Monday, October 26, 2015

The First Email President?

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Liberals are in a celebratory mood following last week's appearance of Hillary Clinton before a special committee investigating the details of American deaths in Benghazi. Hillary is being declared "the winner" of the marathon session, not because she isn't responsible for gross negligence, professional incompetence, and quite likely criminal actions - but because she's going to get away with it.

In Liberal-land, there is no crime unless you're caught and convicted. This is true whether you're the IRS's Lois Lerner (who has officially been let off the hook for obstructing the first amendment rights of conservatives, conspiracy, and destruction of evidence), infamous "Fast and Furious" gun-runner Eric Holder, or the ghoulish officials from Planned Parenthood who were caught negotiating the price (and enjoying the texture) of fetal organs on video.

Evidence doesn't matter on the Left - only "getting away with it." Snarky liberal columnist Maureen Dowd took to the New York Times to declare Trey Gowdy's select committee a "Salem witch trial," staffed by a "blithering band of tea-partiers" who "crawled out of the ooze into a sea of cameras." And Hillary's unflustered performance put her on "the HOV lane of a superhighway to the presidency." I think we can assume "fair and balanced" isn't embossed on Dowd's business cards.

But Maureen's piece goes beyond burying the lede. In an unguarded moment of actual (and no doubt accidental) journalism near the end of her editorial, she concedes a few itty-bitty things which she believes only trivia buffs will care about: Obama and Hillary's policies helped destabilize Libya, Hillary showed no interest whatsoever in providing adequate security in Benghazi, and the former Secretary of State has no recollection of any contact with her "close friend" Ambassador Stevens (despite his many, many urgent attempts to get her attention and assistance) after she appointed him to the dangerous post which would eventually cost his life.

All of this matters, as Firewall's Bill Whittle passionately explains (click the link for his excellent video). But it doesn't matter to Democrats or the media. To them, "winning" is all that matters, regardless of right or wrong, or how many needless deaths were on the "losing" side.

Their new morality is no morality. And much like the "evil rich" they love to demonize, Democrats believe that - rules be damned - anything they can get away with is fair game.

Which is why, if Hillary does ride that "superhighway to the presidency," the last vestiges of what made this country great will become steaming roadkill.


A clarifying Hope n' Change translation of what Bernie Sander's debate night remarks really meant...


Jan Blickenstaff said...

The Committee should have followed up with -- had Hillary been briefed on the security situation in Benghazi? What was in her briefings? Which Ambassadors had direct access to Hillary and her email address?
Why was the rescue mission called off? Who called it off? Why was the cover up necessary?
The committee did not follow up well.

TrickyRicky said...

It's becoming harder and harder to call them Democrats any longer. There are no Scoop Jacksons, Tip O'Neills, or Sam Rayburns in this party. Hell, JFK would be considered a right-wing extremist if he were around now. Why should collateral damage matter to the CPUSA any more than it mattered to their ideological brethren Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Chavez, ad nauseam? We are all potential collateral damage to the likes of Hillary.

Judi King said...

Yeah, they had a witch hunt and found her. What a farce. Now it's up to the FBI to investigate and they'll probably get a "stand down" directive from "higher" up. We're doomed.

Rod said...

Just noticed: What was that "Honorable" nameplate doing in front of the testifying liar? She doesn't hold office. Is it just from being an attorney? Oh boy, what a hoot THAT is. Your comments today are right-on Stilt; Whatever they can get away with. We will not change these dishonorable people. We must regain the system.

Bill said...


When in the US Army I was in small locations like Benghazi. Every installation had a contingency plan for emergencies (attacks and so forth).

I have heard no mention of what the contingency plan was for the Benghazi location.

At several locations I was in, the plan basically consisted of gas up the vehicles, grab some guns and ammo, blow up the security stuff, and run for it. It depended on the size of the opposing force and so forth.

There was never a plan to defend an un-defendable location to the last man.

What was the contingency plan for Benghazi?

Bill Moore

Bruce Bleu said...

SALEM WITCH TRIAL??? Looks like they succeeded in finding their WITCH!!! Seems to me that blindfolds and "last cigarettes" should be making a comeback with THIS group of miscreants!

Treeky Reecky,
Remember, Ronald Reagan said HE didn't leave the Democrat party, but the Democrat party left HIM. THAT was WAAAAAAY before the bovine scat they are doing THESE days!

John the Econ said...

Well, the "consensus" is in. Hillary "won" the Benghazi hearing by merely not losing her composure and providing the GOP with any soundbites, and is now back on track to be our next President. Her incompetence doesn't matter. Her unclear agenda and priorities don't matter. Her indifference doesn't matter. Her deleted e-mail doesn't matter. Her transparent corruption doesn't matter.

The Clinton ethos has always been "If you can't get jailed for it, it's okay". It's both amazing and depressing to me that there are still enough people out there who are either ignorant of this or don't care. But such still seems to be the case.

But as bad as acceptance of the Clinton ethos seems to be, the Lois Lerner situation is actually the bigger bellwether of things to come. It effectively says that the bureaucracy is free to peruse political agendas against the citizens it supposedly exists to serve without fear of criminal consequence. Since the nature of bureaucracies is to grow and accumulate their own power, there is little left to constrain the IRS, EPA, ATF, or any other of the alphabets that will now feel more free to run roughshod over the civil rights of ordinary citizens. We now may be past the point where it no longer matters who or what party occupies elected office.

For decades, the GOP has paid great lip service to smaller government, but has done little to nothing to achieve it. In fact, the size of government exploded under George W Bush and a GOP Congress long before Obama and the Democrats got their chance to expand on steroids. And I don't expect any of the current crop of candidates to address this. At least half have been complicit in it.

Enjoy Bill Whittle's videos while you can, because by this time two years from now, you may no longer be allowed to.

Sergio said...

Ironically, Dowd reinforces the idea that Hill does illegal things when she says she is in the HOV lane [by herself]. Clearly that HOV lane should become part of a massive infrastructure program so it is torn up and not usable

Shelly said...

It's patently obvious the Democrats and their presstitutes treated this hearing as a campaign stop for her majesty. They had zero interest in the content of the hearing, only that she beat the hapless Republicans. Ironically, if another "messiah" were to jump up at this point, they would drop her like a hot potato. I am truly sickened at the state of affairs in our country today.

Cookie said...

Did anyone really expect any other outcome? When evil rules, people suffer.

American Cowboy said...

@John the Econ said, "We now may be past the point where it no longer matters who or what party occupies elected office."

I believe that sentiment is perhaps overly optimistic. I believe we already are past that point.

Popular Front said...

A little background information wanted for an ignorant foreigner please:

Who is the sweaty little guy with the pointy head and what is his claim to fame?

John the Econ said...

Speaking of the bureaucracy...

Key union endorses Hillary Clinton

"(CNN)AFSCME, the largest trade union of public employees in the United States, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Friday, according a release from the group provided to CNN. The endorsement, a key for Clinton, came after the 35 person member-elected board representing American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees councils and affiliates from around the country voted to back the former secretary of state."

So it's official. As we speak, the IRS, EPA, EEOC, and employees of the rest of the alphabets now have their marching orders as official operatives of Hillary Clinton. "That's a nice business you have there; it would be a shame if something were to happen to it..."

David in SoCal said...

22 October 2015: American Special Forces rescue 70 Iraqi prisoners THOUGHT to be in eminent danger of being murdered by ISIS in Iraq....U.S. hero Master Sgt Joshua Wheeler gave his life in that operation.
11 September 2012: After over 600 requests for extra security and help, the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is attacked by radical islamic terrorists, and 4 brave Americans; Ambassador Chris Stevens/Glen Doherty/Ty Woods/Sean Smith are needlessly killed defending a Consulate the Obama Administration refused to protect........If ANYONE can't see the difference in these two events, I suggest you pull your head outta yer ass, and open yer eyes. Wake up America.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jan Blickenstaff- Sadly, the nature of the committee was such that followup questions couldn't really be asked. Moreover, every time the "questioning" went back to the Democrats, they simply used their time to kiss Hillary's rear end while she caught her breath and gathered her thoughts for the next Republican question.

@TrickyRicky- I agree. I think the era of cooperation and genuine compromise between the parties is over. Neither party is covering itself in glory, but the Dems are the worst about putting their party ahead of what's good for the country.

@Judi King- I'm afraid I have zero faith that the hilariously named Justice Department will follow up no matter what the FBI finds.

@Rod- I think "Honorable" was a type. They meant "Horrible."

@Bill- Clearly the State Department didn't want the Benghazi location defended or prepared to fight. The nearby CIA annex was better equipped to do the job, but clearly no good contingency plan existed (as evidenced by the fact that the heroes who eventually went from the annex to the mission essentially did so on their own). And yet no one has been disciplined for the multiple, obvious security failings.

@Bruce Bleu- I considered myself to be a Democrat for quite awhile. Before I grew up (to the extent that I did) and started actually thinking about politics instead of simply buying the popular narrative. I feel guilty about that, but take some solace in the company of other converts like Ronald Reagan and Charles Krauthammer.

@John the Econ- Spot on, as usual. It's bad enough when the politicos feel empowered to do anything they can get away with (ala Clinton), but infinitely worse when those who control the legal system will aid and abet thos political operatives who otherwise couldn't get away with their crimes.

If Hillary wins, I don't doubt that political speech such as Whittle's (and mine) will be severely limited.

@Sergio- Good point about the HOV lane. And for some reason, the song "Highway to Hell" is now going through my head...

@Shelly- Like John the Econ said, all Hillary had to do was to remain composed to be declared the "winner," no matter how nonsensical her answers were.

In some ways, this whole thing makes me feel the way I did after the verdict in the OJ trial. OJ had basically "won" at the point the prosecution got detective Mark Fuhrman to admit he'd used the n-word when working on a screenplay. In Hillary's case, Kevin McCarthy was her Fuhrman. His clumsy but relatively meaningless statement largely rendered the rest of the evidence moot in the eyes of the media "jury."

@Cookie- I didn't expect a different outcome. But damn it, I seem pathologically unable to stop hoping.

@American Cowboy- I think both parties are taking us to the same fire and brimstone destination. The only difference is how heavy the foot on the accelerator is.

@Popular Front- That "sweaty little guy" (grin) is Representative Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor who is the head of the select committee on Benghazi. I like him a lot - he's smart, honorable, and tough. There aren't many who speak truth to power anymore, making him a rare gem.

@John the Econ- Wow. (See how cleverly I avoided using the F-word there?) As you point out, that endorsement, when paired with the Lois Lerner precedent, officially rigs the game in an almost unbeatable way.

@David in SoCal- And rather than honoring Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, the White House is spending all its time arguing that we aren't involved in combat missions in Iraq, that Wheeler wasn't killed "in combat," and that he in fact was overexceeding his mission by helping lead the rescue mission.

I'm surprised that Obama hasn't apologized to ISIS for this breach of policy, and assured them that "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam" by rescuing potential murder victims.

John the Econ said...

Timely in the Wall Street Journal today about the out-of-control Democrat-controlled bureaucracy running roughshod all over the civil rights of conservatives. Can anyone imagine the uproar if any Republicans were engaging in this sort of egregious activity? We once impeached a President (for real) over much less than this:

Wisconsin’s illegal probe went after national conservative figures

"New evidence shows that John Doe investigators were trawling the files they collected via subpoenas and search warrants for information on national conservatives."

It's almost as though these guys read Kafka's The Trial, and followed it as though it was a script.

In the wake of Lois Lerner, expect more of this sort of unethical & unconstitutional behavior. It's truly scary to think that sworn officers of the court could willingly involve themselves in such behavior.

Colby Muenster said...

The asswipes running (ruining?) our gubmint remind me of Clancy in this joke:

Murphy was dying, and called his best friend, Clancy, to his bedside. "Clancy, we've been chums a long, long time, and I have one last request for ya. I've been savin' a bottle of whiskey for nigh on 40 years now for a special occasion. As me dyin' request, would ya please pour that bottle over me dead body after I pass?"

Clancy thinks about it for a moment, then replies, "I sure will, Murphy, but I sure hope ya don't mind if I strain it through me kidneys first."

That is our government. We give them our cherished old whiskey, and they piss on us, then claim they did us a favor.

Bruce Bleu said...

When I first registered to vote I registered democrap, because that's what my parents were. The first election was Nixon vs McGovern, and McGovern seemed like an idiot to me, so I went with Nixon, and every election since the democraps have offered toadies and SFB's, so I've stayed with Repubicans [sic]. If the GOP crams Jethro Bush down my throat I'm KILLING myself and then my corpse will vote for shrillary.

Rod said...

@Colby Muenster: Now the stupid f.... IRS even loses the whiskey to hackers & tax frauds; and will not resolve the very fixable problem. I sure as Hell don't understand it at all.

David in SoCal said...

Stilty: Very good point well said. I'm sure Barry and Hagglery are taking acting lessons from Spielberg as we blog; in preparation for their next apology ad to be shown on 'El Gizzera' tv.