Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shaky Ground

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On Monday, Vladimir Putin met briefly with Barack Obama at the United Nations because he was  hungry and wanted to eat the president's lunch, drink his milk shake, and then gobble up other nations for dessert.

Actually, we think that only happened metaphorically, but we're not 100% sure because it's hard to imagine President Dweebypants being in a room with Putin for more than 15 seconds without basically giving the Russian strongman everything he wants.

The two leaders were at the U.N. to explain their differing approaches to the twin crises of Syria and ISIS. Putin believes in arming Syria and its murderous dictator, Assad, and combining forces with other nations to crush ISIS and then crush anyone else who doesn't like the idea of Putin taking over the world.

Obama, on the other hand, basically said that Assad is a stinker and Putin is on the wrong side of history, and that the United States - which has the most powerful military in the world - was immediately launching a "wish initiative" which consists of hoping (and hoping damn hard) that things will somehow magically "transition" in a way which benefits our national interests.

Mr. Obama also reaffirmed, while wearing his frowny face, that he wouldn't hesitate to use military force to protect our country or our allies (Iran, last time we looked) but that he really doesn't want to because the sort of military forcefulness which Putin is employing so successfully is "butch" and lacks panache.

Frankly, Hope n' Change is embarrassed to have this babbling milquetoast appearing at the U.N. and confirming the increasingly terrified world's belief that the United States is no longer in the superpower business. We're also depressed thinking just how much more damage this nitwit can do with his remaining days in office.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, cecile richards, planned parenthood, dumpsters
Cecile Richards took to the stand yesterday to defend the federal funding of Planned Parenthood, during which time she conceded that her organization has never given a single mammogram, nor does it have the equipment for doing so.

She stressed that her staffers do give breast exams, which we're guessing involves groping while making "wobba-wobba" sounds, but we're a little unsure why taxpayers need to cough up $500 million to provide a service that incoming Muslim immigrants will enthusiastically (and without warning) do for free.

Richards dismissed the damning Planned Parenthood videos as "doctored" and "highly edited," while ignoring the fact that the unedited videos are, and always have been, available to anyone who wants to see the horrors perpetrated in the name of modern liberalism (and not-so-modern eugenics).

But fortunately, this last story gives us at least a little hope for a brighter future...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, mars, nasa, water, scotch
This could be even bigger for NASA than Muslim outreach!


Jan Blickenstaff said...

I did not know that Scotland had a Space program.

Obama thinks talk, talk, talk will solve the world's problems. While Obama is talking, Putin building bases in Syria and fighting ISIS. Obama says that an ideology cannot be defeated by military force. But he does not say how he will accomplish defeating ISIS with words? charitable aid? schools? Just more leftist claptrap words from a community organizer who uses words and a hinted threat of violence to get what he wants. The real world uses real violence. Obama did not read his world history in school.

Joseph ET said...

According to the history that I’ve read we didn’t talk the German Nazis into changing their ideology, we got together with other like minded nations and went over there and crushed them. Our wars or police actions since then we went over shoot them up while trying not to make anyone angry. Our military still does excellent even with one hand tied behind them.

I have read recently that the Russian military isn’t as good as ours, but they are very brutal and that’s how they get the job done. Maybe it’s time for the radical Islamist and ISIS folks to face a force that will crush them instead of running at the first shot. It makes them feel real bold when the opposition runs so easy as they have been getting so far. And of course our pin prick air strikes micromanaged from the White House to minimize any real effect certainly doesn’t help. Just drop a few bombs for show guys, try not to hurt anybody, okay? If you want something done you have to give our military the goal, provide the tools and supplies they need and stay out of the way. They know how to get her done. Micromanagement not required!!

Bobo the Hobo said...

@Joseph ET, not just their military, but also Russians in general have a brutal undertone. People think Italians have the market cornered on violence but that is a misconception. Russians can be loving, generous, and proud, but they come from a tough environment; it's in their DNA.

Geoff King said...

If there is any chance of stopping the spread of ISIS in Syria it will be because Putin takes action, not because of anything ├śwussboy does.
Water on Mars? Time to start shipping all of the Californians there.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers (above)- I agree with the consensus agreement that Putin could actually make progress against ISIS by acting rather than talking. But I'm going to add that part of the reason for Obama's seeming cluelessness may relate to his actual desires for the region (and the resultant negative impact on our own country). Destabilization followed by radical Islamic militarism seems to suit him just fine.

Boligat said...

We have to give up the mind set that we do what we do in order to make the world safe for democracy, or peaceful muslims, or whatever. If we do anything at all, we have to make the world safe for US. In making the world safe for US, the world will be safer for everyone. If anyone else is uncomfortable with that, well then, they shouldn't whine when we don't go running to help every time the MSM starts a new round of tear-jerking catastrophe stories from some god-forsaken armpit of the world. We are going to have to adopt the Incan strategy of relocating whole conquered populations into widely dispersed villages and towns where they had to assimilate or die. Kind of what the West is doing with its refugee populations..... Oh, wait.

American Cowboy said...

Two sayings that have served me very well are, "Lead, follow, or get the hell out of my way!", and, "You cannot talk a job done!"
Unfortunately the US has as a president(?) someone who is unable to truly lead, cannot follow, and refuses to get the hell out of the way. The only thing he is good at is trying to "talk the job done."
Reminds of two old cowboys observing a new hand. One said to the other, "Hiring him was like losing five good men."

CenTexTim said...

We've gone from "Walk softly and carry a big stick" to "Talk loudly and carry a soft stick."

Cue the 'soft stick' jokes in 3...2...1...

CenTexTim said...

“Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?”

Vladimir Putin, in a speech at the UN on Sep. 28, 2015, that was a thinly disguised lecture to obama

John the Econ said...

Once again, we got to see how "19th century thinking" kicks 21st century thinking's ass. It's Putin's action versus Obama's "Wish initiative". BTW, brilliant terminology, @Stilton.

Of all Progressive values, "pacifism" is at the very peak of the pyramid. Obama is a wholly-owned product of the faculty lounge of elite Progressive academia. In their highly insulated and protected cells, these people honestly believe that the use of force is immoral. (unless it's against straight, white male conservative students who must be squashed and extensively re-educated, in which case anything goes) And if only the US would adopt a passive approach to international events (non-interventionism and disarmament) then everyone else would see the light and come to their way of thinking. This is what Obama calls "21st century thinking".

These people were never happy with the US as a "superpower". And after we successfully defeated the Soviet Union without launching nuclear missiles, (thus showing the world how wrong they were about that) they were even less comfortable with the US being the world's only remaining superpower. The "peace dividend" was supposed to be about all the money we'd save by no longer having to be able out out-gun the Soviets. But it was really about reducing US global influence.

Unfortunately, the world's thugs don't see things that way; all they see is advantage when people who might and could otherwise stand in their way willingly lay down their arms from what should be a position of strength. In fact, they have contempt for adversaries that willingly back off. (For example, as much as Hitler hated Stalin, he respected him, whereas he had total contempt for Chamberlain and his decisive weakness)

After Benghazi and the "red line" fiasco, nobody takes Obama seriously, here or abroad. ("Speaking softly with a big stick" only works if people think you'll use the stick) And worse, our enemies have utter contempt for him. (What else are our enemies supposed to think as Obama ignores real threats to instead declare war on imaginary ones like "climate change"?) Putin knows he can play Obama any way he likes. Obama and the academics may derisively consider Putin a "19th century" primitive, but it's Putin continuing to get everything he wants with little to stop him while the babbling milquetoasts do little other than lament how the world would be if only people listened to them. Action trumps inaction every time.

The sad irony is that the continued US withdrawal from global affairs is going to have the exact opposite effect than what the 21st century "wish initiative" milquetoasts wish for. North Korea is again emboldened, making South Korea more nervous. China is asserting itself in the South China Sea. Japan is perusing rearmament in acknowledgement that the US commitment to militarily protect them isn't what it used to be. There's even talk of Japan becoming a nuclear power. In fact, all our allies are going to have to up their military profiles now that the umbrella the US used to provide is no longer assured. Does anyone seriously believe that today we'd protect Taiwan like we did 20 years ago should China decide to take it back?

Such is the predictable demise of "social democracies". Sure, for a generation we get to enjoy the "peace dividend". (which has already been spent several times on phony "stimulus") But ultimately, as we turn inward to spend all our wealth on ourselves and navel gaze, the world will continue to disintegrate. Living Americans have none nothing other than living in an ascending society. I don't think they're prepared for the consequences of living in a descending one.

John the Econ said...

UnPlanned UnParenthood: The GOP is going to lose this one. The mindless followers have hopelessly bought into the meme that UnPlanned UnParenthood is about "women's health", regardless of the facts.

The logical solution would be to divide UnPlanned UnParenthood into two organizations; one for abortion and the other for "women's health". Most taxpayers wouldn't mind subsidizing "women's health", and let the rich Progressives fund the abortion side. But we all know that would never happen, and why.

What gets me is that only a few months ago we had to ban the Confederate flag because a relatively small vocal minority found it "offensive". And yet abortion, and specifically infanticide for body parts makes even many pro-choicers queasy. Like with the National Endowment of the Arts and their offensive art, I see no reason why my tax dollars should be taken to be spent on something that so many find so offensive. I accept that people are going to abort their pregnancies. I just don't think that everyone should be made to pay for it.

John the Econ said...

@Jan Blickenstaff, you're so right. Such is the brain-dead rhetoric that comes from the people our government employs who'd never otherwise find decent employment in the private sector, where actual results are the point of a job.

@Joseph ET, could you imagine the plans from these clowns in 1942? But regarding the Russian military, do remember that they got chased out of Afghanistan with their tails between their legs. But I do recognize that Russia has far less of an "Islam" problem that other nations do. Not only have they rejected the #1 value of the western Progressive hierarchy, they've also rejected the current #2, worshiping "multiculturalism".

PRY said...

I suppose the Russian presence in Syria ends the debate about having U.S. 'boots on the ground' to defeat ISIS! There's no way our 'leader' is going to keep our planes in the air when Putin has told him to stop with our way too ineffectual bombing raids or oh, maybe 2 or 3 a day!

And, you're right, the stronger the Muslim ideals, the better Obama likes it!

Colby Muenster said...

O'Liar is Ellen Degeneres to Putin's Rhonda Rousey. You all have no idea to what extent I'd mortgage everything I own to actually witness O'Liar and Putin in the octagon for five rounds! And you know Putin's quaking in his boots at the thought of a US reprisal should he proceed to do whatever the f*** he wants in Syria. I'm certain he will give it TONS of thought before proceeding with a total takeover(like maybe for 3 milliseconds).

Cecile Richards is yet another shining example of a liberal Prima Dona who feels entitled to fabricate any far fetched story, then be incensed when a "righty" dares question her unblemished character. I have more respect for a cockroach. At least cockroaches don't murder their young in the name of female cockroach health.

Scotch on Mars?! Don't play with my emotions like that! Actually, I rather fancy Geoff King's suggestion.

Hell, other than the useless thing hanging between his tiny little nuts, O'Liar doesn't even wield a soft stick. No world leader on the planet takes him seriously anymore, as Mr. Econ pointed out. If you think about it, it's a wonder that there is as much order in the world as there is. O'Liar is so damn desperate to seal his "legacy," as a peacemaker, I think Russia could turn into the USSR again, only with a much, much larger chunk of real estate than before. Would President DoNothing even rise to Germany's defense? France's? England's?

Nope.... he'd let 'em burn.

NV Rick said...

As long as there is water on Mars, why not ship all the Delta Smelt there. That way, California can use the water from the rivers to irrigate land to feed that other endangered species--the American taxpayer.

Uncle Dirt said...

Do those veins in Ms. Richards' neck stand out when she lies?

Sergio said...

I guess both scotch and Black Velvet are both "whisky" as opposed to "whiskey". That should eliminate some confusion until many a dram is imbibed. Just in case, why don't we give Mars to the Scots?
"She was only the moonshiner's daughter but I loved her still"

Shelly said...

It saddens me to no end that America's electorate put this narcissistic, petulant, thin-skinned small little man in charge of our great nation. I can almost see how he won the first time, first black, so cool, blah blah blah, but the evidence was in before the reelection. How could we trust our sovereignty and safety to the hands of someone who demonstrates hate of America and reverence of our enemies? Who disregards the Constitution and separation of powers and yet the RINOs meekly comply. The same media who goes apoplectic over a Muslim remark by a conservative completely looked the other way and refused to vet this monstrosity. Shame, shame, shame!

Joseph ET said...

@John the Econ
Have you noticed the thousands of Syrian refugees that have migrated to Russia? Me neither!
Russia left Afghanistan mostly because of pressure the home front over the high casualties caused from the arms we were sending to the jihadist including Manpads.
Russia's President Putin granted permission to use Russian Armed Forces in Syria. There should be many Russian troops there already to maintain their aircraft and to protect the airfield and bases. The additional troops will be used for combat against the current rebels. They may fight Isis later to keep them out of Russia.
What will Obama do after one of our planes is shot down? Make a speech acting angry, then off to the golf course.

John the Econ said...

@Joseph ET, yes, the smarter nations will be forgoing the invitation to an invasion. Also notice that the "strong" countries don't really care about the "peer pressure" of other countries.

Speaking of "immigration": The popular meme seems to be that the US is simply incapable of deporting anyone, and even if we could, it just wouldn't be fair to "the dreamers", even though they've all committed fraud of some form or another. But it's not true. The US government seems to have no problem with deporting Iraqi Christians back to the land where they'll inevitably have their heads chopped off. Got it? Genuine oppressed refugees in danger of decapitation; bad and you have to go. Come across the border for jobs and free health care? (or to rape, pillage or murder) Just peachy.

All I ever needed to know about foreign policy, I learned on the playground at elementary school. Bullies will be bullies, and those who refuse to stand up to them will ultimately be perpetual victims. The "authorities" will make bold pronouncements about it all, but really don't care; it's easier to let the bullies do their thing than to deal with the bullied when they figure out that standing for themselves is the only answer and the predictable and otherwise stable "natural order" is disrupted. Bullies don't pick on people who are confident. The strong don't care about peer pressure; they do what the either thinks is right, or in their own self interest.

"Pressure at home" never stopped Russia before. But you are basically right; whatever benefits there may have been for ruling over Afghanistan was not worth the cost of being there, especially with the rest of the Soviet empire crumbling.

Meanwhile, today Russia has expanded operations to shore up Assad today. Obama is busy at fundraisers. Perhaps that's Obama's plan; The last thing Obama wants is to upset the faculty lounge types by actually doing anything; so he'll let Putin do the dirty work re ISIS in exchange for letting him has his way with Syria and Libya, and then absorb the rest of the Crimea...

Joseph ET said...

@John the Econ
The “Dreamer’s” grievance should be with their parents that created the problem, not with the US Government.
Our government doesn’t have the will to deport very many. Not even those that have committed crimes. There has been talk for 30 years about the need to close our borders. All talk, no walk. Most come here for the free stuff.

Judi King said...

Brava Shelley. You are so right.

Colby Muenster said...

Sooo... in other RINO news... Kevin McCarthy has pledged to fight O'Liar's agenda using the Congressional "power of the purse." ... provided there is a "winning" strategy. In other words, he's as squishy and spineless as that turd, Boehner.

Yes, we know O'Liar will veto this stuff, but let's MAKE him veto stuff instead of caving every time he twitches his pen and phone. Make the SOB go down in history as the person who made healthcare only affordable to the wealthy, and the person who thinks killing babies to sell their parts is somehow normal behavior.

Folks, please contact your local Reprehensitive and urge them to cast a vote for a new speaker who has some figgin' balls. I did. maybe it won't change things, but then again....

John the Econ said...

Another nation that will not be allowing itself to be invaded: Japan.

"Japan must improve the living standards of its own people before it can consider accepting Syrian refugees, the prime minister, Shinzo Abe said, as he announced $1.6bn in new assistance for Syrians and Iraqis caught up in conflicts in the Middle East. “It is an issue of demography,” Abe told reporters after his speech to the UN general assembly. “I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees, we need to have more activities by women, elderly people and we must raise our birth rate. There are many things that we should do before accepting immigrants.”"

In other words, Japan's understands that with their currently low birthrate, importing large numbers of Muslims who have been multiplying in very large numbers would mean no more Japan as we know it within a couple more generations.

Instead, "“Japan would like to contribute by changing the conditions that give rise to refugees. The cause of this tragedy is the fear of violence and terrorism, and terror of poverty. The world must cooperate in order for them to find a way to escape poverty.”"

Importing large numbers of refugees really doesn't solve the problem. This problem will not be resolved until we address the reason so many people feel compelled to flee. We can't absorb these people forever until the problems they are fleeing abroad become our problems at home as well.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Various chores have kept me from commenting (although I've been reading and enjoying, as always) and now there's breaking news about another godawful shooting on a college campus, so I can't really focus on other matters right now. What a freaking world, huh folks?

Joseph ET said...
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Joseph ET said...

@Stilton- Yeah, we have family in Roseburg, None are currently attending that College at this time as far as I know. All are accounted for at this time.

Joseph ET said...
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Judi King said...

Yep. Freaking world. Our "fearless" leader has just made this hideous tragedy another platform for more gun control. Go figure? 6:20pm Thurs.

PRY said...

@Judi King....I just watched the 'Nointed one and his lecture as his disgust was apparent! Because we all know he wants to take ALL guns away, what he ranted about made no sense whatsoever, talking about 'gun owners who use their guns in the right way, for sport and to protect their family'...and in the next breath says we need good gun laws that will make sure this doesnt happen again, because he's sick and tired of climbing that platform and having to do this again and again!Hmpf!!! Translation...he wants to take our guns away!

Geoff King said...

The Oregon shooting, besides occuring in a (go figure) "gun free zone", will no doubt be proven to be a case of another psychotic basket case on heavy psychotropic drugs. But...let's blame the gun.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I, too, watched Barry's public scolding of the Right for supporting mass murders. At which point I wrote a pretty honked-off rant which you can see now on the HnC page on Facebook, or read right here on Friday.

I feel tremendous pain for today's victims and their families, and total rage at Obama's admitted politicizing of this tragedy.

Boligat said...

@Geoff King "But...let's blame the gun."

I get your point, but I hear cosmoline has some pyschotropic properties. If the weapons weren't cleaned properly, the cosmoline could have done a number on the guns' ability to distinguish right from wrong. Or something like that.