Friday, March 11, 2016

Have Your Cape And Eat It Too

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Which would, of course, make Bernie Sanders "Robbin..."

Following a gushingly enthusiastic endorsement of Donald Trump by his former butler, Hope n' Change couldn't help but wonder if this news would help attract more millenial voters who really only associate butlers with crime fighting and weepy PBS drama series.

Oh sure, Hillary Clinton had a private server, and Bill Clinton had an extremely private server, but there's something about having an actual butler which just screams class and, in all likelihood, a secret identity devoted to ass-kicking.

As opposed to ass-licking, per our next cartoon...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, bark obama, mutt romney, brokered convention

Hope n' Change isn't much liking the groundswell of rumors about a brokered GOP convention and a consortium of power brokers trying to replace the peoples' choice (no matter how insane) with a candidate of their own choosing who hasn't participated in the process.

Those are the kind of backroom shenanigans which have created the Trump phenomenon - and for good reason: voters are sick of being sold out, ignored, and manipulated.

We're still not endorsing Trump at this point - but we are endorsing a nomination process which remains in the hands of real people instead of a fraudulent process which is going to the dogs.  (Warning: that link takes you to a hilariously filthy song which is NSFW, but nicely sums up how the GOP puppetmasters surely feel about themselves.)


drjim said...

Gee....the last two times we had elections, the candidate who was "the people's choice" (says a lot about 'the people', huh?) won both times.

This time the people are speaking again, and the candidate they want sure as Hell couldn't possibly be any worse than that poser who's in there now.

Gee....what's the problem?

Joseph ET said...

Obama promised (without any substance) he would fix all of the ills of America and make it an Utopia, AKA “Hope and Change” 1.0
Trump is promising (without any substance) to fix all of the ills of America and make it an Utopia, “Make America Great Again” AKA “Hope and Change” 2.0

One example; Trump has vowed to repeal Obamacare and replace it “with something terrific,” but hasn’t said what that would be. He also hasn’t said anything in the way of how he might reform other entitlements like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He promises to fix most things by Saying “It will just be great, trust me.”

I haven’t picked a horse in this race yet. Just saying one possible issue with Trump.

REM1875 said...

Put Mutt romney in a dog carrier and tie him to the roof of
a 747.

TrickyRicky said...

While we as a nation scraped together (borrowed) $500 BILLION to send to the "Green Climate Fund"....

Our fighting men have to share weapons as they protect our country.

We are circling the drain, if not half way down the sewer, and our rulers can't understand the appeal of Trump and Sanders. Let 'em eat urinal cakes.


Fred Ciampi said...

Mutt romney has lost all respect from me. That may or may not mean much but I think that I'm probably not alone. When he debated with obola he came across as a sissy pansy. Or, as we would say in the Corps, a candy ass. But at least he had a wee bit of respect. Now after his latest Benedict Arnold showing I can't help but feel that he put on such a poor showing against obama on purpose; and that puts him in the same class.

Geoff King said...

The only question I have about our next president is whether he or she will break the Constitutional Oath the very first day or will a whole week go by first?

Anonymous said...

Trump says he's willing to try and get along with Putin. That right there says that he's not a war-mongering NeoCon, which is my litmus test for this go-around. I've seen enough "landscaping" via bombs and heavy artillery to suit me. War does not equal gentrification of a city.

If a brokered convention gives us Der Mittzel, I figure most small-c conservative folks will stay home and not bother to vote--which will give it to the Dems.


Bruce Bleu said...

What's the difference between Donald Trump and Michael Brown? Donald Trump CAN go into a store without Robbin'.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Still hoping that 'Mr Boring' Kasich takes Ohio (seems likely) and gains enough traction to continue to pull delegates in proportional states. If Trump is denied the minimum to clinch outright, Kasich might get the nom by being everybody's 2nd choice... But yeah, The Don was talking last night that "nothing will need to be done" w/ SS - "we'll cut out the fraud, and business will be booming, we'll take care of it" - sounds like he's planning additional SS taxes? As both Rubio and Cruz pointed out (granted, only heard a few minutes while driving home from 'weird beer' night at my local brewery) this is a CRIPPLING debt obligation, and anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant and / or lying.
See Donald's comments.
I think his vagueness is starting to wear thing.
I effing HOPE...

John the Econ said...

The beginning of the end for the GOP? Well, if you're talking about the "establishment" GOP and a brokered convention, that would probably be the end of the GOP as we know it. Watching the establishment punt Trump for an establishment approved and controllable puppet would definitely be too much for the clear majority of fed-up Republicans who clearly prefer Trump over what the establishment has been serving up for the last decade and a half. I doubt many of them will be voting for a puppet and more than they'll be voting for Hillary.

And I don't think that's a bad thing.

Of course, many of my left-of-myself friends are getting that tingling feeling down their legs watching this happen. I wouldn't if I were them. After all, their establishment candidate was pre-brokered via the "superdelegate" fraud. And while pollsters love to point out Trump's "negatives", they don't so loudly discuss Hillary's "negatives". Personally, I think both candidates are largely frauds, although only one of them has been engaging in a lifetime of fraud worthy of jail time. (Does anyone honestly believe that if Trump had engaged in the kinds of fraud and contempt that Hillary has over the last 40 years that he wouldn't be in prison? Is "Trump University" really any bigger a scam than the "Clinton Foundation" is?)

Could this be the dawning for the opportunity of a viable third party in American national politics? A true alternative to the oligopoly of left & lefter special interest coalitions of corporatists, crony capitalists, identity and grievance groups, and other payment recipients? A party that would represent "Americans" instead of individual groups of hyphenated-Americans?

REM1875 said...

Tricky Ricky@
Yes we are circling down the drain but did the damned b*stards have turn on the garbage disposal just for fun?
Fred Ciampi@
Mutt romney seems to a colon powell type republican. (we usually call them moderate demonRats, which means that they are not much further left than karl marx)

CenTexTim said...

@John the Econ - just curious. When you say "the clear majority of fed-up Republicans who clearly prefer Trump" do you mean the majority of republicans, or the majority of fed-up republicans? The reason I ask is that Trump to date has approximately 35% of the popular vote, which obviously isn't a majority.

Regarding a brokered convention, if one candidate fails to gain a majority of the delegates then there will be a brokered convention. How that turns out (perhaps a Cruz/Rubio ticket...?) will go a long way toward determining the future of the GOP.

BTW - remember back in the beginning of all this, Rubio was considered an outsider. Now he's thought of as a tool of the establishment because the establishment prefers him to Trump or Cruz. That doesn't necessarily make him part of the establishment (although he is closer to them than either Trump or Cruz).

As for a third party, I'd love to see the Libertarians get their act together and become a viable alternative. Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen.

Judi King said...

And I'd LOVE to see a Conservative party formed. In the past, we were called the silent majority and there are a LOT of us out here. The RNC is so out of touch with reality and with what the majority really wants. They keep picking losers and then don't even try to win. We need something else.

John the Econ said...

@CenTexTim, when I said "the clear majority of fed-up Republicans who clearly prefer Trump", I was referring to the largest majority of Republican voters. Yes, Trump only has a bit over a third of the overall popular vote, but that's still more than twice what any other GOP candidate clearly has.

Like you, I'll probably be throwing my vote to the hapless Libertarians again. But like I said above, it's my hope that something better emerges from today's chaos as @Judi King suggests. If the GOP as we knew it dies, it's the opportunity for a new party that actually represents Americans for a change. I consider the across the board support for Trump an embarrassment; not so much for Trump, but for the political establishment of both the Democrats and Republicans for all the Americans who feel left behind by Washington. It's time for a third way.

Colby Muenster said...

I think the reason we keep getting stuck with crappy presidents is the stupid electoral college BS, and the stinking delegate BS. I've always thought public offices should be filled by the popular vote only. Yes, I've heard arguments as to why the electoral college is better, but I'll be damned if I understand. Seems to me if 50.0001% of the people vote for Ralph Kaputzenbottom, ol' Ralph is it, even if a bunch of elite a-hole delegates say otherwise.

But... never happening.

Judi King and John the Econ,

Waaaay past time for the Grand Old Poopy to be taught a lesson by the rise of a third party that believes The Constitution is still relevant and will fight tooth and nail to defend it. Problem is, so many folks keep throwing their votes at the damn Republicans fearing that a third party vote only benefits the Democratic Socialists (I'm as guilty as anyone). It will take a mass movement led by a REALLY charismatic leader, and that too could come with dire consequences if that person is a total fake. Perhaps the road to returning to a real Constitutional Republic is if some "Republican" got elected, did wonderful things, then denounced the RNC and embraced a new party (Conservative? Tea Party? Libertarian?). I'm pretty sure Donald Trump is not that guy.

Boligat said...

@Colby, the problem with the Electoral College isn't that it exists, it's that it isn't used properly. First of all how a party selects its candidates in nobody's business but that party, but it should not involve taxpayer money. No more primary elections for the parties run by the states. If the parties want super delegates, that's their business. Once the party's candidate is selected then those candidates, and any independents candidates begin the national race. The EC should be in charge of this whole process. We should elect the electors before anyone announces for the presidency. The EC should host state or regional interrogations of the candidates. This should be done on national TV and on the net. Just the electors and the candidates. No reporters, no moderators, no tele-prompters, no aides, no lawyers, no nothing. The electors get to ask any questions they want and keep the candidates for as long as they want. The EC should have subpoena powers to demand ANY documentation they want in order to vet the candidates. The candidates can make the rounds of the state and/or regional meetings with the electors. It shouldn't cost all that much.

Though I personally wouldn't mind allowing the EC to cast the votes for the candidates, it wouldn't bother me much to permit a general election based on popular vote. If the people do their job properly in the first place when selecting electors and if the EC then does its job properly, then most of the silliness that goes on now will go away.

The people still have to elect their representatives, but the 17th Amendment should be repealed to allow the state legislatures to elect the senators as was originally done. The legislature should also have recall powers on their senators.

If you do away with the EC and go to a straight popular vote, then the big cities will always get who they want as president. Nobody in flyover country will ever see a candidate. A few states will always get what they want. It's almost that way now and it will just get worse. Voter fraud will become soooooo much easier. Remember the precinct in Philadelphia that voted 110% in favor of O?

John the Econ said...

@Boligat, right on everything.

I'd love to see a real debate like you describe. I have yet to see any of my questions asked of any candidate, like "Please explain how your de-facto 'open borders' policy that continues to flood the marketplace with cheap labor and compete for domestic resources does anything positive for the 'middle class'".

The beginning of the end for "the people" and the beginning of our out-of-control super-Federalism was the 17th Amendment. Senators were supposed to represent the interests of individual states, not the people directly who are already represented through the House. The 17th in combination with the Progressive Era of Wilson is where we saw the explosion of Federal power over the states.