Monday, May 4, 2015

How Waffle!

Have you read today's news? How waffle!
Here in the Jarlsberg household, we enjoyed a lovely visit from our daughter this weekend and we've decided not to screw up our good mood by doing a cartoon and commentary today.

Seriously, cops in Baltimore are facing a lynch mob (quite possibly a Loretta Lynch mob), Christians are being murdered by ISIS, Iran is already cheating on Barry's "by all means, have some nuclear weapons" agreement, and more. If we try to make comedy out of all that, we'll end up with our funny bone in a sling.

Oh sure, there are a few lighthearted news items we could have addressed. For instance, Saturday was World Naked Gardening Day - but the thought of Michelle showing off her yams while adding night soil to the White House garden ruined the whole concept for us.

Still, as long as you're here, and to cleanse that last mental image from your mind, here's the Lefty Lucy cartoon we linked to on Friday. It pretty much sums up how progressives are looking at the whole Baltimore fiasco...
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Just like every other political issue.


Mike aka Proof said...

Naked Gardening?? Was this a thing during the Clinton White House, 'cuz I could imagine Bill spilling his seed around the Rose Garden!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Proof- And of course, Bill was good about pollinating flowers. Gennifer Flowers.

Geoff King said...

In other good news, apparent Muslim extremists attacked an anti - Muhammad cartoon festival festival in Garland, Texas. Unlike what occured in January with the Charlie Hebdo slaughter of 12 innocent people, this time the suspects came up against American police officers that were actually armed instead of the politically correct French Gendarmes that carry no weapons. End score: one wounded security officer, two dead terrorists.
Don't mess with Texas...especially Texas cartoon artists.
Note: no brownie points were expected when I wrote the previous statement.

Rod said...

There will be more follow-up on this; the positive kind. This kind of Jihadist attack may be downplayed or mostly ignored elsewhere, but not in Texas.

Pete (Detroit) said...

LOVE the "possessed mannequin w/ fully rotating head" look on "Mom"...

Colby Muenster said...

Ahhh... the much underrated and lowly waffle. Stilton, were you thinking of Barry's much used stance on foreign policy issues when you chose the waffle for today's cartoon?

Although, in fairness, he actually DOES take a firm stance sometimes; like when there a white cop involved, or a lie to be propagated.

John the Econ said...

It was pleasant to see the latest attack upon free speech end as it did in Texas yesterday.

I am now waiting for the reaction of the counter-pundits to lay blame for the incident not upon the two terrorists, but upon the event, its organizers and participants.

I'm certainly not going to argue that purposely defaming an image that billions of people find holy is a polite thing to do. But then again, I will remind people that there was a time not all that many years ago that our own government felt that supporting just that was not only a good idea, but worthy of spending taxpayer dollars.

Of course, at the time there was great outrage. The religious right was certainly in a lather. My personal feeling on the matter was that money was being taken away from me in the name of "the greater good" to pay for such offensive nonsense. If a bunch of "artists" want to pee or throw fecal matter at each other or sacred images and hoards of "enlightened Progressives" want to ooh and ahh over it and congratulate themselves at their "bravery" for upsetting Christians all day long, then fine. I don't care. Just let them pay for it.

As a Christian, my God is bigger than that. What a bunch of wimpy Progressives artists do or say has no effect. Clearly, the same cannot be said of Muhammad.

So I guess I should find it refreshing to see today that so few of those same "brave" artists aren't interested in making the same artistic commentaries about Islam, and even if they were, the Federal government wouldn't think once about funding it.

Of course, I think the real answer is far simpler: Violence works.

Geert Wilders & Pamela Geller are far braver than those NEA-subsidized wimps.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- As is true pretty much every day, I'm proud to be a Texan following the quickly handled terror attempt in Garland (way too close to HnC headquarters). Big points to the organizers of the festival for making sure they had adequate security - and big points to the security folks for using live ammo.

@Rod- That whole "Don't mess with Texas" thing is not just a catchy chamber of commerce slogan. Believe me, even ISIS doesn't want to mess with Texas.

@Pete (Detroit)- You will eat her waffles, and you will say they're delicious. Or else.

@Colby Muenster- I wasn't specifically thinking about Barry's waffling, but now that you mention it, most of his actions are syrup-titious. (Ouch. Sorry.)

@John the Econ- I'm already seeing lamebrains saying that the event organizers were "asking for it," which shows a pretty profound misunderstanding of how free speech is supposed to work.

Regarding "Piss Christ," I'm offended that it was created using tax money and I fully sympathize with those who find it despicable. Personally, I sort of agree with the critic in the wikipedia article you linked to who said that the image - taken on its own, without context - is actually beautiful and powerful. My own interpretation of the work is Christ radiating light even when immersed in the metaphorical sins of this world; the very sins he is sacrificing himself to take away.

But whether people love or hate the image (and artist), I'm sure the guy isn't losing sleep about some whackjobs coming to kill him.

You make a good point that the ability to tolerate offensive attacks or simple criticism is a mark of strength, not weakness. Which is why the more violent adherents of Islam seem to feel that their faith is eternally on very shaky ground.

As to your final point, yes, it's true that "violence works." And I expect to be seeing a backlash against "provocative speech" coming out of all this.

Joseph ET said...

Muslims believe that you belong to the Islamic cult automatically if your father belonged. They can force you to join or die. They say that once you join the cult you cannot leave it or you will be killed (so all come in, but no one leaves, great business plan), and you must pray five times a day and attend the mosque. It must be difficult to fight a battle while stopping to pray five times a day after washing your feet. Must make it hard to get any work done too. Maybe it optional? It is considered a religious obligation (as opposed to voluntary charity) that the well-off owe to the needy because their wealth is seen as a "trust from God's bounty". Conservative estimates of annual zakat is estimated to be 15 times global humanitarian aid contributions. The amount of zakat to be paid on capital assets (e.g. money) is 2.5% (1/40) per year for people who are not poor. The Qur'an and the hadith also urge a Muslim to give even more as an act of voluntary alms-giving called Sadaqah. (from Wikipedia). The amount requested in UN-coordinated appeals in 2015 has reached a new record high of US$18.7 billion. ( This sounds like the richest racket known to mankind. Again, great business plan!

Also, How does it anger the Jihadists if I draw a stickman and label it Muhammad, if no one knows what he looks like? If I don’t label it Muhammad would they know or care. They are just a bunch of stupid tools for their power √©lites!

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I love that take on "Piss Christ", especially since we know that was not the artist's intent. What Christ stood for was certainly more beautiful and powerful than any amount of excrement an angry Progressive artist could heap upon it.

Interesting, isn't it @Stilton, that the irony-impaired Progressives would pull out the "They were asking for it" argument. They certainly wouldn't hesitate to label anyone who'd suggest that Micheal Brown "was asking for it" as a hate monger.

In fact, I'd too have to agree that "they were asking for it". But that's because they have far more courage than most Progressives who feel "edgy" just by driving around college towns in their Prius's with their "Coexist" bumper stickers. Fortunately, they were prepared for it.

The downside is that the Progressives who have been very successful at shutting down nearly any event that has the possibility of displeasing Muslims will use yesterday's shooting as an example of why such events should not take place. "Security" is becoming the new "shut up".

Again, an example of how "violence works".

PRY said...

Looks like tragedy, rioting, rampant terrorism, and progressive stupidity is becoming the norm!

I know it's not just Obama's doing, but he's their catalyst, because there have been people in this country just itching to topple this nation for a hundred years or more now! We are living in unprecedented times, kinda in dark territory as we called it at the railroad!

God help us all. That naked image of the First Wookie is potent!

Popular Front said...

Looking at that strangely disturbing image I can't help but think: "It's a cookbook! It's a cookbook!"

Joseph ET said...

Update: From
“A police investigation continues as Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby builds her case. The separate investigations have some conflicting findings.”
“While Mosby said Friday that the officers had made an illegal arrest because a knife Gray was carrying was not a "switchblade," a violation of state law, the police task force studied the knife and determined it was "spring assisted," which does violate a Baltimore code.
Spring assisted is a ‘switchblade’ without a button. So, it turns out to be a legal arrest.

Bruce Bleu said...

OHHHHH, the thought of magilla, eau naturale? lamont might be inclined to a... a... well WHATEVER it is, with "junk in the trunk", but it's more like "JUNK IN THE FREIGHT TRAIN"! 'Scuse me... I've gotta go hurrRRRLLLL!

REM1875 said...

Great cartoon about hillary waffling oh wait thats right she is evolving and pretty soon she be walking upright, no more knuckle dragging ala lord alan grayson of the florida apes.
And now why are you discriminating against robots by not letting them comment, some of my best friends are robots.

John the Econ said...

Well, if anything, Baltimore got Iran off the front pages:

Biden: Iran 2-3 Months from Nukes

"They already have paved a path to a bomb’s worth of material."

So what's the point of continuing with "a deal", if for all practical purposes Iran already has a bomb? There's no upside for us; Iran gets both a bomb and sanctions lifted.

I wish I could play high-stakes poker with these jokers. I'd be retired after an hour.

Meanwhile: ISIS claims responsibility for Texas shooting but offers no proof

How nice for ISIS to take credit for a failed attack. Let's hope that future ones are just as successful.

And finally, came across this yesterday:

AP pulls 'Piss Christ' after Paris attack

The Associated Press has removed an image of Andres Serrano's 1987 photograph "Piss Christ" from its image library following Wednesday's attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

"It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images. It is fair to say we have revised and reviewed our policies since 1989," AP spokesperson Erin Madigan told POLITICO, referring to the year the AP first posted the photograph.

How nice. The bold "free speech" patriots at the Associated Press have all of a sudden realized that posting "deliberately provocative images" isn't a good idea.

Once again, violence works.

John the Econ said...

Speaking of "religion" and "minorities":

Islamic State: Militants 'kill 300 Yazidi captives'

The left just loves to cry about the plight of "minorities", unless, of course, they are an actual minority. In that case, you are on your own. Unless you are a big enough minority to represent some sort of voting block they think they can capture, they couldn't care less.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Is it true that the Garland Twins were shot once each--between the eyes? I heard that, and I certainly hope it's true. If it is, that's some good shooting!