Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Waiving the Flag

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We're just going to be totally up front about the fact that there's no way B. Hussein could come out ahead, in our eyes, in his long-delayed decision to lower flags to half-staff for the victims of Muhammad Abdulazeez.

We were aghast at his original decision not to lower flags while offering up rationalizations like "that's only for senior statesmen" or "we don't want to have to decide whether or not to do it every time a service member is killed." But since this dithering represented about the standard degree of assholery from this administration, we were willing to accept it and move on.

But now Obama has ordered the flags to be lowered. Not because it was the right and moral thing to do,  but because too many angry members of the public called him out on it. In a rare instance of genuine transparency, it was clear that Obama simply wanted to bury the story as quickly as possible, along with any troubling questions about Islamic radicalism in our nation.

Hope n' Change is glad that the victims are now being shown appropriate respect, but saddened that the tragedy of their deaths was compounded by the spectacle of a president who cared only about his own agenda.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, planned parenthood, organs, less crunchy

In the latest round of videos exposing Planned Parenthood's ghoulish trade in fetal organs, a secret camera captured Dr. Mary Gatter (former president of the Planned Parenthood Medical Directors' Council) haggling over the price of "specimens," and promising to use "less crunchy" methods of killing each fetus to ensure the availability of intact organs.

Since Planned Parenthood makes such a point of saying they offer "choice" to pregnant women, we wonder if future clients will be given the choice of a crunchy or less crunchy abortion when they're in the stirrups?

Not likely. Because above all else, Planned Parenthood feels that the most important part of a woman's right to "choose" is the necessity of keeping her comfortably ignorant about what she's choosing.


Joseph ET said...

Planned Parenthood and all their supporters are evil. Some were complaining recently that Scott Walker signed a 20-week abortion ban. They were complaining that there were no exceptions for rape or incest. Seems to me that one should be able to decide long before 20 weeks to have an abortion or not.
And in normal sex she used her “right to choose” when she failed to use any form of contraception before she removed her panties. I’ve also heard that these abortion clinics have some women that are frequent repeat customers. Kinda makes you say my, my? Maybe this is why people go overseas to find children to adopt? 55 Million dead children sense 1973. How many were black? All lives matter! And what about the rights of the child?

SusieBee said...

Planned Parenthood has killed more people than Hitler, and my tax dollars fund them. I am offended to the very core of my being that the president adamantly chooses to support them while throwing the military under the bus.

Darla Jo Baker said...

Planned Parenthood executes 300K+ every year.

Obama administration admits 400K+ illegals every year

Must be the new "fast track" voter program so the liberals don't have to
wait on 18 years of indoctrination.

Truly disgusting, and evil as Joseph ET pointed out

Fred Ciampi said...

And in the first strip it was mentioned that o'boner is a little sluggish. He is a LOT sluggish; as in 'more like a slug'. I can't think of a more fitting description for him than 'like a slug'. Well, I can but this a family column.

And don't even get me started on Planned Parenthood. Those slugs murder 1,000 humans a day on our tax dollars. And too many women use abortion as a form of birth control. Grrrrrrrr. Where did put my 'shine?...........

Geoff King said...

Blacks account for less than 13% of the population, yet over 35% of the abortions. Øbeelzebub strongly supports the abortion of his own people. Hitlery Clinton said she deeply admired Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger who was quoted as saying "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.".
What I find deeply disturbing is that, regardless of these facts, blacks will continue to vote in candidates who wish to exterminate them.

Fred Ciampi said...

And another thing; Planned Parenthood is misnomer. If you're going to plan your parenthood, you don't have an unplanned pregnancy in the first place. If folks want to become parents they better know what causes pregnancy. This is a good argument for sex education. People of all ages should and better know that when lust takes over from good sense pregnancy could very well be the result. Apparently, too many people have no idea what causes babies.

Planned Parenthood should change their name to 'Killing viable babies on demand'!

MJ Kishka said...

Joseph ET is correct that the "choice" was made before the panties hit the floor.
As for Planned Parenthood, they could very well adapt the Nazi concentration camp motto, "Arbeit Macht Frei"/Work frees you, as their own "Abortion frees you". The infant parts salvage is just as grisly as the Nazis collecting hair and gold teeth from their victims.

Boligat said...

Since we probably aren't going to see Roe vs. Wade overturned anytime soon, I would say that we should give all women who come in for their second abortion get a two-fer. One abortion and one tubal ligation at the same time. If we can find out who the daddy's are, they should be forced into a vasectomy after their second offense.

That ought to cut down on the number of abortions....

But, if we did that, what would Maury, Jerry, Lauren, et. al. do for subject matter?

txGreg said...

I agree w/all the fine views expressed thusfar. Just wanted to let you all know that the guy from Live Action News (where the recent PP videos have first appeared) was on the radio live yesterday afternoon w/Mark Levin. He stated that there were about a dozen videos all told that will be posted by the time they're done. He also stated "as fact" that Kermit Gosnell was not a one-off case. Not sure if that means that one of the upcoming videos will expose additional Gosnell-like incidents (i.e. harm to the mothers as well as the babies) or not. We continue to live in sad times...

txGreg said...

...oh, but there are the intermittent bright spots too. Real Americans doing jobs the Government just will not do, and politicians showing occasional hints of contracting common-sense.

BerferdT said...

One could wonder; was the WH flag lowered for the five troops, or for Muhammad Abdulazeez?

madmanmike1980 said...

@Fred Ciampi, @Boligat, @BerferdT I couldn't have said it better myself! Totally agree!

Our so-called "president" doesn't give a rat's hiney about our troops (unless they're LGBT)!

And Planned Parenthood just makes me ill! Calling innocent little babies "crunchy" is totally inhuman!

PRY said...

After seeing CBS news report the hotel in Tokyo being run totally by robots, the search for a solution to stop hackers from taking over our 'connected' automobiles and causing havoc on our streets,

the chaos deliberately brought about by thousands of illegals and the resulting homicides on innocent Americans,

the potentially devastating reduction of our military troops, plus the smugness of our jihad-loving president,

our dependency on advanced technology, and the danger to that....I told my son this morning..."If I had just woken up from a coma of several years, I totally would not have recognized what planet I was on!" Wow.

John the Econ said...

The bizarre reverence that this administration has for thugs and vapid celebrities over honest, sacrificing and serving citizens befuddles me. Seriously, 5 servicemen are killed by an obvious terrorist on home ground, and they even have to think about this? Is this administration honestly that insulated and clueless, or are they actually trying to piss us off?

Speaking of Progressive Democrat's contempt for "ordinary" Americans: Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley stepped in it the other day, when he had the audacity to say that "all lives matter" in front of a crowd of liberal activists.

"Several dozen demonstrators interrupted the former Maryland governor while he was speaking here at the Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of liberal activists, demanding that he address criminal justice and police brutality. When they shouted, "Black lives matter!" a rallying cry of protests that broke out after several black Americans were killed at the hands of police in recent months, O'Malley responded: 'Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.' The demonstrators, who were mostly black, responded by booing him and shouting him down."

Having been schooled on the matter, O'Malley later apologized. He won't make that mistake again.

Then Illinois Democratic Rep Luis Gutierrez later confirmed that all lives really don't matter to Democrats as he calls Kate Steinle's Murder a "Little Thing".

Why is it I get the feeling that the Democrat establishment feels that we non-identity groups are merely cows to be milked and fodder to be sacrificed for their votes?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- Unlike some conservatives, I very reluctantly support legal abortion - but only when it's rare, early, and very carefully considered. In other words, not in the least like it's actually practiced today. But the Lefty abortion enthusiasts don't even make a pretense of being reasonable. They support abortions after 20 weeks, full-term partial birth abortions, and even post-birth killings (in fact, Barack Obama supported that as an Illinois senator).

And I'm unimpressed with the argument that a woman who demonstrably has a bad record of making decisions about her body should be the sole arbiter of what happens to her unborn child, no matter what its stage of development. And as for those "repeat customers" who use abortion as birth control, I have no words. No wait - I do: forced sterilization.

@SusieBee- I'd love for the government to stop giving any funding to Planned Parenthood. But they can't resist, because of the economics: every abortion they pay for saves tens of thousands of dollars (probably more) in eventual benefits for what will in all likelihood become another ward of the state.

@Darla Jo Baker- Wow, that's a really interesting juxtaposition of numbers! You're right that this really accelerates the demographic shift in America. Especially since the new arrivals are already of breeding age.

@Fred Ciampi- I'm actually more pissed at Obama for lowering the flags now than when he hadn't done it at all. It's just such a slap in our faces for him to be pushed into the decision by polls. Better no gesture at all than an insincere one.

@Geoff King- Many black pregnancies end in abortion. Of those that don't, the majority of the babies are born into unmarried one-parent households. That's a crime against these black children - and all of it is perpetrated by other blacks (with the enthusiastic help of liberals). Black lives do matter - but not to those who embrace the "new plantation" dogma of the Left.

@Fred Ciampi- Many years ago, when I was a brainless liberal, I wrote public service messages (as a copywriter) for Planned Parenthood for free, believing that their main activity was educating young folks about where babies come from and how to practice effective birth control. I had no frigging idea that they were abortion mills.

I agree that Planned Parenthood should adopt (no irony intended) a more accurate name to describe their services.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@MJ Kiskha- Exactly. The "choice" is made to engage in baby-making or not, and to take appropriate precautions or not. I fail to see why we should deem holy the choice-making abilities of women who have already made terrible choices. And you make a great, albeit horrifying, point suggesting the slogan "Abortion frees you." That is what the Left believes.

@Boligat- I could easily support policies along those lines. Yes, they're draconian - but the problem needs more serious solutions than anything we've seen to date.

By the way, I've sometimes thought it would be interesting to propose full taxpayer funding of abortions, but only for blacks. Not because I'm a racist, but because then the Left would be forced into the position of protesting that the intent of such abortion is to kill black infants and not just "meaningless blobs of tissue." It might reframe the arguments in an interesting way.

@txGreg- I hope there are a LOT more damning videos. I think it's smart of the videomakers to put out a little at a time, collect the excuses and disclaimers from Planned Parenthood and the libs, and then smack 'em down with new evidence.

@BerferdT- I think that's a valid question. Barry probably lowered it in memory of that poor, depressed young lad who had (like the frigging president in his youth) fallen into the trap of using drugs.

@Mike Bennett- I've never for a moment believed that Barack Obama sees our men and women in uniform as anything other than fools and cannon fodder.

And I think Planned Parenthood should be repeatedly beaten over the head with the "crunchy" quote. As others have noted "blobs of tissue don't crunch."

Cookie said...

This just reinforces again why I totally despise bo and unplanned parenthood. Both are evil to the core. There's no getting around it. I spit on them both!

Colby Muenster said...

I am at least 100% certain that the Chattanooga soldiers would still be alive is they had been armed. Same goes for the soldiers killed at Ft. Hood. What the flying hell is this policy of soldiers not being allowed to carry while on base, and who started that insane policy?

Planned Parenthood (a better name: "We Kill yo Baby fo You so You Can Keep on F**kin' yo Baby Daddy wif no Condom") is another shining example of progressivism run amok when politicians start handing out our money. I hope the people who work there get to enjoy "painless" deaths just like the lifeless blobs of tissue they remove on a daily basis. Selling baby parts is nothing compared to the methods deployed to harvest the parts.

And would somebody please tell Donald Trump to STFU. Yeah, he's making a big splash and keeping himself in the spotlight, but he is also keeping important stuff OUT of the spotlight.

Fred Ciampi said...

Colby, it was 'kneepads' Bill Clinton who first forbid the military to have weapons on military bases. For some strange reason he felt threatened around the military. It's obvious that o'bonner has kept up the same policy but I cannot figure why good 'ole George didn't rescind the stupid policy.

Dave from the Cheese Head Nation said...

Until I started reading the comments, I thought I might be one of the few sane people left in this country. How encouraging to see others who view this president (I refuse to mention his name or capitalize his office) as I do. Planned parenthood people (hereafter referred to as "pee pee people") would have made great execution squads at the death camps during WWII. But I am comforted knowing that God does exist and each of us will answer to Him at the moment of our death. Dave from the Cheese Head Nation.

John the Econ said...

Unarmed Soldiers: Perhaps someone could ask Hillary Clinton what she thinks about the unarmed soldiers. After all, we know that during the first Clinton Administration, she was (proudly) responsible for carrying forward what leftist agenda Bill could politically afford at the time. And part of it was "gun control". Disarming soldiers on home soil was a small victory for the cause. Ironically, over the last decade it's also proven the argument from the right that expanding disarmament zones is the same as expanding the number of likely victims. If Hillary ever allows herself to be exposed to actual questions from actual reporters, this would be a good one to ask. I'm not holding my breath.

Planned Parenthood: As I've commented here before, I'm a bit of an agnostic where abortion is concerned. But the one thing I won't do like the left gleefully does is lie to myself about it; No matter how they try to spin it, in most cases it is murdering a human being. But since the Supreme Court has refused to rule on the salient question, which is "Exactly when does an individual become a citizen entitled to the rights and protections of the law?", we have remarkably little legal or practical power over other people as to how a fetus is treated. There's little I can do about it, and I'll leave the cosmic consequences to the individuals involved and their ultimate judge.

Obviously just like with Gosnell, it's about the money reinforced by a self-righteous political agenda. Nothing recently exposed surprises me.

If the right was a greedy and self-centered as the left likes to imagine it is, you'd think that we'd be happy with subsidized abortion on demand. After all, we would virtually eliminate liberalism from our gene pool within a few generations. That's one reason that they need open borders to replace all the children that they never had.

John the Econ said...

Addendum to the above: I should have said "If the right was as greedy, self-centered and as racist as the left likes to imagine it is...".

Anonymous said...

The flag nonsense reminds me of when New Jersey had a problem with lowering the state capital flag for Neil Armstrong but gladly lowered it for Whitney Houston. Why lower it for a retiree when Whitney was dutifully serving her country as a crack lich?

This is just another example of politicians not having the capacity to understand what it means to serve in any meaningful way.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- I haven't been in a coma and I still don't recognize what planet I'm on.

@John the Econ- I don't think Obama's initial failure to lower the flags can be attributed to being clueless or trying to piss us off. I believe that Obama genuinely doesn't care about our service people, but DOES care about trying to minimize any potential harm to the reputation of Islam. If that means ignoring a terror attack (and not for the first time), he has no problem with it.

Regarding O'Malley, I might actually have developed a little respect for him if he'd refused to apologize, and shamed the protestors who claim that neither white lives nor any lives other than those of blacks matter. What a spineless whore.

@Cookie- Well before you spit on them, please make a point of chewing up something awful so the stink will last longer.

@Colby Muenster- There's no excuse for a lack of arms (or armed guards) at military installations. The idea that it's to reduce suicides simply doesn't hold up in the face of today's domestic threats.

Regarding Trump, I have very mixed feelings. He says some things that need saying, and his lack of political correctness is refreshing. That being said, his celebrity status is a huge distraction from more important issues in the news.

@Fred Ciampi- I must admit that I assumed Bill Clinton wanted the military disarmed because he didn't trust them.

@Dave from the Cheese Head Nation- The Left would like us to believe that there aren't many "sane" folks left - but it's a lie propagated by mainstream media. I think mainstream America is still alive and kicking. And getting pretty ticked off.

And I agree that the Planned Parenthood people would have made effective death camp supervisors. There is a coldness to them that is truly frightening.

@John the Econ- How I wish that Hillary would have to answer that question, or any other tough questions. It's being reported that her poll numbers are declining, but I'm not sure that I believe it.

Regarding Planned Parenthood, my personal belief is that some life and death decisions are appropriate - even unavoidable - for people to make. But these decisions must be made with seriousness and genuine consideration of the consequences. And that doesn't happen often enough for my liking.

@Anonymous- I agree.

American Cowboy said...

As the "owner" of the "glob" growing inside her a woman should be given the proceeds of the sale of that "tissue".

At the very least PP should give that money to the welfare agencies that pay for most of those killings.

As for Øbammy, I hope I live long enough to proudly fly my flag at the highest point it will go on the day of his old age funeral. That is if patriotic, legal, American citizens are still allowed to fly the flag of the United States of America.

John the Econ said...

Also neglected to mention: I think that "Planned Parenthood" is at best a despicable organization. At worst, they are simply evil. In order to market both the organization and the agenda behind it, they've taken a situation that is at best tragic, (an undesired pregnancy) and try to turn it to the near-trivial. Over the last several decades, I've seen them try to market abortion as everything from a minor inconvenience to a "lifestyle choice". To do this, I've actually seen their representatives engage in the following arguments:

A fetus is just a tissue mass that is no more relevant to your body than a mole.

A fetus is a resource-consuming tissue mass that is comparable to a cancerous tumor.

A fetus is like a homeless person; it occupies the host and consumes their resources and offers nothing in exchange and should be expunged.

Abortion is actually healthy for you as having a baby is potentially hazardous physically and emotionally.

Abortion is actually spiritually liberating for you.

In the early days of the Internet, you could actually find many of these arguments on their web site. (I wish I had the foresight to screen-scrape them at the time)

And these arguments came from people who consider themselves "sensitive, caring liberals". Exactly how "sensitive" and "caring" could an individual be who'd compare a child to a "cancer"? These liberals are neither. They're narcissists.

Over the years, I've had several women confide to me that they'd had abortions in the past. Every one of them still mourn the unwanted-at-the-time child they terminated. I can only speculate that any woman who didn't must be totally empty inside. Since I am not personally close to any such people, that's probably why I have yet to meet a woman who'd confide that her abortion was anything that Planned Parenthood described as above.

I think people can and should debate the practical, legal, and moral implications of "abortion on demand". But the agenda as promulgated by Planned Parenthood is simply evil and embodies narcissism at its worst.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- I wouldn't want money to go back to the biological mother, either, out of fear that some women would start getting pregnant as a revenue source.

Regarding Barry, I just want to live long enough to see him hauled from the White House. Although if he does so when Hillary is moving in, it will still be a crappy day.

@John the Econ- I remember all of those arguments. And of course, it's wrong to compare a baby to a cancer. As Barack Obama said, a baby is actually a "punishment" for those who "make a mistake."

Joseph ET said...

Meet the 39 Companies That Donate Directly to Planned Parenthood
My hope for Obama is that as soon as he gets out of office he is hit with a huge serious scandal and he has to go silent or better yet jail and we never have to hear from him again. No Carter effect! And no buildings, streets or holidays named for him either.

Colby Muenster said...

@Fred Ciampi,
Figures it was Clinton who disarmed our military, and really no big shocker W did nothing about it. If (God forbid) Shrillery gets elected, police departments will be next.

@John the Econ,
SCOTUS gave Congress a huge hint concerning life at conception, but Congress is too busy with their ongoing, decades long, circle jerk to take action. They are every bit as guilty of murder as PP. And there are some mysteries in my mind concerning Democrat's love affair with baby killing. 1) If a pregnant woman gets murdered, they charge the suspect with two murders. Huh?? ...and 2) Both the Catholic faith and Jewish faith are extremely clear on abortion being murder because life begins at conception. Why do Jews and Catholics overwhelmingly support Democrats?

@Joseph ET,
I do business with many of those companies. I think boycotts are usually counterproductive, but may reconsider. If nothing else, some politely written but strongly worded letters to these businesses may be in order.

John the Econ said...

An not-so-amusing take on Unplanned Parenthood from Mark Steyn:

"If abortion were the respectable medical procedure its proponents insist it is, there would be no such thing as "Planned Parenthood", anymore than there is a Planned Hernia megacorp. We are told constantly that abortion is a very teensy-weensy, barely statistically measurable, all but undetectable micro-sliver of the wide range of "women's health" services Planned Parenthood provides. So it only does an estimated third of a million abortions per year - or about as many abortions as half the remaining G7 nations perform in total (Germany, France, Canada). It is the single biggest aborter on the planet."

Over the last couple of decades as the left tries to paste blame to the various heinous crimes that happen from time to time, I've also chimed in that the cavalier attitude that the left has for such things as the unborn is certainly a contributor to the narcissism that we now see displayed daily. After all, if you can rationalize or turn your back on the behavior of people like Gosnell, you're pretty much capable of rationalizing and/or ignoring anything.

"And that's part of the dehumanization, too. When kids are slaughtered in a Connecticut schoolhouse or churchgoers are shot down in Charleston, the media jump straight on the public policy implications: gun control, Confederate flags at state buildings... But when baby parts are sold by an organization that receives half-a-billion in taxpayer funds, there are no public policy questions at all, and it is necessary to look away. Because the realities of abortion have to be crushed and smothered by the slick, blurry evasions of "a woman's right to choose". That's a dehumanization strategy, too. When the pro-choice rally ends and Cameron Diaz, Ashley Judd and other celebrities d'un certain age return to Hollywood, and the upper-middle-class women with the one designer baby go back to their suburbs, poor and minority and under-age women are left in the abortion-industrial complex's pro-choice back alley..."

Joseph ET said...

Notes from Canada Free Press
“Representatives from Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Co. and Xerox say they’ve asked Planned Parenthood to remove their names as corporate donors to the embattled Planned Parenthood organization." “A representative from Coca-Cola confirmed for The Daily Signal the company does not contribute to Planned Parenthood, nor does it match employee contributions to the organization."
"If they sincerely cherish their names and reputations, the principals of Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox should launch a joint lawsuit against Planned Parenthood."
If these corporations did not contribute to Planned Parenthood they must sue. If they don’t sue that would demonstrate to me that they did after all contribute.

Joseph ET said...
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