Monday, August 31, 2015

Straightjacket, No Chaser

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It's official: the Left has gone insane. We don't mean metaphorically insane - we mean true foaming at the mouth, howling at the moon, hibbity-bibbity-bibbity lip-burbling, farting in the bathtub and snapping at the bubbles while giggling insane. And they're running around loose!

Consider these factoids from just the past few days: Hillary Clinton compared the GOP to terrorists because they don't support the killing, dissection, and sale of dismembered infants. Not certifiable enough? Then how about her claim that any GOP candidate who supports enforcement of our border and immigration laws is essentially a Nazi who plans to “unleash a massive law enforcement effort– including perhaps National Guard and others–to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up...put them in boxcars.”

Not to be outdone in the insanity department, Barack Obama derisively declared that people are "crazies" if they don't support his Iran deal's plan to give hundreds of billions of dollars to the largest state-sponsor of terrorism on Earth (whose officials, by the way, are still shrieking "Death to America" out of their spit-flecked bearded pieholes when not howling promises to wipe Israel off the map).

Meanwhile, if Obama had sons and daughters who were belligerent, ignorant, aggressive, cop-hating lunatics, they'd look a lot like Leftist darlings "Black Lives Matter." (Side note: the Left now accepts the idea that saying "White Lives Matter," or "All Lives Matter" is hate speech.) On Saturday, the group staged a protest march in Minnesota in which they followed a group of police officers while enthusiastically shouting "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon!" One protester wore a "Kill White Supremacy" t-shirt.

And why were the protestors in such a festive mood? Because only hours before in Texas, Sheriff's Deputy Darren H. Goforth, a white man, was shot in the back and killed while pumping gas into his patrol car. The killer was a black man who took the opportunity to shoot the officer in the back because he was in uniform.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is calling Donald Trump a dangerous, hate-filled loony because he keeps saying we should "Make America Great Again." Even in these days in which the sanity ship has clearly sailed (and sunk), that doesn't sound crazy to us.

The brutal on-air murder of two young white journalists by an embittered, incompetent, perpetually aggrieved black man with a taste for race war has reopened arguments about mental health in this country, and when the clearly insane should be involuntarily committed for the good and safety of the community.

We suggest that the time is now - and the first two to be committed to the (ahem) Political Asylum should be Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, followed by many more on the liberal Left.

And yes, we may need to use boxcars.

All aboard! There's always room for one more!


Joseph ET said...

But wait! There’s more. Chris Christie said Saturday “that if elected president, he will track undocumented immigrants like FedEx packages.” Of course the wackos started suggesting that he wanted to tattoo a bar code or numbers on people much like happened to the Jews in Germany. I’m sure that’s not what he meant. But, if they are “undocumented” then how do you track them? If you give them a document so they can be tracked, then are they not then documented?

On the other hand, if we are talking visas or green cards for temporary workers or visitors, then you could have a number on the visa or green card so we could check them in and check them out. They claim that folks come in on a visa and we don’t know if they ever leave. We have had the computer power and programing available for a long time to check people in and out. I don’t know why we are not doing that already unless they don’t want to. Maybe there’s not enough money? I heard one Senator say that we can’t start tracking until we get biometrics that work on a visa to make sure the person and the paperwork both leave and not just the papers. I guess a photo on the thing isn’t good enough. I googled images of US Visa and they appear similar to a drivers licence. There is a place for a passport number and there is a photo and expiration date. We need a law that allows law enforcement to arrest people they find holding an expired visa. As a matter of fact we could place the names of people that haven’t checked out whose visas have expired on a list that can be automatically checked when at a traffic stop. Tip: Look at the back of a first class letter you receive. You should find a red bar code. This is a number the Post Office puts there to track that mail. It’s like a serial number on a Dollar bill and they only keep the data for thirty days. This helps them find issues in their system. And they have been doing the tracking for many years.

TMay said...

Joseph ET Your solution would turn people off. Yes they can track. They have been tracking Canadian cows for years so that if meat shows Mad Cow Disease, they can know from where it came, and they can and do so. The problem is that if people are saying this is like cattle cars, it is even more so with your system. You are describing a police state. Obama is doing fine turning the US into a police state on his own and he doesn't need more help from conservatives. You intend to use it against foreigners, but Obama and Hillary would use it against what he and she consider the enemy, the right and conservatives and veterans. It might come down to tattooed numbers.

TrickyRicky said...

Thanks Stilton, for the fine, succinct, and on point summary of how the Democrat Party has truly jumped the shark and gone stark raving mad. If only we had some sort of organization, or I don't know, fourth estate or something that could allow the average citizen to see how far off the tracks these people have gone. Oh well, I can dream.

Rod said...

Actually I'm at the point of trying to enjoy this build-up to when these ,,,[long list of crude & unkind but true descriptors has been omitted here] people lose the election so badly it will shock them and surprise us all. It's the only way I can handle this.

Boligat said...

@Rod, you much more optimistic than I am, but I hope you are right.

Geoff King said...

Is it truly insanity, or is it a cold calculated take down of everything American? The republicans seem no better as the give a green light to practically every unconstitutional act the left proposes.
Perhaps it is we the people who should have our mental capabilities questioned for ever allowing things to deteriorate this rapidly.

Fred Ciampi said...

So true, I received a picture from a liberal relative (oh, the shame) comparing a border fence with Auschwitz. I cannot imagine the ignorance, stupidity, and just plain idiocy of such people. And these same liberals will be the first to go the FEMA camps "for their own good". And this relative wasn't educated in today's modern ultra left school system but in the 50s like me. (I'm old). Oh, where did I put my moonshine. I think I still have some 140 proof, I'm going to need it.......

John the Econ said...

Don't know where @Stilton has been. I think they officially went insane decades ago, but that's my humble opinion. I called it back when I started hearing grown adults explain to people (and children) that "oral sex" really wasn't "sex". It takes a concentrated effort to get more loopy than that. But somehow, they keep managing to do so.

Question for Democrats: If the GOP is "insane" for suggesting that perhaps it's a good idea to preserve our national sovereignty by enforcing our own borders, then does that make Bernie Sanders "insane" too?

And since American Progressives worship the European Socialist Democracies: What are we to make of the current humanitarian crisis the EU is currently facing with the flood of refugees fleeing north Africa? In mere weeks, Hungary built a 108 mile fence, and is now building a second one to stop the flood. For decades, the Europeans have been rather snooty regarding America's concern about the flood of immigrants from the southern border. Well now, they're getting a taste of what it's like. (albeit at only a fraction of what the US has been absorbing for decades) And what are they doing? Building razor-wired fences. Hypocrites!

And what are we to make of the Democrats who say that building such a fence is "insane" when the Hungarians build one in weeks?

Oh, and as for pulling people out of their homes: Family courts are doing it every single day.

A story I'd forgotten about: On 9/11, British subject Paul Gilbey died in one of the twin towers as he was helping his co-workers escape. Two days afterwards, his wife Deena received notice from the INS stating that she and their two natural-born children would have to leave the country, lest they be "arrested and deported". So don't tell me that our government is "too sensitive" to yank families out of their homes to deport them. That's certifiably insane.


John the Econ said...


Iran: The "crazies" are the ones who think anything good will come of letting the "Death to America; Let's vaporize Israel" mullahs of Iran have the better part of a trillion dollars and letting them do their own nuclear facilities inspections. Crazy indeed.

Here's one that wasn't on @Stilton's list: Today, Obama is on his way to Alaska to both sanctify a deal to allow oil drilling in the Arctic, and at the same time, campaign against the use of oil in his war against "climate change". (Kudos to AlJazeera for pointing out that hypocrisy) Crazy!

Oh, while we're on Alaska, he's taken it upon himself to rename Mount McKinley back to Denali. Not that I mind the name change so much, except that since the original name was authorized by Congress, one wonders where he gets the authority to rename it. Again, something for future congresses and courts to waste time and money rectifying.

And finally, Black Lives Really Don't Matter: So mere weeks ago, our nation purged from media a 30-something old TV show because the star of the show, a 1969 Dodge Charger, had a Confederate Flag painted upon the top of it. This purge was done because the Confederate Flag is found to be "offensive" to some, and there are those who honestly believe that repeated exposure to this dated symbol could be just enough to trigger another straight-white-male into an act of homicidal racial violence against blacks.

So what was the most popular movie in America last weekend? Straight Outta Compton, chronicling what may be one of the most vile, racist, violent, anti-police, anti-authority, misogynist, pop culture acts of all time. (Google "nwa offensive lyrics" if you want a sample, but certainly don't do it at work unless you want to be called into the HR office after the lights and sirens go off in the IT department)

I have yet to see any navel gazing from the usual racial grievance practitioners regarding the execution of Sheriff's Deputy Darren H. Goforth and any relationship that exposure to pop media that might have influenced murderer 20150828. I seriously doubt it was The Dukes of Hazard.


Mike aka Proof said...

Finally! A chance for Hillary to wear white after Labor Day!

Colby Muenster said...

Yes, folks, the inmates are running the asylum! But being a "glass is half full" kind of guy, I wonder if the escalated nutto level could be driven by the moonbat's realization that people are maybe waking up and not buying their usual BS anymore. I'd sure like to think that, anyway. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so are we seeing desperation from the left? Is O'Liar so desperate to have a legacy, he's stooped so low as to rename a friggin' mountain? I mean, Shrillary HAS to know that her political career may be over any minute. [Same goes for Christie; he's all but toast]. How many white cops are going to be murdered by blacks before even the lefties realize their "Black Live Matter" crap is, well... crap?

OK... being optimistic, but I gotta cling to something and single malt is just too damn expensive!

John the Econ,
10-4 on the stupidity of "banning" General Lee. If you banned everything on TV that offended somebody, there would be no TV. Lord know there is plenty of crap on TV that offends me! Also, the flag that the liberals are having a hissy about is not even the Confederate States flag; it's a flag that was used in battle because the actual Confederate States flag too closely resembled the USA flag. The generals did not want friendly fire, so they came up with the "X" design. OK... so I reckon it is still Confederate, but dang. I'll bet I could put a real CS flag on my car, and 99% of liberals wouldn't know what it was.

Dan said...

Colby Muenster: About putting a real CS flag on your car -- Take a look at the current Georgia State flag. Not the one with the battle flag incorporated, but the one that is a duplicate of the first Confederate national flag (the real Stars and Bars). With the seal of the state of Georgia added in the circle of stars.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- I think you answered your own question when you surmised that maybe the government doesn't really want to keep track of illegals.

@TMay- Excellent point; a tracking/biometric system which would be acceptable to use on illegals would be unacceptable if used on American citizens, and sadly we now have a government which can't be trusted not to abuse such power.

@TrickyRicky- There aren't many voices of sanity out there anymore (certainly not from the mainstream news media). I try to be a voice of sanity but one of the underlying themes of today's piece is that I'm starting to wonder if sanity is now an outdated and ineffective construct in our dysfunctional society?

@Rod- That would surprise me. Delightfully so.

@Geoff King- I think there's a lot of political calculation (for instance, when Hillary labels good people Nazis and Terrorists) and there's also some genuine insanity (giving hundreds of billions of dollars to terrorists, and facilitating their acquisition of nuclear weapons).

Like you, I'm also tempted to label the voters insane but...are they? After all, they're getting the goodies they wanted. They embrace a corrupt and crazy system because many of them benefit from it.

@Fred Ciampi- Well, I'm just slack-jawed and bumfuzzled by the idiocy of comparing the border fences around Auschwitz to a fence at our border. There's a pretty big difference between a fence intended to keep people in, and one intended to keep people out. You might tell your liberal relative that a closer analog to an American border fence would be the fence around Disneyland or, better still, the fence around the White House.

@John the Econ- Oh, I'm not a newcomer to thinking the Left is nuts. It just seems more pervasive than ever before, and I'm only now starting to wonder if "crazy" is really the only game in town.

Regarding the fence in Hungary, it shows that the real reason we're not closing our borders is a lack of will - not of either money or technology. And the situation with refugees in Europe right now is a horrifying humanitarian crisis. Not to mention one that has been badly exacerbated by the policies of Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton.

You make a great point when juxtaposing the banning of "Dukes of Hazzard" with the box office celebration of "Straight Outta Compton." Can anyone cite a single instance of a violent crime being incited by "Dukes?" Compare that to the frequent violence (and occasional body count) at almost any major Hip-Hop concert or awards show.

@Mike aka Proof- Hey, she's always been a rule-breaked!

@Colby Muenster- There's a definite "quickening" to the insanity level among the Leftists, but I'm not sure if it's desperation or momentum.

Rod said...

I get PO'd about the USA open borders, anchor babies and our generosity to illegal aliens (they are not illegal "immigrants") especially when I remember how difficult it was in past career to enter, move around in, and get back out of some really piss-ant third world nations; especially where our presence there to do business would also greatly benefit their employment, standards and economy.

Rod said...

One more then I'll go. This may be a nearly first agreement with the Empty Suit:

I believe the Obama push for more icebreakers in the Arctic is actually a good one, but those vessels should also be equipped with very low stern decks so Polar Bears who supposedly can't find any ice to rest upon due to global warming can hitch a ride and rest while the ship is breaking ice.

John the Econ said...

On his global warming mystery tour, Obama says he now wants to build more icebreakers to be able to compete with Russia in the arctic.

Huh? Whatever for? According to Obama and the warm-mongers, there soon will be no more ice in the arctic to break. Building and deploying a bigger fleet of diesel-burning ships seems counter-intuitive and like a big waste of money to me. Unless, of course, that the "global warming" agenda is the massive Progressive fraud that "deniers" like myself say it is.

“Arctic ecosystems are among the most pristine and understudied in the world, meaning increased commercial activity comes with significant risks to the environment,” the White House said in a fact sheet issued in advance of an announcement by Mr. Obama in Seward, where he planned to hike to Exit Glacier on Tuesday and tour Kenai Fjords National Park by boat.

So the anti-carbon President who forbids the Keystone Pipeline okays drilling permits for Dutch Shell?

Oh, and who's he going hiking with? Bear Grylls, who became realty-tv infamous for staying in hotels while supposedly roughing it in the wild. (I preferred "Survivorman" myself) Seems appropriate.

The "crazy" keeps piling on.

Speaking of crazy: In the wake of all the decade-long Katrina hype. Why did we rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward? It's amongst the lowest part of the city, and will inevitably flood again. Last time I checked years ago, the Federal government has spent over half-a-million dollars per house in a neighborhood where most houses could have been had for 5-figures pre-Katrina.

If "rising sea levels" are the dire threat the warm-mongers say they are, then rebuilding the ninth ward is irresponsible. Everyone would be better off if we were to hand out $200,000 checks to the homeowners, tear down the levy's and let it revert to wetlands.

@Stilton, re Europe's Humanitarian Crisis: One of the symptoms of dysfunction of social democracies (welfare states) is the withdrawal from world affairs, which eventually comes back to haunt them. After WWII, and exhausted Europe largely and gladly ceded it's role in world affairs to the US. After the recovered from the war, the vast amount of money they saved doing so was then spent on themselves via their generous welfare states. So now that the US has ceded its role in maintaining global security, the world is at unrest and millions of people want out.

And where are they headed? Northern Europe. (Notice, not the poorer Southern Europe) Over the long run, what they end up spending to deal with this problem will far eclipse over what they saved by retreating into their private worlds. It will be interesting to see how the oh-so-snooty Europeans who are so quick to criticize us deal with this.

Colby Muenster said...

So.... slight subject change.

Another Billary document dump revealed 125 more classified emails were on her private server, but the FBI is still not sure there is anything incriminating? Huh? What the flying hell?! Now, I understand that the higher ranking FBI dudes that are running this "non-criminal" criminal investigation want to be 1,000% sure so they don't get their asses fried, but c'mon! In my old tired mind, she is way past minor offenses; she's all the way up to treason.

Sigh.... rethinking single malt now.

Geoff King said...

Hillary and the rest of the elite ruling class are obviously above the law. Even were she seen by several eyewitnesses in the act of murdering someone in cold blood, I doubt that she would even have to pay a fine.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rod- Yes, but in those countries which do control illegal immigration, let's don't forget that many, many feelings get hurt.

And like you, I support the idea of more icebreakers. Not to mention the idea of shipping the broken ice back to Texas to go in my whiskey.

@John the Econ- I'll be discussing Alaska in tomorrow's HnC, but for now I do find it interesting that Obama seems to think we'll need icebreakers up north despite his declaration that temperatures are soaring up there.

And you've put your finger on some really outstanding insanity with the rebuilding of crazy-expensive homes below sea level in the lower Ninth Ward. I still don't know why, instead of rebuilding New Orleans, we didn't just ship everyone to Detroit and spend rebuilding money there.

Regarding the humanitarian crisis, you've summed it up beautifully. Actions have consequences, and we're seeing them now.

@Colby Muenster- It genuinely doesn't seem to matter to anyone if Hillary was sending and receiving classified, or "marked" classified, documents or not. I don't get it - people have gone to jail for a lot less. But then again, the Clintons aren't "people."

@Geoff King- If Hillary did kill someone in cold blood, the courts would eventually throw it out when the experts couldn't agree on what life and death are. And I'm not kidding.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, I didn't say that they're building "crazy-expensive homes below sea level in the lower Ninth Ward." What I said is that the Federal government has spent enough money to have built crazy-expensive homes. Where the difference between what was spent and what was actually built went is the real mystery. (Or not)

The same applies to the wake of Hurricane Sandy along the New Jersey & Long Island coast. Again, if "global warming" is inevitably destined to inundate the current coastline in the so very near future, then why are we spending billions in taxpayer dollars helping people rebuild the homes and businesses that were washed away instead of condemning the entire beachfront?

Seems to me that there are a lot more people who don't believe in "global warming" than we've been led to believe.

John the Econ said...

"Actions have consequences, and we're seeing them now."

Actually, "inaction" has consequences as well, which are frequently more consequential than action. Europe has been watching events unfold on their back doorstep for decades now, and have decided to retract inward. Are they eventually going to act, or just build taller fences like they mock us for wanting to do?

txGreg said...

@John the Econ,

Right there with you: Les Stroud > Bear Grylls 100%

TMay said...

I love your idea of the low decks for polar bears on the new icebreakers!