Friday, May 6, 2016

National Cartoonists Day

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Technically, National Cartoonist Day was yesterday, May 5th. It is held annually on that day so that cartoonists can make believe that everyone is drinking and partying in their honor rather than because every watering hole with a liquor license is serving half-priced margaritas on Cinco de Mayo.

Unsurprisingly, here at Hope n' Change we hold cartoonists past and present in the very highest of regards. And we're talking about actual ink-stained wretches here, rather than simple pixel-pasters like ourselves.  Genuine artists who are in it for the love of what they do - because there's surprisingly little money to be had, especially as print goes the way of the Dodo (a large bird upon which the natives of Mauritius once tattooed cartoons).

We won't list our heroes here as there are way too many of them, and we wouldn't want to leave anyone out. But we will give special recognition to the cartoonist who introduced us to so many others, and inspired us as no one else could: our own father, who passed away exactly 10 years ago on National Cartoonists Day. We love and miss you deeply, Pa, and are grateful that you can still make us laugh with cartoons like this one...

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Okay, this cartoon really also needed to run yesterday and is simply our reaction to all the "May the 4th" memes that were galloping across the Internet. Just make believe it's still May the 5th, okay?


Linda Lee said...

I'm sorry about your dad. My father died in 1990 but thinking of him still inspires me. He made me laugh a lot too, and I miss that.

REM1875 said...

Laugh My ASS OFF, good job. A cartoon of the the republicans trusting that the democrats won't yank the football away this time for the 2288012th time in 10 years. What a surprise.

Your Dad would be proud of his son, pen and ink or pixel - it's the idea conveyed not how it is conveyed.

And yes most adults would prefer the 5th ( or liter, or quart) be with rather than the force.

REM1875 said...

I celebrated sinko de Hellmann's Mayo by eating italian sausage, german sauerKraut and Kona coffee- then I realized that had nothing to do with the celebration.
So I then researched great french battle victories (to be honest that didn't take long) then took a siesta and lazed about the house doing nothing but telling the wife maƱana.
I wanted to get the full effect later and feel illegal so I cut the tags off our mattresses.
Some say I don't really quit grasp the holiday but I think I got it down pat.

TMay said...

It is only 1 week late to remind you that the last Friday in April is National Hairball Awareness Day (of which cat lovers are aware). =^..^= ()

Rod said...

I heard in Texas that Cinco De Mayo was a little-known insurgency by locals who strongly preferred salsa over white salad dressing from the east coast. Very similar to the Boston Tea Party, it happened in Corpus Christi harbor.

On 1 May the excellent Da Vinci exhibit ended a run in Kansas City. It would have been even better with this take on Vitruvian Man included. Hilarious! And it's nice to see your Dad's work being maintained so well.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Linda McWilliams- You have my condolences. The anniversary of my Mom's death is only a few days from now, and even with my well-established life, family, and accomplishments I sometimes feel like an aging orphan when reflecting on my parents' absence.

@REM1875- Although my Dad didn't live to see HnC, he did get a kick out of some of my other tomfoolery. He was especially pleased when I sold "Who Cut the Cheese?" to Crown publishing and got a nice advance check.

And it sounds to me like you celebrated Cinco de Mayo in real style!

@TMay- Here I am, doing my best not to say anything disparaging about Trump today, and you give me a straight line like "National Hairball Awareness Day"?!

@Rod- Few people know that Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of the great battle that finally made free the tortilla chips put on your table at the Mexican restaurant while you're reading the menu.

Speaking of Da Vinci and my Dad, in taking a look through one of his boxes of paperwork yesterday, I encountered a thick folder which contains his various patents. Like Leonardo, he was both artist and inventor.

Geoff King said...

Shouldn't Cinco de Mayo celebrations be outlawed for being insensitive to the culture of Syrian refugees?

james daily said...

We celebrated early, going to the local Tex-Mex, and lo and behold they were out of hot sauce so needing a bit of spice, I ask every female patron in the place if they had hot sauce in their purse and surprise, surprise, not one did. That took a lot of joy out of a fine meal.

DaughterJarlsberg said...

Love you, Grandpa :)

My big laugh from yesterday was Trump showing off his taco bowl. Is it bad that I totally supported it because it made my Bernie loving roommate go completely off the rails? (More than usual, anyway)

John the Econ said...

@DaughterJarlsberg does bring up a good point: A Trump presidency would certainly be good for making Progressive heads explode.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- You make a good point. Of course, everything should be outlawed to protect the feelings of one group or another.

@James Daily- This is why we need to get behind Bernie Sanders; if he's elected, it won't only be rich women like Hillary who have hot sauce in their purses.

@Daughter Jarlsberg & John the Econ- Apart from anything else, there really may be some merriment to be had watching the Left's outrage as the Trumpster runs rampant through their china shop. They've made us suffer for the past 8 years - maybe I need to just make some popcorn and enjoy the show.

TMay said...

ROFLO. Magnificent rejoinder!

Tots said...

"May the fifth be with you"

And also with you. (Apologies to our churchgoing friends who might take offense at that one. You're welcome.)

I've actually been hit with inspiration over the last couple of days so I may throw some pixels (cartoons, or cartoonish things) up on my site. If I do I'll pass along a link so you can groan with all my friends. :D

Hope your margaritas were strong and salty like the sailors at the Blue Oyster.