Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Skin Flicks

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Lucy is also boycotting "13 Hours" because "who can sit in a theater that long without peeing?!"
Leftists are reeling in the aftermath of the Oscar nominations which tragically, and for the second year in a row, have failed to nominate anyone the color of Ben Carson for a top acting or directing award.

Spike Lee, who we believe is famous for having recorded a comic version of "Cocktails for Two" in the 1940's to entertain the troops, is calling for black people nationwide to boycott the Oscar telecast in order to punish the evil white Hollywood plantation owners. And truly, what else other than racism can explain the Academy's abysmal failure to give a "Best Picture" nod to the epic film "Straight Out of Compton" which told the Horatio Alger-like tale of the rap group "N****rs With Attitude" and their many hit songs like "F**k the Police."

Alleged filmmaker Michael Moore is also joining the boycott which, incidentally, frees up an entire row of seats at the Oscar ceremony in case anyone still wants tickets to the country's biggest and most glamorous piece of televised potential terrorist-bait.

Highlighting the gravity of the Oscar Academy's unwillingness to cast votes for anyone other than honkies, crackers, Aryans, and albinos, even the normally taciturn Al Sharpton broke his legendary silence to demand an Oscar boycott and, time allowing, the burning down of a random business or two.

Frankly, Hope n' Change has a difficult time finding much sympathy for actors, actresses, or directors who are paid millions of dollars per project but still whine that they're victims of racism if they don't also get a gold statuette. But out of an abundance of good will, we're willing to agree with Spike Lee that the liberal tastemakers in Hollywood probably are racists who look down on the accomplishments and potential of blacks.

After all, why should they be different from any other liberals?


 obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, hillary, email, classified, SAP

It was revealed yesterday that Hillary Clinton's unprotected, unauthorized private email server not only contained documents which were classified, secret, and top secret, but it also contained documents so far above top secret that even their name was previously kept top secret!

The documents refer to "Special Access Programs" which contain information so secret and so important that a security breach pretty much guarantees to raise untold hell on our national interests and intelligence agencies. Which might explain why, on the international stage, things have been going to hell for our national interests and intelligence agencies since Hillary threw protective protocol out the window in hopes of concealing her own shenanigans.

Of note, the "Special Access Programs" are also called SAPs in recognition of the people who still think Hillary will be prosecuted for her growing list of crimes.


Joseph ET said...

I think that Hillary should be indicted and prosecuted along with the 20 or 30 others that were participants in the crimes. It should be interesting to watch them tying themselves into knots and spinning weasel words to protect her and as many of her cronies as possible. In many past scandals, the powers that be would find some lower level crony to fall on the sword thereby saving the important ones. I think that there are many still working at the State Department that are worried about their own a$$ going to jail. That would explain the huge effort they have been taking to help the cover up. So, there will be some indictments and prosecutions, but it will only be a few “little fish”. Also, watch for a couple of suicides and accidental deaths coming soon. The Clinton’s have a long trail of bodies in their wake.

I stopped watching the award shows years ago as they are only self-promotion. Maybe what they need is to impose affirmative action in the entertainment industry. How about having a token “non-white” each season. Either one would be easier than making a better product or producing a high quality performance. It’s time that we complain about the low number of whites in the NFL and NBA. There’s also too many tall people in the NBA, looks like decimation against people that are vertically challenged.

WalrusMN said...

The solution to Hollywood's Dilemma is obvious. EVERYBODY gets a nomination and EVERYBODY gets an Oscar. The Oscars will have to be smaller, though. No room to inscribe the name of the "winner" or the achievement, just the word "Participant."

Jim Irre said...

Hey! Watch it @Bruce Bleu! Paramecia are single-celled organisms too!

@WalrusMN - that's the best idea I've heard in a long time! The statuettes should also be made in China, out of plastic! "Participant", bwahahahahahahaha!

Geoff King said...

Last I checked the host for the upcoming Academy Awards, Chris Rock, is black. I also believe the Black Entertainment Television awards, which he last hosted, did not have a lot of nominees from the vast majority white population. I guess it is ok for that venue to be totally racist though.

TrickyRicky said...

I think it is time to stop referring to Hillary as Ma Barker. She is now Ethyl Rosenberg in my mind. Unfortunately she will not be prosecuted, much less receive the same sentence, which she so richly deserves.

Anonymous said...

I think Spike Jones was the bandleader in the 40s who did the song you mentioned.

Fred Ciampi said...

But, but, but, ...... The Oscars are there to recognize the BEST talent. So, the fact that there are no nominees from certain groups of people would show a definitive lack of talent in that particular group as compared to other groups of people. There, I stated it as sensitively as I could.

And as far as Hill and Billery, we should start a football like pool of the body count. Now, that's going to be an interesting affair ... so to speak. And I just wonder if anyone in the position to do so will actually try to enforce the law or not for fear of becoming another statistic of the Clintons. Hmmmm, "Bodies in the Wake", sounds like a good rap song.

Jim G said...


Another blast out of the Park. Keep it coming. Love everyone of your posts.

Regarding Billary Clinton, if you or I ever sent one classified email over an unclass server our asses would be in prison. This (fill in the blank) ______ sent not only Confidential, Secret, and Top
Secret emails....she sent Special Access Program (SAP) emails. You have to be "read in" on the program and sign documents swearing you will never divulge the information. It is tatamount to treason what she did!

She should go to prison for the rest of her miserable life. If we did what she did we would be "making little rocks out of big rocks" in Leavenworth Prison for a looooong time....and you can imagine how much fun our lilly white asses would have in that environment.

Life is not fair and then you run into the Obamas and the Clintons. Maybe time for you to consider sending God a prayer.

Peace Brother.
Jim G.

Bruce Bleu said...

What else could we POSSIBLY expect. They have a COMPLETELY inComptonpant affirmative-action IMBECILE as presidunce, so ACHIEVEMENT has NOTHING to do with getting recognition and reward. They want PARTICIPATION Oscars, dammit! It's like Forrest Gump said, "stupid is as stupid does", and today's liberal blacks make paramecium look intelligent!

Judi King said...

Oscars should be given for outstanding achievement NOT for what color of skin you were born with. If the standards are changed to accommodate this, then they might as well end the whole farce. The real awards are given at the box office.

As for the former secretary of crime, she should be in Leavenworth, but that will never happen. The Arkansas mafia will see to that (to Fred Ciampi's point).

Rod said...

Huge double incentive here: Want to see Hillary et al prosecuted? Step one is help make sure she's not elected. She's literally running for her life now.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Joseph ET- I think there's a chance that Hillary may be indicted, but no chance at all that she'll actually be prosecuted (she no doubt has a nice little insurance policy in that, if crossed, she could tell the world Obama's real roles in the killing of Bin Laden and the Benghazi debacle).

Regarding the Oscars, I don't watch the telecast as I consider such awards to be as meaningless as a Nobel Peace Prize.

@WalrusNM- Also, everyone gets a hug and are told they did a "good job!"

@Geoff King- There are scads of awards besides the Oscars, many of them specifically targeted for blacks and/or liberal causes - which nobody seems to mind. Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith (Will Smith's wife) actually makes a principled argument against the Oscars when she says that black performers demean themselves by even having to ask for inclusion in the awards. Put another way, if a black performer believes that the Oscars represent the tastes of white racists, why would he or she want the award?

Regarding Chris Rock as host, I'm sure he'll have some uncomfortably blistering (and likely funny) remarks about all of this if he follows through on the hosting gig.

@TrickyRicky- It's almost like the cops finding body after body buried in her basement, but nobody arresting her until someone of enough importance is found decomposing in the quick lime. The fact that she had these documents is prima facie proof of crime.

@Anonymous- My whimsical reference to Spike Jones, who was hilarious, was deliberate (and if you click on the link in the commentary, you can enjoy "Cocktails for Two" on Youtube). Spike Lee, on the other hand, is simply a bitter pill of a man who allegedly made one good movie once, and has been coasting on bad movies and black privilege ever since.

@Fred Ciampi- Of course, the Oscars really don't recognize the objective "best" in any category - only what most pleased the oddball tastes of the Academy members. A year or two ago, the "Best Picture" was "Birdman," which was damn near unwatchable. Neither the nominations nor the awards themselves have any relationship to the actual talent in any demographic group.

Regarding the Clinton body count, I think many people are afraid to cross the Clintons and their political machinery. It's a high stakes game, whether or not it's literally life and death.

@Jim G- CBS reporter Sheryl Attkisson, who was becoming a pain to the Obama administration, had her computer hacked by the government. They "planted" a few classified document deep in her operating system where no one (they thought) would discover them, but would be available for them to "discover" if they needed to take Attkisson down.

The point being that anyone other than Hillary would already be in jail, and facing multiple life sentences.

@Bruce Bleu- Granted, Obama has received so many undeserved honors and awards that it's not surprising that others are starting to feel left out.

@Readers- Let me issue a gentle reminder about language here in the comments section. I've had to do some minor editing on a couple of comments today to make them palatable, but that's not something I want to keep doing. Please keep in mind that this is an open forum viewable by all kinds and ages of people, and our shared goal needs to be to make this an inviting place for them to visit. That doesn't mean changing your thoughts or opinions, just expressing yourself as politely as you would in any other public place. Thank you!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Judi King- You're right that changing the Awards themselves to make sure there are black nominees and winners negates any meaning the Oscars might have otherwise had. There are suggestions about changing the ethnic and demographic makeup of the voting academy (entertainment gerrymandering, if you will) which might have the desired effect. But to quote from the Oscar-winning "Gone With the Wind," frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

@Rod- Excellent point. If Hillary doesn't become the nominee, the odds go way up that she'll be prosecuted. Unless, as I suggested earlier, she's got enough dirt on Barry to protect her pantsuit-stretching hiney.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

D'oh! The reporter I mentioned in my comments above is Sharyl Attkisson, not "Sheryl." I need more coffee this morning to aid in my vowel movements.

Anonymous said...

Brad says-
As regards Hillary> being prosecuted...
I've a theory that I would like to put out there in a manner that time stamps it.
It's not unique but I've said it longer than I've heard it said.

Obama offered the post of Sec State for the express purpose of destroying Hillary.
Clinton took it knowing that it was dangerous to do so and set up the private email to try to deny access to the admin.
The Clintons "owned" the Dem party from the time Bill entered office until Obama became President.
Obama desires to retain control of the Dem party.
Obama retains control if the GOP prevails or if a handpicked successor prevails.
Obama loses control of the party if Hillary and Bill prevail.
Obama will act to prevent Hillary from winning the Presidency.

In order to install a handpicked successor, Hillary will be allowed to win the delegates towards the democrat nomination but will then be destroyed prior to the nominating convention. Most likely a combination of leaked medical info and a massive indictment for public corruption via the Clinton Foundation and for mishandling classified info. (I was saying medical/alcoholism/BengH>azi/C.F. before the emails became apparent)

At the convention, Clinton delegates will be released to choose someone not destined for a federal penitentiary. Handpicked successor to be Biden or Michelle. Biden allows retention of party control. Michelle allows for retention of the party and the Presidency. BHM

Anonymous said...

Brad says-

One more thing...
OK, two more things...
Obama is no longer worried about whatever dirt the Clintons have on him because he has something held in reserve that could put Bill and Chelsea in the pen.
The flaw in the ointment is that the email thing is blowing up so fast that Hillary may not win the delegates as planned. BHM

Elmer (I am sooooo confused) said...

I thought that is what the Democratic Party is all about - old white people telling everyone else how much of a victim they are. And then taking money under the table from crony capitalist like Soros (and all the others at Davos) to keep all of the victims in their place. Isn't that the party platform? I thought Miss Hot Body (Dummy Wasserman-Twit) said so recently - maybe I need more coffee.

It is amazing how Hillbilly is above the law. But she is a Democrat. Laws are for everyone else I suppose. I mean, is that what the H-symbol of hers refers to? "Hypocrisy"?

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Hillary is getting a pass because she is white and rich? Just saying'.

John the Econ said...

As much as I'd like to boycott the Academy Awards as a demonstration of outrage, it would be a completely meaningless gesture as I generally boycott all entertainment award shows as a matter of habit. I really can't care less about these cadres of America's most self-indulgent social elites congratulating themselves about creating what is mostly cultural diarrhea. If I ever get so bored with my life that I'd find 3 hours of vapid unscripted actor blather entertaining, I'll know that I no longer have any real need, interest, or purpose on this planet and will logically have to kill myself.

What I do find entertaining is yet another example of America's leftist establishment consuming itself. If I understand this correctly, people are upset because not enough "people of color" have appeared in movies worth watching. So I'm not convinced that this is so much a problem of "racism" on the part of the so-called "academy" which decides which movies and actors are worthy of adulation, than it is with the culture responsible for deciding what movies get made and who shall perform in them.

So what is the solution to this problem? Will Hillary in her current push to secure the vote of black women propose a Federal law requiring that all white citizens be subpoenaed to watch Straight Outta Compton? Should the academy be required to pass out trophies to everyone who attends a awards show like they now do with children's sports? Or will the academy simply adopt an affirmative action-like quote program for movies, making sure that every ethnic or social group is proportionally and properly represented when the statues are handed out. My guess is that it will be the latter.

Hillary: Once again, we catch Hillary red-handed violating countless laws that her lessers would serve time for and absolutely nothing will happen. If she gets asked at all about this anytime soon, we'll get the usual "What difference does it make" answer. And she's right. The law hasn't touched her or her husband for any of their previous transgressions, so why should this one be any different? Don't expect it to come up until she's finally forced to debate a Republican, and even then, at that point she'll spin it off as all part of the Koch-fueled "vast right-wing conspiracy", and the media will dutifully repeat it. It won't disqualify her from being President, which will only embolden her should she actually win. The reign of Queen Hillary will make historically literate America fondly long for King George III.

You know who feels like a "sap" today? Former hero and 4-star general David Petraeus, who's about to get demoted from his 4-star status to mere lieutenant general for divulging a minute slice of SAP information to his biographer/mistress. The demotion will likely cost him $50,000-a-year in pension payments. (He really should have sent some of that money to the Clinton Foundation for a future pardon)

I really don't know if this is good or bad, but it looks like Bernie may be leading Hillary in New Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

I'll be voting for a Republican, although I DID consider voting for Bernie just to help add one more tiny little vote to Hillary's woes. I think she is a first class egotist, power hungry, money grabbing b$%^%& who care only for herself. I wouldn't support her for the office of dog catcher.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps the people complaining should consider whether there WERE any performances WORTHY of an award. Spike Lee probably wouldn't be considered because of the subject content and the language....both are not filed under average American. Will Smith was very good, but the film wasn't outstanding. I can't think of any more this year.

It's NOT a popularity contest people - it considers the acting, the story, the dialogue and the entire package.

Anonymous said...


I will get that hoped for soon as Obama is out of office and Hillary is defeated (soundly, I hope)!

Shelly said...

It amuses me to no end that Hillary brought all this on herself. Her insane desire to thwart any scrutiny (i.e., FOIA requests and those pesky Republicans) of her emails led her to try and conceal them with the homebrew server. Had she used the email and kept the other damaging personal emails private, she would be sailing to the coronation right now. So hopefully, finally she might be held to account for being so STUPID.
As far as the Oscars go, what most people overlook is that Hollywood is dominated by Jews. I'm not anti-Semitic as I have Jewish ancestry and a beloved Jewish son-in-law. I consider the Oscars' self-aggrandizement tedious, especially when they go on about the courage it takes to playact for millions of dollars. I do watch the Oscars to see the fashions and hope for unscripted entertainment, but I have to record them and fast-forward through all the boring speeches by Jewish guys I don't know, thanking all their friends. Do this and the 3 hours gets cut down to about 1 and 1/2!

Colby Muenster said...

You sir, are one of the best wordsmiths I've ever had the pleasure to read! Grand slam today (and most days for that matter).

Does anybody know anybody who actually watches the Academy Awards? I don't, and I personally have not watched the libtard festival for many decades, even when I WAS a libtard. These people are so out of touch with reality, I have no desire to witness their little meaningless orgy of patting each other on the back about movies that THEY think deserve awards. I also agree with Judi King; the real awards are given at the box office, and the movies that usually win Oscars typically are not the box office hits. I will, however, admit to a certain pleasure I experience when libtards attack other libtards. How's that whole diversity thing working for you now, you pack of clueless snobs?!

Concerning The Wicked Witch of the South, I have a tendency to agree with Brad's theory. We all know that O'Liar hates the Clintons. We all know that O'Liar wants to keep his "wholesale country destruction program" rolling. We all know O'Liar is perfectly willing to throw people under the bus for political gain. We all know that O'Liar has no problem overstepping his authority and mandating whatever he feels like mandating, even if The Constitution doesn't grant him the power. We all know that the Injustice Department is in his back pocket.

Add it all up, and Billary might be toast come about July. All it would take is a couple of phone calls from O'Liar. The question is, would it be Biden or someone we haven't even considered, like maybe Bloomberg or Holder?

PRY said...

OF COURSE Hillary should be in trouble, but it is a fact that many folks in-the-know DON'T want to mess with the Clintons if they want to keep on breathing!

Geoff King said...

Gary Johnson, the ex-governor of New Mexico, will again be running for president on the Libertarian ticket. However, considering he is a decent person who believes in the Constitution and did great things in support of the Bill of Rights while governor, he again will not have a snowball's chance in the Clinton Foundation of winning.

FlyBoy said...

I recall hearing once from the Great Paul Harvey that there is an awards show on TV about every ten days or so. Imagine having a job where you are not only famous, but paid enormous amounts of cash and privilege. Then you're told every few weeks how wonderful and talented you are, and, oh, here, take this trophy as a token of the largesse you so richly deserve.....

John the Econ said...

You'd think that at this point, there's nothing a Clinton could say or do that would seem incredulous anymore. And yet, the incredulous keeps coming:

"Hillary Clinton's campaign encountered heavy backlash Sunday night shortly after tweeting a statement made by Clinton during the fourth Democratic primary debate: "There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail," Clinton told the moderators during the first hour of the debate Sunday."

I agree. There "should be... no individual too big to jail". And yet, we know Hillary doesn't really believe that, now does she.

Anonymous said...

I recently read a looong list of names of people who likely ended up in Clinton body bags. Must be that Obarely There doesn't think that he would fit in one of those.

Popular Front said...

I note that you've slipped some new faces into your background wallpaper Stilton. Am I the first?

NVRick said...

And now, the nominees for best 'actor/actress of color' in a major piece of (fill in the blank)...

There. End of alleged problem.

EddieMacIsaac said...

Shameless Shillary has a llife time supply of stay out of jail cards.

Unknown said...

Driving down a highway, a huge pickup trucked passed my husband and me and when he did, we noticed on his blacked-out (or is that African-Americaned-out?) rear window in tall white letters (or is that cracker letters?): "Fuck the Police". We busted a gut laughing and said it would be funny if he got pulled over for it. No sooner did we say that than did a cop car light him up and pull him over. We came to a stop light just down the road and pulled up next to a car whose occupants were obviously laughing too. I rolled down my window and we were talking about sweet justice with the guy being pulled over. Wish I had my camera with me that day. Those words were priceless.