Monday, August 24, 2015

Naive American

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Whether she lives in a wigwam or tepee, the race is definitely getting in tents!
If you happened to encounter political cartoonists and comedians high-fiving over the weekend, it was almost certainly due to the news that Joe Biden met with Elizabeth Warren to strategize about the 2016 election.

With Hillary increasingly looking like she's more likely to end up in the big house than the White House, Biden is thought to be kicking his creaky campaign machinery into gear. Of course, he has something of a financial disadvantage owing to the fact that he hasn't been actively fundraising yet (nor, like Hillary, selling American influence abroad) but this might well be counterbalanced by adding a popular minority-status VP candidate who is willing to work for beads and trinkets.

Frankly, the possibilities of this pairing seem like comedy gold, and darned if Hope n' Change is going to use up all our jokes now in case we need to stretch them out over the next year.

If they don't use this as their slogan, it could still make a good Disney film title.

Another day, another stomach-churning video, another yawn from the media and the Left.

But Hope n' Change would like to salute the many, many people who participated in peaceful protests against the anti-life abuses of Planned Parenthood this weekend. Abortion may well be here to stay, but profiteering, law-breaking, and flagrant disregard of human dignity doesn't have to be.

By the way, the executive who shared the above bit of wisdom was laughing about it.


Joseph ET said...

Reminds me of the story about the Indian Chief that would stand near the trail through the woods. Each time a handsome woman would walk by he would say “chance”. One day he was asked why he was saying “chance” instead of “how”? He said, “Chief know how, need chance. So, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t know “how” where Joe Biden knows “how” but wants yet another “chance”.

Fred Ciampi said...

Well, at least if good 'ole 'Uncle Joe' and 'Squash It' Liz make it into the white house o'bummer's agenda will continue. Then, instead of being 9 trillion in debt we'll be approximately $47,922,453,832,686.47 in debt. Approximately. Then our money will be worth what Venezuela's currency is worth. We can use it for all kinds of things; toilet tissue, paper airplanes, spitballs, oh the list is endless. We'll be back to using rocks and salt for barter.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- Good joke, and I like the way you tied it to the Biden situation!

@Fred Ciampi- I hate to break it to you, but if you're trading away your salt in return for rocks, you've been snookered.

Geoff King said...

With the buzzards circling Clinton's campaign, the threat of war on several fronts, and a total economic collapse on the horizon, it is hard to see how the Dems can possibly pull a presidential victory out of their hat. Perhaps that is why they are offering two old geezers and a pathological liar as the only choices.

Rod said...

Republican primaries will be about "Is there really a Leader here? Democrat primaries will be about entrenched ineptness & crooks vs. clowns & wild west shows. Hillary's selection of orange jump suits for campaigning right now is a subtle indicator of how keen her administration would be.

I haven't been traveling overseas so much lately, but bet that a lot of folks' stomach muscles are cramping from laughing at US. With the notable exception that is of those who contributed big to the Clintons.

CenTexTim said...

Around 100 people show up for an allegedly peaceful 'black lives matter' protest - lead stories in the MSM outlets.

Thousands show up for truly peaceful protests against Planned Parenthood - *crickets*.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- On the other hand, when people are afraid they're pretty quick to vote stupidly. That's why the Left is always trying to scare people. Real fears might work too.

@Rod- I'm anxious to see who will emerge as genuine leaders on our side. To me, leadership isn't just taking strong stands (although that's part of it), but also being able to influence and inspire a broad coalition of people to work together. We need that now more than ever.

@CenTexTim- Isn't it sad that the media now looks on people who don't want babies killed, mutilated and sold as the "haters?"

@Readers- Speaking of bloodbaths, howzabout that freaking stock market? I'm going to see if I can beat John the Econ to the punch making a point: the Left has been praising Obama's economy based largely on skyrocketing (ie, inflated) stock market valuations. So when it plunges (as it has) shouldn't the Left see that as evidence that he's in some way to blame and/or his policies have failed? Of course, that will never happen...

John the Econ said...

Biden and Warren would certainly be comedy gold. At least there'd be something to laugh about as she works diligently to complete the transition of our economy from gold to lead.

Speaking of fake ethnicity: Looks like we've got another fake black activist riding the grievance train. And we're also starting to see more "experts" arguing that it really doesn't matter. After all, if Bruce Jenner can decide he's a women, can't a white man or women decide that they're black, or Native American?

Prediction: Expect to see a flood of articles like this should a Liz Warren run start to look more like a reality. The smarter Warren boosters know that we're armed for her, and will be doing all they can to disarm criticism of her use of fake ethnicity as a tool to ride to the top. If she "self identifies" as a "Native American", then what's the big deal?

Hilary in the "big house": I'll believe that when I see it. Will never happen. And even if found guilty, she'll flee this ungrateful country with her hundreds-of-millions before she'd allow herself to mingle with prison riff-raff. It's bad enough just spending a few hours with the regular folk at state fairs.

Other nuze: Kudos to those brave, fast-acting Americans on the train in France who took down the would be terrorist, er, "robber". Of course, it wasn't "terrorism". Mr. El-Khazzani says he was there to rob the train; not to massacre everyone.

So I guess Mr. El-Khazzani doesn't get his virgins since he denied he was there to kill infidels. Too bad.

Re-affirming a prediction I've been making for some time: The Federal Reserve has been swearing that it was going to raise interest rates in September. I've been arguing for the last 5 years that the Federal Reserve had dug itself into a hole; Washington and Wall Street are addicted to low interest rates and near-free money. Whenever there's a move to raise rates, there will always be a good reason not to, to placate these interests. So now that the EU and China are devaluing their currency in a race to the bottom and the stock market has dumped about 10% over the last few weeks, will the Fed go ahead and raise rates next month? I don't think so. They'll push it off to December. Then something else will happen, and they'll push it off to next June...

The upside to the market sell-off is that I won't have to see anymore of those ignorant "The Obama Economy is doing great because the stock market is up" memes on social media. The sad part is that the idiots who believe and post that nonsense are more likely to the the victims of a rising stock market instead of the beneficiaries. It was the evil 1%ers who made off like bandits. I see a lot of millennials repeating the meme. Sometimes I have to ask the clueless 20-somethings that post these, "So, how much capital did you have invested in 2008 that you were able to ride the wave with? Oh, you didn't have any money back then, so now you have to buy in at the peak? Too bad."

If you excuse me now, I'm off to look for some bargains...

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, the Democrats can easily pull off a victory, no matter how mediocre their candidates are. You need to remember that roughly half of the residents of this country are now dependent upon big government for their well-being. These include everyone from the permanent welfare class to billionaire crony capitalists. These people don't care about the middle east, economics, or "big picture" stuff. They only care about easy money and free stuff. That's why the Democrats are currently in a bidding war for their voters; free college education, expanded Medicaid, etc. The Democrats could literally nominate a block of wood, and the GOP would be on the defensive against it. It's the only reason that Hillary remains viable. As repugnant as she is, she's still going to be better to a lot of people who want to keep or have their freebies expanded than whatever the GOP ends up offering.

@CenTexTim, UnPlanned UnParenthood is a religion to these people. As I said last week, the next video could be of Cecile Richards clubbing baby harp seals to death with fetus parts, and they'll still defend the organization.

The sad part is, if they can ignore this level of depravity in defense of their ideology, what won't they defend?

Geoff King said...

I dunno. From what I see and read, we may very well be on the verge of a global economic crash that will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park. If this occurs on Ă˜bama's watch, the chance of voters wishing to continue the same failed democrat policies should be quite slim - especially if the crash also puts an end to welfare and free stuff because there will no longer be money to rob from the working class to pay for such things.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Good points throughout. I had the same thought about the shooter on the train in France; at the point he lawyered up and claimed he just wanted to rob people because he was sooooooo hungry, I think he threw away the Holy key to his eternal brothel. And who the hell stages a robbery on a moving high-speed train?

I hope you're finding some bargains in the market today. I've been WAY down, even, up a little, then down a lot - and the trading day isn't even over. I'm hoping that the market will stabilize, tick up for a few weeks, and then give me a chance to get the hell out of Dodge. I'm getting too old for rollercoaster rides.

Also, although I alluded to Hillary going to jail, I know it will never happen. She's got too much ripe blackmail material on others (including Barry, no doubt).

@Geoff King- If we have a fiscal event of that magnitude, I'm a little skeptical that elections would even take place.

Joseph ET said...

When they were working up to the Roe v. Wade decision, they were calling for “Safe, Legal and Rare” abortions. It appears that “Rare” has become abortion on an industrial scale. We have never been in favor of abortions except maybe in a case of an issue that endangers the Mother. What we have now is they are using abortion as a means of birth control because she failed to make the correct choice earlier. Or even worse are the reasons they use is because it’s the wrong gender or its inconvenient, etc..
So, they’ve killed 55 million children that would have helped the economy by needing things like, diapers, food, toys, school supplies and clothes. How many jobs have been lost for people that make things or work as teachers and many other occupations? Some of these children may have ended up on welfare, but I think most would have had jobs and paying taxes. And how about the children these aborted babies would have had? How many generations do you eliminate when you kill one child?
We need to ask each politician, “Will candidates pledge against taking money from Planned Parenthood or PAC's that have taken from them?” That’s why they will continue to fund Planned Parenthood, most of that money comes right back to the politicians. From some things I recently read PP is making a huge profit even though they are a non-profit group. Makes me say, “Really?”
You are either “Pro-life” or “pro-murder” simple as that!
If a woman really needs an abortion, she should make her (second chance) “choice” well within the first trimester!!
Period !!

John the Econ said...

@Geoff King, if you remember your history, the "Great Depression" was what finally released the great leap in the reach of government under FDR that Wilson could only dream of. And that was in an age when citizens had already previously and resoundingly rejected communism. If similar were to actually happen today, the same delusional people who preach and believe that Obama is a success will preach that this is all the fault of "free markets" (as if they still really exist) and we need even more centralized control over the economy. And like I said above, the dependents and lofos will buy it lock, stock & barrel. Keyenesianism is irresistible to these people.

We're living in the "post budget age". The money doesn't run out. Since the dot-com crash, they've learned that they can print endlessly with little personal fallout. They'll just keep printing money. If things get worse over the next 3 or 4 weeks, instead of a rate cut, expect another round of "quantitative easing" (printing dollars for the Federal government to dole out in "stimulus", even though the last stimulus was a complete failure, and the cause of what is happening (and going to happen) now.

Rod said...

Markets: Well we're still riding the coaster with some of our assets (certainly not all) and will hang on and ride it out during this dip as well while hoping the MANAGERS are finding the bargains. Other options don't pay diddly or lose too; one must either play or hide it somewhere, which still loses.

I think the words "deliberate" & "manipulation" are too strong but still have the personal opinion the real movers behind the scenes are able to somehow drop the guard & sorta allow these things to happen when that's convenient; and the Fed's persistent talking about raising interest rates may be reason to throw a little hissy-fit. Add in some China problems for cover and here we go. One thing is sure: Obama's & his financial buddies' asses are showing, big time.

Popular Front said...

@CanTexTim - I read elsewhere that at a couple of those 'Black Lives Matter' anti-violence rallies the vibe was somewhat shattered by vicious fistfights and gun battles breaking out. I laughed so hard it hurt.

james daily said...

PP is one unholy business. They charge a gal for killing her child with their human chop-shop, they then sell that fetus and they get funding out the ying-yang for companies, state and federal government. Maybe I am missing something, but where does all the money go? I am certainly glad I do not have to answer for these crimes in the next life. Such cold, heartless people should be sectioned while alive themselves.

John the Econ said...

Yes @Stilton, you beat me to it. Just barely.

As predicted:

And now the World Bank is asking the Fed to put off rate hikes until 2016

Low interest rates and cheap money are like drugs to the economy. Unfortunately, just like with the pharmaceutical variety, the high the economy gets diminishes over time, and it takes more and more of the "stimulus" to sustain an ever diminishing high as the economy builds up resistance. The Obama non-Recovery has been totally based upon "stimulus", and the economy is now totally addicted. An as with any addict, it's painful to give up the stimulant, and a severe withdrawal is inevitable. On the other end, with rates near zero the fed has no where left to go. They can't stimulate much more. Faced with another liquidity crisis, they can't really lower rates any further without making money literally "free".

For over 5 years now, I've argued that the surge in the stock market was not based on any fundamental improvement in the state of the American economy, (which continues to muddle along at 2% like all the other mediocre "social democracies") but really was a form of inflation, or a bubble that represented the trillions of dollars created by cheap interest rates and the "quantitative easing" paradigm that the Obama Administration used to fund its massive spending. In other words, the "stimulus" that was supposed to help "middle class" Americans and "main street" instead just ended up on Wall Street and then proceeded to bid up the price of equities to record levels. It's really little different than how the price of housing was bid to absurd levels by easily obtained cheap mortgages. And we know how that ended up. The ride was great for those who were well vested in 2008. Not so much for those who bought in much later. And it's literally been a wealth transfer from risk-adverse savers who for the better part of a decade now have made almost nothing on their money.

So years later, now that many now openly admit that a bubble exists, the Fed and "the experts" have been swearing that the Fed would raise rates to wean the economy off of cheap money, first last June, then "absolutely, for certain" in September. I've argued that with near-zero rates and a perpetually "fragile" economy now totally dependent upon them, that there would always be an reason or excuse not to raise them when the time came to do so. And sure enough, for the last several years long after the Obama recovery has been deemed such a success, they always find a reason not to raise them. So now, we're hearing that the rate increase may be put off to December. I seriously doubt it will happen even then. There will certainly be another crisis to fret over by then.

Also consider that we're not the only economy doing this. The EU has been "stimulating" for some time, and then there's China, which has started a massive stimulus program last week, which was the catalyst for this week's crash.

I wish I could tell you what to expect next, but nobody really knows, and anyone who says they do are either lying or delusional.


U.N. watchdog: We need money to monitor Iran nuclear deal

Whatever for? I thought under the "secret" terms of the deal, the Iranians were simply going to shoot an email over saying that they didn't find anything. No international travel necessary. How much could that possibly cost?