Saturday, November 14, 2015


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Will the "CBS Eye" be closed to this obvious and vitally important question?
Late on Friday the 13th, nightmarish terror struck the city of Paris - reminding us all, as if we needed reminders, that in the modern world no place is safe from the insanity of Islamic radicalism.

Ironies abound; earlier in the day (before the slaughter began) Barack Obama was interviewed by ABC News and said of ISIS "We have contained them." Just as disturbing, B. Hussein increased pressure to bring thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States at an accelerated pace, even though the majority of them are men of military age who cannot possibly be vetted to make sure they don't have terrorist connections or leanings. 

This is important. One of the Paris attackers was identified as a "Syrian refugee" based on the blood-spattered passport found amidst the shrapnel of his body after he detonated a bomb vest.

And speaking of ironies, there was this...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, paris, terror, islam, al gore, climate change 

While the horrorific events were unfolding, Obama took to the airwaves to say that terror is a bad thing and that we'd stand with France. But will we?

Following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist massacre in Paris earlier this year, Obama said much the same thing. But when world leaders gathered to march arm-in-arm to stand against terror, the United States president was nowhere to be seen...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, paris, terror, charlie hebdo, golf

But shortly thereafter, Obama took action to show that he was really, really, really sincere about standing with France and standing up to terrorism. Specifically, he gave his Secretary of State a very important mission...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, terror, paris, charlie hebdo, kerry, james taylor

Clearly, the deployment of "Folksong Team Six" didn't dissuade Islamic radicals from committing new acts of barbarism, perhaps because the sorry spectacle showed the utter lack of seriousness and credibility of this president's anti-terror policies.

France is already taking strong measures to root out those responsible for the attacks on their people. We can only hope that their efforts will be successful, and further hope that our own nation will someday show leadership instead of lip service in the radical war against western civilization.


Geoff King said...

Perhaps at the upcoming climate conference, the much less important topic of Islamic extremism will be mentioned and Øbama will step up to the plate and lead the distingushed attendees in a rousing round of Kumbaya.

Unknown said...

For Obama to have the nerve to state that climate change is our biggest foe, I have to wonder which planet sent this robotica idiota to lead this great country. What on earth is this man talking about? Climate changes. Climate will always change. As long as there are living, breathing beings on this planet, the climate will change. Now, ISIS, that's a different sort of terror to be worried about. How can this man say we have a "handle" on Isis when not but hours later does this horrible attack take place in Paris. Do you really think that ISIS was there blowing people up because the climate is changing? I just want to take all these bleeding-heart liberals, line them up and let ISIS take a pop at them. Let them decide if the warm sunshine, beating down upon their faces poses a bigger threat than the inhumane creatures that stand before them, ready to end their sorry lives. People, our kids and grandkids are counting on us to lead. By God, let's get someone into the White House who can do that, not just put on a stern face and act like a concerned leader. He is NO LEADER. He is a disgrace to this country and what it was founded on. Why do we have to wait a year to get this yahoo out of office? I say impeach him now and charge him with high crimes and treason, along with his female counterpart, Hillary. Now, I have vented. Thanks for letting me do that. Oh, yes, freedom of speech...that is one of our rights as US citizens, lest we forget.

Amy H said...

As of now, I don't like ANY muslim or person who tudies the "peaceful" islam. I won't until the true peaceful muslims stand up and fight against these radicals. But they don't. Until they step up and fight against them, these radicals will continue. Until we stop allowing them to come into our countries, make their own little towns, make their own laws & rules against our laws, this will continue. Stop bending over backwards to pacify these idiots.

Bobo the Hobo said...

Terrorists are cockroaches that have invaded Western Society. They can be eradicated but it won't be easy. For the sake of those left behind and memories of those murdered, I hope we have the stones to take these cockroaches out; if not, we are doomed to return to the seventh century.

God Bless those innocents taken from us and may God damn those responsible.

NVRick said...

@Sandy Link
"How can this man say we have a "handle" on Isis when not but hours later does this horrible attack take place in Paris."
Damn videotape!

Mike aka Proof said...

"ISIS is contained."
"Global warming is the biggest threat."
"At this point, what difference does it make?"

Friends don't let friends vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Why is anybody surprised? It's been patently obvious since at least 1979, when Islam's war against the Christians' Great Satans resumed.

Given the porosity of our border with Mexico, it's likely just a matter of time before it happens here.

Tom Clancy novelized such a scenario a long time ago...



Fred Ciampi said...

Our nation is not going to be led toward successful protection until we have a leader instead of someone who fancies himself as a ruler instead of a leader. I fear for the backlash.

Shelly said...

I'm with you, @Sandy Link. I was appalled at Obama's response to the attacks. I swear a robot would show more emotion. It was like he called up his boilerplate sympathy speech and delivered it like an automaton, as if he would rather be golfing. God, I can't wait until this scourge is behind us.

Joseph ET said...

France has declared war on terror without pity! They need to start in those areas in France that are Muslin conclaves AKA “no go zones” and clean them out making them into “go whenever we want zones.”

We need to freeze ANY and all immigrants coming here. Then we can print up some mini Qur’ans, ask each new Muslim entering the US to throw that Qur’an into a fire. If they refuse, they can’t come in!! This also needs to be done with the ones that want to stay here, and they need to pledge allegiance to the USA and our constitution.

Islam is NOT a religion of peace! Islam is an evil murdering cult!

There will be no moderate Muslims until they print up a new Qur’an that leaves out the pillars that require killing infidels and Jews, etc. When that happens, I may believe in moderate Muslims. Until then a moderate Muslim is a Muslim that won’t kill you until next week while baking cookies for the ones that kill now.

John the Econ said...

Yeah, that question will happen right after my recently amended ones:

Can you please explain to the American lower and middle classes exactly how flooding the country with more low-skilled immigrants who compete for low-wage jobs and social services means anything good for them?


In light of revelations that at least one of the French terrorists was a "refugee" smuggled through Greece, what are your thoughts on Obama's desire to import tens or hundreds-of-thousands of these people into America's heartland?

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath either.

If the debate were to be on Fox, and Fox was the racist front of the far right that the left likes to think it is, you might even like to hear this gotcha question: Who do you see yourself representing as President? The American people or some multiculturalist utopian fantasy?

Or maybe: There's no question that a certain percentage of "refugees" imported into America will have radical tendencies and will act upon them sooner or later. What is the "acceptable level of carnage" a Clinton administration is willing to accept as the price for admitting the better part of a million of these people?

Way too much to hope for.

Meanwhile, I have little doubt that COP21 climate summit will continue as planned, where world leaders can feel better about themselves musing about phony problems they'd rather address than the real ones they'd much prefer to ignore.

Meanwhile, back to reality: Last night, media pundits seemed impressed with French President Francois Hollande's declaration that the ISIS attack was an "act of war". It will be interesting to see how long that lasts, considering the typical Progressive unwillingness to do anything of substance regarding radical Islam, and how quickly that whole "We are Charlie" free-speech movement fizzled out.

On the other hand, just over the border in Germany I do predict that the political career of Angela Merkel will be coming to an end soon as ordinary Germans question the wisdom of intentionally importing hundreds-of-thousands to millions of Syrian "refugees" into their country. Last night's events represents several more nails in that coffin.

But here, judging from the current campus hysteria against offenses anywhere from symbolic to imaginary, it seems that the worst thing that possibly can happen to anyone is to be called a "racist". So any question involving the importation of non-white people is taboo.

Judging from my scan of social media, I'm intrigued by the number of women who are on the pro-censorship and pro-refugee bandwagon. This is interesting, because historically and psychologically, women are pre-disposed to favor "security" issues over others, and the Islamification of western culture does not portend much in the way of security for women. (Ask the once very safe and secure Swedish women what they now think about "rape culture" in their rapidly Islamifying land)

We do live in interesting times. We are literally watching the best civilization that ever existed on this planet literally commit suicide over fears of being called a name.

Fred Ciampi said...

I am watching the democrap debate, and yes, I have eye bleach at hand, and I'll watch it for a whole 18 minutes. The most glaring thing I saw so far is that the National Anthem was not played or sung prior to the babel. Maybe Roseann was busy........ I also have a glass of 104 proof. Zzzzzzzzzzzzbarf...........

CenTexTim said...

Here's one from the good guys.

james daily said...

Why are countries importing these terrorist? Insanity run amok. What they should do is declare open season on these despicable muslims as they have declared on us. Personally, had I lost a child in that bloodbath, I can assure you they would pay dearly. Hopefully some that did lose children feel the same way. Make them pay every day all day until they shout, "NO MAS!!!", then just think about it. This is actually similar to 9/11 in that a few killed many. We should do the same. Turn that god forsaken shithole called the middle east into a nuclear waste land. Pray for a piece of their ass.

graylady said...

I completely lost my distain for all things French when I saw a clip on FOX of regular Frenchmen walking down the sidewalks singing their national anthem. God bless them and God damn those muslin pig bastards.

Judi King said...

Dittos to Sandy Link and James Daily. I noticed the FNC pundits have been actually using the word "war" thanks to the French president. He is actually sounding like a real president unlike ours. This IS a war and the sooner our "leaders" admit that, the better off the world will be. This CULT needs to be taken out, whatever it takes, and if that means a nuclear be it. The cult of islam has a medieval mind set and only understands power and the so called peaceful muslims are still muslims with the same ideology as the radical muslims. President Hollande was right to close his borders. Our borders should be closed to the refugees and every one else except the people who go through legal channels and are properly vetted. This administration is a joke and needs to go.
May God be with the people of France.

David in SoCal said...

My thoughts and Prayers are with the people of France and the victims/families/friends of those murdered or injured in the senseless act of war committed by the chicken shit radical muslim terrorists. So far, it appears that at least one of these radical mooslimb terrorists was a Syrian 'immigrant' who came in by way of Greece. And Omuslimsympathiser STILL wants to bring 170,000 Syrian refugees into our country? And why is he still in office? "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." - Thomas Jefferson Time to nourish that tree.
On a lighter note: Was watching the Dumbocrat 'debate' last night and Hagglery sez that Bernie is 'impugning her integrity'. Sorry Ms. Clinton; you first must HAVE integrity before it can be impugned....Nice try.

FlyBoy said...

@John the Econ:
So now the urchins at Mizzou are outraged that the Paris attacks are distracting the public from the REAL story of how they're offended by seeing swastikas and Confederate flags (Oh the humanity!!!).

I fear that we are becoming a nation of wimps & candy-asses.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- I can guarantee you that all the dignitaries who will be saying that climate change is the biggest threat just tripled their personal security personnel.

@Sandy Link- I agree that Obama is no leader. He mouths platitudes ("we will bring those responsible to justice") that nobody believes anymore - least of all the terrorists.

@Amy H- I want to be tolerant of Muslims, but it's an increasingly uphill battle because the "good" ones, intentionally or not, create spaces where the "bad" ones can be concealed. Call it the "Nidal in a haystack" principle. At some point, the haystacks themselves must be considered problematic.

@Bobo the Hobo- Sadly ironic that you wonder if we have the "stones" to get rid of them, when it's actual stones that they use to enforce Shariah law.

@NVRick- And of course, when he was running for reelection, Obama would never shut up about Al Qaeda basically being defeated - even though our own intelligence agencies were telling him the exact opposite. The man is a liar, and wants to minimize the truth about terror because it's a distraction from (albeit not necessarily incompatible with) his personal agenda.

@Mike aka Proof- Sadly, the way this works out is that they still vote, but cease being your friend.

@Anonymous- It's sure to happen here and, because I'm sure I'm not saying anything that the bad guys haven't thought of, my money is on Black Friday (but what year? Who knows.) It already has an iconic and memorable name, and simultaneous attacks at a few malls the day after Thanksgiving would cause economic chaos - with many businesses depending on pre-Christmas sales to generate their only profit for the year. I hope I'm wrong - but look how few people it took to pull off a major event in Paris.

@Fred Ciampi- A lot of people have observed that if a victory over radical Islam is even possible (and it may not be), it will have to include a large ideological component to change their hearts and minds. But how could Barry ever make that happen since he clearly doesn't believe in the ideology of classic American values?

@Shelly- Barry's robotic comments and vapid insincerity saddened me. He never shows actual passion or engagement unless he's attacking police officers.

@Joseph ET- It will be interesting to see what France actually does. I hope there will be no more street closures owing to Muslims blocking them during prayers. I also think that vetting immigrants, both here and in Europe, is of paramount importance. It's not surprising that Trump's "giant wall" took a big boost in popularity following the bloodbath in Paris.

@John the Econ- Excellent points all. I agree that Merkel is going to be toast owing to her "let 'em all in without vetting" refugee policy.

And perhaps the truest thing I've read all day is your statement "We are literally watching the best civilization that ever existed on this planet literally commit suicide over fears of being called a name."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I recorded the debate but haven't watched it yet (except for the first five minutes). It sounds like Hillary was able to just BS her answers until time ran out, Bernie doubled down on her email scandal being no big deal, and Martin O'Malley was present and wore a nice suit.

@graylady- I've been perfectly happy to needle the French in the past, but not now. It's time for western civilization to stand as one, unified in the face of this existential threat.

@Judi King- It is time for the "war on terror" to be treated as an actual war, with all that entails. Big, bloody, unavoidably imperfect, but with the intent to win rather than "contain."

@David in SoCal- The idea that Bernie was impugning Hillary's integrity is as laughable as him trying to take her virginity. These are ships which sailed into fetid waters long ago.

@FlyBoy- When I read a tweet from one of these twerps bitching that the "terror" on their campus is as important as the terror in Paris, I start thinking that these spoiled attention-seeking brats need reality to bite them in the ass good and hard.

John the Econ said...

@FlyBoy, I saw that too. How dare the world turn its eyes from the vapid stupidity of America's ignorant spoiled children towards the actual shooting war that is taking place upon western civilization.

Ironically, the ideologies of the spoiled brats and ISIS are not so dissimilar. They're both anti-intellectual, seek to disrupt the best features of western civilization, wish to enforce conformity and squelch free thought & speech and other freedoms via mob rule. The biggest difference is that the ISIS kids have a coherent agenda and aren't so annoyingly whiny.

"I fear that we are becoming a nation of wimps & candy-asses."

Don't worry. The coming caliphate will straighten them out.

Just started watching the Democratic debate, which I recorded. Bernie is still sticking with "climate change" as enemy #1. You see, the narrative is that it's a changing climate that is responsible for ISIS and other global unrest because of droughts, floods, and un-sunny days that tend to make people poopy. (In order to accept this rubric, you have to assume that before 1960, there were no such things as droughts, floods, and un-sunny days that tend to make people poopy)

This is just another example of how "climate change" is going to be the official cause of everything bad that happens in life, from wars to droughts, pimples or hemorrhoids. If we would only allow these enlightened socialists to eliminate capitalism, the world would could be a utopia just like it is in socialist Bolivia.

But time is running out. Poll after poll shows that most Americans's consider "climate change" a problem that ranks lower than "ring around the collar". More and more people are realizing that the scientific "consensus" is and always was bogus. And even many that agree that it is a problem admit that even spending trillions of dollars a year would be pointless. Some even believe that instead of warming, that we're actually headed into the next mini-ice age within the next two decades.

So the anti-freedom ultra-big government advocates really don't have a lot of time to get their agenda locked in before too many people see it for what it is. (Obama only has another 14 months to flood the bureaucracy with executive orders to gum up the works) So expect the hyperbole from now through the end of COP21 to be over-the-top doom and gloom, and anyone who disagrees with it to become targets of the campus spoiled brat and Black Lives Matter coalition.

Boligat said...

Boots on the ground to take the Syrian Mediterranean coast. I mean conquest, not occupation. Turn it into a western style country, but under martial law. This will give us bases and ports not beholding to any other country. Use that base to project power throughout the region. It is no longer a muslim country. The only way to get through to any opponent is to let them know that if they cross us (the West) they will lose territory. We will have to institute a whole new education system for any muslims that decide to hang around and obey our rules. So we get rid of isis and any other opposition to Assad. At least he knows to whom he is beholden, even though he had to lose some territory in the deal. At least he still has his head and his butt doesn't have a broomstick shoved up it as it went (so it is rumored) with Gaddafi and Clinton's favorite ambassador. Speaking of said ambassador, I would name this new country "Stevenstan - Home of the Crusaders" or something like that. In the capital, rename the main airport Charlie Hebdo. Name the main road leading to the waste disposal plant Hillary Avenue and the plant itself should be called the John F. Kerry Waste Water Facility.

Once established, it would be easy, to form an alliance with the Kurds, if they want. This is a permanent arrangement and if Syria or Lebanon or Turkey complains or lets any terrorist cross their border, take some more territory to establish the new border. I doubt, though that Lebanon would be upset, at least not the Marionite Christians or the Druze. Take a look at some of the online pics of the coastline. There is some really beautiful acreage there.

There will be NO ROEs, either, that put our guys in any more harm than the conquest itself would take.

Then I woke up.

American Cowboy said...

Just tuned in to the news, if any of it can really be called news anymore on broadcast TV and saw this breaking news.
Pentagon transfers five Gitmo detainees to the U.A.E.
Now I wonder how long it will be before any of them are out and about with a vest strapped on?
I wonder too if any of the rabid dogs that murdered so many in the Paris attacks could be traced back to those five scum that Øbama traded for that treasonous deserter?

John the Econ said...

Here's something new: All of a sudden, now that the "see no evil" left can no longer ignore the implications of the growing Islamic State, they're struggling for moral equivalencies that absolve themselves while trying to make "conservative reactionaries" seem, well, reactionary. The latest meme is "selective outrage"; the idea that we naive westerners are only upset now that the Islamic State is fully functioning and killing white people in the west.

Seriously? Hey sleeping liberals, we've been on this for years now! We've been watching Islamic goons rape, pillage and enslave poor non-white people for nearly two decades now. Welcome to the party, you f*****g ignoramuses! You are the ones that have been the ones absent from the party for the last several years in willful ignorance of the evil that has been going on. How dare you try to feign moral superiority after your 6+ years of blissful slumber from reality under your Obama fandom and self-focus on "what's in it for me" socialism, which basically permitted the withdrawal of American interests everywhere else in the world.

This is how liberalism warps the mind; making one so desperate to formulate anything to escape reality.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- As you say, what the Left loves about the climate issue is that "climate" is all-encompassing...just like their quest for power and control over every element of our lives. I'm sure in the next days we'll see a new round of clumsy attempts to link terror to climate change to make the upcoming conference appear like less of a farce.

@Boligat- Good ideas. We need to show a seriousness of purpose which has been altogether absent under this administration.

@American Cowboy- By the government's own statistics, at least one of those released from Gitmo will return to the battlefield. Personally, I think that's one too many but clearly the president doesn't agree.

@John the Econ- Remember the campus demonstrations and calls for action from the Left after the massacre at Kenya's Garissa University in April? I don't either. 147, mostly students, massacred by Al Shabab for being Christians.

I do remember outrage from the Right, and calls for our government to help stop the Christian genocide. But not a word from the Left. They didn't even bother to go on an arson and violence spree as they did following the death of petty thug and attempted cop killer Michael Brown (moves sanctioned, if not outright encouraged, by Barack Obama).

The Right has been trying to bring safety and freedom to people of all colors overseas for many years - almost always causing jeers and catcalls from the Left. And now they're annoyed because their alleged "poop swastika" seems less important than actual deaths and real terror.

And make no mistake: the Left will soon forget the rest of the world as it returns to the obsessive navel-gazing and self-pleasuring by which it is defined.

Daddy Dave said...

And then Bernie Sanders said that climate change was the cause of terrorism, or some such West-blameing gibberish ... I guess the hotter it gets in the god-forsaken hell holes that Muslims call home, the more they want to destroy cooler civilized places. They feel more comfortable amongst the rubble.

jlw said...

Obama skipped the Charlie Hebdo march by world leaders. he walked in late during the G-20 world leaders moment of silence in Turkey.

he apparently realizes that he is not a world leader. or perhaps he is simply a buffoon, a poltroon and an embarrassment.

John the Econ said...

Another recurrent meme is that "climate change" primarily impacts "poor" people more, and that it's poverty that is the primary incubator of radical Islam. (Remember Obama's Marie Harf's "Jobs for Jihadis" solution?)

Never mind the fact that the most radicalized Islamists are coming from the middle and upper classes of the most affluent backgrounds and locales; France, Britain, Belgium, America…

Have they already forgotten that Bin Laden was once one of the richest and most privileged people in the world? The sad reality is that jihad gave him a purpose in life that his billions alone otherwise could not. Does anyone really believe that Bin Laden (or any of these guys) have benefited from a pointless patronage job in the bureaucracy? Of course not. In fact, that's what they're trying to escape.

In fact, most of these guys are coming from the most affluent welfare states on the planet, the very kinds of places Obama and his ilk want us to be. Most of them don't even need jobs, because welfare pays so well. In fact, it could be argued that ISIS is literally being funded by welfare state and western taxpayers!

So I think they have it backwards. Want to reduce jihad? Eliminate welfare so that these people have to get real jobs like the rest of us.

What Progressives can't get their heads around is that people can be motivated by more than money, which is ironic, since it's usually Progressives that lecture us that being motivated by money (which is the fuel of capitalism) is in itself evil. This is why they don't understand Christians, Muslims, or any other conventional religion. And it's this ignorance that fuels their arrogance.

james daily said...

One thing is certain. Liberals will never "blame" anything on their policies or themselves. The second thing that is certain, they all put "blame" somewhere.

Joseph ET said...

The POTUS and the democrats refuse to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” because it may insult some Muslims. Well the old expression is: “If the shoe fits, wear it!”
Which means “If a description applies to you, then accept it.”

So, what's the issue?

JustaJeepGuy said...

Here's a thought--if some Muslim(s) conduct some kind of attack in America in the next 11 months, it's likely that no Demo_Rat would get elected to the presidency next year. The Demo_Rats will have allowed the terrorist(s) in, and the country will know that fact. I wonder how many Americans would need to die before the Demo_Rats get the blame they deserve.

Colby Muenster said...

@Joseph ET,
Yup.... O'Liar and his worshipers refuse to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” because they actually believe we can "coexist" with these butchers. Never occurred to the coexist crowd that these people do not wish to coexist with US; quite the opposite, actually. They will not stop until every Christian, Jew and white person is dead.

I also think O'Liar will not say the words "radical Islamic terrorism" because he somehow believes that WE believe they are defeated because of his superior foreign policy and military strength. This turd will NEVER admit he is wrong... NEVER.

Boligat said...


Re: @Boligat- Good ideas. We need to show a seriousness of purpose which has been altogether absent under this administration.

Stilty, I thought they were good ideas, too, and obviously someone on the world stage agrees with us as PUTIN is already there.

John the Econ said...

Here's an idea: All of these "refugees" (largely males between 18 & 30) that Obama wants to import? Send them to live on the campuses where the spoiled brats who are whining about "institutional legacy of white supremacy, colonialism, anti-black racism, anti-Latinx racism, anti-Native American racism, anti-Native/ indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Middle Eastern racism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma, and classism." (I clipped and pasted that from the complaints of students at Amherst College, btw)

Let these know-it-all kids show us how these things should be dealt with.

Colby Muenster said...

Excellent idea, Mr. Econ! And let's not forget the sanctuary cities. Heck, they already have the welcome mats at their doors. Ship all these homeless women and children (18-30 year old males) to San Francisco! They have already made it quite clear that they have absolutely no problem with murderers and thugs moving in.