Monday, May 18, 2015

Comfortably Mum

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There is no gain, you are receding; A distant pantsuit on the horizon.
Hillary Clinton continues to say absolutely nothing about absolutely anything on the campaign trail, which is starting to make Hope n' Change wonder if she realizes that political candidates, unlike Trappist monks and Lois Lerner, are not required to take a vow of silence.

Although if we were in Hillary's sensible shoes, we'd be keeping our yap shut too. After all, what can she possibly say to look good after the former deputy director of the CIA, Mike Morell, states as a certainty that every document which was ever on her private email server was downloaded by one or more foreign intelligence agencies.

Previously, Hillary's defense was that in her entire tenure as Secretary of State, she never used any of her email devices to deal with a single piece of important or sensitive information. Which rather begs two questions: what the hell were we paying her for, and what the hell were multiple giant corporations and hostile nations bribing her for.

Neither does Hillary want to talk about her foundation skimming 90¢ of every charitable dollar for her family's own comfort and political mischief, nor her impressive political flip-flopping on issues like trade, immigration, and dealing with crime.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media seems perfectly happy to let the presumptive Democrat nominee maintain her Sphinx-like silence. But why?

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, stephanopoulos, contributions, abc news, conflict of interest, hillary, star wars, jabbaa

Because skeevy little butt-weasels like ABC "Newsman" George Stephanopoulos are actually active campaign supporters of Mrs. Clinton and are secretly shoveling money her way when not acting as character assassins working to discredit her critics.

If ABC has even a scintilla of journalistic integrity, we should be hearing a lot less from operatives like Stephanopoulos in the future and a lot more from the woman who wants to be president.

In other words - it's never going to happen.


Joseph ET said...

It appears that Hillary’s only accomplishment is staying out of jail. So far anyway. Now she’s probably trying to figure out how to “take the fifth” and still run for President. Meanwhile “Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on Fox News this week discussed an unprecedented move by the federal courts — a judge-ordered reopening of a FOIA lawsuit seeking documents from Hillary Clinton’s secret email server.” From Google. My understanding is that this court has the power to get her server.

I’m still waiting to find out what happened to the 6 billion dollars missing from her State Department. Is anyone looking for it? Probably not. Can one just walk out with that much money in a brief case? Not! They should be looking for an off shore numbered account.

REM1875 said...

We can tell bernie isn't a real threat because a man that age could pass quietly in his sleep or fly his private jet upside down into the Atlantic.
martin o'malley has till the end of the month to figure it out, but the fact that Lloyd's of London told him "fat chance" on a life insurance policy might be a clue.

REM1875 said...

6 billion dollars? Sandy Berger must have looked like the goodyear blimp when he stepped out of the state dept vault to take a smoke break.

Sufo70 said...

Shillary will suddenly come down with a debilitating illness that "forces" her to drop out of the race.
After all that has come to light, and possibly to avoid further disclosures it seems the only rational course of action she could take.
Lets hope so....

TrickyRicky said...

The rule of law is apparently as dead as Vince Foster. The ruling class can loot with impunity while the rest of us live in a Kafka-like prison where we daily break rules and regulations that none of us are aware of, but any of which can be used to persecute us at the whim of our rulers.
Who is John Galt?

Geoff King said...

Although not hearing a word come from the shrew's mouth is a pleasant change, I fail to see how she can run a campaign on her vagina alone. On the other hand, the fact that she is a traitorous criminal who can be easily blackmailed by any number of foreign and domestic entities fits right into the standard democratic mold.

Rod said...

Stilt, after saying quite some time ago you sometimes may not make three a week, it's been more like 3 at a time day on your publication dates. There's been a lot going on but still, that's impressive. And two more great 'toons today.

It's like an old war at sea movie where the Jap Zero is already trailing smoke but the guns keep firing. I'm really enjoying watching Hillary go down. Uh, no, wait... THAT's not what I meant to say.

Juanita The Icon said...

She is keeping a list, Dōctōr!

Es mejor que tener cuidado.... her body odors are magic and ... potente!

CenTexTim said...

The happiest person in American over her silence is Bill...

CenTexTim said...

BTW, hillary last answered a question from the press on April 20. That means we're approaching the one-month anniversary of her self-imposed vow of silence. If she keeps quiet for 17 more months she'll still get over 40% of the popular vote.


American Cowboy said...

@Geoff King
Shrillary trying to run a campaign simply on her vagina alone reminds me of an old story.

Little Johnny and Susie were happily playing in the sandbox when Little Johnny suddenly stood up, dropped his trousers and pointing between his legs proudly proclaimed, "I'll bet YOU don't have one of these!"

Little Susie stared in wide-eyed astonishment and then broke out crying and ran home.

A few minutes later she came skipping back to the sand box, and pulled up her dress and said with a giggle, "My mommy said with one of these I can get all of those I want!"

Reminds me of the entitled mentality Shrillery must have thinking just because she has one of those she is entitled to a turn at president.
(Apologies to anyone if my story offended)

John the Econ said...

We shouldn't take it for granted that everyone knows or remembers the Clintons and their modus operandi. The first Clinton era ended a decade-and-a-half ago when 911 changed the world. Those under 45 can be forgiven for not knowing anything beyond second-hand explanations of the Monica affair and how oral sex with a subordinate isn't really sex. (Just try that one on your significant other, if you dare)

So those without living memory of the Clinton administrations (both in Arkansas and Washington) may not understand that there's a good reason that the Clintons remain vague regarding their real agendas. It's because their real agendas are the Clintons; the simple acquisition of power and wealth via influence peddling, and when possible, use of government power and taxpayer money. They'll say what they have to say, and little more. They will use weasel language, and then later disavow it if necessary as "old news". She will only take a position when forced to, and even then you're a complete dupe if you believe any of it. They're so transparently corrupt, that honest people simply don't know how to digest it.

As for George Stephanopoulos: The story of George is a classic textbook example of leftist media bias. Back in the '90s, there was a GOP House representative (I forget her name) who resigned her position to take a job with one of the TV networks. The subsequent outcry from the left made one suspect that the fate of the republic was at risk. How could a network retain it's integrity and objectivity when it had hired a partisan directly from Congress? Needless to say, the network was shamed into firing the former representative.

Mere months later, George Stephanopoulos, chief spin master of the Clinton Administration "retires", and takes a job with ABC News as a political "reporter", "analyst" and "anchorman"! Barely a peep from the media establishment. The silence told one all they needed to know about mainstream media allegiance. Hypocrites! Of course, soon after, the the supposedly impenetrable barrier that defended the 4th estate from government corruption was totally destroyed and was replaced by revolving door between mostly Democrat officials and "official" media.

So that George is still cozy with the Clintons and that ABC is going to be okay with it is hardly a surprise.

George says that he only gave the $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation to help out with global AIDS prevention and deforestation. And yet, as a well informed and connected Washington DC reporter, you'd think that George would be well aware that 90-cents of of every dollar given to the Clinton Foundation goes not to global AIDS prevention and deforestation, but to support the lavish lifestyle and personal agendas of the Clintons and their cronies. People who are seriously interested in helping with global AIDS prevention and deforestation give their money the dozens of charities that actually spend most of the money donated in doing so.

So which is it George? Is one of Washington's supposedly most well-connected and astute newspeople really that clueless about the workings and real purpose of the Clinton Foundation, or are you just buying something like most of the others who "donate" to the Clinton Foundation?

John the Econ said...

@Joseph ET, going for Hillary's server is not only a complete waste of time, but potentially embarrassing for the GOP. The server was wiped the day after its existence became public. All that will be found on it will be tidbits about Chelsea's wedding and irrelevant family matters left there to make any investigators who find them look like fools for looking. (Think Geraldo and Al Capone's vault)

PRY said...

@JohntheEcon, speaking of the Clintons...
"They'll say what they have to say, and little more. They will use weasel language, and then later disavow it if necessary as "old news".

So, many women will back her just because she's a woman, others will because they don't know any better, the rest will believe her lies just like they did Obama's.PRY

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- I wish I could get excited about any FOIA or legal action to get documents from Hillary's email server, but it makes as little sense as searching for Monica Lewinsky's virginity: you can't find what no longer exists. And trust me, whatever hard drives are in Hillary's server now are NOT the ones which once held messages.

@REM1875- Hey, people die in unusual ways all the time. Especially if they're nuisances to the Clintons.

And it's SO annoying that no one cares when $6 billion comes up missing, but the rest of us are still expected to file our taxes to avoid becoming prison bitches.

@Sufo70- Perhaps she'll drop out for personal reasons when Bill's syphilis flares up. One can only hope.

@TrickyRicky- Want a depressing thought? Of course you do - that's why you're here! (grin) People (ie voters) who are currently 21 years old weren't even born when Vince Foster took a hot one in the head, was seemingly dumped in a park, and Hillary's people crossed police tape to abscond with records from his office.

Think of that; what still feels vaguely au currant to those of us who are older doesn't even exist in the consciousness of young voters. And when we bring it up, they think we're nuts just because we have liver spots and drool a little.

@Geoff King- "Blackmail" is an interesting word; if we assume that Hillary had troublesome documents on her server AND we assume that foreign intelligence agencies now have those documents, she could be easily blackmailed throughout any presidency. (And yes, I make both of those assumptions.)

@Juanita the Icon- If Hillary is keeping a list, I damn well want to be on it. Unless it's the "kill" list, of course.

@CenTexTim- I'll bet Bill is enjoying seeing Hillary named in scandals instead of himself.

@American Cowboy- And you've reminded me of a joke in which little Susie tells her mother that Johnny gave her 25¢ to climb a tree.

"You shouldn't have done that," her mother says. "He just wanted to look up your dress and see your underwear!"

"Then the joke's on him," says Susie. "I wasn't wearing any."

@John the Econ- Excellent points, much along the lines of what I was saying above, only... um... expressed more eloquently. The prime era of Clinton scandals is as dimly known as the Peloponnesian War to most Americans these days. That's a bitter truth for some of us to swallow.

And Stephanopoulos is the same sneaky little bastard he's always been. Years ago, I found myself in a terminal at the LA airport - only minutes after a wrenchingly painful personal loss. There, I spotted Stephanopoulos talking into his cellphone, oblivious to all around him. I very seriously considered cold-cocking him just to try to restore the balance of good and evil in the universe. Sadly, I didn't do it - so perhaps I'm partially to blame for his ongoing perfidy.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- I hate to agree, but you're right. Hillary is going to rake in a lot of votes based on the "war on women" rhetoric.

Popular Front said...

@Stilton - I understand there's a man called Eugene looking for you and he's none too pleased.

".....careful with that axe Eugene!"

Geoff King said...

Little Johnny and little Susie were out playing in the park on a hot summer day. Because of the heat they both decided to take all of their clothes off. Upon seeing Johnny's male unit, Susie asked if she could touch it. "No way" yelled Johnny, "you already broke yours off!".

John the Econ said...

I've long since come to the conclusion that the "consultants" that pretty much all of the GOP candidates employ are completely useless. Is it really possible that nobody prepared Jeb Bush for that Iraq war question?

If anyone knows anybody for any GOP candidate, let them know I'm available as a strategist. I'm sure my rates are comparable to the dolts you've been paying. Here's some free sample suggestions:

When Stephanopoulos grilled Peter Schweizer over "Clinton Cash", he outright insinuated that he had a conflict of interest because Schweizer had worked as a Bush speechwriter for a mere four months.

If Schweizer had known better, perhaps his response should have been, "Why yes, that's true. But then again, just how many years did you get paid to work for the Clintons before kicking some of your ABC paycheck back to them? I mean, who the hell are you to be asking questions about my objectivity?"

Go ahead. Piss off the media. There's no point in being nice to them since when push-comes-to-shove after the conventions are done with, they're going to turn on you and support the Democrat. So why not get out ahead and shove first? Most of America is just as annoyed at the media as you are, and would both enjoy and respect a candidate with the balls to push back.

Suggestion two:

Of course, the squishy GOP establishment will feign outrage and demand Hillary's purged servers for answers. But again, I say, "Why bother?" Hey Republican's, you're actually better off without it!

Without whatever phony non-evidence of non-crimes, the Clintons present you with the perfect Schrödinger's cat scenario: Since there will never be any satisfactory evidence of anything with this sleazy bunch, you are free to speculate on anything you like; the sky is the limit! The Clintons are the epitome of the appearance of impropriety", so let your imaginations go wild.

For example:

How did $17 million disappear from Clinton Foundation?

No doubt it would be fun to know who got paid off and for what. But we never really will. So why not speculate? Maybe it's to help out Jeffrey Epstein with his legal problems.

After all, it's more than believable. It's likely.

Rod said...

I find it overwhelmingly bizarre that things seem to going to shit all over: Ramadi; Iran deal; US borders; IRS tax fraud; Waco bike gang war; Scum-bag Boston bomber sentenced to well-deserved death & it yet may be 20 years - why is the SOB still alive?; our inner cities, etc. and as ever... a big topic in the news is the damned Clintons. How about (as a simple example) China has placed as much infrastructure concrete in the last 3 years as USA has placed in the last 100? A pox on the damned Clintons for good. God help us write off and move beyond these two plagues.

REM1875 said...

prezzy Ø went golfing last weekend so everything is just fine and peachy. These minor issues can sort themselves out or if necessary the wun will fix it with a speech from the rose garden. So sit back and relax.

John the Econ said...

Why Hillary will win: How do I know? Because there are literally millions of people like my certified idiot of the day, letter-writer Cindy Altmaier Riley:

Regarding Peggy Noonan’s “How the Clintons Get Away With It” (Declarations, May 9), has it ever occurred to Ms. Noonan that the Clinton Foundation may be taking donations in an attempt to: “improve global health and wellness, increase opportunity for women and girls, reduce childhood obesity, create economic opportunity and growth, and help communities address the effects of climate change”?

Did Cindy even read the article? Or does her Progressive religion prohibit ingesting any words beyond "global health and wellness, opportunity for women and girls, childhood obesity, economic opportunity and growth, and climate change"?

Witnessing Progressive fawning over the Clintons 23 years ago, I made the observation that if video were to emerge of Bill & Hillary clubbing baby harp seals, these people would immediately defend them for doing so as long as it was in the name of "global health and wellness, opportunity for women and girls, childhood obesity, economic opportunity and growth, and climate change". Little has changed.

Bruce Bleu said...

Fantastic rendering, (and politically, I hope her campaign is a "rendering" of her political ASSpirations), of Jabba the Butt! I'm wondering how long it will be before Shrillary is nixed from contention for Presidunce and the dnc advances Sack-a-shit-wea in her stead. Probably the only hope democraps have for victory in '16 is to have a minority transgender lesbian who doesn't know basic American stuff, (# of states, how to say "corpsman", who doesn't think the Star Spangled Banner starts "Oh say Kenya see..."). I hope the polls say that they have a chance so lamont doesn't increase the pace of flushing the nation down the toilet.

John the Econ said...

And finally, Peter Schweizer has some choice words for Stephanopoulos and his journalistic malpractice:

"What is certain is that Stephanopoulos' ethical malpractice and hidden-hand journalism have done further injury to an essential, if beleaguered, institution, one already battling to preserve legitimacy."

Rod said...

RE: Forehead Recognition. LOL! Yes, I was thinking you may have shown just enough in the frames where you were still. Great minds think alike. Good luck. Jeez, we'd miss your blog.

Bruce Bleu said...

Another observation,
Looking at that sack of desiccant, sorry, the photo of Shrillary, I'm reminded of another Pink Floyd song, "Another Brick In The Face".