Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cold Comfort

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Licking police brutality, one city at a time
In his Memorial Day remarks, Barack Obama cited the special significance of the fact that it was the first such day in 14 years that the United States was not engaged in a major ground war. If by "not engaged" you mean ignoring the thousands of US troops still at risk in Afghanistan and Iraq, and your definition of "major" ground wars doesn't apply to head-lopping JV teams like ISIS.

Still, by almost any definition the president seems to be ignoring a pretty major ground war right here at home. Over this holiday weekend, shootings in just two Democrat-controlled American cities racked up horrifying body counts which didn't appear on the presidential radar: in Chicago, 12 dead and 43 wounded. In Baltimore, 9 dead and 29 wounded.

Unfortunately for the victims, none of them was shot by a police officer - which is why Al Sharpton isn't marching in the streets, the DOJ isn't launching any major investigations into lost civil rights (breathing doesn't count), and Barry isn't even bothering to tweet #BlackLivesMatter on his precious new Twitter account.

The president has previously suggested that much of the violence plaguing our inner cities can be blamed on policing which is "oppressive" to minorities. Which is why he's been so vocal about pushing a new, "softer" look for police and their policies.

Frankly, we think he should instead be pushing for softer sidewalks, since that's where so many bodies seem to be falling.


Joseph ET said...

“There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Obama Twilight Zone.”
Apologies to Rod Serling

REM1875 said...

Oh come on, they aren't even trying. It was a 3 day weekend in solidly demonRat controlled cities with seriously anti gun politicians and policies and this is all they could rack up? Man they got to get their game on or by time it gets hot cleveland and nyc are going to beat them.

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, your post today pretty much says it all. The #blacklivesmatter facade is so pitifully transparent. If his "constituency" thinks that their lives actually matter to this president, other than as a political tool, they are very sadly mistaken.

FlyBoy said...

What I can't quite figure out is how are so many people being shot in two cities that have the most restrictive gun control laws in the country? I thought that by getting guns out of the hands of the commoners we would all be safer.

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one. Hold mass searches and hold public executions for found arms."- V.I. Lenin

Geoff King said...

According to the FBI, the top ten cities for violent crime are all run by democrats and six of them are in democrat run states that have the strictest gun control laws. Only a moron would blame guns and police for the violence instead of the miserably failed policies of the left.

cuchieddie said...

You truly knocked that one out of the ball park. Bravo!

Juanita the Icon said...

The true nature of power and violence - those with power create the violence.

Barry looks like he has had a lot of practice sucking things.... just an observación.

Anonymous said...

"Yep, these cities are out of control and need Feral Gov. Policing for the folks just trying to live and work there." BHO quote,sometime in the future.

"Black Lives Do Matter, it is just necessary to break a few eggs to make my socialist progressive omelet." BHO to Valerie.

"I love my Black Tenants in Chicago too". Valerie to BHO.

It takes a Black Master to truly love the Black Masses, Comrades.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Here in Detroit, the Chief of Police has caused a foofraw by saying that he would not stop for gas n the city late at night unless necessary - this after a series of gas station attacks / car jackings over the past few weeks.
On the other hand, Wayne County has been handing out 1-2k carry permits / month for the past 8 years - we're startign to get pretty well equipped to shoot back..

Colby Muenster said...

Interesting Photoshopping... I'm pretty sure Reggie Love's "ice cream cone" ain't vanilla.

John the Econ said...

Once again in the gulf between rhetoric and reality, we see that #BlackLivesDon'tMatter, or at least they don't unless there are some Progressive left points to be scored. In fact, judging by the fact that Obama, Sharpton, and the rest of the usual suspects only seem to get exorcised when it's obvious thugs being shot while committing thugdom, I tend to suspect that the real agenda is to keep these poor minority communities suppressed, under the thumbs of "community organizers" on one end, and criminals on the other.

This reminds me of the perils of conducting live television. It was during the post Rodney King LA riot of 1992. After the police re-asserted control of the streets on the second or third night, an earnest TV reporter was out in the hood looking for interviewees to reinforce the narrative. He found what he thought would be a good subject with a stereotypical response; a black mother with her young kids sitting on their front porch watching the police presence on her street. He asked the woman, "What do you think of this show of police force in your neighborhood?" Instead of the expected hysterical outrage about police oppression, what he got was completely unexpected: "This is wonderful! This is the first time we've been able to be on our own front porch after dark since we've lived here. I wish it could be like this every night." Interview over.

I can only imagine how hard life must be for a family being truly "poor". But how much harder and hopeless must it be when the streets are literally ruled by the thugs and government doesn't care. Or when it does care, it cares more about the plight of the thugs than it does the poor people who are just trying to get by. Is it any wonder why people born and raised in this environment get such a distorted sense of "justice", when the thugs do as they will, and the authorities only get excited about it when there are ideological points to be scored. Then when it all blows over, the thugs remain, the streets remain dangerous, the schools mediocre, and the poverty hustlers continue to live the good life.

If government lacks the initiative or ability to make it safe for someone just to sit on their own porch after dark, I really don't understand how we can expect it to be able to solve the bigger problems.

Anonymous said...

I think the hashtag should be #blacklivesmatterONLYiftheyadvancethebullshitpoliciesofblackracistsandtheirdemocrap/liberalcoconspiritors

Suzy said...

What's interesting to me, as a sort of side note, here, is that black people also don't matter when:

1. They are a cop. See Baltimore Six.
2. They post Bible verses on their desk. See Marine.
3. They are a single mom who carries a gun for protection. See New Jersey.
4. They are killed by another black person. See above discussion and comic.
5. They are a Republican running for President. See Herman Cain.

This isn't about color at all. It's about politics, and it's about class warfare. Period.

REM1875 said...

About the Marine and the bible verses, BCD (bad conduct discharges) are usually reserved for serious screw ups, sexual assault, assult and battery, etc. There is more here than we are being told. You have to work at it to earn a bcd and bible verses aint it (yet).

Joseph ET said...

It appears that Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was a repeat offender with an altitude issue. Read her appeal here. It’s the Marines and you follow ALL lawful orders. This order, while perhaps objectionable, was lawful. Additionally, she could have gone to the Chaplin for help and advice. She also represented herself at trial. Never a good idea! This could have ended at Company level with an article 15 Non-judicial punishment (captain's mast) but she kept up with the insubordination and such.
You can't fix stupid!

John the Econ said...

Unrelated topic, but I told you this was coming:

FCC chairman wants subsidized Internet for the poor

"On Thursday, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is expected to reiterate high speed Internet’s status as a public good when he introduces a plan to ensure that even the poorest Americans have access to broadband Internet."

Remember the Obama/FCC decision a few months ago to regulate the Internet as it does phone service with "a light touch"? I told you that it would only be a matter of time before the central planners turned your simple & affordable Internet connection into the Byzantine morass that POTS (plain old telephone service) has been for decades, with a third to half of the bill going to taxes and fees for all kinds of government handouts and boondoggles. So instead of handing out Obamaphones, we'll soon be paying more to subsidize the handing out of ObamaInternet and ObamaiPads.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Philip said...

‘Hope’ Artist Calls Obama a Failure

Suzy said...

REM and Joseph, funny you refer to chaplains, who are also under the "gun" lately in the military.... is only one instance among many, where chaplains are supposed to somehow be chaplains without using the Bible. LOL.