Monday, June 22, 2015

Mass Hysteria

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Pope Francis has said a number of things that Hope n' Change likes, but his recent encyclical on climate change isn't one of them. The Holy Father seems to feel that the use of fossil fuels (and the free market capitalism which runs on those fuels) is unacceptable, an abomination, and a vile life-destroying corruption of the Earth. All of which sounds even worse when delivered in Latin.

While Hope n' Change believes that faith and science can coexist comfortably,  we think that in this instance the Pope is primarily motivated by left-leaning politics. That's a shame, and we'd like to light a candle for him...but it might produce greenhouse gasses.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, $10 bill, woman, michelle, kale


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, rachel dolezal, naacp, father's day


REM1875 said...

I understand the new operah bills are coming along fine but they will have to be shorter and much, much wider.

Joseph ET said...

Many Protestants and Catholics are very disappointed with Pope Francis spending his efforts on climate change and such. He should be doing something about all the Christians being killed in the middle east and attacked else ware. I never understood back when there was another Pope that never picked his phone and put a stop to the fighting between the Protestants and Catholics in Ireland. This conflict lingered into the 1990s, became known as "the Troubles."
78 year old Pope Francis said last year that he might retire early That would be a blessing indeed.

They should leave Alexander Hamilton alone. If we must have a female on our currency lets replace Thomas Jefferson on the Two dollar bill. Yes, they still print the ‘Toms’ — that's the nickname of the $2 bill thanks to the portrait of Thomas Jefferson.
It seems the ‘Tom’ has a history with females in the early times “prostitution was $2 for a trick.” Having a female image on the Tom may increase its circulation.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis. Exactly what you'd expect if Obama was the Pope. His statement regarding
gun manufacturers not being Christians because they profit from death is laughable considering
he invites genocidal Muslims to the Vatican to read from their manifesto of death aka the Koran.

Fred Ciampi said...

The pope should stick with such issues as world peace and other matters having to do with spiritualism and such. He is getting out of his specialty. And, he's managing to piss off a lot of catholic scientists.

As for insisting on a woman's picture on a bill, how about a whole new denomination? We could make a whole series of bills with women's pictures; seven dollar bills, 15 dollar bills, twenty two dollar and fifty cent bills, why the list is endless and wide enough to satisfy every one of the notables who want their or their heroine's picture in circulation.

Geoff King said...

Pope Francis, being a Jesuit, was never supposed to be Pope in the first place. Jesuits, by definition, are only supposed to serve the Pope. His radical views on many topics, climate change being the latest, can only serve to fragment the Catholic Church and further the New World Order agenda.

Unknown said...

Besides this, the Pope says that Christians who work in the weapons manufacturing industry or who invest in weapons companies are hypocrites and duplicitous. Then shouldn't he extend that to say that Christians who use weapons in defense of themselves or their countries are hypocrites? Is he a hypocrite for being protected by guards who are armed with weapons? Yes. Yes, he is.

Bruce Bleu said...

Shaniqua Dolezal is OBVIOUSLY a FRAUD. If she be a GENUINE affican-merican "man" she be 'spectin a BABY-DADDY card!

chef621 said...

and we'd like to light a candle for him...but it might produce greenhouse gasses.
This comment brought a chuckle. Good one.

It does not matter who they put on what bill. Before the end of the year all of our money will be completely worthless. Be's coming.

JoAnna Wahlund said...

Perhaps you should actually READ the encyclical, because it doesn't say what you seem to think it says. Here's a good summary if you can't/won't read the whole thing:

Please especially see points #9-#13.

Juanita The Icon said...

Hey Pooper-scoop! Get the you-know-what out of politics!

OMG - this guy - well, you know what? The Catholic Church has always been communistic in nature (se Durant). That is no slur, that is the truth. And let's face it folks, these guys have just been biding their time to get control of the world again. By "these guys" I mean the papas. (Puta, look at my name; I know from where I speak.)

But hey, if you ever wanted more proof the Mann-made global warming/climate change/climate disturbance is religious, now you got it. The Papa is so declaring it. With la encĂ­clica no less.

Next stop, jihad.

Juanita The Icon said...

Oh and hey JoAnna - nice spelling.

Learn how to embed links, K?

That one sucked. Keep you Papa to yourself, K? I read a bit of that - didn't change my opinion. That man should stay out of this. Period.


rickn8or said...

Nothing good can come from popes and priests consulting with princes.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- I'm actually surprised that Oprah hasn't printed her own money yet; her empire has everything else.

@Joseph ET- I don't think the Pope should avoid commenting or acting on "worldly" matters, but I agree that his priorities seem a bit out of whack on this one.

And I liked your link on the history of the $2 bill. Interesting stuff!

@Chish McFicken- One wonders if the Pope's bodyguards (which we certainly don't begrudge him having) aren't Christians because they profit from the potential for death or violence.

@Fred Ciampi- It does seem that Pope Francis is cherry-picking his science here.

Regarding new denominations of money, I think merchants resist the idea because cash register drawers would all need to be changed.

@Geoff King- A little radicalism here and there isn't always a bad thing, but it's sort of amusing to see the mainstream media heralding the wisdom of this encyclical since they usually find the Pope's beliefs backward or even oppressive (as in the case of abortion).

@Larry Gilbert- I'm pretty sure if all Christians removed themselves from weapons manufacturing that others would rush in to fill the void. However, I will acknowledge that the Pope has every right to express his opinion on what Christians should or shouldn't do.

@Bruce Bleu- Few things about our current culture make me sadder than the universal acknowledgement of the term "baby daddy." In just two words, it embodies the breakdown of society, morality, and even basic language skills.

@Chef621- I worry about our money becoming worthless. Which is why we should stockpile $1 bills and keep them close to the bathroom.

@JoAnna Wahlund- Make no mistake, I agree with quite a number of the points in the encyclical - albeit not for religious reasons. We do need to be good stewards of the Earth, and we should rail against predatory capitalists (note that this is a specific subsection of capitalists) who do irresponsible damage.

My primary problem with the encyclical is the degree to which Pope Francis attributes climate change to manmade activities. The true science on that is anything but "settled," and many of the activities which he suggests cutting back would negatively impact the poor (by raising the cost and availability of goods and services, among other things).

I do think that we all have a moral responsibility to take care of the environment, whatever our religious beliefs.

@Juanita the Icon- As I said above, it's mostly the Pope's assertion that much of climate changed is caused by human activity, and the political underpinnings of that assertion, which I take exception to.

John the Econ said...

This wasn’t the topic I was expecting for today, but you know how Anthropogenic Global Warming is one of my favorite topics that I can’t help but pontificate on. I absolutely love today’s comic.

Of course, on the surface Pope Francis’ anti-free market tendencies and the socialist/fascist Global Warming political agenda would appear to be completely in sync, and a marriage made in heaven.

I've long argued that the movement behind "Anthropogenic Global Warming" is less science than religion, based mostly upon faith in a theory and sold on appeals to authority guided by a mysticism that they do a poor job of explaining. Just have faith; they know what they’re doing. And there is little tolerance of dissent. Now that the Pope has canonized it, that makes it official.

If I were a Catholic, I guess I could now honestly compare myself to Galileo. Sure, the dungeons at the Vatican are now just museums, but the warm-mongers of the left openly entertain fantasies about what they'd like to do with non-believers and infidels. In fact, they've been openly practicing excommunication for years now. Indeed, the Climate Change racket has been acting like the Catholic Church of the middle ages for decades now.

I do respect Pope Francis in that he actually lives his rhetoric. He lives very modestly, unlike our President who sees nothing hypocritical about flying about in the worlds biggest, most expensive personal jet, telling throngs of poor people that they need to remain poor for the sake of the planet, and then jets out for his next round of golf.

But it is funny how the secular left is so in love with this guy. Sure, he's anti-capitalist and all, but even with so many ideological compatibilities, the left so hates everything about the church and religion. So it's so hard to take this new alliance too seriously; kinda like the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact in 1939; It's convenient for the moment, but we all know it’s going to bloodily implode at some not-so-distant future.

For example, is the Pope going to reverse the Catholic Church's positions on birth control and abortion? After all, population control is at the heart of neo-Malthusian eco-correctness, and the left is pretty staunch about it, as much as the Catholic Church considers it a sin. Also, this Pope is very anti-poverty, while the AGW agenda is all about selling people on the idea that poverty can be fun.

Fortunately, most Catholics, at least in the affluent West, don't take the church's position on birth control very seriously. When push comes to shove, I'll bet that they take the anti-capitalist pro-poverty agenda even less seriously. Lost in the rhetoric is the fact that the opening of formerly closed markets to free-market principles over the last two decades has resulted is the lowest percentage of the world’s population living in poverty, ever.

This very popular Pope may have just jumped the shark.

JP said...

This Pope is an adherent to Liberation Theology. Sound familiar?
0bama was brought into Wright's church by his agreement with Black Liberation Theology.
The two are just Marx with god added to it and BLT adds a racial component to endear itself to black folks.

Effin commies love commie stuff, and the global warmening scam is about as commie as can be.

Rod said...

HnC cartoons are why I don't drink cola when making the rounds on the internet. It's rough on keyboards. I'm not taking on the Pope; but do wonder how many flickering LED candles those solar panels can run? Hilarious cartoon.

Cookie said...

I just have to say how much I love the solar panels on the Pope's mitre. It's perfect and I think he should seriously consider doing just that! Great toons today, sir. And, as always, excellent commentaries.

PRY said...

Now all ya need is a toon of the Pope on his veranda, with a slight leaning to the left, maybe with one of those sissy lookin guys keeping him from falling! Caption: "Bless you, my child, but watch your hands!"

David in SoCal said...

@Joseph ET: I'll betchya having a prostitute on Thomas Jefferson increased HIS circulation as well.
I'm here all week; try the Double-Doubles.

Popular Front said...

I'm back to Mel Brooks again when he played Torquemada and had Jews strapped to a three reel one-armed bandit. It was the first thing that came to mind from that cartoon 'crucifix wind turbines' - sort of a Wheel Of (mis)Fortune as climate change deniers (like me) are nailed to them for their sins.

REM1875 said...

I propose mooches picture on a new denomination- the BOGO- it can only be used in shoe stores but it will put a woman on currency.

Popular Front said...

If Dolezal's hairline receeds much further pretty soon she's going to look just like the 3 Stooges' Larry Fine.