need them if Hillary's MailGate problems knock her out of the running for president (but don't count on it).

By the way, as a Texan I sometimes have happy fantasies about secession. I actually think we could pull it off.

@Cat Whisperer- That sounds about right.

@Rod- I didn't have any great insights to offer today, just resentment that one political party could act in such a petty way about a matter of such importance. Not that it's exactly a new topic around here...

@Paladin- Actually, Barry does do the crossword puzzles, but has help: Valerie Jarrett fills in almost all the squares, and Barry just has to put "I" in the remaining ones. Just like he does in his speeches.

@Walrus Magnifico- Both nature and political power abhor a vacuum, and Barry certainly sucks at his job enough to qualify.

@John the Econ- I'm amazed that the Left, with its love of Affirmative Action, never gave a rat's patootie that Warren totally and repeatedly lied about being Native American. Then again, Liberal darling Ward Churchill (the Colorado prof who infamously declared 9/11 victims to be "little Eichmanns") also claimed to be Native American - and when it was disproved, claimed that it was a matter of choice, not genes. Sheesh.

Great summary of the situation with Israel. I think (or at least hope) that the boycotting Dems shot themselves in the foot by showing such disrespect to Netanyahu - who cleverly heaped plenty of praise on Obama in his speech.

It's hard to imagine the situation with Iran ending well. And sadly, it's just as hard to imagine the Left ever waking up to the threat of radical Islamic terror - even after nukes are used.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, of course they didn't care. She served their political purposes, and that's all that mattered. To Progressives today, that "something could be true" is enough, especially with anything racial.

Liz Warren is as much a pure-white liberal as one can possibly be. Quite frankly, I can't think of anyone less "native American" than Liz Warren. She's the antithesis to the values of both "native Americans" and the self-sufficient Americans who later settled and created America.

She rode her faux-native 1/32nd-ness all through elite academia, where honestly "native American women" are exceedingly rare. She in fact became Harvard's first fully-tenured "woman of color" at a time when Harvard was not meeting their "quotas".

Her "soft bigotry of low expectations" academic experience is not dissimilar to Obama's. She filled a quota, and her white liberal friends and supporters got a boost of moral superiority. It's not a surprise that she echos Obama's "You didn't build that" sentiment against people who achieve in our society. After all, just like Obama she got to the top by "not earning it". And since, like Obama, she believes her own BS, she can't but assume that everyone else who "makes it" got there similarly.

Of course, now she's denying all of it. My guess is that over time, her background will become just as obscured as Obama's, as it's not just an embarrassment to her and the whole Progressive racial agenda, but to Harvard as well as they bought into and promoted her shtick hook, line, and sinker. Now that it's no longer of any use to anyone, it will be gone.

I agree; it is hard to imagine the Iran situation ending well. My guess is that they'll get their bomb within a few years, and then just start blackmailing everyone. The left will happily comply, as they're used to that practice. What will the blackmail be? Probably making us buy their oil at full price. Ironic, eh?

About 20 years ago, before the rise of militant Islam, I tried to propagate the meme among my eco-leftist friends that their "oil free America" agenda would make for an amazingly unstable Middle East. After all, what would become of all of these oil-enriched potentates if suddenly nobody needed oil anymore? Without petrodollars, they'd be sent back to the 7th century, which I doubt they'd go willingly. Interesting that today, they seemed determined to go back to the 7th century on their own.

Burner said...

I am now convinced that the Dems that loudly protested Bibi's appearance have a deal with Iran, that they think will give them something personally, for their support. Trouble is, Iran will wait until 2017, when O's no longer any threat, and renig on the promises. But the Dems are just stupid enough to believe that won't happen, and that Iran is trustworthy, as in honor among thieves.

Popular Front said...

Morning Stilt - to me, 'Affirmative Action' is like 'Political Correction' that is, it is cowardice. Come and apply for a job with me and I don't care if you're black, white, brown or brindle. I want the best workers I can get, with the best skills and the right attitude. If you think you are ENTITLED to a job on the basis of your pigment then sorry, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

Geoff King said...

I second this opinion:

Wahoo said...

Princess Running Gag speak with forked tongue.