Monday, June 15, 2015


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On Saturday, Hillary Clinton attempted to inject some much-needed excitement into her presidential bid with a campaign speech to a surprisingly small number of New Yorkers, almost all of whom were white.  Although whether they self-identify as white is anybody's guess.

Mixed in with Hillary's standard populist sloganeering about despising Wall Street and the evil rich who are writing the checks for her campaign, her Foundation, and her pantsuit collection, Mrs. Clinton took time to humanize herself by making reference to the inspiration she's found in her mother's miserable life.

As a child, Hillary's mother was abandoned by her father at age 8 and sent to live with nightmarish grandparents until she ran away and became a housemaid at age 14 (a job option no longer available to actual American citizens of any age).

In her autobiography, which we highly doubt Hillary has even read, it says "I thought often of my own mother’s neglect and mistreatment at the hands of her parents and grandparents, and how other caring adults filled the emotional void to help her.”

In other words, don't look to your family for support and guidance - look to the (ahem) "caring adults" of the Big Government "village" which Queen Hillary wants to rule over to help exorcise the demons of her own criminally dysfunctional family.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, rachel dolezal, black, white, naacp

Speaking of Hillary's dysfunctional family, we all know that Bill Clinton was our nation's first all-white black president. Now, we know who the second one is: Rachel Dolezal, president of the Spokane NAACP.

According to Ms. Dolezal's parents, she's not black (as she's claimed on various legal documents) so much as crazy and entirely white. Not that there's anything wrong with that, other than being descended from whip-wielding slave owners and enjoying scads of filthy white privilege and being unable to clap on the beat.

Much like the puzzle of whether a tree which falls in the forest when no one is around still makes a sound, the media is now being forced to consider whether telling a white woman that she's not black is still racist. So far, particularly on MSNBC, the answer seems to be "yes."


Bill said...


I was living n a condominium type place, and my son and I were being harassed by the organization that ran the place.

I hired a lawyer to defend me against their harassment, and then found out that the lawyer I hired was also representing the organization that ran the place.

Even though my son and I are both clearly Caucasian, I then sent a letter to my lawyer stating that I believe that the organization that ran the place found out that I am part African and that's why they were harassing me.

The lawyer, of course, reported my statement to the organization that ran the place, and the harassment stopped.

Claiming that you are an African is very useful. I've been recommending to people for three decades to state on applications they are Africans so that they get special treatment. I'm surprised that more people don't do it.

In the case of Rachel Dolezal, if she gets a DNA test done, the test will probably show that she has some African blood because that is what the DNA testers like to include in their report whether its there or not.

Just My Thoughts,
Bill Moore

Joseph ET said...

We watched Hillary’s speech as long as we could. Started to feel nausea coming on, so hit mute. Same old, same old. All those evil rich people like her. We need to see the Clintons sell off everything and give 99% of it to us the needy, including Stilton . Income inequality is a joke they bring to every election cycle. All they do is take an average of all female workers and the male workers in a state then you can see a difference. Of course they don’t talk about the different occupations that are high paying that few women will take or how many more hours may be worked by some but not others. How come female NFL players are paid less than the male players? . . . Oh wait! Okay then, how about ladies pro golfers are paid less than the male pro golfers? Maybe larger audiences? Shall we compare pro baseball players? There are many work places were the new workers are paid less, but are given regular raises for time on the job because as they gain experience and knowledge they become more productive and are worth more.

I loved the interview where Rachel Dolezal was asked if she is African-American and she said; “I don’t understand the question.” The look on her face was priceless. It said “Busted” all over it. This piece of trash will probably get a pass because she’s one of the progressives.

Anonymous said...

The questions unasked (or unaxed):

How is it that this woman became PRESIDENT of the Spokane NAACP with nobody discovering this or apparently asking the question of her racial makeup?

The same way that Elizabeth Warren became a Cherokee Indian, I suppose. Why doesn't she lean on her as a defense?

What about the accountability for the people who voted her in as the President of their chapter? What about the national organization? This highlights the utter idiocracy of them all. Too lazy ot stupid to care until it's too late. Mz Dolezal clearly thought they could be fooled and she was right.

Anonymous said...

I heard her next gig after she's ushered out of the Nat'l Assn. of Apparently Confused Persons will be tutoring Hillary on how to "pass".

Geoff King said...

I too am part black. At least I was yesterday after helping a friend change his disc brakes. There is still traces of that color under my fingernails. So, where's my free stuff?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bill- I think you've hit on a winning strategy there. Moreover, anthropologists seem to think we're all descended from African ancestors and can lay claim to "black blood." It's time people start exercising their white privilege to be black.

@JosephET- Hillary's speech was painful, but it's easy to see who she's trying to appeal to. She wants to be the First Grandmother watching over a massive nanny state that controls our health, our wages, and our children. And sadly, a lot of voters want all of that and more.

Regarding Dolezal, the Left isn't going to go after her with any enthusiasm because they don't really want to ask questions about what it means to be black.

@Chish McFicken- Lesson one will be to work on the accent Hillary uses for her "I ain't no ways tarred" speech.

@Geoff King- It's time to demand reparations for black fingernails! Personally, I want 40 acres, a mule and a manicure.

Stan da Man said...

"I ain't NO ways Tarred"....
I can think of a way to fix that.
Need feathers and a rail, tho, and people strong enough to carry her tarred "axe"....

Bruce Bleu said...

DAMMIT...THAT'S why I can't pass for a black guy... I've been "hatchet"ing questions.

Geoff King said...
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Geoff King said...

At least Dolezal did her homework:

John the Econ said...

Anyone else notice the more that Hillary tries to appear humble, sensitive and connected, the more she fails? And the more she ratchets up the whole class warfare shtick, the harder it is to forget that this is a woman who demands $250,000 to $350,000 just to walk into a room and sat on the board of a tax exempt international money laundering organization that largely exists to employ past and future Clinton political cronies. She goes on about hedge fund managers who pay a lower tax rate than you do. Well, the money funneled through the Clinton Foundation isn't taxed at all.

And her crowd is almost as white as Bernie Sander's.

Try as they might to convince us otherwise, nobody outside of their respective hard-cores is excited about any of these candidates.

So yes, it's sad that Hillary had a sucky childhood. So what is it about people who think that a government run by a bunch of cold-hearted bastards like this can possibly be any better? Do they honestly believe that government can actually synthesize "love"? After all, all government can actually do is shift material resources. Are the anti-materialistic Progressives actually suggesting that "love" is built upon material wealth? Or is it that as usual, nobody bothers to think it out that far?

Rachel Dolezal: Once again, and more frequently so, political correctness jumps the shark. The Rachel Dolezal story is probably the best single example of how far off the deep end the grievance business has gone. And it is a business. Rachel Dolezal has done very well exploiting her "blackness" for personal and professional gain, just like faux-ethnics like Liz Warren who used her Cherokee non-cred to the top tier of academia and millionaire hustlers like Al Sharpton, who is less a reverend that I am. So is Rachel Dolezal a certifiable nut? Possibly, even likely, but I'm still not certain. It could just be that she's another Liz Warren who knew that the world most of us live in; the one that demands marketable value in our labors in exchange for wealth had little use for someone like her, so she sought out a decent career in the grievance industry where value is totally ethereal. The real question remains: Will the grievance industry realize that they've been had, or will they find a way to justify and excuse the scam perpetrated against them. Stay tuned.

Oh, and Happy 800th Birthday to the Magna Carta. It is probably the most single important document in the history of man's relationship to government. Our Constitution would not have existed without it. It is the first document that established limits upon state power. Even the king was now subject to the rule of law.

Unfortunately, that's an idea that far too many of today's leaders have forgotten.

John the Econ said...

@Bill, interesting story. There's actually a theory I've seen popping up more frequently called "Black Privilege". This is a notion that counteracts the so-called "white privilege" narrative that is now standard belief in academia and self-hating Progressive circles. Basically, it means that you can get away with stuff that no white person could, because of the soft bigotry of lowered expectations.

And this applies to most other grievance groups as well. Decades ago, Mrs. Econ was seeking to get something published and getting no traction. I half-seriously suggested that she invent a bio where she was lesbian or bi-sexual and throw in some native-American heritage (which for her was more credible and documentable that Liz Warren's) and publisher's would have been all over it. Alas, Mrs. Econ had too much self-respect to lower herself to Progressive feminist standards. Unfortunately, today due to Political Correctness, personal integrity now comes at even a higher price.

@Anonymous, good questions. My answer would be that Ms. Dolezal told them exactly what they wanted to hear. She had the perfect (albeit fake) bio. It was as though she compiled a list of every bad thing that could conceivably happen to someone (beyond being born a poor black woman) and then integrated it all into a single narrative of an imaginary past. She was a black woman and victim of everything from parental abuse, assault, rape, hate crimes, even lived impoverished in at tee-pee. It hit every single hot button that questionless Progressives would respond to. How could they not vote this woman president? The national NAACP owe her family, who apparently tired of being the scapegoat for her pathetic life and exposed her for who she was, a massive debt of gratitude before Ms. Dolezal inevitably rose to be national president, as she conceivably could have.

But just to argue the other side of this issue: If Bruce Jenner can become a woman just because he decides to, then why can't Rachel Dolezal decide to be black just because she decides to as well?

Anonymous said...

When ever I come galloping home, everyone stops to admire my fine tan and ivory coat. Since I've started wearing my saddle all the time, it is easier for folks to see that I am a Shetland pony. I am a Shetland pony because I say I am.

REM1875 said...

5 generations of unloving and/or unloveable people-some traditions should not be carried on schrillary. Let me think. I am looking for a word here, compassion- hmmmm, empathy -no, sympathetic -hmmm closer, ahhhh pathetic -yeah thats it!

REM1875 said...

Well there goes all the work I put into my book 'Black- for fun and financial gain' that hurts.
@John the Econ- you do such a great job I hate to say anything that may seem argumentative but please don't rule out that lizzie warren, while shrewd and calculating may also be stark raving insane. Every little glimpse into those eyes seems to show the raging fires of lunacy burning deep in depths in back. I fear her more than the hildabeast.

David in SoCal said...

So, I watched in amazement(and amusement); Hillary announce for the SECOND time, her decision to run for POTUS in 2016. I can understand the 2nd announcement, as most 'folks' didn't watch or care about the first one; and most of her voting base probably needs to be reminded every month or so anyway. She had to remind the paid/bussed in audience that she would be the first woman POTUS in US history, probably because most of her supporters don't realize that unless they are told. Her Majesty Shrillery also reminded us for the umpteenth time that she colors her hair, and would not look old and grey like her predecessors have while in office. Well, there's finally ONE good reason to vote for her! She also mentioned the evil/nasty/wart-nosed Hedge Fund Manager's gross profit margins and low tax base for the third or fourth time......And what does her son-in-law do for a living?...He's a Hedge Fund Manager. Think about having THAT as a mother-in-law! As Secretary of State, Madame Clinton was partially responsible for the death's of 4 brave Americans in Benghazi; just imagine how many death's she could contribute to as President!....YYYIPEEE!
On Ms. Dolezal: 'Dis bee-atch gots' free tuition to College 'cause she signed up as Afro American. Now's the time to take her to court and make her pay it back, along with all else given to her for free. As a young man, I took 6 years of Spanish in school; went to Mayheeco three times;(which means I also came from Mexico into the US three times, and never went back), I absolutely LOVE Mexican food/Jalapenos/beers, and work in the construction industry with many 'folks' of Mexican heritage. With this as my life scenario; I should now be declared a Mexican, and be given all the freebies afforded to other Mexicans that have crossed the border into the US like me, and also given reparations for my past Mexicanism not recognized by this Gummit. Gracias para todo, mis Comorados; y VIVA LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS!

Popular Front said...

This Dolezal thing reminds me of 'Silver Streak' where Richard Pryor does Gene Wilder up in blackface and the elderly black janitor says to him "I don't know what trouble you in boy, but learn to keep time!"

Joseph ET said...

Yeah, if they made Silver Streak, Blazing Saddles, History of the World and other Mel Brooks films these days the PC Nazis would be having fits. These movies made fun of all groups, but that doesn’t matter these days.

John the Econ said...

@Anonymous, in a post-modern Progressive America, why not? The only thing you are no longer allowed is to be is left alone.

@REM1875, if Liz Warren is "crazy", then it's "crazy, like a fox". There isn't all that much difference between Dolezal and Warren. They both rode the Affirmative Action" and grievance train to the tops of their respective professions. They both made a respectable livings doing it. I think they both honestly believe their shtick. I'm not certain that qualifies as "stark raving insane". In the mental health field, "insanity" or "dysfunction" generally means an inability to adequately function within society. I think until recently, they've functioned quite well.

Now, I do believe that their political agendas are indeed "stark raving insane". But the fact that these two women were able to profit from an insane political agenda doesn't necessarily make them insane. It does make them the kind of "immoral capitalists" that Warren's made a career bemoaning. Hypocrisy itself is not insanity.

@David in SoCal, in any previous age I don't think anyone could imagine an individual so transparently hypocritical as Hillary Clinton being considered as a viable candidate for President. How any individual who is so entitled that they can make millions of dollars a week just for walking into a room can take shots at overpaid CEOs who at least have to show up at work, comply with incomprehensible laws, and are answerable to frequently unhappy shareholders is beyond me. It thought the Clintons were out of touch 25 years ago. I can't even imagine how much the last 15 years have warped them. I guess we're going to find out.

@Popular Front & Joseph ET: No question that Mel Brooks would not have a career today. (Well, he basically doesn't) The next generation of Mel Brooks will not exist, or if they do it will only be underground.

PRY said...

@Stilt..." She wants to be the First Grandmother watching over a massive nanny state that controls our health, our wages, and our children. And sadly, a lot of voters want all of that and more." So true. Makes no sense whatsoever, except to show how the Left's efforts are being rewarded.

The sheeple accept the world the left is dying to bring all of us, they accept it in small increments and now we who happen to be livng at this time get the 'honor' of seeing the decades of easing the whole camel into the tent one millimeter at a time!

I know many here today are bible believers and would agree that this is no surprise to those who are familiar with biblical concepts. It ain't pretty, but it's the way it's gotta be right now! But, we know God is STILL in control!

Rod said...

The only reason Hillary is not realizing this is the end of the road for her is: She firmly believes MONEY wins it, and all the rest is just procedural; right out of the playbook. And she may be right. God, I hope not.

John the Econ said...

More Rachel Dolezal news:

In 2002, while she was still known as the white Rachel Moore, she sued Howard University after she received her graduate degree there, claiming the historically black college had discriminated against her because she was white.

"Dolezal, who then went by her married name, Rachel Moore, claimed the university blocked her appointment as a teaching assistant, failed to hire her as an art teacher upon graduation and removed some of her pieces from a student art exhibition in favor of works by African-American students."

Get it? She got an advanced "grievance studies" degree, which is almost totally useless outside of academia, government, or the "grievance industry". She had every expectation of a job with at one of the only places she knew would hire someone with a "grievance studies" degree. But then she made a very rude discovery; "grievance studies" degrees are even more useless for white people as they are for black people. The relatively few "make work" jobs available are for blacks, not whites. So she sued. And she lost, thus confirming my point.

So what does she do? She transforms herself into a black woman, creates a bio of abuse and suffering that supposedly only a black person would understand and appreciate, (after all, she does have an advanced degree in knowing what that would all be) and is suddenly gainfully employed by the grievance industry; as an instructor, civic adviser, columnist, and finally as the president of a local NAACP chapter. These are all positions that almost certainly would have been denied her as a white woman.

Is Dolezal a person without scruples? Unquestionably. But does this necessarily sound like the plan of an "insane" person? I don't think so. It's the progressive political environment she traveled through that is unquestionably insane. But how she navigated it was no more insane than the environment itself. In fact, she was merely conforming to their rules, as insane as they are. Operatives in the grievance industry lie every day. Dolezal is hardly the first grievance operative to invent or stage fake rapes, assaults, discrimination and other hate crimes against themselves. (They easily rationalize it to themselves in the name of "raising awareness") The only difference is that along with lying about everything else, Dolezal also lied about her genetics. Considering the world of exaggerated and invented grievances she's lived in for the better part of two decades, that really wasn't much of a jump.

Anonymous said...

I had an occasion to have a supervisor who was for all intents and purposes, white. She however spent a little too much time in the tanning beds. But that aside, she dressed as a black woman, carried herself as a black woman, spoke as an urban black woman, and even listened to rap Music.

Funny thing is, when actual black folks questioned her about her ethnicity, she would get offended and tell them that she was white. She certainly put on the appearance of a black woman, mixed at most, and certainly acted as one.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- GREAT comments above, and I regret that circumstances have kept me from responding to them in a timely way. Special tip o' the hat to John the Econ for the insights on Dolezal. Makes sense to me!

Dieter said...

Just as the African-americans have a "do not touch, let them wreak havoc lest they sue you" sign when they interact with the white majority so do the so-called Asians in England. They can rape, rob and bomb, just don't call them out on it. Which is why Mama Ngina, sorry that was a flashback, i meant Michelle Obama can go to a school in England and tell those poor "Asian" girls they are suffering just as much as those poor blacks in her homeland. She sure is a wonderful rep for her country. I used to live in Kenya, after independence Firestone got permission to put up a factory, they used their oldest, junkiest equipment and made the most rotten overpriced tyres in the world and the country officially banned the import of all tyres. I had to see Mama Ngina Kenyatta, the presidents wife,to buy the Michelin's I needed for my Mercedes. Didn't really see her, just one of her hirelings.

As for the other dozy bint, make her happy! Call her a nigger, that will make her day.