Monday, June 13, 2016


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Yesterday, terror returned to the United States in the form of an ISIS-inspired lunatic who (as of this writing) killed 50 people in an Orlando dance club and wounded another 53 before being sent straight to Hell by a policeman's bullet.

The story is coming in a little at a time; confusing, frustrating, and sometimes contradictory bits and pieces of information.

According to the shooter's father, the American-born Muslim's rampage had "nothing to do with religion" but was based on the shooter's rage at having seen two Gay men exchange a kiss in Miami.

According to the shooter himself, who left a 9-1-1 message, it was all about religion. He swore allegiance to ISIS, and shouted "Allahu Akbar" while on his obscene killing spree.

ISIS has claimed responsibility, which strikes Hope n' Change as an excellent reason to burn a message into their black hearts as quickly as possible (surely we have some low-yield nuclear weapons which could get their attention). Not that we expect this president to do so.

In a very brief statement, Barack Hussein Obama tap-danced around the issue of whether or not this was "terror" connected to a "radical group," but was very specific about this being further proof that guns are too easy to obtain (damn that 2nd Amendment!), and that under his leadership we will fight hate with a renewed sense of love for people of every ethnicity, religion, race, and sexual orientation. Which, we're thinking, will be less effective than that nuke we were just mentioning.

This tragic story has all of the elements for a media and political feeding frenzy: Islam, ISIS, guns, Gay rights, election year politics, and more. It will - and should - take up every news cycle in the immediate future.

It is too early to make sense of this (if sense can ever be made of such horrors). Rather, this is a time to grieve for those lost and injured, to be thankful for our law enforcement personnel, and to gather strength and resolve for whatever must be done to redress this evil.


George in Houtx said...

first off, the news stories that I have seen about this say that he was an American! they are very hesitant to identify him as muslim. you have to read further into the articles to find that the shooter was muslim. knowing that the shooter was muslim, it makes perfect sense that he would target a gay club. what torques me is the news media claiming he had a "automatic" weapon and he allegedly bought it thru legal channels. a semi-auto weapon? I'll believe that ?full auto?? not thru legal channels!

MAX Redline said...

Yes, Barry and Pantsuit and other Lefties were yapping about "common-sense gun control" before the bodies were even cool. Something about never letting a good crisis go to waste.

I've got a better idea: how about some "common-sense Muslim control"? Barry's clearing a hundred "refugees" a day from Syria and Afghanistan, bypassing immigration law (as usual). 99% of them are said to favor sharia law.

Oh, and one little tidbit: I ran through the shooter's voter registration. Guess what? He was a registered Democrat. Looks like Pantsuit just lost a Florida voter.

Joseph ET said...

News coverage showed the lines at the blood bank being blocks long. Why don’t they send someone out with an appointment book? “Hello sir, can you come back at 9am tomorrow? Good! What is your name and number? Also, please return with this form completed to speed up your visit.” Work down the line get as many as possible committed or they may not come back after not being seen today. If their appointment is past tomorrow then call them with a reminder the day before. Also, overbook by one or two for no shows. Many in the Roseburg Oregon deal waited in line for a while to give blood. They finally left to go to work or pick up the kids or whatever. Most never tried again, at least the ones I know that were there.

Pete (Detroit) said...

George in HOUTX - AKA hell this time of year (and the next few months) Man, remember leaving the dorm (A&M, '83) one day in June on the way to breakfast, and the glasses fogged up. Took 'em off, wiped 'em, put 'em back on... yep, still foggy. 7:30 am, 80 F, and foggy. NOT gonna be a good day... First (of 9) Junes in TX (not ALL of them that close to Houston, thank the ghods...)
Anyway.... yes, it *is* possible to get a Full Auto gun legally, it's just Farg all complicated and expensive, as I'm sure you know.
Reporters / press = Asshats on "automatic" firearms...
As for American/ imported Muslim / Islamist... Muslims are not necessarily evil, but Islam (Convert, Submit, or DIE!) is... (Paste of story I posted elsewhere, earlier)

Been a home owner in East Dearborn for nearly 20 years, have had Muslim neighbors for most of 'em... they're not ALL evil... One was a guy, ran a Bridal shop in Iraq (apparently - the kids may have been putting me on) and got out, w/ his brother. Went back, and got rest of immediate family out. Was on like 2nd pull of cousins and "Dude, get LOST, they're ALL dead, and people are LOOKING for you..."

So, this one time, I'm in the yard, he's out, and he points to my ornamental cherry tree, (in bloom) and asks "Tree, what kind?"
He nods, as that matches (I assume) his assessment of bloom and leaf...
Thinking hard for the words (we shared perhaps a hundred) he asked "Bloom, but no fruit? How?"
I thought for a second or two (I'm pretty quick w/ a joke, after all) and having distilled the concept of sterile blossoms to a single word, replied "Eunich"

Oh LORD did he laugh....
I miss that guy.... (he moved away, for all I know, he still owns the place, rents to "cousins"...)

Joseph ET said...

The Orlando Sentinel reports “Overwhelmed by people wanting to donate blood to victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, OneBlood asked donors to stop coming Sunday and schedule appointments over the next few days.”
Asking folks to phone for an appointment is good, but if they had gotten out there making appointments then that would be a commitment from the donors and they would more likely show up. In a few days the story will drop out for the next story and most of the well-meaning people will be back into their daily routines. The need for blood will be forgotten.

Joseph ET said...

Orlando shooter's father is running for president of Afghanistan, has backed the Taliban, hosts talk show in California and visits the corridors of power in DC

Ed G. Mann said...

If this guy shot up the First Baptist Church of the Last Chance baby day care and Sunday school you would have heard two minutes at the end of the news and then nothing more.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

There is one facet to this that bothers me greatly.

This was one man, ONE MAN, in a club filled with hundreds. At some point, he had to turn his back to a part of the crowd. At some point, he had to reload and his attention would have been diverted for a few seconds. At some point, a measure could have been made to counter him.

Have we grown so dependent that we have lost even a sense of self-survival? Fifteen years ago, a man named Todd Beamer became known for his last words: "Let's roll." Sadly, he and the others could not keep their flight from crashing but they did keep it from hitting its intended target.

I read a sad story about one young man in the club tweeting his mother from his hiding place in the bathroom. His last text was, "He's in here with us." No one said, "Here, let's bar/hold the door against him?" No one thought to gather two or three to rush him if he entered?

Reading about the young man in the bathroom - and I weep for him and the others - I am reminded of something I read just a few months ago. Jesse Hughes is the vocalist for the band Eagles of Death Metal. Speaking of the massacre at the Bataclan Club that he witnessed in Paris, he said:

"I saw fear fall like a blanket on the whole crowd and they fell like wheat in the wind—the way you would before a god."

Fred Ciampi said...

So, if you or I preach "kill all the white folks" or "kill all the gay folks" or some such thing, we will be locked up in a flash. But if a black leader yells out "I want 10,000 solders to kill all the whites" or oprah says whites need to die or (especially) an imam in a mosque says to kill all the infidels and collect 72 virgins then it's OK. I may be wrong here but it just doesn't smell right. A double standard perhaps?

Judi King said...

The reports I saw said the FBI had investigated him TWICE. He had some kind of a security job....why wasn't a background check done? His ex wife said he beat her and became increasingly violent. His father has quite a history of his own, etc. Why wasn't he being watched??? A lot of reports said he had a legal gun permit to buy his weapons. So what? A person bent on murder can get a gun legally or not. And, if carrying guns were allowed in Orlando, surely someone in that club would have had one and could have taken him out after the first shot. All insane! Now I suppose we'll have to listen to the bleating of the gun control morons for days on end or until the next crisis happens.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Imams all preach Jihad, in every mosque. They solicit murder on a weekly basis and nothing happens to them when one of their followers does what he has been told to do.

Geoff King said...

A gay-hating, wife-beating, Muslim Democrat murders 50 innocent people in yet another gun free zone, so naturally the left puts the full blame on the gun.
In today's age, where anyone can purchase a gun on the black market or simply make one with a 3D printer, something tells me maming them illegal will do absolutely nothing but further disarm the victims.
Hopefully, if one Quran expert is correct, this lunatic just found out that his action netted him 72 raisins-not virgins-in Heaven:

GenEarly said...

The DHS is transporting and releasing Illegals through out the country. The FBI has had open/closed investigations on every single muslim terrorist in the USA including 9/11.
"Refugees" are being imported by Obamy without vetting, without opposition by the Congress.
At some point you would think the sheeples would look around themselves and ask WTF.
Merkel is doing the same in Germany, Europe is past saving. The USA may be past saving, any semblance of a Republic is already dead.
Now not to be Mr. Doom, I want to present an analogy which should have etymological-political insight, the Bubonic plague. A virus infected flea bit a rat that then scurried among the population spreading fleas to the sheeples who died in great profusion. True Islam as laid out by Mohammed is a virus, spread by true believer fleas on the backs of rat refugees into the sheeples.
You can eliminate rats from your population, you can kill the fleas on the rats, or you can eliminate the pure true Islamic virus. Or you can continue to die. I make no value judgments, other than the "radical" Muslims are the ones that don't adhere to the full true doctrine of Mohammed to kill or subjugate the Infidels.

Manfred said...

I'll say it again, slower this time: Islam is not a religion. It's a political system bent on world domination, wrapped in religious language so as to deflect criticism.

David in SoCal said...

Wrote this down yesterday morning while watching the awful aftermath:
"My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families, and friends of those assassinated or wounded in the latest TERRORIST attack early this morning in Orlando Florida. I pray for the strength and healing of the Orlando community as well, and may they understand the real reason for this tragedy. Already, as usual; before the investigation has been completed and with the warm bodies of the murdered still in place; the liberal morons are spouting off MORE about 'gun violence' than the victims and the stopping of terrorists. You liberal/insensitive pieces of crap; knock it the hell off and shut yer big fat liberal pie hole. NO gun control would have stopped this, but terrorist control might have. This piece of crap terrorist butcher was under FBI investigation AT LEAST TWICE in the past, and then the investigations were stopped. This muslim butcher hated gays/was enraged seeing gay men kissing in public; and then during ramadan, decided to go into a gay bar full of unarmed innocents at closing time. The Orlando terrorist was a son of Afghan immigrants. He was born in America. His wife is from Uzbekistan. At the time of his killing, reports are that the chicken shit islamic terrorist was announcing his allegiance to islam before or during the time Orlando Police were engaging him in a shoot-out, ultimately removing this radical muslim parasite from our world. I hope his FBI investigation was not halted as a result of 'political correctness', much like they stopped spying on the radical mosques in the US. And I just can't wait for 1330hrs est, when Omuslimsympathizer gives his 'expert' analysis and blames the gun, not the terrorist. And I'll betchya Oweenie will STILL, after this, wanna import thousands more middle eastern 'refugees'; 'refugees' that we know will be infiltrated with terrorists, but can't be vetted. Adios, America; nice knowin' ya. May God help us all; Obama won't. And may this radical muslim terrorist be buried with pig parts.
Oh, and dontchya just love it, when CAIR comes out( a few moments ago) and apologizes/sympathizes for the senseless murders of innocents by a radical muslim terrorist. That's right boy and girls, the very same CAIR supported and funded by the 'muslim brotherhood' ; a radical islamic terrorist group, and also affiliated with hamas. To quote Mr. Rodgers: " Can you say hypocrites boys and girls?.....Sure ya can". CAIR is supposed to stand for 'Council on American-Islamic Relations', but I've heard it called (rightly) 'Comforting American Islamic Radicals'".
Oblivious' presser about the massacre yesterday was his usual bowl of pablum; being spoon fed to all the uninformed babies of America. I am not surprised by the connections the shooters' family has to radical islam, seems this is more the norm than not; and nothing will be done about it as usual. Reports this morning say the shooter was not fired from his security job(even though they wanted to) BECAUSE HE WAS A MUSLIM. Political correctness is destroying us from within. May God help us all, Obama won't.

American Cowboy said...

@Judi King said, " Now I suppose we'll have to listen to the bleating of the gun control morons for days on end or until the next crisis happens."

I may be a bit cynical, but I believe the crisis has happened and we just haven't heard about it, yet. In my opinion events like this are going to become even more common in the weeks/months ahead to deflect attention of the public for whatever reason those pulling the puppet strings wish.
I believe it is like when I was taught to never watch the deer that crossed the road in front of you. Watch where it came from to avoid hitting the one that was surely to follow.

Anonymous said...

Obama's response to this event was "allahu akbar!"

Pete (Detroit) said...

Judy King - I have NO idea waht gun laws actually ARE in FL, though I believe we have reciprocity w/ them on Concealed Permits.
In MI, you can OPEN carry into a place that serves alcohol, but cannot drink yourself. Can't say as I'm too opposed to that - alcohol and firearms mix perfectly fine in precisely ONE direction. Especially in a club environment.
Now, why no one was throwing chairs, drinks, keys, purses, shoes, fists at the Effer I don't know...

American Cowboy - Watch to see what's next / hidden. Good call.

Rod said...

Hillary is talking out of both sides of her mouth now, at the same time. That takes practice. On one side she's all about increased national security; on the other, all about more domestic gun control. Nothing much about FBI and many others knowing about the bad guy since 2012 and nothing effective being done. But she's not been saying "What difference at this point does it make? They have an election to win. She's just an opportunistic empty-suit (or pup tent; what IS that she wears?)blow-hard. Since it's all blamed on the gun, what about the guns that took this guy out? What about the guns that were not there that also could have shot this guy, or just discouraged him? It could possible this event will wake up some asleep at the wheel liberals, but I doubt that will happen.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Mrs. Clinton were very quick to blame US for this.
One prominent male political office seeker blamed THEM.
Hmmm, which way am I going to vote this November... ?

- Charlie

Judi King said...

@ Pete: I have NO idea what FL gun laws are either. I said IF they were allowed maybe someone could have stopped the monster. Obviously no one had a gun or, if they did, were afraid to use it. At least the police knew what to do.

John the Econ said...

For some time now, (like so many) I've been considering the true manifestation of the "Islamic Invasion". The popular focus has been on the "immigrant invasion" and how poorly, if at all, we are "vetting" those we legally allow onto our shores.

But now mere months apart, we've had two mass events committed not by immigrants themselves, but by their children. And these are not the first events of this nature. Why is this? Why is it that the immigrants themselves may be peaceful, but their children end up being the real terrorist threat?

In our most recent example, it doesn't seem hard to see why. Sociopath 20160612's father is a pro-Taliban nutcase.

I do have another theory, however: While most first-generation immigrants from Islamic hell-hole cultures may appreciate America as a far superior place to live than where they came from, their children do not. Growing up, they are fed their parent's Islamic heritage along with its highly intolerant biases while living in a society dominated by a anarchic and narcissistic pop culture and a politicized educational environment that has not only purged American patriotism from the curriculum, but is itself largely anti-American. Combine that with the class warfare rhetoric of the left that is intended to convince people that they are helpless, and you've got a 2nd generation of very cynical and angry youth. Fundamentalist Islam offers them everything our current culture refuses them; clarity, identity, cause and purpose.

And this is why the left's strategy of flooding the country with what they hope will ultimately be left-minded immigrants will ultimately fail them, as well as the country.

And believe it or not, we were lucky yesterday in that a similar attack was planned for Los Angeles.

Yesterday should serve as a wake-up call to many of the identity groups of the left. On my "Progressive Cause Totem Pole", "Multiculturalism" and "Islam" is at least 2 or 3 levels higher than the LGTBQWERTY community. (Seems now that at least some of them are getting the message, although I will still disagree that Trump is the ultimate answer to it) Islam is at war with the core of the left, and yet it will remain near the top of the pole until there's no pole left to be atop of.

Comanche Voter said...

Like Digital Hairshirt, I'm a little puzzled about how one man can put a bullet into 103 people (50 dead plus 53 wounded) with no one rushing him. The shooter had an AR 15 type weapon. Way back in the way back when I was carrying an M-16 in Army Basic Training and AIT, the M-16 had q 20 round clip. We were told never to put more than 19 rounds in the clip because it would tend to jam with 20. Today you can buy a 30 round clip (I checked on the Internet---haven't had or carried a rifle for more than 45 years) for the AR 15 style weapons.

So assuming this bozo hit a person with every single round he fired (and remember this is a semi automatic weapon and he has to pull the trigger for each bullet) he still had to reload 3 times (assuming he was using 30 round clips) to fire 103 shots.

Now it was late, the patrons were maybe a little tired, and a little drunk. But you would think that someone in that crowded club would have had the cojones to charge the guy and try and take him down while he was reloading. If you stand there like a sheep, you are definitely going to get slaughtered, and you may as well die fighting.

John the Econ said...

@Joseph ET, people won't want the appointments because they want to feel "involved", or at least want to be seen being "involved". Unfortunately, unlike these line-standers, myself & Mrs. Econ can't give blood in response to this tragedy because we always give blood immediately when eligible to, which won't be for another 14 days. We don't wait for a popular response to a mass tragedy to do so.

I don't expect much to be made of 20160613's father. I doubt Facebook or YouTube will censor him. He's just exercising his free speech. It's not like he's for the Tea Party or something truly dangerous.

Instead, the narrative will focus on the guns.

@Ed G. Mann, we'd hear about it, but it would be all about the guns.

@The Digital Hairshirt, many of us have become the Eloi.

@Fred Ciampi, yup.

@Judi King, and then they wonder why we don't take the whole "vetting" thing seriously.

Remember when sociopath 20150617 shot up that black church, and then we had to listen to months of lectures on "white privilege" and we then had to purge the Confederate flag from anywhere it was found?

For over a decade now, American schools have been purging the American flag from classrooms and campuses because it is considered "offensive" to many "immigrants". How about "rainbow" flags? Clearly, they're equally offensive, if not more so. How long before they will get purged as well? Okay, I seriously doubt that administrators will be ordering a rainbow flag purge anytime soon. But I do expect that before long, the owners of the flags will be taking them down for their own safety.

B Martin said...

I will note for the record that this jihadist also chose as the location for his killing a gun-free zone. A Florida Concealed Weapons Permit does not authorize carry in various specific locations. Among the locations not authorized for concealed carry, any establishment or portion of an establishment licensed for the sale of alcohol to be consumed on the premises. Liquor stores, OK. Bars not ok. Restaurants ok but the bar within the restaurant not ok. Pulse nightclub would be a prohibited location for concealed carry. A gun-free zone where it is unlikely that any armed resistance from an armed patron will be encountered.

Sheikh Obama called the current combination of Federal and state gun laws lax. Lax.
As usual he distracts our attention to protect the faith.
Also as usual, he is wrong.
Clearly, Florida's concealed carry law, among the best in the nation, is still too restrictive.

Colby Muenster said...

Horribly sad and disturbing situation all 'round!

How do liberals justify it? They want to embrace gays, but simultaneously want to "coexist" with a group of cowards that strives to kill gays.

@John the Econ,
Just wait, any day now, I'm sure we will start hearing of calls to ban the ISIS flag. Holding breath....

Bonnie Houghton said...

I imagine some liberal heads are exploding. They don't know whether to riot...err, I mean protest...against homophobia or Islamophobia!

Shelly said...

I wish one of these assholes would try this in Texas. Yes, we have stupid gun-free zones too but I'd be willing to wager there are some guns being carried in those anyway. The one stupid jihadist who tried to attack the venue in Garland was dispatched to room temperature before he could say Allahu Akbar. Just one person with a gun in that nightclub could have put one between his eyes lickity split.

John Ortmann said...

I read in one of the British fish wraps that AR-type rifles can't be used for hunting because they are so powerful the game animals would be absolutely vaporized on impact. Tell that to the Rangers in Mogadishu who had to repeatedly drill hopped up tribesmen to knock them down.

Geoff King said...

Here in Arizona we basically have no gun laws other than a prohibition on fully automatic weapons and not being able to carry a gun into a courthouse, jail, school, or a drinking establishment (unless you have a concealed carry permit and do not drink, or are the owner or employee of the place). Concealed carry permits are available, but not required to actually carry a concealed weapon. No gun registration is ever required.
Had that bastard tried his killing spree in a bar around here, I am sure the bartender would have been more than happy to introduce him to the 12 gauge hidden under the bar.
I truly do not know a single person around here that doesn't own at least one gun, and I know a few that own enough guns to supply a small army.
I've made this query/statement many times before: if an armed gang of terrorists were to come walking down my street, what do you think makes me feel more secure: the fact that I can make a free phone call to the police or Homeland Security, or the fact that all my neighbors are armed to the teeth?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Outstanding comments above, although far too many and too much detail for me to make individual remarks on. Bonus points to John the Econ's analysis of the problem of second-generation immigrants (albeit born citizens). This isn't unique to our shores by any means; the problem with the descendants of immigrants becoming angry and hostile to their adopted nations is widespread in Europe and elsewhere. There is no substitute for assimilation, and members of any group which can't accept that need to find another country.

The bleak, surreal illustration accompanying today's commentary is more or less a snapshot of my mood right now. The massacre of innocent citizens is bad enough, but the shrieking of partisan political voices on all sides is genuinely dispiriting. One of the things which makes our nation such a "soft target" is the anger and divisiveness we direct at each other. Destructive traits actively encouraged by our media and politicians.

I don't have an answer for that, and don't currently see one on the horizon. At the very least, we need a return to some approximation of cultural unity, and actual seriousness in our discourse and treatment of issues.

Yeah, that'll happen...

James Fink said...

May have found something they are afraid of...

Saw a CAIR mouthpiece apologizing to the rain-bow mafia

Pete (Detroit) said...

@Judi - All agreed on the police. My sole point being that it seems to me that even IF it were allowed (and apparently NOT - Thx B!) it seems unlikely. If you thought / felt I was getting in your face or what every, all apols - that was not the intent.

Shelly, in all honest, I've never been in combat, but I've trained for it - and putting one between the eyes w/ a pistol is difficult enough at a range of 10 ft, w/o factoring in bad / shifting lighting and the utter chaos of the scene.
Happy thought, though!

Commanche - I've seen drums that hold 100 rd - don't know how reliable they are, and he'd still have to have changed it out - far more likely he had 4 (or more) 30s

John, AR style rifles are not legal to hunt w/ b/c they are too WUSSY to make a clean kill reliable, on anything bigger than a hedgehog. Many states here have a 6mm minimum diameter requirement, ARs are 5.56mm. And in terms of impact, the small kid on the block.
"Typical" "deer rifle" of 30-.06 caliber can shoot through cinder blocks, and WWII testing confirmed it would reliably stop n the 12th German.
ARs are wimps
Which is why they're so much FUN to fire..

Shelly said...

@Pete(Detroit) - it was a metaphorical "between the eyes." ;-)

Judi King said...

@ Pete: Sorry, I didn't think that. I just thought I was misunderstood. I don't own a gun and am afraid of them, but I believe it is our right to own them. Also, I believe an armed populace is a much more safe environment. EG Switzerland with the lowest homicide rate in the world.

John Ortmann said...

@Pete in Detroit. I aware of all that. I've been hunting birds, and big and small game with .22lr, shotguns and various centerfires for 50 years.

John the Econ said...

Have some fun with your Progressive friends: In efforts to get attention off the elephant in the room, I’m starting to see memes that go something like, “Anyone can walk into a gun store in America, show a driver’s license, hand over a credit card and buy an AR-15”.

Here’s my response: “What if I told you that anyone can walk into a store in America, show a driver’s license, hand over a credit card and buy a product that kills 241 people a day? Insane, right?”

“Guns? No. Alcohol, an obvious killer that takes almost 5 times as many people than died in Orlando, every single day.”

So why is it that nobody is calling for a ban on alcohol? I know why. Because Progressives don’t like guns, but they love alcohol. Since they don’t like guns, they see no reason why other people should possess guns. Since Progressives are innately fascist in nature, they have no problem lobbying government to deprive other people of their rights and privileges for anything they personally have no use for. If you were to suggest that alcohol, which kills thousands-of-times as many people as assault rifles do, should be banned, they’ll think you’re crazy and/or go apocalyptic. Because of this arrogance, it never occurs to them the hypocrisy of using the government to enforce their values at the expense of other people’s over something they really don’t like versus something they do.

Of course, they might argue that we did try to outlaw alcohol once, and it really didn’t work out well. True. But then what makes them think that outlawing guns would work out any better? After all, since the Progressives absolutely refuse to reinforce our borders in any meaningful way, any such ban would only serve to enrich the cartels that already have the infrastructure in place for the transport of existing contraband, such as illegal drugs. The price of guns would certainly go up, but availability would not meaningfully diminish.

Remember “Rules for Radicals” rules 4 & 5: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” and “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Make Progressives acknowledge and face up to their own hypocrisy.

Rod said...

@John the Econ: Well said just above about Fascism. And with alcohol the drinkers just wanted their booze and that's relatively easy to do; black market or DIY. And how's the war on drugs going? I think if the same approach were actually tried here with firearms that's when civil war breaks out. The big problem would be getting within range of the real problems. There would be a lot of good people caught in the middle; and there's also Constitution and personal safety involved. It would be very messy. This is why I really wish these progressives will wake up and change course.

Geoff King said...

If only they would outlaw drugs there would no longer be a drug problem.....oh, wait a minute.

Colby Muenster said...

@Geoff King,

Precisely! And while we're at it, let's outlaw killing people! Oh, wait....

Rod said...

Today I've made an exception to established practice and listened to a few things Obama had to say about current events. That only confirmed he is still clueless, inept, weasel-wording when not outright lying, all-political hack. And he still can't speak without notes or teleprompter, which tells me there's no internal substance or guidance. I don't think he's gone to Orlando yet but he's already in Fantasyland, maybe never to return. What a sorry POTUS he has been. Now it's back to normal for me: paying no attention to the Salafist Muslim which he is.

Rod said...

Please forgive my repeated posts. But is anyone else getting the idea that the outcome of our next election may be more under the control of forces outside the USA than inside due to remarkably dumbed-down or bought off electorate; media; and what they can make the polls do with continued outrages? Try something, see what happens, if they they like it do some more. It seems clear to me (but I'd welcome a logical challenge) that ISIL, Russia, N. Korea, China would probably rather have Clinton than Trump.