Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Barackalypse Now

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Yes, he really said this.
On Monday, Barack Obama gave a "powerful rebuke" to ISIS terrorists by telling them that it's pretty much too late for them to do us in because western civilization is already doomed. And, unsurprisingly, it's largely the fault of stinking, greedy, energy-guzzling Americans like you.

Specifically, the Prophet Obama spake thusly: "I’ve come here personally, as the leader of the world’s largest economy and the second-largest emitter, to say that the United States of America not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it."

Frankly, we find the notion of Obama embracing anything remotely like responsibility to be harder to swallow than the oxymoronic scientific "evidence" that the Earth is somehow warming without a measurable rise in temperature in almost 20 years, and thickening ice caps which Al Gore (who has also been thickening) had assured us would already be gone by now.

The U.N. Climate Summit in Paris, where the president spoke, is being attended by 150 world leaders who apparently don't give a flying carbon credit that, for the past century or so, it's actually been possible to communicate electronically without the need to fly yourself, your entourage, your security team, your makeup artists, and your speechwriters via giant, exhaust-spewing, fossil fuel-burning jets.

As a case in point, for every hour Air Force One spends in the air, 11 children will die of lung disease because of the increased pollution. A statistic which is made only slightly less terrifying owing to the fact that we just made it up. Which doesn't mean that it isn't true, it just means that it's unsubstantiated by anything like empirical evidence - much like the president's assertion that anthropogenic global warming not only exists but comes with a "Made in America" label.

Of course, the real point of this apocryphal apocalypse summit isn't the climate, it's to establish the mechanics of redistribution of wealth and power (both political and physical) from the United States to other countries which are, in Mr. Obama's view, less morally loathsome than we are.

In other words, every dictatorship, caliphate, monarchy, religious oligarchy, and backwards totalitarian piss-pot hellhole on our non-warming Earth.



Bruce Bleu said...

So, Algore says coastal cities will flood because icebergs will melt due to gloBULL warming. Don't confuse him with the facts, and don't tell him that the WEIGHT of an iceberg displaces the amount of liquid contained in it if it melts. Yeah... the truth... it ALWAYS has a way of biting liberals in the ass.

REM1875 said...

Wait wasn't he the moment the seas stopped rising? I thought his election moved us into the post barackalypse?

Geoff King said...

The current amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is around .039% - one of the smallest components in the air we breathe. It is estimated that, during the Jurassic period, that level was at least 5 times greater.
It is amazing that the dinosaurs managed to flourish for such a long time with no Algoreasaurus to reprimand them.

Judi King said...

Every time this moron opens his mouth his evil agenda spews out. I, for one, refuse to be guilty of anything including phony global "warming" and especially for being an American. And yes, these alarmists seem never to have heard of displacement. I remember in the 70's we were told by the pseudo scientists the an ice age was imminent. Go figure!

Fred Ciampi said...

Methinks that more amazing than the bovine feces spewing forth from the mouths of our politicians is the fact that so very many of the electorate believe them. Hasn't ANY of the liberal citizens been to sixth grade social studies? Oh, wait, it ain't the same now as when I was in the sixth grade in 1953 (shit, I'm old!). We learned that the earth has been ever changing for approximately 2,833,942,813 years ... approximately ... give or take 17 years. The Appalachian Mountains where I currently reside were 2 miles higher than they are now. And on and on. If folks would only take the time and effort to go to the library and open a book on planetary history they would experience an awakening. Plus, there's a lot of pretty pictures for them to enjoy. Maybe when the polar bears come south and start eating people they'll start with algore......

Rod said...

Let's see: 6th grade... coffee... 12 years old... more coffee... Jeez, now math:
53+12. Um, Fred,be happy, You're still just a pup. But it gets worse. :-)

Rod said...

LOL! After even more coffee and RE-READING... I got that wrong in front of class.
Fred, you're an Old Fart.

Chrissy the Hyphenated said...

I used this toon here. Thanks, Stilt.

Anonymous said...

I was quite intrigued by the mention of melting icebergs and water vs. weight displacement, etc..but I don't quite understand the whole concept from a layman's point of view. I think I know what you mean, but I'm not quite 100%. Could someone please explain it in a bit more detailed way for me? Thanks, Bill

chef621 said...

@ Bill, get a glass of water and float an ice cube in it. Mark where the water level is on the glass. When the ice cube melts check where the level is again. Cheers!

Geoff King said...

@Bill: if you were to take a container nearly filled with water and freeze it, the expanding ice may well rise over the top, but upon melting the water level would be exactly the same as before (less any evaporation). The same holds true with icebergs. While frozen they are expanded and take up more space and thereby float on the more dense water below, but are always the exact same weight as the amount of water they are comprised of. Therefore, when they melt the water contracts and displaces the same volume as when frozen.
However, global warming could raise ocean levels by melting glaciers which are situated on land and the released water then flows into the sea.

FlyBoy said...

In the twenty plus years I was in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club, I visited many exotic pleasure spots such as Djibouti (Africa), Karachi (Pakistan), and Mumbai (India). I was always taken aback by the level of filth and foulness. What was even more astounding was that people could actually live in such fetid rot. Believe me, the U.S. is by far the cleanest country I have ever been in, and I thank God that He granted me the grace to live here.

But somehow we, the American people are to blame for all of the squalid degradation that is the third-world; and WE are gonna pay!!!!

On a related note, Fox News ran a story this morning that the water in Rio de Janeiro (where the summer Olympics are going to be held next year) is so heavily polluted that officials are warning people to stay out of the surf and to not drink the tap water.

Another thing I was thinking about today is that most of the European leaders believe that global warming is the #1 threat they face. So what do they do to alleviate the problem? Hey, let's throw open the doors to the continent and let in some 500,000 to 1 million more "refugees"!!! Yeah-that'll fix it!!!

Fred Ciampi said...

It has been spoken that 151 leaders flew in 151 planes to the whoppee whizbang climate summit thereby causing a whole bunch more CO2 to be spewed hither and yon about our planet's atmosphere. But wait!!! There's more. Whenever obummer goes somewhere his limo has to go on another plane, the SS detail on another still, and the question is begged; does his butcher, baker, and candlestick maker travel on yet another aircraft. And what about other staff members? His basketball playmate? So, I am really really curious as to eggszaktly how many carbon emitting aircraft made the trip just for obummer??????? Anybody know? Oh, the irony; oh, the humanity; what about the children? Where's my moonshine? So many questions, so few answers.....

Cookie said...

The election for a new prez can't come soon enough!

TheOldMan said...

I don't know why all of you evil "THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED" deniers keep ignoring the obvious! The apocalypse has already occurred. The mighty glaciers haved melted, the seas have risen a few hundred yards, and global temperatures rose dramatically...and humanity did not disappear. Well it was about 15000 years ago when the great North American glaciers, some of which were a mile deep, retreated leaving great gouges in pristine Gaia (aka the Great Lakes surrounding MI). If you dense great-grandchildren haters would pay attention, you would know that it was all due to those evil Aztecs and their coal-burning power plants that did it. Ok, maybe the Aztecs were not around then and even if they were, it could not been them as we all know that all non-Western dead white male civilizations are responsible for all evils.

I am still awaiting an explanation of why this experience was not an environmental disaster. Also I want to know what caused it (perhaps the big yellow thing in the sky was involved). Until I get an answer to these questions, I do not want to hear about how coal-burning power plants are destroying the Earth.

Pete (Detroit) said...

When I was in grade school, in the 70's (I'm a Fart, but not an OLD Fart) and the impending glaciation was being preached, it was generally agreed that a warming period leading to open water at the north pole would generate more precipitation / freezing / glacier growth / reflectivity bouncing sunlight back, cooling the planet, generating more ice....
All to happen in the time frame of "soon - Geologically - as in at some point in the next 3 - 5,000 years.
Since then, I've looked into it - over the past 400k years (nominally 1/2 the time there have been humans) we've had 4 glaciations of approx 80,000 years, w/ 'warm' periods between of approx 20.000 years. We're approx 15.000 years into the current one. (sorry, no, just looked for the data table I found before, not seeing it now)
Point being, what we think of as "normal" is a one in five fluke....

John the Econ said...

As usual, you nailed this @Stilton, so I should have little to add. But as you also know, I'm also rather passionate about what I believe is the biggest threat to freedom ever attempted by the statists.

I've always argued that I'll start taking "climate change" seriously when these people do. And I don't consider rhetoric alone as "serious". After all, has anyone dared to estimate what the carbon footprint of this elitist confab is?

Why did over 150 world leaders and their entourages of thousands fly from across the globe to Paris mostly on private jets instead of pooling together? Or why go at all when videoconferencing would have been both cheaper and more carbon efficient?

Get it? Mom taking the kids to their soccer match in her SUV has to be stopped. Global elitists jetting about to the world's best resorts to lament the state of the climate will continue unabated.

If "climate change" is the imminent threat these leaders say it is, why is the Eiffel Tower lit in green lights instead of being dark as it should be, as both a symbol of what is at stake, and as a practical carbon-reducing matter?

A decade ago, Al Gore told us that the arctic would be permanently clear of ice by now. So why does Obama say we need to spend billions of dollars on carbon-spewing ice breakers to keep up with Russia?

Climate models that they all say are proof that human-caused "climate change" is irrefutable could not even predict the last two decades of non-warming. The solution? Swap out the data to make the past colder! There. Now shut up and get in line with the program!

So their solution to the problem is going to be to tax the "rich" nations, and put the "poor" nations on welfare to keep the "developing world" (which has been getting less poor every day for the last two decades, thanks to capitalism) poor and dependent on the rich elite like they're supposed to be.

The agenda being promoted by the Progressive elite in Paris isn't just bad for America and Americans. It's bad for everyone. It's worse than that. It's just plain evil.

Of course, since he is overseas, he can't help but saying other stupid things and bad-mouthing the US on other topics as well:

Obama in Paris on Planned Parenthood shooting: 'This just doesn't happen in other countries'

Um, uh, he said this in Paris a mere 3 weeks after a mass shooting. The former staff of Charlie Hebdo could not be reached for comment.

John the Econ said...

@Judi King, I don't feel guilty either, but being civic-minded, I do wish to do my part. So I've pledge to maintain a personal carbon footprint that is lower than Al Gore's.

@Fred Ciampi, 6th grade is a lot different today than it was when we went to school.

@FlyBoy, I think it's a shame that most Americans have never seen first-hand the "fetid rot" that you have. If they had, they'd have a far more grateful attitude of what America is, what we've achieved, and how fragile that achievement really is.

As for Rio, I've seen similar reports. ("Heil, 26, was treated at a Berlin hospital for MRSA, a flesh-eating bacteria, shortly after sailing in an Olympic test event in Rio in August.") Many of the people who've tested the water that our athletes will be sporting in report that they don't even have a scale to describe the degree of fetid contamination. I'm a big fan of the water sports, and I can't imagine exposing myself to that, even for a gold medal. And yes, it is a prime example of the failure of government and what happens when population exceeds economic growth. You can't afford a properly functioning infrastructure like we have without a correspondingly growing economy to pay for it. So it's only a question of "how long" before San Francisco Bay becomes toxic like the waters off Rio.

Shelly said...

@John the Econ, you must understand that in Obama's feeble mind, mass shootings by radical Islamists do not count as such. Mass shootings can only be committed by white men who are probably Christian and most assuredly Republican/conservative. At least that's what the narrative says before AND AFTER facts prove otherwise.

As for the climate change HOAX, it's all about the money and nothing else (except for the power grab). There is a huge cottage industry around this nonsense and our pockets are being picked right now to sustain it. Cut off the funding for the so-called "scientific" studies and the tune will change quickly.

Colby Muenster said...

I'm the first to admit that global climate change absolutely exists, and believe most will agree (glaciers coming and going and so on). Can the human race trigger climate change? Ridiculous. The sheer volume of air surrounding out planet is mind bogglingly huge, and as Geoff King pointed out, the carbon dioxide content is pretty miniscule.

Around 6,000 years ago, about the time Egypt came to be an organized culture, the Sarah Desert was a lush forest. If only those idiots had driven Priuses!

Around 10,000 years ago, Mammoths flourished in what is now arid South Dakota and Wyoming. If only someone had cautioned them to shut down their coal fired power plants and put up windmills!

Seriously, O'Liar and most of the rest of the elite meeting in Paris could likely give two shits about the environment. They are there making a buck at our expense; pure and simple. Sorry, you whining little socialist "do as I say, not as I do" elite snob narcissist.... ISIS, joblessness, rampant inflation, tepid economic growth, a weakened military, and that zit on my ass are all waaaay more important to me than stupid climate change!

Rant over.

Anonymous said...

@John the Econ;
You are so right regarding the fragility of American Exceptionalism. A tyrant like the one we have now can wreak so much damage in such a short time. But I've found it interesting that when some people travel to those 3rd world hell holes, they can have such varied reactions to the experience. Some return with praise for America and a deeper appreciation for our way of life. But some come back feeling deeply ashamed and embarrassed at how well we live. They actually feel guilty about what they themselves have personally worked hard to achieve and the standard of living they've attained, as if the poor countries of the world have been cheated out of their just due just because THEY drive a nice Toyota Minivan and have a nice gas grill in their back yard. My company sponsors mission trips to Central America and every time my co-workers come back, they feel this way. They’re so ashamed of having nice clothes, a soft bed or three meals a day. I definitely think we should help poorer nations as much as possible, but not to the extent that it degrades our great country down to their level. Bill

NVRick said...

@Bruce Bleu, all anyone has to do is fill a glass of water with ice in it and let the ice melt. Even the Grubers could then see the theory of displacement in action.

Geoff King said...

Fill a glass half full of Black Velvet. Add ice until the liquid comes to within one inch of the rim. Place in freezer for 15 minutes. Remove from freezer and drink all the remaining liquid in the glass and you will find (preferably after several attempts) that the glass can still hold no more liquor than in the original experiment.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Geoff King - +1!!!

John the Econ said...

@Shelly, Obama never lets a crisis go to waste.

As for the climate change "hoax", yes, it's largely about the money but also a lot more.

There are a lot of interested parties that are involved and acting in concert for various reasons:

o Totalitarians/Statists: These people are in it for the power. (Obama would be primarily in this group) They want the ability to dictate not only entire economies, but the decisions and lifestyles of individuals.

o Redistributionists: Similar and often the same as the above, they are primarily in it for the ability to tax things they do not like, and then give the money to those they do like. Their motivations can be anything from "social justice" to just plain greed.

o The "True belivers": Largely the "hippies". They're in it for the religion that believes that mankind is the evil scourge of the planet, and that mankind must be contained, if not eliminated.

o Academia: For variouis reasons, including all of the above. Universities have benefited handsomely from government funding for research.

o The Overeducated and Otherwise Unemployable: Academia has been pumping out millions of overeducated people that the free economy has little use for; "Community Organizers", "Grievance Studies" & "Social Justice" majors and the like. The various climate summit confabs are chock-full of these people, looking to ever expand the bureaucracy, and for job security. The NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) are the primary employer of these people.

o Fascist Vegetarians: Did you catch all of the "anti-meat" stories and "studies" that came out the month before Paris? Not a coincidence. If they can't convince people to stop going to McDonald's for moral reasons, then they try health reasons. When that fails, they'll go the carbon route.

o Crony Capitalists: Although mainly anti-capitalist, that doesn't mean that there aren't capitalists out there looking to cash in on the crisis. There will be many corporations that make billions from wind, solar and other "renewables" subsidies.

o "Developing" Countries: These countries, like China, are looking to cash in by largely being left exempt from the carbon caps applied to the "wealthy" countries. The result is that their economies will profit and expand as carbon-intensive industries flee the "capped" countries for the more permissive "developing" countries.

o "Poor" Countries: With help from the armies of the NGOs, they believe that they'll be receiving billions in welfare, or, "aid" to remediate the impact of "climate change", real or mostly imagined, and as "reparations" for being poor countries to begin with. Of course, most of this money won't be spent on helping "poor" people, but on sustaining the massive bureaucracy of the NGOs and the corrupt kleptocracy of most of these repressive countries.

This whole scam literally now employs millions. That's why the "science" no longer matters. Like with ethanol, in 50 years we could be 30 years into the next ice age, and they'll be sticking to the same script.

Popular Front said...

Guys, we've got the same kind of warmist bullshit artists down here in Australia, most notably one Professor Tim Flannery (n.b. he's a professor of paleontology and not anything to do with weather), who is our chief Chicken Little. According to him, the sea levels would rise several metres because of melting ice caps (plenty more ice in the Arctic and Antarctica, help yourself), the dams supplying Sydney would all dry up (all currently at 95% capacity or better), massive crop failures, food riots, Mars attacks, you name it. ALL of his well-reported predictions have failed to come to pass or even come near yet he still has the Green eco-loons hanging off his every utterance. It strikes me that some people need to have fear in their lives in order to have something to cling to, hence the 'global warming' believers.

John the Econ said...

"Some return with praise for America and a deeper appreciation for our way of life. But some come back feeling deeply ashamed and embarrassed at how well we live."

Bill, I've seen this as well. Personally, I don't feel "guilty" for being an affluent American. I feel "gratitude".

I think some feel guilty because they know they haven't worked as hard as previous generations have had to. We are the beneficiaries of an unprecedented century of development in the west. We are not responsible for the poverty elsewhere. In fact, global poverty is on the decline and it's our western values are responsible for the lowest level of global poverty in the history of mankind.

So feeling guilty and getting depressed doesn't fix anything. Converting America into a fetid but more-just economic hell-hole doesn't make anything more just. But exporting our values of exeptionalism does. Free people acting in concert to make a better world makes a better world. Coercion and redistribution only creates cynicism and corruption.

Rod said...

My son is a deep thinker and bright. He summarizes all this noise as an ultimate struggle between three major world wide factions: (1) Arab totalitarianism, (2) Nationalism, and (3) International Socialism. It may very well lead to war; with USA not even a major player; but our economy and way of life a huge victim. To that I will add: Confusion and misdirection added by centralized, controlled and biased media using latest technology; good old fashioned lying, low-character power-crazy politicians; money grubbing lobbyists; and under-educated,overly dependent and dumber than stumps voters (at least here in the USA.) We have a real mess and there several active, well organized threats on the loose. I don't have the answer except how to vote for whatever small effect that MIGHT be worth; and preparedness to try to take care of my own loved ones & property. THAT, I can do; and it's therapy as well.

boligat said...

@Colby Muenster

"Around 10,000 years ago, Mammoths flourished in what is now arid South Dakota and Wyoming. If only someone had cautioned them to shut down their coal fired power plants and put up windmills!"

The mammoths were done in by their own flatulence. A warning to us all. :-)

Colby Muenster said...

Well... I reckon I'll broach the San Bernardino subject... sorry.

Two people with the names Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik dressed to the hilt in commando gear, killed 14 innocent people, wounded 17 more, then left EID's all over the place to kill or maim as many more people as possible. O'Liar says it "might be a terrorist attack."

Really, Barry?! Ya think!?

On the other hand, I understand that it had to be really, really, really, REALLY difficult for him to utter those words.

But, on the other, other hand, we will NEVER hear President Resident utter the words "radical Islamic" terrorist attack.

And this piece of condensed owl shit wants us to open our borders even further, then hand over our guns! Lord, PLEASE put an American in the White House next time!

Judi King said...

@Colby: You've got it but apparently according to the NY Daily News asking GOD for help won't work.

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, unfortunately the term "terrorism" is more a subtle political designation than a proper noun. As such, the term is easily abused, or not used when it competes with the prevalent political narrative of the speaker.

For example, if I were to jump into any crowded space and just started indiscriminately killing people, I likely would be regarded as another "crazy white gun nut" and that would be that. But if I were to do the same while shouting "Stop killing fetuses", it might be considered "terrorism". Subtle, and to those who would be injured or killed, of little material difference.

Of course, it doesn't always work that way. If you were a Muslim army major on a army base gunning down US servicepeople while shouting "allahu akbar", it might only be classified as "workplace violence".

But I do agree with you, that now that the facts are coming to light, that yesterday's event in San Bernardino is, in fact, "terrorism".

John the Econ said...

As for yesterday:

It was interesting (and equally frustrating) watching media coverage of this yesterday. This one was very strange, making it quite dangerous to jump to conclusions. Not that it prevented some, like a Puffington Host reporter who had to quickly point out that there was a Planned Parenthood clinic a mere 1.3 miles away. (I'd post a link, but it seems that the embarrassed correspondent has since retracted it)

I found it interesting that it took most of the day to find out the shooter's name, which, of course, meant that it wasn't a crazy right-wing gun-nut white guy. Actually, some media knew Syed Farook's name by mid afternoon because it was broadcast on police scanners. But nobody dared confirm or repeat it. It didn't become official until late into the evening.

I was primarily watching CNN, so little of what I saw was a surprise. When CNN got around to finding some eye witnesses, one made the faux pas of saying on live TV that one of the shooters was "dark skinned". The conversation was quickly changed. You could almost hear the groans in the control room in learning that their "white guy" narrative was now inoperative.

And then for the better part of the afternoon, they kept referring to the weapons used as "long rifles" instead of "assault weapons", as if a "long rifle" was somehow a scarier or more deadly weapon than an actual "assault rifle" would have been. I found that rather amusing, as it would have been quite a feat to kill more than a few people using actual long rifles. Once again, our experts at CNN displayed their utter ignorance about a topic that they seem so passionate about. Does nobody have access to Google in that control room?

And then, still in denial over the whole terrorism angle, they then focused on the "workplace violence" narrative, when it was revealed that the shooter had attended the party, then left, and then returned with his partner to shoot up the place. This was hard to accept as an act of spontaneity considering the weapons involved, the dress in tactical gear, and the prepared explosive devices, including a improvised remote control bomb car. Who goes to a party, gets pissed off, goes home and tells the wife "Grab the ARs and the IEDs, we're gonna drop the baby off at grandma's and then take out my office staff"?

After a while, I had enough and tuned out. Watched a movie. Before bed, I tuned back into CNN to find a live press conference hosted by Hamas front-group The Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR). Surprising. There, we saw Syed's brother-in-law saying he didn't understand anything. Duh, what else would one expect anyone to say at a CAIR press conference? But this was clearly seeming weird, wasn't doing anything for the "no Islam to see here" narrative, so CNN quickly pulled away and went back to babbling about nothing new.

Today we learn, contrary to Obama's skepticism, that there really is a terrorism investigation going on. The attackers wore GoPro cameras. Their apartment was a IED factory. Oh, and finally, the neighbors had been watching the Farooks for some time, but didn't call anybody because they "didn't want to profile" and be thought of as "racists". Political correctness takes a few hundred more victims.

One upside: Most of those brainless "The real enemy is white guys" or "Most mass murders are committed by white guys" meme posts that popped up like weeds last week on social media are disappearing. Clearly, there's still a little shame out there to embarrass people. So expect the narrative to shift away from "white guys" back to "guns".

Geoff King said...

Hmmm. Perhaps CNN referring to the weapons involved as "long rifles" was because they learned that the perps were in fact Muslims, and by criticizing the ak-47 or ar-15 rifles they actually used would destroy the right wing looney with major assault weapons narrative they so desperatively desired to impart to advance their anti-gun ( pro-disarmed victim) propaganda.