Monday, February 15, 2016

Rough Weekend

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Following the tragic and untimely death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, speculation is running wild about who Barack Obama will nominate as a replacement to best assure that our country and Constitution can never recover. We don't know for a fact that it will be one of the idiots above, but we do know that any nominee Barry actually recommends is worth blocking.

And Scalia's death, still due to unknown causes at the time (although he was found in the "El Presidente" room with a pillow on his head, after which local Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes without seeing the body and without ordering an autopsy) comes at a very convenient time for liberals...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, scalia, supreme court, hillary, murder

No, we don't think Hillary had Scalia killed.  But we certainly expect her to seek political benefit from his death by pushing the importance of her election for the purpose of picking a possible successor (if Obama's nominees are blocked). Additionally, some of the issues under review by the Court (with Scalia expected to be the deciding vote) could have been damaging to the Left - and those running on the Left - if the decisions had been finalized before election day.

But there's no need to look for conspiracies to acknowledge the great loss we've suffered with Scalia's death. Hope n' Change didn't agree with him on everything (including the issue of Gay rights), but he was a great thinker, a Constitutionalist, and a man who made a positive difference for our nation.

Unlike some people who spring to mind...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, trump, debate, 9/11, bush

Saturday's GOP debate featured name-calling, booing and jeers from the audience, and probably Donald Trump's most offensive appearance yet (and that's saying something).

Trump sneered that George W. Bush should have been impeached, that he failed to protect our nation from the 9/11 attacks (the implication being that The Donald would have done better) and he called Bush a liar who knew Saddam Hussein had no WMDs - a notion which contradicts all of the contemporaneous Intelligence assessments, domestic and international, at the time.

Cruz, Rubio, and Jeb all performed better than Trump in the debate, perhaps because their answers were specific and detailed, while his answers always came down to his questionable claim that he can make "great deals" with anyone: Russia, China, Mexico, Republicans, Democrats, Isis, Cancer, incoming asteroids, or whatever.

Hope n' Change is currently maintaining our intent to vote for Trump if he's the eventual Republican nominee...but we can't promise that we won't change our minds if this bombastic, bloviating boob doesn't learn to STFU, especially on the topic of 9/11.

Still, we could do worse...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, trump, sanders, hat, debate


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, presidents day, washington, lincoln 

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, presidents day, washington, lincoln


REM1875 said...

EXCELLENT work there Doc.

Judi King said...

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories but laying down in bed and putting a pillow over your face seems a little strange. There should definitely be an autopsy done for Someone of this importance who has been found dead, especially in these terrible times

Joseph ET said...

Even if they do an autopsy on Justice Antonin Scalia the coroner would get a phone call telling them how it should come out, OR ELSE. At first they said that Scalia had an heart attack, then changed it to “natural causes”. Doesn’t heart attack come under the umbrella of natural causes? It’s very curious that they want to be so vague which creates conspiracy theories. Ricin is a poison found naturally in castor beans. (natural cause?)

We will never know!!

Fred Ciampi said...

What saddens and angers me the most about Justice Scalia's passing as far as news of the event goes is the joy felt by the liberal left in this country. It's bad enough to lose such an important member of the judicial but for them to express delight is beyond comprehension for me. It just goes to show how far the current administration has divided the country.

Bruce Bleu said...

Monkeys with sensitive butts beware, the Washington establishment is obviously very adept at "putting worms on hooks". The ONLY politicians worth serving America are those who are DOING SOMETHING to stop lamont and his ilk from destroying our country. If you have a representative that doesn't STOP the deterioration liberals are exacting here they must be thrown out of office and prosecuted for not upholding their oath of office! We CANNOT suffer another Elena Keggabeer or Sonya Soto-Oscarmeyer, this MUST BE STOPPED!

Eduardo de los Flácidos said...

R.I.P. Judge Scalia. A truly brilliant person, a measured thinker. And one of the last of a dying breed in America - a Constitutionalist.

Meanwhile, back in Dodge, the collectivist loons are all doing their classless schtick (the Snoopy dance when the news of the judge's death was announced). They are all grotesque, well-used butt-wipes. And that includes Hillary, Sanders, and ..... Trump. Pathetic wastes of protein, all of them.

A dreadful time awaits all freedom-loving people. "The tree of liberty ...." as Jefferson once said.

SiGraybeard said...

Wait ... Cinderela Guevara? Cinderela Guevara??? Any relation to Che? Her name is suspicious, let alone her declaring cause of death with no examination.

On another note, my wife regularly sleeps with a pillow over her head. She gets cold and pulls it up to cover her face. I put a pillow over my head to keep the cat from waking me up. I'm not willing to say being found with a pillow over his head is peculiar, unless it was shoved down his throat.

Shelly said...

I thought when a body is found and death is pronounced by the ME, an autopsy is automatic. It must vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. I heard his family requested no autopsy. There is nothing to be gained from conspiracy theories. It won't bring back this remarkable jurist.

As far as the debate goes, Rush has a theory that Trump's off the rails behavior spouting left-wing talking points was a strategy to get those votes in the SC primary as it is an open one. Also his vitriol against Cruz might reflect a surge in polling for Cruz. In fact, I heard this morning that Cruz has pulled within the margin of error of Trump in SC.

George in Houtx said...

Mr. Scalia's death "should" merit an autopsy. there were no witnesses (medical or otherwise). there was no visible cause of death. it is entirely possible that it was heart-related. it is , also, possible that "no autopsy" was his wish as communicated to family members. I am sure that there are more than a few who have upcoming business before the court who would approve of this turn of events. however, due to a lack of evidence indicating foul play, instructions from the family would seem to make that autopsy impossible.

Judi King said...

I don't believe the family's wishes matter if there is any question about the cause of death. Judge Scalia's death sounds questionable to me.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@REM1875- Thanks!

@Judi King- I think the original report was that the pillow was on his head, not specifically covering his face. But all conspiracies aside, I do think that it is in the public interest for important and high-profile political figures to get an autopsy and a clear, documented ruling on cause of death.

@Joseph ET- Apparently, the initial "heart attack" declaration was based on Judge Cinderela's assertion that his "heart stopped." She later clarified that she didn't mean he'd had a coronary event, but rather that she'd been told he was dead as a doornail so - drawing on her medical expertise - she described him as having a stopped heart. Well duh.

@Fred Ciampi- Some of the messages about Scalia's death have been just unbelievably hate-filled. Sadly, our society has become so polarized and coarse that I would almost expect the same to occur whatever the political affiliation of someone who dies. And to lower my degree of hypocrisy, I'll admit to having been downright brutal with comments I made following the death of Ted Kennedy. Not that I regret a single syllable.

@Bruce Bleu- Stopping the Obama agenda (which is actually bigger than Obama) really is the biggest and most important priority for those in government now and in the future.

@Eduardo de los Flácidos- I fear that the Tree of Liberty is currently suffering from blight and root rot. I hope it can be saved.

@SiGraybeard- I, too, have a difficult time taking anyone named Cinderela Guevara seriously. And it would be interesting to find out if she's any relation to Che.

As far as the pillow goes, I'm not actually reading much of anything into it. If someone was going to kill Scalia, they'd surely use some method more sophisticated and harder to trace than a bag of duck feathers. Knowing that hotels tend to throw too many pillows on the bed, I think it likely that one of them just fell on his head and he didn't bother to move it - what with being deceased and all.

@Shelly- I think the public interest outweighs the family wishes in this case. An autopsy should have been performed. Pretty much anyone over the age of 60 is likely to have "medical issues," but that doesn't make sudden, unexplained death acceptable.

As far as Trump going hard left to pick up votes from Dems in South Carolina, I find it disturbingly plausible. The man wants to win and will say anything to anybody if he thinks it will help. That lack of core principle is very worrisome.

@George in Houtx- It sounds like the scene has already been contaminated/disturbed and Scalia's body embalmed. It's unlikely now that we'll ever know his actual cause of death. Unless, like Vince Foster, we find a torn up suicide note (with no fingerprints on it) in a previously empty briefcase from Scalia's room.

@Judi King- Again, I'm not a conspiracist and I think his death was likely due to natural causes. That being said, I don't like open-ended questions these days. Sorry, but my days of actually trusting this administration are long gone.

Rod said...

1) As for the conspiracy theories: If we don't trust the administration THAT much... then we should be doing something about that.

2) As for Scalia's passing, I say well done and bless him; his was a life very well lived and what a nice location & way to go. No handicaps, lost mind, nursing homes,very nice place. As for the pillow, many people may sleep with a pillow partially on the head when it's cold and it does get cold there at night in winter; or to block out light. He had thinning hair & issues. Daytime high to nighttime low temps can range 40-50 degrees. He had a long day of travel, said he had a long week, barely got out of the vehicle in such a beautiful place that afternoon. At his age it could have been several things. It sounds like the ranch handled it properly. Texas law is not the same as other places... thank God for that as well.

(3) U.S Senate is now 54R, 44D, & 2 Independents; both must be counted as D's. So worst case on two-party lines it's 54R to 46Others. 60 are needed to confirm a Supreme Court justice. D's & I's need 14R's to have 60. That should simply not be possible this year on this topic. Meanwhile R's only need 6 D's or I's to have 60 and do many things... that should be possible if they'd play hardball.

4) Everyone could just shut up about a Scalia replacement in 2016 and save all the hot air. That's just playing into D's hand as fodder for the election. Situation should be secure; say nothing. Just get to work.

Judi King said...

Whether people sleep with pillows on their heads or not is STILL an abnormal way to be found dead and should have warranted an autopsy. Especially since he was such an important man and vital to the Supreme Court. There's too much at stake in this election for something this questionable to be ignored.

Colby Muenster said...

Oh Lord, the circus has begun. Progressives are salivating all over themselves at the thought of getting another socialist on the big court, but they are already screaming foul at the Republican's threatened block of ANYBODY O'Liar nominates. And once again, Republicans have shown how incredibly stupid they are by issuing such a threat before President Mom Pants even offers up a nominee. Why not just quietly vote down nominee after nominee right up until the turd has permanently moved to Hawaii?

Then libtards like Sanders are out there preaching that the Republicans need to follow The Constitution!!? So Bernie; you're suddenly all concerned about governing to The Constitution? Now, I'm no Constitutional scholar, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't put a timeline on the approval process for SC nominees. I'm also pretty sure it doesn't say crap about how many justices there has to be. Actually, I just read that Congress gets to decide how many justices the court has, so why not just say there should only be 7, and fire the newest member while they're at it?

Did he REALLY step in it this time? We shall see, but I'm no longer thinking he would be a good President. Too dang impulsive. Still... you walk into the booth and one checkbox says Trump, and the other says Clinton.... no brainer. Sorry, but I will never vote for a criminal or a socialist and I will also never vote for nobody.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Rod- Very good comments across the board. I think your assessment of the Scalia situation makes perfect sense.

@Judi King- I agree that an autopsy should have been performed. Or at least an examination by an actual doctor or medical examiner before "natural causes / case closed" was rubberstamped on his file.

@Colby Muenster- I couldn't agree more that it's just monumentally stupid for the GOP to declare they won't pass any Obama nominee, or suggest that he shouldn't even make a nomination. Yes, he has the constitutional right to pick a nominee, and Congress has the right and duty to evaluate those nominees and reject them if they're found wanting. Granted, that will pretty much be ANYone who Obama wants, but to declare so ahead of time is just idiotic and plays into the hands of the Lefties.

Regarding Trump, I don't think he can "step in it" at this point. His supporters don't give a flying fig about what he says or does anymore; it's a cult of personality. And at this point, I'm getting more worried about him running as a third party candidate. I don't think he even wants to run as a Republican, as the party is clearly not where his heart lies.

Still, as you say, it's very hard for me to imagine myself in a voting booth and NOT casting a vote against Bernie or Hillary.