Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fair Warning

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Pro-choice? You can choose "crunchy" or "less crunchy!"
Frankly, if the scene above really happened we don't think it would be reported on mainstream newscasts, nor would it have any longterm negative impact on either Planned Parenthood or Hillary Clinton. Because too many Americans are exercising their "pro-choice" rights by choosing ignorance about almost every political, moral, and economic matter currently affecting (or afflicting) our nation.

Seriously, why isn't this woman already being held in custody instead of making jokes like "you may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it. I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves." Hardy-har-har! Doing irreparable harm to our nation's security is funny, right?

But not as funny as Hillary's promise, in the same speech in Iowa, that "I will do my part to bring transparency to Americans."  Seriously, isn't that the kind of lie which is supposed to cause people to burst into flames or be struck by lightning? Or, preferably, both?

And Planned Parenthood doesn't seem to be suffering much (apart from losing their contract supplying children's chitlins to Stem Express). The screamingly liberal morons at the (sadly popular) website "Funny or Die" have even released a video supporting the fetalcidal profiteers. In this case, they believe more in the "Die" part of their name than the "Funny." Not that it keeps the youthful, leftist ignoranti from mechanically, reflexively laughing in lockstep.  (Update: The Center for Medical Progress has just released their seventh video. It's not for the faint-hearted.)

Frustratingly, it seems to Hope n' Change that genuine evil happily floats atop waves of ignorance in much the same way that a toxic oil slick floats atop water - not incidentally choking the life out of everything below.

And speaking of water, we think it's high time to take the fluoride out and put a buttload of caffeine in.  Because Americans are showing no signs of waking up in the near future.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, hillary, email, scandal, server, yoga
Yoga and boo-boos.


Joseph ET said...

Most people suspected with involvement in a security breach would have been arrested by now. But then there are the Clinton’s. As far as Bill Clinton just bumping into Obama, that was no accident. I’m sure that was set-up to plea for Obama’s help to save Hillary. Perhaps Obama will let Hillary take the fall. Oh wait! Obama needs to raise a BILLION dollars for his Presidential Library. Maybe Bill knows someone with a foundation with a lots of extra bucks. The money also could be donated by some Mideastern Oil Sultan.

A quote from FDR: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Mike aka Proof said...

If Benny Hill did a skit portraying where Hillary was keeping top secret emails and who handled them along the way, it wouldn't be remotely believable.

BTW, is that Bill Clinton playing Yakety Sax in the background??

REM1875 said...

So just how are those folk at the Iowa State Fair avoiding confusion between hrc and the blue ribbon sow entrees? And I thought I had it rough.

james daily said...

I am curious as to why no one has asked or mentioned anything about Foreign Classified correspondence. She probably got a bunch thru the state department and also some directly. Lordy, would I love to see another country indite her and ask for extradition.

Bobo the Hobo said...

You definitely ain't right in the head, Stilt ... I like that in a person!

Anonymous said...

Liar, Liar. Pantsuit on fire. (we can only hope).

Geoff King said...

Hillary for Prison 2016!
Saw my first bumper sticker saying that yesterday. Hope to see many more.

Cookie said...

Hillary for Prison 2016! That's perfect! It really is insane that Shrillary isn't in prison! It's so obvious to even the most dense person out there that she is such a liar and has compromised our nation's security. But, as we all know...what difference, at this point, does it make. After all, how many people in Washington and politics in general are honest?

John the Econ said...

Is it just me, or is it actually painful to watch Hillary try to relate to the plain folk in middle-America? After all, she worked ever so very hard to escape Arkansas. The last place she wants to be back in are places like state fairs in Iowa, and she's not a good enough actor or politician to hide the contempt she feels for being forced to be there. Quite frankly, since her nomination is still considered "inevitable", I don't understand why she even bothered. I consider this a fail for her advisers for making her go. She gained absolutely nothing by leaving her bunker for this. All she did achieve was providing @Stilton a great photo for another cartoon.

You have to love her appeal to the kids with the "Snapchat" joke. Her delivery of that joke was almost as painful to watch as her mixing with "the people" at the state fair. Betcha she doesn't even understand it.

Transparency: I recall Bill making that promise during his inaugural in '93. I choked on my cookies back then. Now I just shake my head. Who buys that? I guess she's counting on the generation of idiots that weren't around the first time.

UnPlanned UnParenthood: As I said Monday, Americans are choosing to ignore the goings on at UnPlanned UnParenthood the same way that polite Germans chose to ignore what was going on at the concentration camps. I see nothing!!!

It was unfunny - They should die: The video was a total fail. Their narrative is basically the same that the gangsters use for political support. "But look at all of the good stuff we do!" The Nazis did a lot of great things too.

John the Econ said...

Hillary Email Update: Given my study of these people over the last quarter-century, this really shouldn't be happening, but once again, I am surprised by something I learned about the Hillary Email scandal.

When I heard that the server had been moved to a "private Internet service provider", I had assumed that meant "data center" in a secure facility with at least multi-level security. (Servers physically locked in a secure location with multi-level authentication required to physically access them) Nope. Turns out that her server was relocated to a loft apartment and was running in a closet in the bathroom.

Of course in retrospect, this shouldn't be a surprise. The owner of the mom & pop operation was closely connected with the Democrat Party. Also not a surprise is that this company is no longer a little mom & pop running out of an apartment, but this year relocated to much classier digs. Once again, we see that the Obama economy is great for those who are cozy with the right kind of people.

John the Econ said...

Oh, and did you catch this: Hillary, when asked if she had "cleaned" her server, responds "Like with a cloth or something?".


That was almost as lame as suggesting that her server was "secure" because there were a bunch of Secret Service guys parked in the driveway.

Colby Muenster said...

I keep thinking to myself, what would have transpired if, in 2007, it was discovered that Sarah Palin had sent official Alaska government emails on her personal computer? Sarah Palin would still be in jail.

I also keep thinking to myself, exactly how bad will Hillgate get before she has no choice but to drop out of the race? If positive proof that she personally robbed a bank at gunpoint suddenly came to light, would that do it? Or would it have to be a murder? Maybe mass genocide of thousands of Black and Hispanic Democrats? Seriously, there has to be a point at which even moonbats won't support the old hag, and I'm flabbergasted she's gotten a pass even now. I'm sort of guessing that, if the FBI actually issued an arrest warrant, she would have to withdraw, right? Right?? Somebody? Anybody?

Of course, then we'd have the Bidens and Warrens of the world suddenly scrambling for pole position. This whole thing could turn into a zombie movie. You kill one, and 20 take it's place.

Unknown said...

Fetus on a stick?! I'll never complain about "Crunchy Frog" again!

PRY said...

If I had just woke up from a coma, I think it would be hard to take in how far down the road of depravity the socialists have taken us! The lo-fos surely are at a loss concerning Planned Parenthood's motives, since they probably never heard of Margaret Sanger and her genocide notions against blacks and the poor.

This is all not new, of course...way back in the 1700s, a guy named Jonathan Swift, author of 'Gulliver's Travels', wrote a 'modest proposal' to alleviate hardship for the poor and also make some cash for them as well....just sell their babies to the wealthy to consume! It is summarized here.. All sorts of people down through the years have had barbaric plans for babies!

JustaJeepGuy said...


I always pass on the crunchy frog and go right for the anthrax ripple.

I'd like to know who Hillary would have to kill (and be caught on camera in the process) to lose the election. Barack Hussein, maybe?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- I think your speculation about the golf course "encounter" between Bill and Barry is probably accurate. Both guys want something that the other can help them get - so despite their enmity, they're jockeying and playing power games.

@Mike aka Proof- I love the idea of Bill playing Yakety Sax while a high-speed Hillary attempts to "wipe" the bathroom servers with a rag.

@REM1875- The sows aren't surrounded by Secret Service agents.

@James Daily- Good question. Although she already said, quite some time ago, that she received so MUCH email that she didn't have time to read every little bit of it. Which was her excuse for "not knowing" that Ambassador Stevens had been begging for more security in Benghazi.

@Bobo the Hobo- It does seem likely that my wiring is a little different.

@Anonymous- I think Hillary's pantsuits must be made of the same fireproof material that Red Adair used to wear when putting out oil well fires.

@Geoff King- That's not only a good bumper sticker, it would make a fine billboard!

@Cookie- I was watching Juan Williams (heaven help me) on FOX yesterday, and he still can't see that Hillary has done anything wrong. And unlike the Democrat spinmeisters, I think Juan actually believes it - which takes a very special kind of naive idiocy. One which is, sadly, not rare on the Left.

@John the Econ- Hillary's forced smiles and mechanical cackle make it all too (ahem) "transparent" that she resents having to mingle with the rabble. And Hillary is to joke-telling what Oppenheimer was to the atomic bomb: "Now I am become Death."

The revelation that Hillary's email server was stored and then professionally wiped in a bathroom is yet another surreal note in this madness. I suppose the way they secured the data was by not using the vent fan after a really rank poop.

Regarding Planned Parenthood, the level of denial on the Left is genuinely depressing. The mainstream media won't report the story, and the ignoranti won't look at the videos. What little they're told is "it's all fake, there's nothing to see here and - oh look! Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe failure!"

@Colby Muenster- I genuinely don't know what it will take to get Hillary's support to ebb on the Left, but I still have my doubts that she will be the Democrat candidate. She won't drop out peacefully, though. I still think her "get out of jail free" card will be threatening (behind closed doors) to tell the world that Obama didn't initiate or support the Seal Team Six raid on Bin Laden (or whoever the poor sumbitch in Bin Laden's house was that night).

@posstockhoarder- Isn't "Crunchy Frog" a procedure performed by Le Parenthood Planned in France?

@PRY- It's no coincidence that on Youtube, my account name for years has been "Jon Swifty."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Hey, she brutally murdered a joke on camera and it didn't seem to hurt her any.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I love the Hillary-Oppenheimer connection. Whereas Oppenheimer turned matter into energy, Hillary turns energy into nothing that matters.

UnPlanned UnParenthood: This whole sorry episode merely reveals to what degree that abortion is a religion to the core of the left. The Taliban has little on these people. Nobody is allowed to question the orthodoxy, or the practices of its chief operatives. The next video could be of Cecile Richards clubbing baby harp seals to death with fetus parts, and they'll still defend the organization.

As I've said here before, the only way to destroy UnPlanned UnParenthood is for the GOP to come out supporting the organization as a way to eliminate the next generation of minorities and liberals just like UnPlanned UnParenthood founder Margaret Sanger advocated. Get Rand Paul to advocate for a free market in baby parts. Rick Santorum can suggest a subsidy for parents to get genetic testing of their baby for gayness and then a visit to UnPlanned UnParenthood to remediate the situation. Perhaps the previously pro-abortion Trump will propose this as his final supposed implosion.

Unrelated Nooze:

This one made me giggle this morning: Bush says Trump isn’t conservative enough to win Republican race

And he is? Clue to GOP candidates: None of you are standing out as real "conservatives" because you refuse to "stand out" like Trump does. You'd think that after over a month of having your asses kicked by him, you'd figure that out. And Jeb, your immigration stand disqualifies you automatically.

This ticked me too: Hillary Clinton Asks to Have Donors Pay for Food and Drinks at Her Fund-Raisers

I'm out. There's no way in hell I'd go to a Hillary fundraiser sober.

But as usual with the Clintons, there's a leagal/money reason behind this: "The worry is that if the donors pick up the tab themselves, the F.E.C. might consider that an “in-kind contribution” to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign that would count against the $2,700 they can each contribute to her campaign in the nominating contest. And that, of course, would leave less cash for the donors to contribute to the campaign."

It's about eeking out a few bucks more. Always follow the money, especially with that bunch.

And finally, today's economic lesson: Remember when the "experts" were telling us that cartels were unbreakable, we were beyond "peak oil", oil would soon be over $150/barrel, and that OPEC would rule the world? Today, oil is near low of $40. So much for the wisdom of "experts".

John the Econ said...

Oh, and almost forgot the big story from yesterday:

UN to let Iran inspect alleged nuke work site

This was one of the "secret" parts of Obama's Iran deal. (I can see why they'd want to keep it that way) What I don't understand is how any senator would sign off on any treaty that had "secret" parts they couldn't see. And I certainly don't understand how anyone could sign off on it now. Unless, of course, they were Obama toadies. Is this lame duck's legacy that important to you? You really want your name attached to this? I guess we'll see.

Don't worry. We can trust the crazy imams screaming "Death to America!". Really.

Somehow, I already see tomorrow's cartoon...

Colby Muenster said...

@John the Econ,
Well, Iran DID promise and cross their hearts and hope to die that they would absolutely judge themselves fairly and impartially, and if they ever catch themselves cheating, they will write on the blackboard 1,000 times, "I will NOT nuke Israel!"

Crimony! And even more idiotic? There will still be a fair chunk of Senators and Congressmen supporting this bullship for O'Liar's legacy. That, despite the very real possibility that O'Liar could go down in history as the president that instigated WW3 and the destruction of our biggest Mideast ally!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I can't remember if I've done it at HnC, but I've also suggested before that the Right should embrace Planned Parenthood as a way to reduce the numbers of minorities, and then let the Left go nuts trying to figure out whether to support women or blacks. By all means, let's pretend to embrace eugenics and see how they deal with it.

The Jeb/Trump contretemps are amusing but pretty meaningless. Bush has some good qualities, but his conservatism doesn't exactly glow in the dark.

Regarding Hillary making her donors pay for their own drinks, I think it's only fair. Heaven knows she's added to MY bar bill.

Finally, you've accurately called tomorrow's cartoon (well, one of them). Self-inspection is a good idea for breast or testicular cancer. For assuring the integrity of a nuclear weapons deal? Not so much.

@Colby Muenster- Reassuringly, if Iran cheats on their self-inspection, Obama has promised that he will self-initiate impeachment procedings against himself.

John the Econ said...

"I think it's only fair. Heaven knows she's added to MY bar bill."

Belly laugh of the evening. Thanks.

From the AP yesterday:

"A skeptical House Speaker John Boehner said, "President Obama boasts his deal includes `unprecedented verification.' He claims it's not built on trust. But the administration's briefings on these side deals have been totally insufficient - and it still isn't clear whether anyone at the White House has seen the final documents."

It's ObamaCare all over again; We'll have to vote on it to see what's really in it. But don't believe me. Believe Nancy Pelosi:

"But House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi shrugged off the revelation, saying, "I truly believe in this agreement."

No doubt you do, Nancy. No doubt you do.

Anonymous said...

A little late on the comment. (Out of town for a few days.)
@Stilt If you could come up with a cartoon with Dylan Roof standing in front of a PP clinic wearing a sheet and swastika, holding a banner saying "I support the right to butcher babies, especially negroes and Jews", I believe that would get some folks thinking.
Cankles holding the Margaret Sanger award could be a bonus.