Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pinched Hitter

Readers- I've still got a pinched nerve making it somewhat difficult to keep up my usual computery duties... plus the big story for today is going to be last night's primary results - which aren't available when I'm writing this on Tuesday. But rather than leaving you in the lurch (insert John Kerry joke here) by skipping a day, I thought I'd just throw some fun stuff at the old Hope n' Change wall to thank you for being here.

By the way, I DO have an appointment scheduled to get actual medical care. Which got me thinking about who I might possibly run into at the clinic...

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On an entirely unrelated subject, odd cartoons pop into my head all the time entirely out of the blue. Sometimes they make me laugh/snort in entirely inappropriate situations and cause people to give me funny looks. This is one of those cartoons...

And yes, I know that's not the way to spell the plural of "one," but "ones" in italic caps just looked weird - like it should be pronounced "Oh-nez." Fortunately, my creative license was recently renewed, although I hate my photograph on it.

And finally, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and my grandfather was a redheaded County Cork man.  Which is all the excuse I need to pull this cartoon from the vault...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, st. patrick's day, michelle, stout


George in Houtx said...

your grandfather was from County Cork?!? my great-grandmother was a redhead lass from County Claire. I'm getting tired of all the Irish stereotype jokes about the drinking and soon as I finish my pint I'm gonna lather those bastards with my shillelagh.
as for the campaigning, (no surprise) Hillary won her contests. I believe I heard that Rubio lost and is dropping out. only Trump and Cruz are considered serious contenders, but I think Kasich will stay in with hopes of forcing a brokered convention. hell, he might put his 100 electoral votes up for whomever gives him the best offer.

Joseph ET said...

Yeah, it appears that the losers will be lining up for "Let's make a deal" for a job or maybe even Vice president. (BTW Vice president is not a job) It's likely that most of the Hope and Change group will be applying for "President of Vice" or Vice Czar"

@Stilton get well very soon, we need you.

REM1875 said...

I am actually a citizen of the 'old sod' and before I gave up my spectacular but eventually unsuccessful drinking career I was an old sod.
George -I too am sick and tired of Irish stereotypes and think those who use them should be throttled.
I had a teacher that pointed me out in class and said all the Irish were good for were soldiers, drunks and authors- I damned well showed her, I never wrote a book and don't intend to.
Happy St Patrick's Day !!!

REM1875 said...

Tough break marco but I hear the odds makers are lining up to hire you in Vegas, to "help" the tourist with their big bets.

Geoff King said...

I am only one-quarter Irish, and therefore must limit my drinking to one quart (at a time).

ringgo1 said...

It has been said that as long as an Irishman can hold on to one blade of grass on God's green earth, he's not too drunk. So there!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@George in Houtx- My grandfather was an immigrant from County Cork. Or I should say, my biological grandfather. He was my grandmother's piano teacher, although he apparently also gave her at least one organ lesson - and a child - before heading for the hills.

@Joseph ET- It will be interesting to watch the fallout from yesterday's primaries. Poor Marco, who I liked, got his rear end handed to him by Trump in Florida. I'm not guessing that he'll endorse Trump...but who the heck knows anymore.

@REM1875- Sadly, I don't think I'd have made much of a soldier...but I am an author and drinker.

Regarding Marco, I wonder if he really thought all the polls were wrong or if he was just playing to the cameras with false bravado? At least his exit speech was pretty inspiring (more so than Trump's victory speech).

@Geoff King- As another great Irishman (Oscar Wilde, whose full name was "Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde") once said: "Moderation in all things. Including moderation."

@ringgo1- Holding on to that blade of grass is considered an Irish field sobriety test. Because it usually occurs in a field.

John the Econ said...

Since it's a "random thought" kinda day:

Bombings: Peshawar, Ankara, Berlin, Nigeria. And it's only Wednesday.

Hillary: I for one have certainly found it amusing that as time goes on and Bernie Sanders keeps nipping at inevitable candidate Hillary Clinton's heels, that Hillary's policy positions have become virtually indistinguishable from those of Bernie. It's become so obvious that even the lefties at SNL have taken note of the transformation. If nothing else, it's further proof that it's actually the Democratic Party that is the party of old white guys.

The Rubot is out.

Am I the only one who is starting to find the WSJ editorial pages tiresome lately? Seems that practically every day, it's now mostly anti-Trump propaganda. There is no secret that the WSJ represents the "establishment" GOP, so it's no surprise that they are anti-Trump, or anti-immigration reform for that matter. I'm no fan of Trump, but the daily attacks have long since grown tiresome. They have no love for Cruz, so now that the Rubot is out, my guess is that they'll throw their weight against the establishment's last great white hope, Kasich.

So it appears that the left has officially retired "Godwin's Law", the one where any argument is automatically declared lost whenever any comparison to Hitler is broght up. And now in utter desperation, it's now officially legitimate to compare Trump to Hitler.

I'm not saying that such comparisons are inaccurate or out of line. Just that it's now politically correct to use them. And I have little doubt that once Trump is vanquished and the inevitable Hillary is made queen führer, it will be quickly reinstated, unless by some miracle an alternate conservative emerges, in which case it will remain suspended indefinitely.

A little history refresher for my formerly liberal friends, Trump was inevitable. Fascism was inevitable after the political establishment and the state failed to do their jobs keeping any semblance of order, just as it was after over a decade of dysfunction on the Weimar republic in Germany.

The left is as nervous as the establishment GOP is, because the brighter among them know that Trump is not a phenomenon limited to the right. He's going to take a large chunk of historically Democrat votes away with him as well. Today's Democrat party has long since abandoned being the party of ordinary people. Today they are the party of the poor and very rich. Trump is every bit as much of a threat to the Democrats as he is to the Republicans.

Speaking of Nazi analogies now that it's again safe to make them again: In the 1930s, the Nazis banned political parties whose philosophies upset them, purged universities of professors and students who opposed them and burned books whose ideas repelled them. Today, it's the supposedly educated and enlightened left doing this. The left may make what comparisons they will against Trump, but he's not doing anything they haven't been doing for quite some time now.

John the Econ said...

And finally, consider this scenario: You ingest some sort of fatal poison. You must purge it from your digestive tract as soon as possible. But how?

Grab your copy of Hillary's new children's book, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls Are Born to Lead, and turn to any page. Instantly, you'll find any and all contents of your stomach instantly projected in whatever direction you may be facing.

If you want a laugh instead, read the Amazon reviews behind the link above. The Wall Street Journal commended, "These vainglorious picture-book renditions of the life story of an American machine politician give an illuminating glimpse into the mind-set of those who offer themselves as cogs in that machine. Like the Kim family’s posters in North Korea, they are so richly and inadvertently comic that only true believers or the very young and trusting could find them persuasive. Unfortunately, it is the very young for whom these works are intended."

"Vainglorious" is my new word for the day.

G. Washington said...

We are so screwed. Trump, John the Econ logorrhea, SCOTUS nominee today.

And now I read the Trump is threatening riots if he is not the nominee. Welcome Führer Trump! Scumbag.

It begins.

chef621 said...

There is always the proposition of running an undercover Republican as a Libertarian third party candidate. Might work.....

....and for St Paddy's day

"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat."~~By Alex Levine.~~

....also, an Irish saying

"a goat in a silk suit is still a goat"

Rod said...

In the news: Obama is doing as I expected: Nominates a qualified candidate that is who should be supportable. It's the unknowns (so far) that raise questions. From Chicago, Harvard degree in social studies, worked in a few social work positions when younger, supposedly moderate and solid. But we don't we yet know the hidden issue; and who he runs with; who he listens too What Cruz & Trump think & say of him will be telling.
Also there will be some "take Merrick now or take who you get with the next President. What range & candidates could that cover? Republicans are talking along too much; should just do their jobs. Hold hearings; then vote up or down. They aren't required to explain or justify that vote.

It's remarkable that when it suits him, Obama makes a BFD out of doing his constitutional duty. After all this time, it's good of him to remember that.

SC said...

Stilt, Sure hope that you are feeling better soon and whatever Dr. you go to can get you out of pain & accepts your insurance card.

Linda Lee said...

Trump is not threatening riots. Trump has not done or said a lot of things that we have been told he has said and done. It is a good idea to go to U tube and watch him actually speak, and not go by the interpretation of what he said or means. Lawyers win debates, of course - they are trained for that - but we don't need a Debater - in - Chief. Watch interviews with Trump - I started with the Larry King interview in 1988 at the Republican convention and worked my way forward. I've done lots of research on him, as well as on Cruz and Rubio. His faults and failures, including the invented ones, are out in the open - theirs are not, but you can find them if you take the time. After researching, I lost all confidence in Cruz and Rubio. Most of Stilton's readers must be aware that the media lies almost all the time, and that it is practically impossible to set the record straight once you've been attacked by them. You can't win in court against them unless you can prove malicious intent and specific harm to yourself - how would that be possible? As far as I know, for all the phony stories written about celebrities, only Carol Burnett ever won a case. Trump has been a target for decades; formerly because it increased sales, now, because he intends to put an end to the profiteering from our open border. He has also been misrepresented by Cruz and Rubio. Doesn't it bother you that the man who claims to be the last hope for preserving our constitution as the law of the land, managed to discard it so quickly by blaming Trump for appearance of the rent-a-mob in Chicago? Does it not bother you that Rubio makes beautiful speeches and then does just the opposite of what he says he will do, and that he was the establishment darling once Jeb tanked? If you don't have time to search beneath the surface, as least realize that you are getting only one side, and that even organizations that call themselves conservative are acting like leftists and showing themselves to be hypocrites in many instances. It should make you wonder why. There is one reason why Trump is a target - because when he says he is going to do something about putting the well being of Americans first, he actually means it. The others make statements and make promises, but they maintain the status quo - sometimes going to great lengths to create the illusion (as in show votes) that they are really fighting for us. But the status quo keeps us in a state of helplessness. Nothing really changes. Look how long they've used us for votes and money and volunteer labor to keep themselves in power, and how long have they used our issues to keep us tied to themselves - for instance, the abortion issue? That's been a great money raiser. They are Corrupt, through and through. Beholden to their big donors, compromised.

Colby Muenster said...

Another random observation... This was the first election in North Carolina where people were required to show photo ID to vote. The Libtards have been screaming "voter suppression" for months now, but turnout was up dramatically:



I pray your pinched nerve problem gets fixed quickly, and without surgery! Oh... and without massive doses of pain killers, too.

And while it's on me mind...

Murphy was on his deathbed, and called for his old friend, Sullivan. "Sully, ya know that fine bottle of whiskey I've been savin' for 40 years settin' on me shelf?" When I finally breathe me last, I want ya to pour the whole damn bottle over me lifeless body." Sullivan thinks for a beat, then says, "I'll do it for sure, old Murphy, but I'm a-hopin' ye doesn't mind if I strain it through me kidneys first."

Ba-dump... ching...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Great stuff above but my darned pinky finger won't really let me respond. But I'm reading and enjoying it all!

Em said...

@Linda--I also support Trump and do not believe he is the clown that he is always portrayed to be. The attacks from the left are not surprising, but the way Trump has been viciously attacked by some on the right leads me to think that the corruption within the Republican Party is far worse than I thought. I have even heard some republicans say they would rather Hillary be elected than vote for Trump. Seriously?! And they question Trump's conservatism. I am questioning theirs. Are the elites perhaps afraid that Trump will disrupt their network of corruption? It seems that some who preach about preserving conservative principles are ultimately far more interested in preserving their own power, money, and political careers....even if that means putting our country in Hillary Clinton's hands.

Dan said...

@Em -- If some senior Republicans say they'd vote for Hillary over Trump, I don't just question their conservatism, I question their sanity.

REM1875 said...

Hey Joseph ET@
Just how much does Vice czar or czar in charge of vice pay? I might be interested and available, In the Navy I always thought Vice admiral sounded like a pretty good gig.

REM1875 said...

Happy St Patrick's day to y'all
(place your own Irish Prayer, saying, family tale, blessing or joke here)

REM1875 said...

An explanation of the Irish

Murphy while digging a ditch notice a wee fellow trapped by a rock and frees him.
Murphy says "hey and don't ye be a leprechaun and owe me 3 wishes?"
To which the leprechaun sighs and admits it is so.
"so what be your first wish?"
"well it's hot and dry work here and I could be in great use of a beer"
Presto! Murphy has the finest coolest beer he has ever tasted and states so.
The wee fellow replies " tis the finest beer in all the land, we make it special, and there be even more me lad, the bottle will always stay full, always cool, you will never be able to lose it or breaks it"
"Now what be your other 2 wishes?"
To which Murphy replies " aoye and wouldn't 2 more of these be just grand"

and now you understand the Irish

Bruce Bleu said...

Reminds me of a New York politician who wanted justification for his excessive drinking by saying he was a Jew from Dublin by singing "Irish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner".

Rod said...

Stilt: Get your green on! Today anyway, maybe it will help with that pinch.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon Stilt!

As for you Trump supporters, this is just pitiful. He is just as dangerous as Hillbilly and Sanders. In fact, he is a Democrat plant put there to get Hillbilly elected and you doobs are buying it. Sad.

Have you folks actually looked at what he has said? He is a lefty - and yes, he promises more violence because he, like is supporters, is a thug.

He is a greedy thug, and a crony capitalist - he is no better than Soros or Steyer. He cares not a lick about you who support him - he cares only about Trump. You supporters just have no idea - you are not paying attention at all.

Practice for goose-stepping.

John the Econ said...

Another random thought on this news:

SeaWorld Agrees To End Captive Breeding Of Killer Whales

Progressive animal rights activists are ecstatic about this, and I really don't understand why. After all, these mammals get totally free housing, food, education and health care. They are in fact living the Progressive dream. In exchange for this all they have to do is act properly for their mammal-elite benefactors. The Progressive activists seem to think that these particular mammals would be better off loose out in the wild where it's no holds barred survival-of-the-fittest. Seems like taking away all of their free stuff in the name of being "free" is an awfully big trade off to me.

Judi King said...

Great point Mr. Econ.!! And anon. I agree about Trump. He's not what he pretends to be for his duped audiences. Totally corrupt. I said I'd vote for him over Hilliery but the more I find out about him, the more I don't think I can. I guess I'll have to write in Cruz's name if he declares intent in my state or vote Libertarian.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Judi King.

That is what I am going to do. We have got to get the Constitution back into our lives... oh, and fix the Commerce Clause.

NVRick said...

Two thoughts:
Who is the real Mr. Trump? His stated positions have been all over the place, from Obamacare to abortion. His latest (stated) position seems to be somewhat conservative, but now that he admits he is a politician, can we believe his (stated) beliefs can be taken as his future beliefs, or will he become "anything (I) need to be"?
As to the Supreme Court. I think the Republicans could have handled this better. Let Dear Leader nominate anyone he wants. The Constitution only says the Senate shall "advise and consent". They can "advise" the Pres that his nominee sucks and won't be confirmed. As for the current nominee, there are suggestions that he would be much better than anyone Cankles would nominate. That could very well be true. I heard someone suggest that the Senate slow walk this one until after the election. If the Reps win, they can down vote him. If Cankles or _____(?) wins, up vote him as the possible lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

This year, I am not voting "for the lesser of two evils." It is time for the parties to get serious - both of them. The Dems basically are now. They are the CPUSA and they are making no bones about it.

The Repubs simply was power of some sort - for their perks. Neither party gives a hoot about the Constitution any more. I will not vote for president if Trump is the nominee.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
H. L. Mencken

This year, the American people need to get it good and hard.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- If not for my uncooperative finger, I would have tried to make a cartoon based on your excellent SeaWorld observation. I was picturing Hillary standing atop one of those feeding platforms over a pool while voters jump out of the water to get their goodies...

Wahoo said...

A half-pint for a figures.