Friday, July 10, 2015

Dereliction of Dooty

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 You can rum, but you can't hide.

If Hope n' Change wasn't on the last day of our imaginary vacation, we'd certainly be commenting on one or more of the issues mentioned above. Probably in language which would frighten men, make women faint, and turn livestock barren.

And if we weren't enjoying a well deserved day off, we might write an entire editorial about how a lot of seemingly unrelated recent news stories all seem to be pieces of the same big puzzle. One that, when assembled, paints a pretty frightening picture for America's future.

What are those puzzle pieces? Obama's plan to "Affirmatively Further Fair Housing" by making sure that no neighborhood contains only people who can afford to live there.  His wide open border policy, his support of sanctuary cities, and his propensity to distribute both criminal and medically dangerous individuals throughout the nation.

Other pieces of the puzzle: muzzling free speech with all of the foolishness about the confederate flag, denigrating white people and American history, and not only fining but putting gag orders on bakers who choose to incorporate their religious beliefs in their livelihoods.

But there's more! Consider that the Supreme Court essentially declared that states' rights are meaningless with their ruling on gay marriage (and also eroded the entire legal concept of marriage), and then upped the ante by declaring in their Obamacare ruling that the very concept of "state" is now meaningless. And let's not forget that this same Supreme Court then ruled that federal voter registration forms must be accepted by the states, even though they don't require the applicants to prove - or even declare - citizenship.

We'd also look at the public ending of fixed gender identity ("gender neutral" bathrooms have recently been added to the White House), replacing parents with government on little matters like removing or altering the genitalia of children, and Obamacare not only making healthcare less affordable but encouraging people to consider end of life options which are (less than coincidentally) the cheapest for Washington's bean counters.

When you put all those pieces together, or "connect the dots" as the Democrats used to say when Bush was in office, you see the entire fabric of American society being rapidly and deliberately unraveled by orders and edicts.

Anyway, that's what we'd say if we weren't on vacation.

PS: We totally suck at taking time off...


rickn8or said...

"PS: We totally suck at taking time off..."

It's an art form, and it takes a lot of practice.

Michael said...

Geeesus H. Crisco! The truth has been told.

Bobo the Hobo said...

I can't wait to hear how the Catholic Church has spurred these actions; they being the obdurate patriarchy we all know and love. I don't know whether to either up my meds or drink more.

BTW, Stilt: you do suck at taking time off!

TrickyRicky said...

The Republic is pretty much over. They will not stop until we truly, truly are Venezuela. The rule of law is over, replaced by the rule of man. The journey down the road to serfdom started with Wilson about a hundred years ago, has accelerated beyond terminal velocity in the past 6-7 years, and I cannot for the life of me envision any scenario with a happy ending. Que Sera Sera and happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

I'll just leave this here for encouragement....

Geoff King said...

There may be a silver lining in all of this: With total global economic chaos seemingly just around the corner, I seriously doubt that the outrageous PC issues of today will be much on anyone's mind while possibly billions are starving to death.
OK, maybe that's not exactly a silver lining, but if the progressives finally STFU, I can at least die in peace.

Fred Ciampi said...

I have never been able to have more than one drink a day and I'm the only person I know who keeps beer beyond the expiration date. Well, based on events of the past few years I guess I am going to have to start practicing. And we'll have to start making plans to move from our mountain in Appalachia to Detroit. Woohoo...... What a shame our country has been brought to this. Sad.

REM1875 said...

I bet if you were using an ebt card and drinking 40 oz'ers, watching judge judy and dr. phil, that taking time off would get easier. It helps if you are in double wide with a camero on cider blocks minus engine of course, you could get to liking time off.

Anonymous said...

One end-of-life option that would make putting up with the crazy gov't. and its scary new rules more palatable, would be death by choice. Starting to look better every day...

dk99 said...

Every time things get so outrageously bad I think they couldn't get any worse, they get worse. (Sigh.)

John the Econ said...

Big government, big puzzle with a lot of missing pieces.

"Affirmative Housing": Isn't it interesting that the Federal government is prepared to precisely re-engineer individual neighborhoods via finely-combed statistical data, but they can't seem to come out with even rough demographic data confirming the number of illegal aliens inhabiting our prisons? Am I the only one to have noticed that the left and media have been working overtime over the last week to discredit everything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth on illegal immigration, and yet does not deem it relevant to refute him with any actual statistics of their own to discredit his?

Free Speech: When is James O'Keefe going to go into a Halal Bakery and video what happens when one tries to order a gay wedding cake? Will Muslims be held to the same legal standard? Of course not. Why? Because they fight back.

"Death Panels": Socialism isn't viable without somebody in charge to say "No". (Note: Greece) It's only a shame that we don't have "death panels" for all government programs.

MTV: I've always had a special contempt for MTV and their children's indoctrination programming which is mostly adolescence on steroids and non-stop narcissism. It's a prime example of what happens when there are no adults left in society to say "No". I think they are largely responsible for the generation of "Lost Boys" we now have to deal with. (An interesting read, if you have the time this weekend)

The ongoing abrogation of parenthood: Mrs. Econ & I have been noticing a lot of media stories about supposedly "transgendered" children as of late, and the canonization of the parents who encourage it. In our humble opinion, this is a massive mistake. Children do and say all kinds of weird things as their brains physically develop, and in our hyper-sexualized society, people who are predisposed to an agenda are all set to jump upon these things as signs. For the same reason we think that administering psychotropic drugs to a minor's still-developing brain is highly dangerous, we also believe that irreversibly addressing sexual confusion before post-adolescence is just as big a mistake, if not bigger.

For decades now, I've marveled at the absurdity that it's illegal for anyone other than a custodial parent to give a child so much as an aspirin, but it's okey-dokey that a school can dispense birth control. So it's not such a surprise that the state now feels free to move forward and offer "gender reassignment".

This is nothing less than child abuse by the state. I'd anxiously await the studies that will be done in a decade or so as to how well this policy works out for those who get "changed", but somehow I doubt there will be generous government subsidies for such studies. (How many of these kids will later commit suicide because the state funded their re-assignment prematurely?) As we've seen with "climate change" and the lack of information about where our prison populations came from, the government only tends to generously fund studies that support its own agenda. And the agenda here is taking away parental authority.

Crap. Now I need to drink.

txGreg said...

I'm right there with you @dk99. Occasionally, I'll think I've lowered my expectations to a nadir so low that I can't possibly be disappointed in the behavior of our alleged representatives. Then, something extra comes from the administration, it's party, the (alleged) opposition party, SCOTUS, or the media, and I realize I'll never be such a pessimist that I can accurately predict the depths which they will inevitably plumb.

Fred Ciampi said...

John the Econ, I'll let you have one of mine; I need the practice. :)

Colby Muenster said...

Every attempt at integrating neighborhoods in the past have each been huge resounding successes. I have no doubt whatever stupid-assed plan O'Liar's come up with will end with the very same success. I hope the little race baiter ends up sitting on his patio in Hawaii ten years from now, surrounded by trailers full of rednecks wearing t-shirts displaying Virginia battle flags. I can dream, right?

Stilton.... pathetic attempt at a vacation, I must say, but thanks for posting!

Geoff King said...

In their neverending quest to bring about George Orwell's Thought Crime scenario, the left is banning the words "boy" and "girl" from our vocabulary as their use may offend that miniscule portion of society which relates to neither:
Now, they have proposed a bill to eliminate the words "husband" and "wife" from any federal document as that may offend same sex couples:
Eventually, I suspect, I will no longer be able to speak of my dog as that may offend cat lovers.

Anonymous said...

@Bobo the Hobo
The choice doesn't have to be an either/or.

Geoff King said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Geoff King said...

The politically correct redacted version of my thoughts:
I ***** believe ** ** ***** ** ****** **** democrats, ** * **** are full of ****!

Colby Muenster said...

Amen Geoff King! But you really hurt my feelings by using the "d" word (dog).

Stephen said...

I raise my glass of Victory Gin an celebrate the triumph of Big Brother and AMSOC.

madmanmike1980 said...

It's getting to the point where everyone in America will have to become mimes because EVERYTHING you say is going to offend some P.C.-protected group, then mimes will be banned for being "racist" because they wear white makeup! George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Ronald Regan are certainly spinning in their graves!

Joseph ET said...

@John the Econ I found this video many weeks ago. "HIDDEN CAMERA: Gay Wedding Cake At Muslim Bakeries." They don’t go after the Muslims because it doesn’t fit their political agenda just like Obama is silent about the white woman killed in SFO!

Rod said...

Be calm and we'll take it up later. I'm so very tired of this BS too, but have to take a break.

PRY said...

I knew you couldn't stay away! But, that's good, because somewhere in the near future, H&C Cartoons will probably be one item on the 'most wanted ' list!

John the Econ said...

...and if you haven't hit the bottle already, here's another good reason to:

FBI says Dylann Roof should not have been cleared to purchase a weapon

"...the FBI made a clerical error due in part to a breakdown in paperwork between the FBI, local police departments and county jurisdictions."

In the post 20150617 hysteria, we had to listen to endless hyperbole over "background checks" and why we don't have them. But we do. And yet it turns out that it was government incompetence that allowed 20150617 to purchase his gun. What's the point of new background check laws if the existing ones aren't even being followed?

Of course, that doesn't stop idiot Democrats from trying. Puppet Chuck Schumer said the case highlighted the need for tougher background checks on gun purchases. Really Chuck? The left has tried to hold almost everyone and everything responsible for 20150617's crime, from "white privilege" to the gun itself for the massacre. Well, now we can add government incompetence to the list. And who's responsible for that? Well, as one of the long time proponents of big government, I'd argue that you own that, Chuck. The blood of those 9 church victims are now just as much on your hands as they are anyone else's.

You can't fix stupid. Not that much stupid, anyway.

John the Econ said...

...oh, and let me add Barack Obama to the list of those personally responsible. After all, for the last 6+ years, he's been the chief executive of the executive branch of government. And yet over the last 6 years, he's shown very little interest in actually being a chief executive. From the IRS scandal to this, he seems to have to find out about what's happening under his authority in the New York Times.

All of these clowns love passing laws, but have practically zero interest in actually seeing that they are carried out, unless it involves squishing citizen's freedoms. Then they're all over it.

rickn8or said...

John, the FBI is saying "The background check failed because we're not collecting enough data on the 'peasants,' uh, gun buyers. Give us more money and authorization to intrude more into the 'peasants,'uh, 'average everyday American citizen.'"

Anonymous said...

Well, it's your fault for going on vacation. This all wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@rickn8or- Perhaps some helpful Welfare recipient can show me what I'm doing wrong.

@Michael- Yea, verily.

@Bobo the Hobo- Well, the Pope just announced that "unfettered capitalism is the dung of the devil," so that's one explanation for what's hitting the fan...

@TrickyRicky- I think the biggest problem is that common sense is no longer common at all. Which is why people think they can have everything and that someone else will pay for it. It's time to start doing domestic air drops of the book "The Little Red Hen" on college campuses and urban areas. And I'm only half-joking.

@Chish McFicken- Skoal!

@Geoff King- I like a man who can meld optimism and pessimism. And you're right, when things fall apart, let's see how many libs refuse to visit a soup kitchen if it's flying a confederate flag.

@Fred Ciampi- For all my joking, I only allow myself one glass of whiskey and water each day. Granted, I refill that one glass repeatedly...

@REM1875- I actually used to live in a trailer (and not one of them there fancy double wides) and liked it - but both my wife and myself were employed fulltime. We seem to have no gift for leisure.

@Anonymous- In the movie "Soylent Green," they show government-run euthanasia chambers in which the citizen who is checking out is given drugs and then reclines in bed while watching IMAX movies of nature scenes until they die. I believe we'll see such things within the next 20 years.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@dk99- Isn't it weird to think that no matter how bad things get, we'll soon look back on them as "the good old days?"

@John the Econ- Plenty of hot buttons in the points you raise. I'm going to focus on the problem of what's happening to our kids in the hyper-sexualized environment you mentioned. Remember when kids were considered "impressionable" because they were? We are now rewiring (literally, in a neurological sense) young brains to "fit in" with the worst of a carnal and dysfunctional society. This can not end well.

@txGreg- My good friend Johnny Optimism sums it up nicely when he cheerily says "things could always be worse" just before they do get worse. We're all living in Johnny's world now (which is why it's critically important to have a good dog).

@Fred Ciampi- Sharing means caring.

@Colby Muenster- The Affirmative Housing program (I'm stealing John's term) is a real thin edge of the wedge deal. First off, it's economic - but being sold in terms of race because any opposition instantly becomes racist. But once the economically disadvantaged are in their nice, new upscale neighborhood - what happens? It turns out that they're going to need currently unavailable services like public transportation, additional tutoring for their kids, and more. All of which will require greater redistribution of wealth to make everything work (or appear to work) while simultaneously eroding our national sense of what it takes to earn success.

@Geoff King- How long, I wonder, before the government will require everyone to undergo surgical and hormonal treatments to make the sexes indistinguishable?

@Anonymous- How right you are...

@Geoff King- You *** * ***** **** **** ** ****** point.

@Colby Muenster- Hey, feelings are meant to be hurt.

@Stephen- And while drinking that gin, be sure to wash down your required dose of Soma.

@Mike Bennet- It's funny that you mention our founding fathers spinning in their graves, since Lefties now want to disinter confederate soldiers and remove them from cemeteries. No wait - it's not funny after all. My bad.

@Joseph ET- Pretty amusing video, and nicely balanced.

@Rod- The problem with the hat isn't that it didn't fully cover my eyes and ears, so I was still experiencing news leakage.

@John the Econ- Metastasizing and inefficient bureaucracy can kill you just as dead as any psycho with a gun, and sadly that's what happened to those Charleston churchgoers. Laws which aren't enforced (deliberately or through sheer ineptitude) are the same as laws which don't exist. Making more such laws won't have any effect.

And how about the oft-deported illegal alien who shot the woman in San Francisco? Turns out the gun he used originally belonged to a federal agent. Are there going to be new, stricter gun laws which prevent law enforcement officials from having guns?

@rickn8or- More data means more room to introduce error.

@Anonymous- Yes, I blame myself. And it wasn't even a REAL vacation; I was bluffing so that when the Jade Helm guys stormed my office they'd be expecting to find it empty so I'd have the element of surprise on my side when I started hurling invective and empty whiskey bottles.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I just finished reading the "Lost Boys" article you linked to, and it was excellent (albeit not particularly cheery). The image of Obama's infamous "Pajama Boy" kept coming back to me as I was reading.

Rod said...

I'm hoping all this "stuff" "they" keep pushing on US is a lot more (figuratively) rope with which these assholes will be hung and erased from office for a long time, starting in about 17 months. We all need to work to make that happen.

Joseph ET said...

With all the open corruption and law breaking going on in our government at all levels. The attack on Christianity. The attack on parenteral rights via offering FREE sex change services to children and the list is unending. Maybe what we need is a Nationwide Exorcism.
There is also a movement going on for a convention of the States under Article V of the United States Constitution for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.
"The following are examples of amendment topics that could be discussed at a convention of states:
• A balanced budget amendment
• A redefinition of the General Welfare Clause (the original view was the federal government could not spend money on any topic within the jurisdiction of the states)
• A redefinition of the Commerce Clause (the original view was that Congress was granted a narrow and exclusive power to regulate shipments across state lines–not all the economic activity of the nation)
• A prohibition of using international treaties and law to govern the domestic law of the United States
• A limitation on using Executive Orders and federal regulations to enact laws (since Congress is supposed to be the exclusive agency to enact laws)
• Imposing term limits on Congress and the Supreme Court
• Placing an upper limit on federal taxation
• Requiring the sunset of all existing federal taxes and a super-majority vote to replace them with new, fairer taxes"

I don’t know if will help or not, but it seems worth a shot to stop some of the BS that’s going on.

Geoff King said...

For any of you who wish to temporarily escape from the onslaught of ever more depressing daily news, I highly recommend visiting there you will find hundreds of extremely well written intelligent articles dealing with little known historical events, many of which will cause one to say "damn interesting, indeed!".

Ciccio said...

Don't worry about all that fluid gender nonsense, It will stop automatically when some little girls get raped in the boys washroom while trying to piss standing up.

Rod said...

@Joseph ET: Thank you Sir! There's not nearly enough buzz about a convention of the states, and that may be our optimum path forward. Better sooner than later as we lose common sense in more states. As for constitutional topics for review and amendment, to those I would add raising the % in favor required for Re-election for President/VP. to offset the political power they gain in the first term. Example, Yes 50% still required for anyone but for an incumbent up for reelection ~55% is the minimum required or vote again between the top two. As for term limits for congress and judges. OK,agreed; we sometime lose a few good ones to term limits but good candidates for replacement can & should be groomed. The long-time entrenched, self-serving & crooked bastards absolutely loathe the idea of term limits.
And clarify at highest authority (the Constitution) USA border security and security that keeps up with changing technology, hacking and ID theft. Tighten IRS directives to keep up on that.
PS: You should see some of the ridiculous measures I had to go through to enter some piss-ant third world countries to do work there which would also benefit them;
hard to get into and why would one even want to go there very much if it wasn't a good job? Same thing when leaving, like I might have the national icons. I didn't want a damned thing from their nation; I just wanted to get home. Meanwhile anyone can wade right into the USA now and start living better than back home. Or attack us.

Boligat said...

@rickn8tor Now we know another reason why the fed wants all the data they are going to collect from Common Core, most of it having nothing whatsoever to do with education.

John the Econ said...

@Joseph ET, I've been following the "Constitutional Convention" debate for decades now. And I agree with with most of your list.

However, I fear that the time for such a convention was 25 years ago, and now it's much too late. Why? Because roughly half of the electorate no longer wants the kind of constitutionally limited government we do. They want a "democracy" like they have in bankrupt Greece; one that redistributes income and gives away "free" stuff like early retirements, higher minimum wages, free health care, free college, etc, etc.

Specifically, my fear would be that a constitutional convention today would completely backfire. As they already do, the Progressives would demagogue our existing Constitution as a document written exclusively by and for the benefit of a bunch of white, rich, slave-owners, and as such is antiquated, illegitimate, dead and in need of being replaced by a "modern" document that is more "inclusive", which means "inclusive of Progressive values"; mainly Socialism, Marxism, Communism. The Bill of Rights would be decimated. Overnight, we'd be turned into China.

Remember, this is how we ended up with the "Income Tax"!

We're better off fighting where we stand.